Whether you want to test the performance of your phone, confirm the hardware configuration, or simply check if everything is working properly, there are... Our whole personal life is now wound up in the smartphone we carry along in our pockets. If you sign in to your Microsoft account in the app, your documents get synced automatically over OneDrive. If you are wondering which apps make that list, here are the 20 best apps for students to help them study efficiently in 2020. Just for the sake of naming a few, they include font, font style, font size, font color, paragraph formatting, etc. For those looking for more personalization, an ever-growing library of emojis appears to be right on the money. Whether you aspire to be multilingual or learn a new language, you shouldn’t miss out on “Google Translate”. While there are many different ways in which you can check your answers, most of them are time-consuming. To help you out, here is the best apps that can do that: Kicking off the list is an app called Stay Focused which will help you stay focused while you’re studying and not get distracted by all the other apps on your smartphone. Mathway is a great app for solving problems. If you create an account on the app, you can access many other useful features too. What makes this Google’s app ahead of the curve is the ability to translate between 103 languages by typing. A great app for developing the general knowledge of children aged 9+, Word Dynamo prompts kids to choose a themed list (with all sorts of interesting themes) and then quizzes them to match each word with a short definitions With a vast range of lists, there are topics to interest everyone from elementary school kids through to those in college and beyond. They say there’s an app for everything...and they’re right! This can be increased by upgrading to Dropbox Plus that gives you 1 TB of storage at $9.99/month or $99/year. If Todoist claims to be a feature-rich task manager, Microsoft’s offering is not behind either. Often fail to carry out a specific task before the deadline? The app is quite useful if you often find yourself being distracted by social media apps like Instagram and is a must have for all students using an Android device. While I did not get any wrong answer for the time I used it, I suggest that you don’t take the answer provided by the app for granted. And with timely reminders, it makes sure you don’t forget to carry out a specific task in time. If you don’t want to use third-party apps, both Apple and Google has introduced built-in tools for restricting your app usage. Install: Android, iOS (free with in-app purchases). While I don’t deny this statement, let’s be honest, studying can get boring at times. Expanding your vocabulary can be a useful endeavor, whether you are preparing as a high school student for college entrance exams like the SAT or ACT, studying as a college student … But when we have to review them, all of it looks like a mess. Besides, it also comes with an intuitive collaboration feature so that you can invite your buddies and work with them on a project. To start off, you can create and name profiles which define the days and time for which they are active, along with the apps to be blocked. With its seamless integration with other Google products and cross-platform synchronisation capabilities, it hardly matters which platform you use it on. You can input an equation of up to 3 variables and the graph for that will be plotted in mere seconds. While there are a number of ways to go about it, what I like most is using studying apps on my smartphone. Most of the features that you will find in this app are the ones you are already familiar with, that is, if you’ve used OneNote before. Once you’ve played 250 synonyms, you unlock antonyms too! In addition to uploading files and folders to the cloud, you can also create them within the app. window.__mirage2 = {petok:"ad19a62bb6f9f3c8b376df8a4e8d2a645d7346aa-1606963234-43200"}; For the notes that you end up deleting, they can be found in “Trash” where they live for 7 days before they are gone forever. Now that you know some of the best studying apps for students that you can use, you can study more efficiently without it getting boring. Christie Burnett is an early childhood teacher, presenter, writer and the editor of Childhood 101. For some or other reasons, each of us will miss a class at some point in time. These notifications can later be viewed from the “Blocked notifications” section of the app. Install: Android, iOS (free-15GB), (Paid version starts at $1.99/month for 100GB). As I mentioned earlier, using the best apps for students on your smartphone will be worthwhile only if you can avoid the distraction from other apps, I understand that it’s easier said than done. You can also attach files and set reminders for your homework when you are signed in. When it comes to having a good mastery over 4 modules: listening, speaking, reading and writing you must have a good vocabulary power. Lastly, you can choose to save these files for offline use and share them with your friends. The Vocabulary Builder app from Magoosh guides you through dozens of vocabulary lists. The most important thing that you are supposed to do in a lecture is  to take proper notes. Lastly, you can secure your Dropbox account using a built-in passcode feature. With this version, you also get access to premium content which includes graphical illustrations. On the other hand, if you have GeoGebra Graphing Calculator installed on your device, that task shortens to a matter of seconds. The nine vocabulary and spelling games unlock in sequence as the player spends time mastering vocabulary lessons. So the paper aims to develop an English vocabulary learning app for college students in a private university in central Taiwan. In addition to the basic calculator features like calculations, percentages, and 10 memory states, it offers features like trigonometric functions, unit conversions, permutations and combinations, and hyperbolic functions. 6. College students can't live without mobile gadgets and various apps today. To use the app to its full potential you can buy the pro version with an in-app purchase that lets you create more than 3 profiles, stores all the blocked notifications, allows you to set unlimited time intervals and unlimited apps in profiles, and even removes ads. If you are wondering what’s wrong with the stock one, then let me tell you that the following two apps are not simple calculator apps. Although designed for students preparing for tests such as SAT, GRE, CAT, GMAT, VocabMagic is one of those vocabulary apps to also generally improve your English vocabulary. Install: Android (Free with in-app purchases). If you want more space, you can buy that with an in-app purchase. The app has got an elegant interface and also offers a range of customization options so that you can take control of all of your to-dos at your own will. 101 College Vocabulary Words. Stay Focused even allows you to set a default motivational text which will pop up every time you use blocked/restricted apps and might help you reconsider your priorities. These vocabulary apps are helpful for the students and children as well. Once you set that up, you can also enable the security feature which erases all your data after 10 failed passcode attempts. Your child has the incentive of earning rice for each correct answer, which then gets donated to third world countries. It is not always possible for everyone to attend each and every class. There are some really good apps which can help you plan your study schedule, so that your are never late for any class or test. The best apps for college students are the ones that can simplify your life and make your time in school more enjoyable. With this app, you can store your homework and class schedules, all in a single place. Download Vocabulary Quiz for Students and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It has been created by a parent after reviewing multiple apps that cater to SAT, GRE and other competitive exams targeted for higher grades. If you are looking to take short notes, then Google Keep has you covered. You can format texts with many formatting options that include font, font style, font size, text colour, highlight colour, indentation, and paragraph spacing among many others. There are also sites with expert advice and strategies for teachers and parents to help students learning these skills. What I have always loved in this app is the flexibility to customize tasks as per a specific goal. To top is all of, the app also features cross-platform customisation. Don't forget to repeat these 100 vocabulary words every college student should know in order to remember them forever! iOS users also get similar functionality with Screen Time, however, there are no other third-party apps on the App Store that offer the same functionality. While there are many great word processor apps out there, I have selected two of the best ones among them. Plenty of classes in high school require you to read a lot. The target group students’ The work that you do in the app is saved in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about saving it every few minutes. I love the contrast … [Read More...], Writing a letter to Santa is a great way to harness your children's excitement … [Read More...], Inside: A fun printable Christmas Elf Roll and Dot Number Game with three levels … [Read More...]. In addition to this, you can hear a word’s pronunciation, see some examples, and learn a little history about the word’s origin. Many of the sites have interactive spelling games and vocabulary games. All you have to do is type in the problem, and the app will automatically ask you for the type of answer you are looking for. On the customization front, I think the Oxford Dictionary has a clear edge over many other noted rivals. Like OneNote, you can also use Keep to take notes using your finger or a stylus, add voice recordings, and add images. You can also set reminders for your notes. Great work. So I tested a few note-taking apps and found the ones below to be the best of the lot. The best way to do that is to note down those points on your smartphone. Well, you need a smart task manager to keep you in sync with everything you have to do. The app also includes competitive gaming options allowing users to play against friends. MindSnacks For typing, you can either open an existing file, or create a new one inside the app. Vocabulary.com isn’t just a dictionary—it’s also a vocabulary building app. Whether you are trying to strengthen and broaden your vocabulary for School, College, university or personal growth, the key is our new Vocabulary Builder application. In case you find it difficult to abide by this rule, you can use some app blocker apps to avoid opening certain apps for a particular duration. You have entered an incorrect email address! 1) inClass This note-taking app is so beyond awesome, I felt ecstatic when I found out about it. Free version contains ads. Once you have your distracting apps blocked, you can go on to use your smartphone for studying efficiently. Google Calendar can also identify all the events or bookings for which you ever received an email on your Gmail account, and automatically add them to your calendar. The OneNote app also has a search feature that can be used to find the exact note that you are looking for. And these apps are especially useful when it comes to studying vocabulary, so you don’t have to haul around vocab cards or even a dictionary. Just like Google Docs, the Microsoft Word app allows sharing either using OneDrive or as an email attachment. High school and college are periods of ever-expanding responsibility for students. As a recent study that made use of smartphones, Wu (2015) created a mobile application called Word Learning-CET6 to teach vocabulary to a group of 70 Chinese college students. For example, if I were to type in a cubic equation under algebra, I would be asked whether I want the factors, roots, graph, or intercepts. Memrise. As all this works only when a profile is active, it may seem pretty easy to turn off the profile and use the blocked apps. In addition to this, you can also draw graphs, either using your finger, or using various software tools provided inside the app like lines, circles, tangents, etc. What’s more, it also comes with a handy offline mode (premium) so that your learning won’t come to a halt even if you don’t have an internet connection. Vocabulary Builder is an Application specially designed for those who want to learn English and improve their vocabulary. Just like a student’s life is incomplete without a dictionary, this list would be incomplete without the mention of a dictionary app. 1. adulation — excessive flattery or praise. Developed by the Merriam-Webster dictionary creators, the app includes four games – speed drill, tunnel vision, name that thing and hidden letters, and up to 10 levels (paid version). SAT Vocab is free with in-app purchases to unlock additional vocabulary lessons. Last but not the least, you can even share your notes with your friends from right within the app. As I mentioned earlier, using the best apps for students on your smartphone will be worthwhile only if you can avoid the distraction from other apps, I understand that it’s easier said than done. Great for middle to upper primary/elementary aged students, Bluster  sets kids a timed challenge to  find trios of matching words  with rhyming words, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, word roots, homophones and adjectives spread across three levels of play. Once you have all the notes that you need to study, the next challenging thing is organizing them. There are 7 games to choose from and 13 ready-made sets of interesting topics; like Italian, French, Astronomy, Paintings and more. Flashcards+ makes it easy to create flashcards and add images, making test prep fun again. It’s for any age and concentrates in making studying easy and fun. Even on the customization front, this Google’s offering has looked up to the mark to me. For a better result, it comes with an auto-enhancing tool to let you scan docs properly without having to put any effort. I bet every one of us has heard this phrase at one point of time in our lives. Improving Vocabulary might not be the simplest task it needs consistent learning new words and practice, to improve your vocab faster, above was the best free vocabulary apps for android and iOS in 2020 that helps you in an interesting way, So pick your smartphone and install it now whether you are a college student or adult who want to improve there English language. The app is capable of blocking all apps on your smartphone unless you whitelist them and it even allows you to set daily/hourly usage for apps, after which they’ll be blocked. Spread the loveAt last count, there were over 80,000 educational apps available to teachers. The apps also give feedback about your progress. With the quick feedback, the app not only keeps you guided but also helps you figure out the areas which require more attention. Not just that, the app has also got a host of colorful themes that play a vital role in giving a cool look to your to-dos. To make learning more interesting, the app has a few word games that you can play while testing your vocabulary at the same time. Bluster!– This app presented by McGraw-Hill allows users to play vocabulary games individually or with a partner/team. The web is full of websites on vocabulary: good, bad and ugly. It also benefits the professionals. One important thing to note here is that unless you are signed in using a Microsoft account, you can only take a quick note and the synchronization will not work. So which app in the list did you like the most? Install: Android, iOS (free with in-app purchases, $9.99). As for UI, I think Google Translate has a got minimalist look which makes it familiar right from the beginning. There are apps for everything: literacy, STEM, productivity, audiovisual, etc. You can add your class names to the app, so you don’t have to type them again and again. If geometry is not your forte, you may find it really difficult to plot graphs from given equations and vice-versa. What colleges generally want are well-rounded students, civic leaders, people who know what the system demands, how to keep matters light, not push too hard for an education or anything else; people who get their credentials and leave the professors alone to do their brilliant work, so they may rise and enhance the rankings of the university. So here are a few cloud storage apps that you can use: If you are an Android user, you are already using Google Drive. We capture a multitude of photos and... 20 Best Apps for Students to Study Efficiently, What Song Is This? Depending on your needs, you can prioritize tasks so that urgent ones get immediate attention. Inside: A great collection of  vocabulary word game apps for kids, suitable for school and home. Coming to app itself, it is one of the best note-taking app available on both the platforms. There are apps which improve accessibility for students with different learning challenges, i.e. The formatting options in Microsoft Office don’t need any introduction. Like (OFFTIME), you can also block notifications for the blocked apps. The app also gives you daily insights on your usage patterns, which will help you figure out which which apps you’re wasting the most time on. 2. adulterate — make something worse by adding to it. Should you want to get a comprehensive dictionary app, look no further than this one. You also get a calendar view that makes it very easy to view your schedule over a period of time. Just in case you don’t want anyone to copy your docs or want them to stand out of the rest, the customized watermark could come in super handy. Because the apps are portable and students can use them on their smartphones, it is easy to use without environmental limitation. Finally, you can easily share these pictures with anyone else who needs them. The same OneNote that you love using to take notes on a computer has can also be used on your smartphone (Android and iOS). //