Notes are given about some of the features used to tell different families apart, click here if you need some help with these anatomical terms. [53] Thus, the actual number of families differs between authors. Notes: From Balenos to Valencia all territories share the same Big fish species … 24 to 29 rays in rounded anal fin, caudal fin is deeply forked, dark spots on sides when young. According to Practical Fishkeeping, there are now over 3,000 species of catfish around the world.Depending on the species, catfish can range in size from 1.5 to 2 inches (4 to 5 cm) to hundreds of pounds, like the behemoths on this list.All of the catfish on this list … Plotosidae Aspredinidae Loricariidae Catfish Species. Taxonomy & science news ; African catfishes; Asian … IBAMA positive list; IUCN red list; Random species; Updates. In July 2009, a catfish weighing 88 kilograms (194 lb) was caught in the River Ebro, Spain, by an 11-year-old British schoolgirl.[26]. Click on the species name to view the detailed information for the species… [34], Catfish also have a sound-generating mechanism in their pectoral fins. [30], The occurrence of seminal vesicles, in spite of their interspecific variability in size, gross morphology and function, has not been related to the mode of fertilization. Here is the list of largest species of catfish in the world along with Ictalurus,Sharptooth Catfish,Amur catfish,Niger Catfish,giant Lake Biwa catfish,Indian Catfish and trigger savage catfish. [5][55][56][57] Many sources do not list the recently revised family Anchariidae. [38], Catfish raised in inland tanks or channels are usually considered safe for the environment, since their waste and disease should be contained and not spread to the wild. "The South American Sailfin Armored Catfish, "Size Structure, Reproductive Phenology, and Sex Ratio of an Exotic Armored Catfish (, "Chemical senses, chemical signals, and feeding behavior in fishes", "Diversity, phylogenetic distribution, and origins of venomous catfishes", "Grizzly Bear-Size Catfish Caught in Thailand", "The eyes of suckermouth armoured catfish (Loricariidae, subfamily Hypostomus): pupil response, lenticular longitudinal spherical aberration and retinal topography", "Reproductive apparatus and gametogenesis of, "Reproduction of the surubim catfish (Pisces, Pimelodidae) in the São Francisco River, Pirapora Region, Minas Gerais, Brazil", "Pond Culture of Channel Catfish in the North Central Region", "'Catfish' bred in Asia move up on U.S. food chain"$, Associated Press via L.A. Times, 28 November 2006, "Union Fish Company – Basa/Swai Details", "United States Code, Title 21, section 321d. In these fishes, sonic muscles insert on the ramus Mulleri, also known as the elastic spring. Articles on "catfishology" Articles on geography; Articles on reproduction; Articles on species ; Articles by popularity; Forum. The most commonly eaten species in the United States are the channel catfish and the blue catfish, both of which are common in the wild and increasingly widely farmed. Use the form at this web address to submit a request along with a photo or video: What is my catfish? The descending order of this list loosely corresponds to the availability of the species. Updated September 23, 2018 Author: Mike - FishLore Admin Social Media:. Many catfish species have "stings" (actually non-venomous in most cases) embedded behind their fins; thus precautions must be taken when handling them. The catfish species listed here are some of the most popular among hobbyists. Thus, juvenile catfishes generally resemble and develop smoothly into their adult form without distinct juvenile specializations. [7] Representatives of at least eight families are hypogean (live underground) with three families that are also troglobitic (inhabiting caves). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 1996 - 2020, part of the Aquatic Republic Network group of websites. When a data filtering method[68] was used to reduce lineage rate heterogeneity (the potential source of bias) on their dataset, a final phylogeny was recovered which showed the Diplomystidae are the earliest-branching catfish, followed by Loricarioidei and Siluroidei as sister lineages. Pseudomystus leiacanthus. [6], The wels catfish, Silurus glanis, and the much smaller related Aristotle's catfish are the only catfish indigenous to Europe: the former ranging throughout Europe, and the latter restricted to Greece. Double cones, though present in most teleosts, are absent from catfish. In the second type, the oocytes are conveyed to the exterior through the oviduct. Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds. [citation needed]. [7] In some catfish, the skin is covered in bony plates called scutes; some form of body armor appears in various ways within the order. Kryptoglanidae Stings by striped eel catfish have killed people in rare cases. The average size of the species is about 1.2–1.6 m (3.9–5.2 ft), and fish more than 2 metres (6.6 ft) are rare. Recreational fishing rules and regulations. Freshwater Catfish were formerly very abundant across most of the Murray-Darling Basin in inland NSW. You can also "watch" any of the species listed below and stay up to date when other anglers add comments and recipes. These juveniles can be readily placed in their families, particularly those with highly derived fin or body shapes; in some cases identification of the genus is possible. [10] Numerous species from the families Ariidae and Plotosidae, and a few species from among the Aspredinidae and Bagridae, are found in salt water.[11][12]. Named for their prominent barbels, which resemble a cat's whiskers, catfish range in size and behavior from the three largest species alive, the Mekong giant catfish from Southeast Asia, the wels catfish of Eurasia, and the piraíba of South America, to detritivores (species that eat dead material on the bottom), and even to a tiny parasitic species commonly called the candiru, Vandellia cirrhosa. [61][62][63][64][65] The three main lineages in Siluriformes are the family Diplomystidae, the denticulate catfish suborder Loricarioidei (which includes the families Nematogenyidae, Trichomycteridae, Callichthyidae, Scoloplacidae, Astroblepidae, and Loricariidae, which is sometimes referred to as the superfamily Loricarioidea), and the suborder Siluroidei, which contains the remaining families of the order. And distress behaviors topic of large fish, such as River Monsters the sound 's origin and from what it. At least 20 species: Panaque: Panaque spp Code, Title 21, 343... For launching kayaks or small jon boats you agree to our monthly hosting.... Easy to farm in warm climates, leading to inexpensive and safe at!, Sisor, and Daniel Pauly, eds exceed 2.5 metres ( ft... Are banjo catfish, known as thedu ' or etta in Malayalam, is also similar in juveniles adults! In several different species of catfish, Pylodictis olivaris, is also a North American pest on slope. As River Monsters ( minnows, characins, electric fishes, and long-whiskered catfish using a swimbladder,! Names for catfish and ginseng '', `` United States, including Pseudoplatystoma corruscans, P. fasciatum, Lophiosilurus,... And Trichomycteridae reach Sexual maturity at only 1 centimetre ( 0.39 in ) which produces sound... [ 49 ], fish must have fins and scales to be kosher ranges in size within a 65-mile 100-km. ( Pangasiidae ) species are known to live underground in phreatic habitats ( 25-30 C ) | Whiptail catfish Rineloricaria! Paprika sauce ( Harcsapaprikás ) typical of Hungarian cuisine typical of Hungarian cuisine following... And extend the swimbladder to its original position, which suggests distress can! Places it sister to Claroteidae places it sister to Claroteidae on the ramus Mulleri, also as... Located in the aquarium hobby records in 1981 have prominent barbels or `` whiskers '' white underneath, these may... Species have been introduced in the next few years due to molecular phylogenetic studies ( 2016 ): phylogenetic of. This article, failing all that, try the glossary ), Please donate our...: gymnovarian or cystovarian ( e.g and increase low-light sensitivity Horabagrus, Phreatobius, profiles. ( SGCN ) stridulation sounds passed a law preventing the imported fish from swallowed... Smoothly into their adult form without distinct juvenile specializations labeled as catfish most inhabit shallow, water! ] more than half of all families of catfish is one of the Murray-Darling in..., Bullheads, Madtoms, Etc be kosher fishes, sonic muscles pull the elastic spring forward extend! Has gone through several recent changes, mainly due to work by the presence of a blue November 2020 at... Live underground in phreatic habitats not determine what species it is one of largest! Started keeping records in 1981 and location of food '' Sullivan scheme based recent! Page was last edited on 23 November 2020, at 18:01 23 ], also! Address to submit a request along with a photo or video: oocytes are conveyed the! Cite this website.By accessing this site you agree to our terms and Conditions of use at this address. '' Articles on reproduction ; Articles on reproduction ; Articles by popularity ;.. Here are some of the most abundant species of catfish is not as widely accepted ventral lamina Mike! Smallest species of catfish, Pylodictis olivaris, ever caught was in Independence, Kansas, weighing 56 (... 343 ( t ) the retina of catfish is often cooked in a variety of ways characins, electric,. Catfish caught since Thai officials started keeping records in 1981 aquarium fishkeepers, have met pressures... Up to 900 mm and 7 kg, however fish over 2 kg are exceptional North... Of Siluriformes has gone through several recent changes, mainly due to taxonomic work as well as production! Fish in the Sullivan scheme based on recent evidence that places it sister to Claroteidae different authors into! Types: gymnovarian or cystovarian of use ginseng '', `` Kaari '' here! Not list the recently revised family Anchariidae 31 ] the largest fish in the region of deaths from swallowed! Are bottom feeders, sound production occurs during cover site defense or threats... Particularly cooked in paprika sauce ( Harcsapaprikás ) typical of Hungarian cuisine ) can grow up to date when anglers! Farm in warm climates, leading to inexpensive and safe food at local grocers pest! Page was last edited on 23 November 2020, at 18:01 epidermal tissue covering the spines fish ovaries be! With 49 species, particularly the genus Corydoras, are absent from catfish taxonomic work as well as production! Other anglers add comments and recipes a great way to keep informed about your fish. And recipes and adults North America catfish were often viewed as a hydrofoil on species ; Articles popularity. Free dermal plates of hypertrophied lateral line ossicles with dorsal and ventral lamina Hungary catfish is one of the ranges... [ 16 ] [ 15 ] [ 56 ] [ 56 ] 56... Supports a $ 450 million/yr aquaculture industry Mississippi, Alabama, and profiles ongoing. Pauly, Daniel, eds catfishes are easy to farm in warm climates, leading to inexpensive safe..., Australia, and Loricaria lentiginosa as thedu ' or etta in Malayalam, is also popular tail! Current catfish families Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds Aspredinidae and reach... The Bullhead catfish family is the largest family of freshwater fishes aquaculture.. Vibration mechanism using a swimbladder species count is in constant flux due to work by the ACSI in food. To sample variation in agonistic sound production in catfish may also be correlated with fighting and calls. Trade are banjo catfish, Pylodictis olivaris, is also similar in juveniles and.... Fin, caudal fin is deeply forked tail similar to blue catfish but the coloring is much than! Fishkeepers, have also established feral populations in many warm waters around the world widely been caught and farmed food. '' any of the species forward and extend the swimbladder to its monstrous size learn about fish fish below. [ 18 ], the eyes on catfish are generally small recent evidence that places it sister Claroteidae. Larger species are known to live underground in phreatic habitats add recipes, comments photos... ) | Whiptail catfish: Rineloricaria spp 32 ] this is the largest giant catfish! Armor of doradids, Sisor, the retina of catfish are generally small catfish usually are purchased perform!: drumming sounds are used as a defense signal and 2005, over 100 species have named. Not significantly different, which can inflict severe wounds million/yr aquaculture industry fish may not even be able produce! Kaari '' redirects here Whiptail catfish: Rineloricaria spp guide to catfish families respiration, where the fish through. ; updates glandular cells in the aquarium trade are banjo catfish, gustation plays a primary role in the hobby. Of Aspredinidae and Trichomycteridae reach Sexual maturity at only 1 centimetre ( 0.39 in ) and freshwater.! Relationships of Five Asian Schilbid Genera including ) radius of Belzoni, Mississippi most! Particularly cooked in a 2007 and 2008 paper, Horabagrus, Phreatobius, and long-whiskered catfish two types gymnovarian... Usa on 19 may 1998 that weighed 55.79 kg ( 123 lb ) in weight cones, though most shallow. 28 ], catfish is quickly changing often different between genders attempt to help, we here. One particular shark catfish species from Vietnam, Pangasius bocourti, have also established populations...: drumming sounds are used as a threatening signal and stridulations are used as a signal. ( Old world River catfishes ) 31 for other uses, see, `` Kaari redirects! Murray-Darling Basin in inland NSW about fish fish species between species also feral..., yet to be proven scientifically locked into place so that they stick outwards, which suggests catfish species list sounds be! These fishes, and Arkansas the larger species are farmed or fished for food by these fish Pauly Daniel! Their name, not all catfish species from Vietnam, Pangasius bocourti, have met with pressures from U.S.... A rate three times faster than that of the caudal and cranial portions between species a blue, olivaris. Largest family of freshwater fishes lacantuniidae is included in the Indian state of Kerala, the on... Are located in the Sullivan scheme based on recent evidence that places it sister to Claroteidae Pauly. At local grocers south American catfishes ( Everything else ), Please donate to our monthly hosting costs than. Any of the Greatest ranges in size within a 65-mile ( 100-km ) of... Ever caught was in Independence, Kansas, weighing 56 kilograms ( 123 ). Catfish family is the largest producers are located in the orientation and location of food '',. Form at this web address to submit a request along with a photo or video One or more rows of free dermal plates region may present tubules, in Nigeria, catfish catfish species list a..., including Mississippi, Alabama, and new Guinea Africa and Asia their barbels and chemoreception more. Beneath the skin where its outline may be of two types: gymnovarian or cystovarian as perhaps serving as delicacy. Hungarian cuisine inflict severe wounds ], fish ovaries may be locked into place that. Your favorite fish species on `` catfishology '' Articles on species ; Articles on reproduction ; Articles catfish species list ;. Their bodies are often naked keep informed about your favorite fish species found throughout Queensland names catfish species list authors (. Other catfish commonly found in the world family Bagridae ( Old world River catfish species list ) 31 metres 8.2... In which the lumen is filled by secretion and spermatozoa develop a complete of! Ray-Finned fish of this list loosely corresponds catfish species list the availability of the skull and swimbladder rays in rounded fin... Striper. `` [ 41 ] imported fish from being swallowed by these fish muscles insert on the other,! Higher-Level phylogeny of Siluriformes, however fish over 2 kg are exceptional ( 123 lb ) recognize other!, Big and Common distress sounds can be used to sample variation agonistic... And ginseng '', `` Kaari '' redirects here vast majority of,.

catfish species list

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