Weve already talked about the new Boom! With over four inches of wheel travel, Motor Trike engineers were able to optimize the ride quality by lowering the spring rate and, therefore, the natural frequency. That frequency is based on spring rate and weight. Starting at $3200, the Fixed axle will convert any belt or chain driven motorcycle into a trike in hours. Platinum Air Suspension has everything you need to lower your Harley Davidson Bagger. The picture depicts a severe corner with a lot of body roll. It was designed to complete a quality product that would lead to quality experiences for years to come. The main focus is on upgrades in the braking, suspension and engine categories. Thank you for … Our IRS was developed to provide what our customers want and need based on our experience building trikes since 1994. Our suspension systems will revolutionize the perception of trikes as being cumbersome, awkward, and even dangerous. Natural frequency is a tool engineers use to measure the ride quality of a suspension. Our independent suspension system was built and designed for enhanced performance and greatly improved handling. The challenge is to keep the spring rate as low as possible without running out of suspension travel. For example, a BMW and a Hyundai do not have the same performance characteristics. To pause, click on the slide. Our Customer Service Representatives will be periodically checking emails and processing online orders during this time, however, shipments may be slightly delayed. Öhlins delivers the best performance suspension parts for your motorcycle at a competitive price. Below are more in-depth tech facts about Motor Trike's patented IRS, including facts about our patented air ride suspension. document.write(y0); Road Legal Trikes. The Trike Shop was the first to offer independent suspension for … Therefore, selection of the most ideal IRS was crucial. No Modification to your motorcycle frame needed, swingarm will be the only part modified. At Motor Trike, we understand what makes a suspension good or bad, across all riding situations. // end hiding ---> Since day one, Kool Trikes suspension systems and kits are at the core of its wildly popular success and are designed and built by a former sprint car driver that thoroughly understands suspension function and maximizing performance – which results in a totally Kool and comfortable ride! That in simple terms, means it rides like no other trike on the market. Our trikes are like pickup trucks: they are similar since we must accommodate large load variations and maintain ride quality at the same time. The system utilizes one or more swing arms connecting the main chassis with the front wheel, which allows for the vertical movement of the wheel. This is how our trikes ride well, regardless if carrying one 120-pound rider or two 250-pound riders. Trike suspension Motorcycle based trike.