848EAF3F-FE48-4493-AB41-BF2912DF57D6.jpeg, 1B4CF7CD-0511-4494-81AC-ECF230C6186A.jpeg, 39B25E8A-293B-42E7-8DE1-943AB026A2EA.jpeg, BFA1D4DD-737A-4B73-B4FF-F440B5C886A6.jpeg, 888A5D3F-13C0-4D03-AAC6-F91D1E8DD757.jpeg, 1234B877-B08C-4178-8C84-62510FCE5D3A.jpeg, 8C7B60B8-597B-4349-A812-70251BA441D1.jpeg, Home Made Pellet Stove Controller (2).JPG, 71A87E55-8AA5-4F49-99FE-9B2E3AE0DDC2.jpeg, B51E5072-2B82-4EE7-98B9-A2C979813827.jpeg. Your missing that the purpose of the sheild is to deflect radiant heat, not hot air. $899.99. Hargrove Remote Control Receiver Heat Shield w/Fiber Cover and Base. JavaScript is disabled. Our mantel about our gas fireplace does the same thing. Canadian Chimney Fireplace Shop. The metal is pretty heavy. That's obviously gonna be one of the hottest areas. This is a mantel shield. We could use insulation panels, too. Cchainway Folding Fireplace Screens - 3 Panel Shield Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen Outdoor Pivacy Screens Decorative Silver Flowers Forwp. Fireplace heat shield can reduce energy bills and save you money. It does nothing to help prevent the mantel from getting overheated. – Doresoom Dec 19 '11 at 15:10 But, I can’t find the photos of the back of the heat shield for the life of me and George would kill me if I asked him to take it off the wall. 4.5 out of 5 stars 103. Get it as soon ... More Buying Choices $149.75 (4 new offers) MEECO'S RED DEVIL 5050 Mantel Protector. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; We offer prefabricated, listed clearance reduction heat shields through our stove shop. $91.08 $74.05. A fireplace mantel is an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture. I researched many options and this appeared to be the best bet. Painting the MantleFlect shield will hinder its ability to reflect radiant heat, but the Kool Core™ insulation will still reduce up to 50% of radiant heat. We tried the fire for just a few minutes and, even with the blower going full blast, the part of the mantel by the stove was super-hot. Yeah. Does anyone have any ideas if there is a way of heat protecting the underside of a wood beam to save raising the height of a mantlepiece? Measures: 47" Wide x 10" Face Depth x 2 3/4" Wide Angled Lip; Fits most applications; Finish: Black Heat Shield Construction Rules. Once I knew what I was looking for, I found a lot of things. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Any more then that is just overkill. Sold by shopchimney. We had some pieces of Polyshield Expanded polystyrene Foam Board Insulation left over from another project. If your stove will be within three feet of a wall, adding a heat shield is essential. Wall mounting requires finding studs and drilling holes through heat shield sitting behind… Tile can make it beautiful as well as effective. Which was pretty easy to do since it was in the 80s. Menu . The best place to install a mantel will be at least 12 inches away from the top of the fireplace. I really, really love it! At first cliff was going to cut the mantel and then bend it to make edges that would be safe to touch. It had been suggested that if you have a blower, it won’t get hot enough to catch fire. I told him that was over complicated and that if anyone was jamming their fingers that far under the mantel they deserved to get cut. Territory Manager for PE, Enviro, Town and Country and more. Most tv bases are 10 inches which leaves a easy way for your tv to practice Bungee jumping without the cord. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; Cliff screwed the mantel shield onto the mantel with the insulation panels inside. The minimum clearance to mantel from top of stove is 34". As we marked and drilled, we noticed little marks under the mantel. I would treat it like a wall shield to be on the save side. My question is, do you think 1" of dead air space between the wood and the metal will be sufficient or should I make it 2" or more. make sure the shield has room in the back so that air can circulate between the shield and the mantel. ...I'm going to fabricate a nice sheet metal shield to hang underneath the mantel during burning season. Alright y’all. So we ordered a mantel shield and didn’t turn the fire back on until it came. Per the manual for your stove. It comes with cement spacers that hold the shield 2.75” off the mantel. The Hearth Room - Wood Stoves and Fireplaces. amzn_assoc_asins = "B01MRHLEPE"; That is so not true. For you people that like a real bore, here is a cut and paste below. My wife HATES it. That is so not true. The purpose of the mantel shield is to reflect the radiant heat away from the fireplace at its hottest point, Directly above the surface at a 45 degree angle. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Stoves won't take the same shield as inserts, it needs to hanging up below the mantle or extending from the masonry right above the fireplace opening. 95. Ireland: a Different Visit Our mantel is big and this mantel shield is nearly 4-feet wide and 10” deep. A couple of people recommended it when they put very hot vent free gas fireplaces under a mantel. I am going to great pains and research to get th right backboiler stove but cant quite get the size/rating without re hashing something. I still had the dark grey paint I had painted the wall with. Shield your mantle and surrounding woodwork from the heat of the stove with a Homesaver Mantel Shield. I researched many options and this appeared to be the best bet. It reflects and dissipates the heat radiating up and out of your fireplace or other heat sources. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I had planned to write this post to explain how we created our DIY wood stove heat shield with lots of helpful photos. DIY heat shields may be constructed using sheet metal, ceramic tiles, bricks, or a combination of sheet metal with brick or tile. Mantel Protector Heat Shield. Contact Heatshield Products for DIY heat shield insulation solutions for your home. They also said that it can be cut to fit, which it will have to be, since the mantel legs are in the way. See more ideas about stove, heat, wood stove. Generally, the heat shield must extend a minimum of 20 inches beyond each side of the wood stove and 20 inches above it. Enter your email address to subscribe to Project Small House. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "design4203-20"; Directions in fact say make sure shield extends back so no mantle is exposed (which sounds like no rear airspace). Correct dune, Plane, go back to my post, it talks about leaving a airspace between the shield and the wall to allow air to flow freely. 9. D-Art Collection Oxford Fireplace Mantle 71" Sold by ehomefurnishing. Attach a concrete backer board that is a minimum of 3/4-inch thick to the spacers. Home bulit water tube boiler; Wood fired Central Heat! The mantel protector heat shield is used to protect existing fireplace mantels from heat generated by gas fireplace inserts wood stove inserts and gas logs. The pictures were pretty unconvincing, but the Customer Questions & Answers on Amazon made it seem like the one that would work best for us. FREE Shipping. I mounted the mantel pursuant to local code, which is WAY above the insert, and it still got way too hot. do you atach the shield to the mantel or the mortor??? £55.99. DIY & Tools Hello, Sign in ... Kamino-Flam Heat Shield, Asbestos-free Heat Protection Sheet, Fireplace Heat Shielding, Heat Resistant up to 1100 °C, Spark Protection Plate with White Stainless Steel Frame, approx. But like H says, a gap in back will let radiant heat straight up to the mantle. Fireplace Remodel Wood Fireplace House Remodel Radiator Cover Fireplace Heat Heat Wood Stove Wall. Now that he has decided to add the insulation, we decided to flip the mantel over to make it easier. Normally, heat output to the mantel is not that extreme, but occasional downdrafting can cause soot accumulation over time. Aug 24, 2017 - Explore Deana Allgaier's board "Wood stove heat shield" on Pinterest. It most likely would have worked just as well without the extra insulation, which called for the extra space. you should get a 2/3 reduction in clearance with a 1" airspace. Caving I made my heat shields out of brass plate. It is everything I wanted! And I love it! However, it has to be protected from the fire that it frames. A fireplace mantel comes with detailed installation instructions that you should study before installing it. The mantel shield, which is very sturdy and kinda heavy, and cement spacers with the screws long enough to attach it. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Heatshield Products 770003 0.008" Thick x 36" x 48" Lava Heat Shield Mat (With Adhesive) 4.0 out of 5 stars 55. For what is worth, on page 9 figure 9.1 shows what Quadrafires 5100i deflector looks like. It had been suggested that if you have a blower, it won’t get hot enough to catch fire. I read everything I could find about a number of different options and finally decided on the Copperfield Chimney Supply Home Saver Mantel Shield. Heat shields for Clearance Reduction Adequate clearances are one of the two most important safety features of any wood stove installation. If a mantel shield is not addressed directly in the specs for the stove, I usually use a 50% reduction as opposed to the usual NFPA ones (66%).......that has worked well for me over the years. A properly installed and maintained wood stove can be one of the safest appliances in your home. Automotive . new jotul F400 castine Black,Single door. We haven’t used our fireplace in the 2 years we’ve lived here and as much as I complain about the sweltering three-digit summers, I do love the 70º winters. Submitted by: Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on April 1, 2014 A wood stove heat shield surround can be made made from tiles, stone, metal or vitreous enamel panels and can help create a stunning fireplace style. It seems there had been a mantel shield there before. Sep 19, 2014 - Explore Dan White's board "Stove heat shields" on Pinterest. Heat shields for wood stoves and fireplace surrounds come in various forms and are designed to shield the areas around fireplaces and wood burning stoves from excess heat. American Made Since 1985. Mantel Heat Shield Question - How far beyond Mantel? Yep, the instructions completely contradict what i had stated earlier. So go ahead and put up that mantle or TV above your fireplace MantleFlect Shield™ has you covered. The mantel heat shield can be cut to fit the size of. June 2020. "Getting off the grid, one toy at a time". Homelite 16in and 18in Saws, Homelite 5 ton Electric Splitter, Fiskars X27, 8lb Maul, Various Axes and Hatchets, "Hey, you dang woodchucks- quit chuckin' my wood! Here are the instructions. Maybe something like Micore “floating” underneath mantle instead of sheet metal. Mantle heat shields from manufacturers I have seen mount against the mantle or insert surround etc., to keep the hot/warm air from rising directly to the wood mantle. I purchased a new wood stove insert and because my wood mantel is too close to the insert, I had to install a heat shield. DIY statement faux mantel with brickwork and log ends Just in case you’re still hoping to find a faux fireplace that works for you aesthetically but the style of your space falls right smack in the middle between the very rustic version and the more modern looking pre-made project, here’s another alternative for your consideration! We flipped the mantel over and the insulation was visible if you stood at the right angle and looked. ", (Copy/paste url in browser- will not run from clicking on url), http://www.quadrafire.com/downloads/installManuals/man_5100iact.pdf, http://www.northlineexpress.com/Images/Pdf/StovePipeShieldInstallInstruct.pdf#page=2, https://www.hearth.com/econtent/index.php/forums/viewthread/29864/, Geico commercial- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q6Ti9xCX_M. The Mantel Protector kit includes a 47″ long mantel protector, all mounting hardware and instructions. That’s what comes in the box. $89.99 $ 89. My design42: Lighting and Design Nothing about rear airspace. But cheating on clearances can create a very dangerous situation. Cliff held the mantel up and had me mark the holes. We added a mantel shield to our antique mantel so that we won’t burn the house down. We have a similar heat shield to your brass one, but its color matches our fireplace. HomeSaver Mantel Heat Shield Safety is the most important concern when installing a stove or any other heating appliance. Curiosity Trek amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; Fun-n-Profit: Job Ideas for Part-time, Flexible, Seasonal, Temporary and Work-from-home, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Fireplace Hood, Canopy or Heat Deflector >, Adding the Blower to the Jotul Gas Fireplace, Connecting Z-Wave Home Automation Thermostat to our Jotul Sebago Free Standing Gas Fireplace, Land For Sale: .44 acre In Druid Hills, Hendersonville, NC, Fun-n-Profit: Job Ideas for Part-time, Flexible, Seasonal, Temporary and Work-from-home. What Planeweird has in mind looks exactly like HomeSaver Mantel Shield, which appears to have 1" ceramic spacers down from mantle. Apr 21, 2015 - fireplace+deflector+shield | Fireplace Shields For Mantels He had also added more screw holes, since he had cut some off. The purpose of the mantel shield is to reflect the radiant heat away from the fireplace at its hottest point, Directly above the surface at a 45 degree angle. This DIY wood mantel is totally renter-friendly, easy to complete in an afternoon, and easy on the wallet. MantelFlect Shield will also protect the finish on your mantle centerpiece and prevent the wood from drying out and cracking. (The other is proper materials.) MantleFlect Shield is capable of reflecting up to 90% of radiant heat. The next morning Cliff presented me with his compromise. Article by Denise Shaw. Adding a Heat Shield to the Antique Mantel. These instructions show you how to make a protective heat shield for nearby walls. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. The Mantel Protector Heat Shield is used to protect existing fireplace mantels from heat generated by gas fireplace inserts, wood stove inserts and gas logs. 80 x 50 cm 4.1 out of 5 stars 213. Don't know about code, though... Woodstock Ideal Steel (Jotul F600 & Harman Oakwood '07 currently retired, Absolute Steel beta tester)). He layered it between the mantel shield and the mantel. Mantel Protector Heat Shields Copperfield Chimney Supply HomeSaver Mantel Shield. It is about an inch further from the mantel than it is designed to be. $150.95 $ 150. So after my install in front of my existing fireplace, I'll only have 25.5" between the stove top and the underside of the wood mantel. See more ideas about wood stove heat shield, wood stove, wood stove hearth. Hello Folks, I am a first time poster. amzn_assoc_linkid = "4a959eab64aa85752b8def44a13ddce0"; I discuss some of the others we considered on this post; Fireplace Hood, Canopy or Heat Deflector >. These are the tools he used to cut and smooth. He had just cut out the leg notches, but he had sanded them safe. I plan on having it angle in a couple of places to move the heat out and in front of the mantle, but wonder about the heat transfer. Looks like Dune is wrong again, for those keeping track. I believe Jotul calls for 32" for the F3CB. This is the mantel shield we bought is the Copperfield Chimney Supply Home Saver Mantel Shield. And no, nobody is paying me for reviews or giving me free stuff. Extended 42 inch Fireplace Hood - Matte Black. Fireplace Mantel Expansion for Your Tv: Most fireplace mantels are average 6 inches deep. 99. Excessive heat is a sure path to shortening the life of your electrical device, so protect that HD TV from excessive heat. With a HomeSaver Mantel Heat Shield you can dramatically reduce the clearances required for both stovepipe and unlisted stoves. You can see the cement spacer on the screw. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; I used a thin paint brush and brushed it over the edge of the foam board and the spacers until you can’t see them anymore. The Wood stove is a Jotul c550 Rockland and the mantel shield is from them. And that gives you the flexibility to place your stove where you want Find out more >. Hilton Head Island Toggle Nav. Greetings from the Past Search (760) 751-0441. It's easy to install, just cut the shield to your size requirements and use the included hardware to attach it to your mantel. We added a mantel shield to our antique mantel so that we won’t burn the house down. And I suppose a drill, which he didn’t give me a photo of. I mounted the mantel pursuant to local code, which is WAY above the insert, and it still got way too hot. For what is worth, on page 9 figure 9.1 shows what Quadrafires 5100i deflector looks like. for the horizontal shield I tapped into the metal plate that supports the bricks above the stove. So, I am trying to think of a way to improve its appearance. The hood would help to cut down on that issue. Specific requirements for heat shielding your stove may require more than one piece of concrete backer board to meet the required dimensions. Then Cliff had an idea. Then he pre-drilled. I apologize if this question is not in the right area. Find what is best for your home and do this important DIY project right away. With our help, you'll find it … amzn_assoc_region = "US";

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