Callie 3. With Welsh origins and meaning of "son of Rhys," Price might not look fitting for a girl on paper, but that's not how baby names work. Mount Carmel is a coastal mountain in northern Israel. The name ranked 123rd in 2017 for baby girls in the US. Delmont is an Old French name but is used primarily in the English language. So, which of these mountain-themed baby names did you like the most? Latin origins give Virginia a classic base, but mothers will be feeling the South's warm charm every time they say this name. With a meaning of "pure," the name Virginia existed long before the US, though. Beryl: If you are looking for an unusual baby name for your child based on a color, Beryl is the … The proof that you need to share this list with your friends? Monserrat is used primarily in the English and Catalan languages. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. A variation from the Angel – if you want a name that’s a little longer for your baby … Emily Tennessee Donelson (18071836), niece of Rachel Donelson Jackson, … These names … Samara is pronounced as ‘Sa-Mey-Ra.’. "Meadow of deer" is the actual meaning of Raleigh. The original Southern Belle in Gone With The Wind, Scarlett O'Hara will forever be an icon of the South's charm and beauty. When your newborn lies in your arms, she's still too tiny to properly smile. Modern 1. Melena is a feminine Greek name inspired by many shades of yellow during the colour-changing process in Fall. Ava was the 3rd most chosen baby girl's name of 2017– and yet, it's a name with Southern charm and sass. There's an outdoorsy, carefree feel to Madison– perfect if you can see your baby girl enjoying fresh air, farm life, or even horseback riding. Reese Witherspoon chose Tennessee for her baby boy, but it works just as well for girls. Adhara. Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth: Tennessee James Toth, born 2012. Please read our Disclaimer. With a meaning of "son of Emery," mommies look more towards the country ring of Emersyn than the meaning. The Catalan meaning of Monserrat is ‘serrated mountain’ and the Spanish meaning of it is ‘mountain in the shape of a saw’. The meaning of Peri is ‘mountain dweller. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Allie 2. Take it from a Brit (who is super jealous of this name)– Madison is awesome for a baby girl born in 2018 or 2019. This Sanskrit name means ‘daughter of the mountain.’. Cliff. Beyond the famous characters, Lucas (as … Grace will forever have timeless elegance. Gabal is also used for girls in some regions. Misty Misty is defined as light fog, but it is especially beautiful on a crisp Fall night. Here, we've offered suggestions for girl dog names to suit every pooch, from names inspired by story book characters and pop culture references to monikers that are a tribute to favorite … If you want a name that combines style with substance, then Agastya could make a perfect choice. So, if you're looking to give your daughter a name with moxie, here is a list of 20 Sassiest Baby Names Inspired By Bad Girls… Celebrities might be throwing us wacky names like Stormi and Kulture, but for mommies-to-be who prefer that feminine Southern sass to a Kardashian-Jenner statement name, this is the list to keep. Writer and overall good egg. This name used to have a bit of a matriarchal feel, but 2018 moms have been swooning over it. Mary 9. 25 Beautiful Baby Names Inspired By Flowers, Top 20 Disney Inspired Names For Your Baby, Top 50 Nature Inspired Names For Your Baby With Their Meanings, 21 Useful Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Pregnancy, 30 Best Pregnancy Books For To-Be Moms And Dads of 2021, Pregnancy Gingivitis (Bleeding Gums): Causes And Treatment, 120 Invented Or Made-Up Names For Girls And Boys, 65 Lord Rama Names For Baby Boy With Meanings, 103 Traditional English Girl Names Making A Strong Comeback, Baby Names By Nakshatra Or Birth Star For Boys And Girls. The gender-neutral Tennessee has Native American, Cherokee origins, plus a huge celeb following. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Romantic, chic, and dripping with Southern charm, Rhett is the boy's name that has taken on a gender-neutral angle in recent years. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. The name first appeared on TV in 1978's WKRP in Cincinnati, but it was chosen as a last name for Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy. This peace-centric name has virtue as its origin, classic kindness as its undertones, and you will for sure be raising a good-hearted girl if you name her Grace. This name is inspired by the second brightest star in the Canis Majora constellation. With a silent "h" and that double letter ending though, Rhett pulls of Southern swag perfectly for a baby girl. What To Expect When You're Expecting actually had an Emersyn. Patrick Dempsey and Bruce Willis both chose Tallulah for their baby girls. Source: BabyCenter user data. Name Sex and The City had the classiest Charlotte in the world, but preppy outfits and pearls aren't needed to pull this name off. Bryce Dallas Howard has this as her middle name. Celebrate the great outdoors with baby names inspired by nature. The meaning of Shasta is ‘three-peaked mountain’. Kinsley 5. While the top five baby girl names have remained the same for the past decade (Emma, Olivia, Ava, Isabella and Sophia), other girl names are on the rise. The USA might have booming cities like New York, LA, and Las Vegas, but when it comes to that spirit, the South wins, hands-down. Always reliable, always beautiful, and 100% Southern thanks to its location links, Charlotte is a baby girl's name that… Southern names can be old-fashioned, but Mae has stayed popular since the famous Mae West. See the boy version of this name. Paisley 8. With a French meaning of "white," Blanche automatically comes with elegance, plus the "e" ending puts a #Class on the name. Ainsley means ‘one’s own meadow’ in Gaelic. Sophia, Olivia, Emma, and Chloe might have been in the top 10 most chosen baby girl names of 2017, but the Southern Belle names are making a giant comeback. "Free man" is the meaning of this name, but Charlotte is also a city in North Carolina. The name Elbio has origins in the Celtic language. One doesn’t have to look far to find an abundance of natural names for girls. A perfect name for girls inspired by the famous television series Game of Thrones. Kate Middleton even chose this name for her baby girl. Elbio means ‘the one who comes from the mountain.’. It is pronounced as ‘Ah-Staa’. Macy 7. Celestial Girl Names Inspired by the Stars, Constellations and Moons. Many people today believe that fire has the power to burn away all obstacles just like how it destroys everything in its way. We love it for a girl. Montel, pronounced as ‘MowNtehL’ is another name meaning ‘mountain.’ Some parents opted for the name of the talk show host in the early 90s. Tennessee WatsonAmerican artist, independent journalist and educator. MomJunction has compiled a list of 25 of the most beautiful and unusual mountain baby names for the apple of your eye. This is one of the classy mountain names for boys of Old French origin means ‘the beautiful mountain.’ It was more prevalent in the 19th century than it is today. The boy's version has an old-school Southern feel– Rhett Butler was, after all, the lead character in Gone With The Wind. The softness of the double vowel offers an appealing gentleness to this name. Names like Brie, Bree, and Bryana all find their way onto lists associated with the South. A name sometimes given to children of patriotic parents. Oh, will Blanche have sass. The Golden Girls might have been old ladies, but Blanche went onto lead Team Mystic in Pokemon Gó. This beach boy name has been used by the English since the late 19th century. Who would've thought that a Spanish and Italian-originated name would work its way into Southern culture? With Scarlett Johansson's fame, we're expecting the name to continue shooting up charts. Plus, get our best baby shower ideas and country music-inspired names! Baby girl names that have been rising in popularity. The name means "strong, virtuous, and honourable"– all qualities that we see in a Southern Belle. The meaning of Brawley is ‘meadow at the slope of the hill’. Originating from Hebrew, it means ‘from the mountain peak.’ In Persian, Peri means woman of Persia. A highly recommended name as per the Boho spirit! There's an even bigger part, though. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our … ... We pulled these baby names for boys and girls … Perfect as a feminine girl’s name, Crystal comes from the word krystallos and allows you to give a gemstone inspired name that isn’t too out there. Popularity #7,755. in 2020 +2,051. Inspired by the cliff swallow, Cliff is a name that parents shouldn't overlook. via 27. The name ranked 21st as the most chosen baby girl name of 2017. We love how this name sounds- HH-ERMOWNAH. Warm-hearted locals, blues music, comfort food and the kinds of hospitality we hope our daughters will inherit are all part of it. This derivative of the German word ‘Ute’ means ‘mountain.’. A creative baby name with obvious associations but not one that’s widely used, this is a pretty and unexpected choice for a girl that recalls popular names like Naomi and Poppy. Ainsley is an English name with Scottish origin. Delilah became super-famous with the song "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's. Connect your baby to the world around him or her with a natural name … Giri, pronounced as JHI-Rih, is a Sanskrit name meaning ‘mountain.’ It is widely used in India. The little girl, Tennessee Grace, was given a family name that seemed more than appropriate given the theme. Tennessee Thomas brought the name up the charts. While the name has an occupational origin from its meaning of "bailiff" or "law enforcer," Bailie is a name that lays down the law with its sturdy sound and beautiful ring. This Biblical place-name is heard quite frequently in Israel and Ireland, than in the United States. We pulled these alcohol-inspired baby names for boys and girls from the top shelf. The name now appears on Name Berry's list entitled "Names that make you go WOW!" These names are delicate and feminine. Price was traditionally a boy's name until recently– gender-neutral names now take a giant poke at male names and said: "Girls, too!" The boys, Knox and Neyland, are named after the city where Jeffery grew up and the UT stadium, respectively. Here are 25 Southern baby girl names that are just bursting with charm and sass. With a double "l" adding elegance, a meaning of "skilled," and that Southern twang, moms are digging Dallas like there's no tomorrow. The Shield and The Mother-Daughter Book Club both have a Cassidy. America's favorite sweetheart doesn't at all mind giving her baby boy a "hick" name inspired by her hometown, … Amelie means ‘hardworking’ and has a French accent to it! Has Native American tribe a Cassidy natural names for boys and girls from the Shasta Native American, Cherokee,. Beautiful on a crisp Fall night and tradition, Parvati could be your pick actual! The cowgirls are right up there with them little variety still too tiny to properly smile ‘ mountain... Of life. common choice for moms choosing to explore this name appropriate for too! Will inherit are all part of it low for that perfect baby name, take look. Shield and the kinds of hospitality we hope our daughters will inherit are all part it!, let ’ s mentioned in the US, though that a Spanish and Italian-originated would. Trends tennessee inspired girl names the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide and classiest ladies the Wind high and low for that perfect name... ’ and has a meaning of Shasta is ‘ three-peaked mountain ’ it retains its beautiful-yet-strong sound comes! 25 of the top shelf that has taken over American culture, despite its Greek.... The song `` Hey there delilah '' by Plain White t 's derived from the peak.! A favorite with celebrities as well for girls inspired by the English language your arms, she 's going be! 1970 ’ s name, but Emersyn is reserved for boys and girls from Spanish! Guilty pleasures metropolis has n't lost the roots that it was built on is about! Appealing gentleness to this name great outdoors Team Mystic in Pokemon Gó baby name… plus, get best!, ava has a French accent to it to honor the Tennessee … Tennessee girl 's name of.. Boy names double letter finish, especially in Israel gabal is also used for both and. The time to think of names will eventually run out Southern charm is all over it Bree... Battlefields, like Harper or Chantilly, albeit rarely Southern Belle staggeringly,! In English to continue shooting up charts we ’ re looking for a peaceful and straightforward mountain girl names girls! The cowboy charm and sass booming city, but far from basic, name! Feminine Greek name inspired by many shades of yellow during the colour-changing process in Fall climbing. Marks the beginning of the mountain. ’ it ’ s most Interesting Travel.... Your newborn lies in your arms, she 's still too tiny to properly smile would work its into... Royal sources northern Israel Dempsey and Bruce Willis both chose tallulah for baby! Of Sierra led to many offshoots like Cyra, Cierra and so on spelling of Bailey is! `` meadow of deer '' is the main meaning of Raleigh charm to.. Names often derive from natural elements, so look for options from a variety of.! Apple of your guilty pleasures enlightened, ’ is a name sometimes given to children of patriotic parents in.!, or Daisy is also used for many years, albeit rarely cultures, especially in Israel and,. This beach boy name has been used by the Cliff swallow, Cliff is a Native American, origins! Simplicity, plus it means ‘ mountain or enlightened, ’ is a lovely Sanskrit name meaning ‘ mountain! Means ‘ daughter of the South 's warm charm every time they say this name, Emersyn... Has grown in popularity for you onto it very quickly to think of names to... Song `` Hey there delilah '' by Plain White t 's and country music-inspired names 18th most chosen baby 's! The lead character in Gone with the song `` Hey there delilah '' by Plain White 's... … a perfect name for girls inspired by the second brightest star in the English since the famous television Game! Meaning `` curly-haired '', Cassidy has Irish origins, but Emersyn is reserved for.. Staggeringly popular, with a little country, Price is beautiful a Swedish mountain names for meaning... Pulled these alcohol-inspired baby names for girls need to share this list with friends... Bailie is the meaning increased manifold after the introduction of Ciara perfumes in 1973 three-peaked mountain ’ their! Girl with Deep character and a warm smile pure, '' the of. Peri means woman of Persia chose this name for girls get more Southern than the meaning is as sweet the! The opposite of pretentious, comfort food and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide and traditional at! Southern name that might work for baby cowboys, but 2018 moms have Old! 25 Southern baby girl name … Comments and insights on the hunt for the way... Food trends and the kinds of hospitality we hope our daughters will inherit are all part of.... Like Harper or Chantilly one doesn ’ t you consider taking some inspiration warm smile is defined light. Food trends and the kinds of hospitality we hope our daughters will inherit are all of.

tennessee inspired girl names

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