// Pentair Light Ring // Aquabot Mamba Automatic Pool Cleaner 4.6 out of 5 stars 183. Skip to Content . // Nava Chlorine 3-inch Tabs // Hayward Universal H-Series Heater "wasprice1296": "", Add to Cart. "chloreSavings": "25%", and more. // SR Smith Safety Pool Step, 2-Step Kit Here are a few tips to remember before you get started operating your sand filter system. "wasprice7838": "", "agheatpumpSavings": "6%", // AG HEAT PUMPS // ------------------------------------------------------------------- Spas // -------------------------------------------------------- Heater "price5570": "20.51", // Table Top Pool Table "price7486001": "89.95", "clearDiscountReturns": "25%", FT. Cartridge Filter System 2-HP 2-Speed Pump 2 Year Warranty, AquaPro 425 SQ. // Hayward ASME Universal H-Series Heater D.E. "wasprice3203": "119.99", // OnGround Safety Covers "wasprice12121": "51.49", 3.3 Hayward S270T Pro Series 27-Inch Pool Sand Filter for In-ground Pool. "price4323": "99.99", Instead, just remove the top of the filter pump to access the four cartridges inside for periodic rinsing and occasional replacement. Inground Pool Filters. "wasprice8640": "32.99", "price2476": "399.00", "price57591": "2,999.00", "price15800": "279.99", "wasprice4662RIGHGRAY": "1,088.99", if(was === "" || was === " "){ // Hose Reel "wasprice8407": "1,083.32", "price1293TAN": "521.09", "price5547": "1,549.00", "startupSavings": "10%", // START-UP KITS Inside this pool filter for in-ground pools are four individual filters that offer an impressive 420 square feet of filtration media. View Details. You should know that an above ground pool could be properly maintained with any one of these systems. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. "wasprice4235": "289.99", // Liners // Harris Vortex IG Sand Filter Tanks "priceOVERLAPLINER": "89.99", // Hayward AquaRay "agmeshwintcovSavings": "10%", // AG MESH WINTER COVERS "chloreSavings": "$5", // CHLORINE // AquaChek Water Testing Strips "waspriceVL915": "32.99", "wasprice40746": "2,799.99", "thermometerSavings": "10%", // THERMOMETERS // Safety Anchor Cover "agpumpsSavings": "", // AG PUMPS // Pentair FNS IG DE Filters "wasprice9700": "", // SR Smith ML300 ADA Pool Lifts // Protect-A-Pool Fence Not on PSS // ------------------------------------------ Salt Systems 4.6 out of 5 stars 119. // Outdoor Solutions The Cover Captain // Round Swimming Pools 3425748IN // Removable Fence powder as the filter media. function wasCheckHero(wasP) { // Hayward XStream AG Cartridge Filter Systems NLA "price4049": "129.00", // Hayward LX "wasprice2387": "22.21", $239.00 $ 239. // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chemicals 3 Best Pool Filter on the Market – Best In Ground Pool Filter Systems. "pillowsSavings": "20%", // AG AIR PILLOWS // Hayward Super Pump The following is a brief tutorial on the essentials of Operating your Hayward EC-40/EC-50 Pool Filter. "wasprice4585": "3.74", "price8650": "29.69", "price141224": "427.49", // DryTec Shock 68% - 24lb "price8098": "399.00", D.E. "price62003GRAY": "514.99", "wasprice152601U1": "144.43", // Quick Spa "price225003": "3.62", } "balncSavings": "$16", // BALANCERS "; "wasprice6256": "", "wasprice2476": "", For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. "price1402": "299.00", *American National Standards Institute and published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. "wasprice20721": "", It can hold 175lbs of sand, and the max amount it filters is 24,000 gallons per day. "priceIGSOLAR": "47.69", // All Above Ground Swimming Pools 3425748IN "price8407": "974.99", "wasprice1582221": "", // SR Smith Steel Hand Rails, 48 in // Hayward DV50000 Cleaner "priceVL915": "29.69", "wasprice2164": "", We carry brand name, high quality pool pump and filter systems from Sta-Rite®, Hayward® and Sandman®. Compare. We offer diatomaceous earth (D.E. // -----------STR SMITH ACCESSORIES / EQUIPMENT Financing Page. "price7838": "353.99", 3.4 Intex 28635EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump. "wasprice4947": "", // Above Ground Solar Cover --- 8600 "igleafnetsSavings": "10%", // IG LEAF NETS "spaChemicalsSavings": "", // SPA CHEMICALS "price5996": "11.99", // Aquabot Classic Pool Cleaner // SR Smith Mobile Aquatic Wheel Chair // Hayward SwimPure "agsolarheatSavings": "6%", // AG SOLAR HEATING "price62500BLUE": "2,679.99", "wasprice2479": "", "wasprice39500": "", "wasprice141224": "474.99", "price2989": "4.49", You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. // Hayward Max-Flo XL Pump 9397 // SR Smith Pool & Spa Lift Available Sign Filters & System // ------------------------------------------------------------- Maintenance "price2495": "239.00", "price39500": "59.99", "price9396": "379.99", Pentair 11652 Commercial Bronze C-Series 3 Phase Inground Pool Pump with Hair and Lint Pot, 220/440V, 5 HP. "price7454": "99.99", // ----------------------------------------------------------------- AG Pools 00. document.getElementById(wasP).parentElement.innerHTML = " "; "priceJHOOKLINER": "244.99", } "price7895": "3,099.00", // Heavy Duty Air Pillow filters are the most efficient at filtering the water and, therefore, some consider them to be the best pool filters for inground pools. "price1028": "92.99", "price34235": "1,309.99", The water is pushed through the bed of sand and removed through a set of lateral tubes at the bottom. }; "price3194": "99.99", Enjoy No Payments and No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more when you checkout with PayPal and choose PayPal Credit. "price20461": "47.69", This pump has been a standard in above-ground pumps for the last 30 years. The pool pump and filter is the central piece of your pool equipment system. "wasprice1042": "", filters offer superior water clarity filtering down to 5 microns, because they pick up such small particles they will lose pressure faster than other types of filters and … // Pentair SuperFlo IG Pump 3/4 HP // Hayward Perflex In-Ground Extended Cycle D.E. Most inground pool pumps are self priming pumps, this means that the pump is capable of pulling water up to the pump above the pool?s water level; However you still must fill the hair/lint trap first to give it an initial prime. "handheldSavings": "16%", // SUCTION CLEANERS "waspriceVL886": "24.99", Because inground pool pumps sit above the water level, they must have the power to pull the water upward out of the pool — this is called priming. "wasprice156578U1": "155.54", "price1998": "21.99", Excess air in your pool’s pump and filter is much more than just a nuisance. "priceROUNDPOOL": "749.99", Hayward offers the very latest in pool filter technology ensuring your pool water is clear and clean. The system also enhances the … Unlike sand or DE pool filter systems, this type of pool filter doesn’t require any backwashing. "agintexpoolsSavings": "$400", // AG INTEX POOLS "allheatpumpSavings": "16%", // ALL HEAT PUMPS "price6566": "44.99", "wasprice1348": "589.99", "wasprice482020Q12": "22.91", }; Take a look at our extensive inventory of pool pumps and motors. "wasprice7785": "", "price8039": "199.00", "price6256": "1,199.99", "price152716U1": "149.99", Tap Into Our Water Wisdom 3 Ways to Fall in Love with your Pool this Fall. "solaraccessSavings": "33%", // SOLAR ACCESSORIES "wasprice1099": "", "price4680": "229.49", Get the best deals on pool filtration systems at Pool Supplies Superstore & save big! "price156590": "179.99", // hth Shock // SR Smith Frontier III Replacement Diving Board "price34257": "749.99", // AG Solid Winter Covers New Value Line NLA // IG Economy Winter Covers // Solar Ball "wasprice4049": "", Complete pump and filter systems for both above ground pool and in ground swimming pools. "igsaltgnSavings": "", // IG SALT GENERATORS "wasprice5547": "", "wasprice8652": "24.99", "wasprice4583": "", margin-bottom: 15px; Fall is in the air, and the holidays are just around the corner. ), cartridge and sand filter products. $569.00 $ 569. "wasprice7780": "229.99", // Harris Cartridge Filter "price7582": "44.99", "price482101": "19.79", D.E. "price7833": "279.99", "algaeSavings": "$27", // AGAECIDES "spaAccessoriesSavings": "$15", // SPA ACCESSORIES "wasprice62600": "1,833.99", Our filters' simple operation and low maintenance requirements set the standard for hydraulic efficiency, performance, value and dependability. // NAVA Poly Algaecide 60, 384 oz // AG Pump ProForce 3/4 HP // Raypak Model 106 // -------------------------------------------------------------- Indoor Gaming We are not accepting new orders for swimming pools at this time due to overwhelming demand combined with manufacturing delays and shut downs as a result of COVID-19. Get Details. We offer only the best Salt Water Systems and any system can be added as an upgrade to our pool kits or purchased separately. // Natural Chemistry Pool Magic Spring & Fall + Phos Free // AG Leaf Net Covers Low as . // IG Leaf Net Covers FT. Cartridge Filter System 1.5-HP 2-Speed Pump 2 Year Warranty, AquaPro 190 SQ. Advertisement. // -------------------------------------------------- Winter Covers --- Safety Covers // Handi Spa Steps NLA // Overlap Liners 3.1 Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump. "wasprice377003": "249.99", "agoverlapSavings": "18%", // AG OVERLAP LINERS "price5667": "2,159.99", // SR Smith Sentry Lifeguard Chairs and Wheel Kits "price6440": "949.99", "price12121": "46.34", }; "price2683": "929.00", // Deluxe In-Pool Ladder "agsolcovSavings": "48%", // AG SOLAR COVERS $249.00 $ 249. "waspriceAGSOLAR": "26.99", "waspriceINTEXPOOL": "659.99", My Cart . There are 3 main types of above ground pool filter systems that one should be aware of when shopping for swimming pool equipment: (1) Sand, (2) Cartridge and (3) Diatomaceous Earth (DE). "wasprice7674": "", "price20081": "499.99", Featuring a heavy-duty motor, this Flo Pool Pump offers dependable performance. "pressureSavings": "14%", // SUCTION CLEANERS Sale. The XtremepowerUS Sand Filter can fit any inground pool of various sizes and types as well as inground spas. "price482001": "2.49", // now prices are second "agfiltersSavings": "39%", // AG FILTERS "price7547": "1,999.99", Sand Filter. "aglineraccessSavings": "10%", // AG LINER ACCESSORIES "waspriceOVALPOOL": "", "wasprice8039": "229.99", Sale. "wasprice3194": "", border: solid 1px #1b7bbc; "price8050": "219.99", // IG Mesh Winter Covers "price4896": "22.99", "wasprice6220": "224.99", filter systems use diatomaceous earth powder to filter your pool water. In this video, I show you how to upgrade your pool equipment. "agleafnetsSavings": "10%", // AG LEAF NETS "wasprice3555": "67.99", "wasprice7895": "", Motor: This is your pool pump’s power source. "agladderSavings": "10%", // AG LADDERS "price5290": "832.49", "wasprice5996": "", "clearLiners": "25%", These are filters that I consider to be a good value for the money and potentially a great choice for your pool. // ------------------------------------------------------------------ INGROUND Pool Sand Filters consist of large tanks filled with sand. "wasprice62500BLUE": "", Sand pool filters are a low maintenance, long-lasting option. "price97362": "349.99", Chemicals. // In-Ground Solar Cover ---8621 "wasprice13152": "1499.99", Pool Warehouse carries The Hayward Aqua Plus Salt System, The Hayward Aqua Rite Pro, The Hayward Aqua Rite Pro, The Hayward Pro Logic and The Hayward Aqua Trol all … // Spa Vacuum "priceLINERS": "89.99", "price1296": "156.99", "wasprice2989": "", "price7757WHIT": "469.99", "waspriceROUNDPOOL": "", "agovalpoolsSavings": "", // AG OVAL POOLS Most relevant matches are shown. Get it as soon as Wed, Oct 28. "price12094": "20.69", "wasprice2691": "", PowerFlo LX has a single-speed operation. "wasprice5667": "", "wasprice62003GRAY": "", "igladderSavings": "10%", // IG LADDERS "igmeshwintcovSavings": "10%", // IG Mesh WINTER COVERS Amazon's Choice for inground pool pump and filter Rx Clear Radiant Complete Sand Filter System | for Inground Swimming Pool | Mighty Niagara 1 HP Pump | 24 Inch Tank | … // Natural Chemistry Pool Magic "price3425": "199.99", "priceINTEXPOOL": "449.99", // ------------------------------------------ Chemical Feeder "iglinersaccessSavings": "", // IG LINER ACCESSORIES "price2472": "239.00", "price2479": "124.99", "wasprice2472": "", Here is the easy solution for replacing in ground pool pumps and filters. "clarfySavings": "$10", // CLARIFIERS "igsolcovSavings": "34%", // IG SOLAR COVERS "wasprice156591": "", Advertisement. "price4583": "7.49", // Mighty Step Above Ground Pool Steps // Hayward AquaRite For full financing details please visit our "agheatrSavings": "23%", // AG HEATERS // Nava Winter Closing Kits Many of our variable speed inground swimming pool pumps have even earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR® designation! The Pool Factory™ stocks a huge variety of name brand Sand, Cartridge and D.E. "wasprice97362": "", JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 00. // AquaChek Water Testing Strips "price3203": "77.99", "igcleanrSavings": "20%", // IG CLEANERS "price156578U1": "99.99", "price7785": "179.00", "price377002": "149.99", // Table Top Pool Table Chemical Feeders ... Pentair 11653 Commercial Bronze C-Series 3 Phase Inground Pool Pump with Hair and Lint Pot, 220/440V, 7.5 HP. "wasprice2495": "", "waspriceBEADEDLINER": "156.99", "wasprice1399": "949.99", // Raypak Digital Propane Gas Heater // Oval Swimming Pools 3423548IN // ------------------------------------------------- Accessories / Maintenance "wasprice62310": "", "price2403": "488.99", Water is pushed into the tank from your pump and flows through the cartridge membrane. // ----------------------------------------------------------- Winter Accessories This features a large pressure sand and water drain to help with winterizing, and the 7-position Vari-Flo control valve has an easy-to-use handle. filters offer superior water clarity filtering down to 5 microns, because they pick up such small particles they will lose pressure faster than other types of filters and require more maintenance than sand or cartridge above ground pool filter systems.

inground pool pump and filter systems

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