The robust finger guard keeps you safe from the razor sharp 12c27 Sandvik stainless steel blade and it comes with a hard plastic combination sheath for effective storage and transport. This is a big, aggressive blade that’s meant for heavy duty cutting and whittling, heavy duty cleaning of large game and even light wood chopping duties. This bushcraft knife was designed for the Swedish armed forces with survival in mind so it should be no surprise to anyone that it excels in this arena. The micarta handle is very comfortable and grippy and the knife comes with a plastic sheath that is functional, but nothing to shout about. The HX Outdoor and survival knife have a handsome 3.85 inches blade length with the blade thickness of 0.15 inches. It's pretty much a perfect hunting, survival, bushcraft knife at a great price from a well respected manufacturer. The handle is on the thin side, so if you have huge hands, you may find it too small, particularly with gloves on, but for those with small or medium-sized hands, it’s perfect. The team at Perkin present this compact hunting and bushcraft knife with a hard 420C high-carbon stainless steel blade. Sometimes quoted as the “ultimate EDV steel”, it’s easy to sharpen, has excellent edge retention and is resistant to corrosion. The TPE rubber handle which is responsible for giving the knife a more domestic air is actually incredibly comfortable and allow you to hold your grip even while leaning into more labor intensive tasks like splitting wood. This is the strongest knife design as the steel runs the full length of the handle. Benchmade 162. A bushcraft knife is a workhorse. KA–BAR is popular knife brand that offers more than 100 high-quality knives – tactical and utility – including knives for hunting, sporting, and military. 5.0 out of 5 stars Nice blade for the price! But if you’re looking for a knife that will last you a lifetime and won’t let you down, it’s a worthy investment. The Morakniv Companion is a very solid light-to-medium-duty bushcraft knife that weighs in at 4.8oz (135g). As they say a dull knife is a dangerous knife. However you carry it though it’s here to serve your survival needs be they be hacking your way through unforgiving underbrush or scaling your catch. Tops Knives B.O.B. Best Bushcraft Knife Reviews 1. It goes without saying that the steel used is a big determiner of knife quality. Sigma 3 Survival School 59,746 views. It’s not designed specifically as a self-defense tool (see here if you want the best self defense knife) and in most cases, it’ll be too small for clearing large brush or branches. Edge retention is excellent and the drop point blade, so favored by survival minded outdoorsmen, is ready for a full day of notching, chopping and whittling as well as gutting, cleaning and skinning. 12 Essential Bushcraft Tools: Which Do You Really Need? Ensure that all your carving, cutting or hacking motions move away from your body. It’s a great looking knife but it’s no gentleman. There’s a nylon sheath that attaches to your belt but realistically, at more than a foot in length, this may be too much knife to be comfortably toting on your belt. Instant download! It has a slightly longer blade which is also thicker, making it more suitable for tougher tasks such as batoning. The gentle arc to the handle and blade allow you to project maximum force upon the task at hand and when you’re done stow it away in the sturdy nylon sheath. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a slightly shorter knife or have small hands. If you’re heading into the wild for any length of time you’re going to want the Ka-Bar Campanion bushcraft knife slung from your belt. This is the very definition of the bushcraft knife because it performs so many necessary survival tasks with admirable ease. Perfect bushcraft knife. michael pym nixson. The TOPS Knives B.O.B. This quality hand-made knife is finished with an ergonomic tapered! The Bushcrafter 162 embodies everything you want in a bushcraft knife: high-quality steel, a drop-point blade and a comfortable handle. From whittling wood to cutting small branches for shelter-building, gutting fish and game to food preparation, or making fires, if you only have one knife to survive in the wild, you want it to be this one. Morakniv Garberg. The blade is made from hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. As you might expect, this kind of quality comes at a price. Our detailed guide to what to look for will also help you find the best bushcraft knife for you. Cheap plastic handles can be brittle or less durable, but those from reputable manufacturers use high-quality materials. Best Bushcraft Knives 2020: First, let’s get one thing clear: that bush craft is the skills set that you need for surviving outdoors during expeditions, hiking, adventures and camping. The Selkirk Fixed Blade Survival knife features a 4 ⅝ inch drop point 420 high carbon stainless steel blade and weighs in at a relatively stealthy 7.6 oz. Bushcraft Knives. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 26, 2018. Maintain a proper distance between yourself and others when wielding your bushcraft knife. The blade thickness is.125” (3.2mm). In order to wield your bushcraft knife safely then make sure you: A: A bushcraft knife can loosely be defined as one that is at least 3 ½ inches long, is full tang, can be held firmly in any conditions and can cut effectively with the entire length of the blade. It’s blade is fantastic D2 tool steel with a Scandi grind. The main thing that sets the Bushcrafter 162 apart from other knives (and justifies its price tag) is the S30V steel used for the blade. Williams – November 4, 2017: Really great knife. 8 Best Benchmade Pocket Knives For EDC (Review) in 2020, This product guide was written by Jordan Carter, Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Bushcraft Knife, Morakniv Carbon Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knife, Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 1Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Bushcraft Knife, 2Morakniv Carbon Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knife, 10Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife, Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife, Craftline Pro S Fixed Blade Utility Knife. Sometimes, the best blade is a folding one. With a nicely sized and super-tough drop-point blade, grippy Micarta handle scales, a sturdy kydex sheath, and an all-American pedigree, the Esee 5 is an icon in the bushcraft world. The Frontier is a fairly heavy knife but you’d expect nothing less from a 10 ½ inch full tang bushcraft knife. Tough and dependable, the Morakniv Bushcraft knife is an excellent... 2. 10 Best Bushcraft Knives 1. Of course maybe the most important item when it comes to effective bushcrafting is the knife. This is a first class bushcraft knife that incorporates all the characteristics you want in a survival knife. It’s a knife that will survive anything you put it through. It might only be small but it’s hugely effective. Great for people who just want a knife to get jobs done day after day after day. In an emergency situation a bushcraft knife can literally be the difference between life and death. One of the big differences between a bushcraft knife and a survival knife is the blade length. Primal Survivor™, 11 Bushcraft Skills Hardcore Wilderness Lovers Will Want to Master Now, Best Bushcraft Axe: No Nonsense Buyers Guide, Dependable Reviews For 2020, 14 Best Bushcraft Stores in USA and Canada. If you want a knife that’s a bit more robust than smaller bushcraft knives and don’t mind the extra weight, the Ka-Bar BK2 is an excellent choice. Sharpness is important, but for this knife, ease of sharpening should also be a high priority. The molded handle also allows you to obtain and retain an excellent hold even when you’re leaning into your task. Check Prices on Amazon For heavy-duty camp tasks such as shelter-building and chopping kindling, the BK2 comes into its own. If you’re less experienced using a knife, you may find these an easier and safer option. You’ll pay a bit more but you’ll get a bit more. Bushcraft takes a step forward with the Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade bushcraft knife. nº 29 premium knife Knife sturdy for extended use. Be the first to review “Full Tang Beautiful Damascus Knife Perfect for Bushcraft and Camping” Cancel reply. If you’re not sure check out our guide to the best knife sharpener. A bushcraft knife is a knife that is designed to aid in general wilderness tasks, from cleaning game animals and shaving tinder to carving wooden tools and batoning firewood. This is a popular budget steel that’s easy to sharpen. Hunters, fisherman, backpackers and mountain rescuers are all going to appreciate the degree of effectiveness the Craftline bushcraft knife provides whether you’re building traps or notching poles for your emergency shelter. We hope you found the above information and reviews on the best bushcraft knives helpful and that it enables you to make an informed decision when it comes time to select the right bushcraft knife for your next adventure. It boasts a contoured Micarta handle, full tang blade and steel bolster that can double as a hammer if needed. Bushcraft knives are an essential component to any outdoor adventurer’s basic kit along with a good compass and a tactical flashlight. © 2020. Check Prices on Amazon The blade is made from high carbon steel (similar to 1095 steel, though Morakniv is coy about the actual makeup), making it more durable than the stainless steel used in the Companion. Made from plastic, it provides a huge amount of friction, meaning it’s not going to slip out of your hand, even if it’s pouring down with rain. The Tungsten DLC anti-corrosive coating protects the high carbon blade from the elements to give you years of faithful service and the over-molded rubber handle ensures you can direct your energy effectively without worrying that your hand will slip. A bushcraft knife worthy of the name Buck and a remarkable deal at under 50 bucks. The sheath is made from the same tough material and even covers the handle, keeping the knife 100% protected. In spite of what it might sound like bushcrafting isn’t the art of turning shrubbery into sculptures, it’s the method by which people survive in the wild. 15 full color in-depth survival, off grid and prepping guides. The handle is very comfortable, with excellent grip and better ergonomics than the Companion. It’s going to get a lot of use and the easier it is to keep a razor edge, the more likely you are to keep it sharp. Knives perfect for wilderness survival Surviving in the wilderness requires great skill, knowledge and can put you to the test and even lead to life and death situations. Expert knife designer TJ Schwarz built a paracord-wrapped folding knife that enhances grip and functions like most folders you’ve come to know. Finally, look at the quality and durability of the handle. Morakniv Bushcraft Knife is the first neat deal for you on our list because of the ideal shape and size of the blade. They are also sturdy and well made – a prime consideration in a survival situation. The best bushcraft knife will allow you to harvest wood for fires, cut small branches to build a shelter, carve tent stakes, clean fish and small game and defend yourself if the need arises. There’s a firestarter built into the handle to get your camp fire going and enough blade to hack through even decent sized branches to keep it going. Blade length: 4.3 in | Total length:  9.3 in | Blade material: high carbon steel | Weight: 5.7 oz. Another improvement is that the spine has been ground to a 90-degree angle so you can easily use it with a firestarter. Read more. Survival Knife Feature #1: Size Does size matter? Frankly, if it were lighter it wouldn’t do as good a job. It looks like something that belongs in your kitchen but really comes to life when you need it in the wild. Maintain your blade assiduously to prevent corrosion from taking hold and also to retain an effective cutting edge. Controlled cuts are easy to execute, just make sure you’ve got a solid grip. All in all the condor Walnut Bushcraft Knife with its 4 ½ inch blade is up to whatever task you need it to perform. The main attraction is the ultra-sharp 4.1-inch hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade, designed for food preparation, cutting tinder, and general carving. The thing that makes this knife perfect for bushcraft is the use of TOPS modified Scandi grind. A bushcrafter must function and be depended on for all situations. Some of the tools of the bushcrafter include the compass, the firestarter, the tactical flashlight and other things like emergency blankets and a tactical or field watch. This is the biggest bushcraft knife blade on our list and one of the biggest you’ll find period. With over 8,000 reviews (and almost all of them positive), this is one of the best bushcraft knives on the market. 5 out of 5. Here are some common questions surrounding the choice of a good bushcraft knife. As it’s not a full tang knife, you may be cautious when using it for heavy-duty tasks, but you’ll be surprised at how well it stands up to rough use. Report abuse. I really don't think that any of the choices above are good for bushcrafting, with the exception of the Fallkniven F1 (which is a great bushcrafting knife). Small enough for whittling, but large enough to prepare firewood. Everything from a basic Mora product to a handmade knife. Benchmade have come up with a bushcraft knife every outdoorsman is going to want on their belt with the Bushcrafter 162. Check Prices on Amazon It’s a light knife, weighing in at just over 4 ounces, with a 4-inch blade that is equally capable of cutting small tree limbs as finely filleting a fish. It may be a jack-of-all-trades but your criteria when shopping for a bushcraft knife is actually quite specific. There’s no such thing as the perfect bushcraft knife. The Best Bushcraft Knife 1 Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Bushcraft Knife. If you see bigger as being better, then you may want to look at getting a survival knife instead. This makes it great for chopping wood, but it’s not unwieldy and can be used for more delicate tasks. Whereas survival knives are designed to be a big, blunt-force tool, bushcraft knives are designed for more delicate work. That means you don’t have to shy away from the heavier tasks because the VG10 steel in the blade can take it and then some. Finally, the thermorun handle is surprisingly comfortable and provides a nice firm grip whether you’re bare-handed or wearing gloves. If you’re willing to shell out some extra bucks, you can buy an upgraded sheath that has a fire starter attached as well as an integrated sharpener. #1. This is a bushcraft knife engineered to exacting tolerances and crafted from high quality materials that will deliver when called upon. Of all the factors that go into effective bushcraft probably none is more important than the knife you choose. Perhaps most importantly when it comes to survival, this knife is tough and reliable. The things we are mostly liked about this knife is the blade thickness and sturdiness. The convex curve from the spine to the tip of the blade makes it durable and versatile, and the large, curved belly is perfect for slicing and whittling. ESEE is one of the most famous and top-ranked companies that are leading the industry with their fantastic... 2. First up on our list of the best bushcraft knives is the Bushcraft Survival Knife of Morakniv. Blade length: 4 in | Total length:  8.6 in | Blade material: Sandvik 12C27 | Weight: 4.1 oz. Check Prices on Amazon The 4.4-inch blade is small enough for whittling and food prep, and the full-tang design means you can baton wood for the fire without worrying about damaging the knife. This bushcraft knife is fairly light so it won’t wear you out, safe to use, modest in length at 3 ¾ inches and boasts a sure grip thermorun handle. All rights reserved. The blade here is tough enough to meet the demands of wild and won’t back down from its duty to help provide shelter and sustenance regardless of conditions. Made in Sweden, the Morakniv Companion is one of the most highly rated outdoor knives on the market. It has a black coating to protect the blade from corrosion, though this is likely to wear over time, so you’ll need to use a knife oil to prevent rusting. It is hardened up to HRC 56-58 to handle stress during the batoning. If you are after a moderately priced bushcraft knife that’s of the simple and down to earth variety, then the Real Steel Bushcraft is ideal. But since the blade on a bushcraft knife is typically big and sharp you have to know how to wield it or your savior could wind up being your enemy. Carving is about finesse, not brute strength, and a bushcraft knife blade should be easy to use on wood of different densities. If you spend any time out in the wilderness, you need a knife like the Morakniv Companion. Bushcraft itself is a relatively new term to most people even though the basic concepts of bushcraft have been around seemingly forever. While some would disparage the heft of the knife we found it a very satisfying tool to hold; not too heavy, not too light. Below we’re going to look at the best bushcraft knives on the market today as chosen by our product review team. With this kind of bushcraft tool, you already know that its blade’s quality must be top-notch. The easy answer to this is a bit of everything. The main reason why we added this product to our list is because of the quality of its blade, which is impressive! Our selection of Bushcrafting knives offers both folding Bushcraft knives and fixed blade Bushcraft knives, and we have the best knife options available for outdoorsmen. Reviews (0) Reviews. The G10 handles are extremely tough and the full grain leather sheath is all business, cradling the knife effectively so that, even if you’re on the run it won’t flop around and cause problems. You can lean into the task at hand with confidence knowing the full tang, drop point blade won’t let you down. Toss in an incredibly low price point and this may be the one bushcraft knife you can’t afford not to have. This bushcraft knife makes no secret of its intentions to make short work of your survival related tasks. It’s also a great hunting and general food preparation knife. Brothers of Bushcraft knife has been specially... 3. The 2nd Morakniv entry on our list is the Craftline Pro S Fixed Blade Utility Knife. The convex grind might take a little getting used to if you want a knife for fine carving but is perfect for general bushcraft tasks. Obviously we are biased but our own TBS range always ranks the highest. It is made out of 12C27 stainless steel, which is respectable steel that tends to hold its edge well. While that beautifully textured and contoured handle makes it easy to grip and easy to perform every type of task from the most brutish to the most delicate. Even getting two bushcrafters to agree on what even constitutes a knife made for bushcraft vs. one made for survival, or one made for tactical purposes, or one made for camping isn’t possible. The knife comes with a plastic sheath, which does the job but is nothing to shout about. Bear in mind that 1095 steel is more prone to rusting, so you’ll need to make sure you oil and take care of the blade. ESEE 4P. Price-wise, it sits between the Bushcrafter 162 and Morakniv’s offerings. Made for dealing with dire situations. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of the knives we’ve reviewed in this article, but to help you decide which knife to buy, we’ve summarized the pros and cons of each. The drop point blade is full tang and can easily handle tasks you wouldn’t normally assign to a knife like splitting logs. Blade length: 4.75 in | Total length:  10 in | Blade material: 1095 Steel | Weight: 9.6 oz. Blade length: 5.3 in | Total length:  10.8 in | Blade material: 1095 Cro-Van | Weight: 16 oz. When you do put it to work you realize that all those factors that make it so physically attractive also make is so physically imposing and effective. In my opinion, the “perfect knife” is the one that you love. For fine wood carving, gathering or preparing food. In fact, it’s so robust, that Benchmade offers a lifetime repair and sharpening service. 1095 Cro-Van steel is a mid-range high-carbon steel that’s tough and easy to sharpen. Bushcraft knives are generally fixed-blade knives with a blade between 4 and 5 inches in length. This makes durability a prime consideration. Now 35% OFF! Impeccable made quality from high end European materials. The Benchmade is indeed bench-made in Oregon and intended for use as a high performance tactical, outdoor survival knife. There are certain features and design specifications that make some knives a perfect fit for bushcraft purposes compared to most you can find in the market. Of course, no knife does it all (or at least not well) so the bushcraft knife does have a few limitations. This is a knife that feels great in your hand and makes the performance of typical survival tasks easy so you can concentrate on things like plotting your escape route or finding water. The Bushcrafter 162 embodies everything you want in a bushcraft knife: high-quality steel, a drop-point blade and a comfortable handle. The durable 1095 cro-van steel blade with the drop point blade shape and a versatile 20-degree blade angle offers a perfect … Bushcraft knives are a critical tool for wilderness survival, but they are not the same as so-called survival knives. A Scandi grind is a specialized grind that is especially suited to woodworking. Bushcraft Belt Knife The ideal knife for outdoors use would have something in the region of a four-inch blade, remember if you are carrying an axe or saw you won’t need your knife for splitting wood or hacking your way through the undergrowth so it doesn’t need to be huge. The Schrade Frontier Fixed Blade Knife may be the best looking bushcraft knife on the market today with its 1095 high carbon drop point blade with finger choil and drop dead gorgeous textured TPE handle. The Top 15 Bushcraft Knives: 1. The full tang blade sees to it that this bushcraft knife won’t wilt under pressure or separate from the handle like many EDC knives can do when stressed. three-pinned varnished walnut wood handle. Where bushcraft knives are primarily used to cut, split, and shave wood, survival knives are more for digging, cutting, and performing other survival tasks. The best you can use for carving and feather woods. nº 21 premium knife Outstanding all-purpose knife. The Ka-Bar BK2 toes the line between a bushcraft and survival knife with a longer than average 5.3-inch blade. It weighs in at a hefty pound with a thick blade that’s virtually indestructible. If you’re not happy with the sheath your knife comes with then you can replace it with a custom-made one or make your own. This bushcraft knife is, like all great bushcraft knives, a jack of all trades that will form the backbone of your defense against the ravages of nature in a survival situation. 3 people found this helpful. On the flip-side, a small blade does not perform well with more rugged tasks such as batoning and chopping. So it’s crucial that you have one that won’t shrink from difficult tasks that may be required to ensure your survival. The Schrade Extreme Survival Knife lives up to its name with a 6 ⅜ inch 1095 high carbon stainless steel blade and a beautiful ring-textured contoured handle that arcs ever so slightly forward so you can maximize the force you bring to bear on the task. No, it’s not a joke. The blade is just a hair over 5 inches long making it one of the longer bushcraft blades out there. How could you have a discussion about outdoor knives without including an entry from Buck? After we’ve covered our best budget bushcraft knife collection, we will give you the information that you need to pick the perfect knife for your bushcraft needs. How to Forge Your Own Bushcraft Axe Out of Scrap Metal, Survival Books and Movies For Education and Entertainment. That’s manufacturer confidence for you. Bushcraft knives are great all-around knives that are durable and strong, and they are … Bushcraft knives prioritize function over flashy looks. Schrade SCHF36 Frontier 10.4in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with 5in Drop Point and TPE Handle for Outdoor Survival, Camping and Bushcraft 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,344 $26.89$26.89 $43.74$43.74 Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 16 Best Folding Bushcraft Knife. It’s also worth considering the thickness of the blade. Check Prices on Amazon It has a full tang blade made from strong 1095 steel that is exposed at the pommel so there’s no risk of damaging the handle if you hit the pommel when splitting wood. It’s ideal for survival-related cutting and chopping tasks with its 1075 carbon steel blade and slightly heavier than average weight of 12 oz. 3. Best All-Around Bushcraft Knife: Benchmade Bushcrafter 162. Although we’ve rated this as the best budget knife, even at twice the price, it would be considered one of the best bushcraft knives you could buy. Just a great bushcraft knife. This perfect bushcraft knife comes presented in a classic double-stitched hand-made leather sheath. People (including me) get way too absorbed in the technicalities and on-paper details of knives. It entirely depends on how you plan to use it! The Business has worked in this area since 1891, and its services represent about their experience... 3. Ka-Bar is well known for the quality of their knives and their BK2 Campanion bushcraft knife is no exception. 5 out of 5. You want something that won’t be easily damaged or affected by water. The Condor Walnut Handle Bushcraft Knife takes its design cues from the past but don’t let that fool you. Thermorun is a grippy rubber-thermoplastic combination that insulates your hand from the steel. It is a ¾-tang with a 4.1” (10.4cm) blade that has a Scandi grind. It’s comfortable to hold, can really take a pounding, might struggle a bit with larger branches due to its light weight but will otherwise rise to every occasion in spectacular fashion. The handles of this knife are solid black G10 with a red G10 underlay. If you want a larger bushcraft knife to optimize your chances of survival it’s hard to beat the Bushcrafter 162. The Selkirk is a high quality bushcraft knife that will take on all your cutting, chopping, cleaning and self-defense tasks with alacrity. Perfect bushcrafting knife = knife that is not coated, with a blade no longer than 4", with a substantial and ergonomically curved handle for long use. Morakniv Bushcraft 4.2-inch Fixed Blade Knife. The quick answer is, there’s no perfect bushcrafting knife that does everything. This is a full-tang blade crafted from S30V stainless steel and at 4 ½ inches it’s large enough and tough enough for anything the wild throws your way. The Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife is a beautiful thing to behold and lives up to its impressive profile by way of its 4.3 inch carbon steel blade, contoured handle and comparatively light weight. Buy with confidence. Don’t forget to stop back regularly for more insightful product reviews from the experts at When looking for the best bushcraft knife, here are some features you should be considering. The next step up from the Companion, the Morakniv Bushcraft knife is just as versatile. The Tops BOB Fieldcraft Knife is a great all-around bushcraft knife, but it has a couple of additional features that make it particularly useful for fire building. The Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife is a beautiful thing to... 3 Fallkniven F1 Bushcraft Knife. A: Bushcraft knives are used to build shelter, start and maintain fires, collect water (think carving through ice on a frozen stream), make secondary tools like batons or spears for catching fish, prepare food and for self-defense and rescue.

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