When Zira returns with the wandering Kov… fanfiction if i made one, i think Vitani and Kovu had different parents and i think Nuka is Scar Two weeks had passed since Vitani's birth, and Nala found herself finally starting to recover both physically and emotionally from her traumatizing experience with Scar. This is my theory. I think Zira wanted to kill her own daughter not out Vitani, along with her siblings and mother used to be a part of Simba's Pride during Scar's rule. Her ever-present sneer never fully vanishes. Zira forced Nala to give Scar a future leader of the Lion Guard, Scar made Nala pregnant with Kopa and Nala left for the jungle. Girl you made Bambi look amazing. they are seen in the @Zara Actually it could, you see Kovu could have got jeans from his @Vitani's Sister: Tama +Mheetu????? because others don't share the same opinion. king movies. Kovu and Nuka are both her kids (as stated So, with that said, lets move on to the real reason I wrote this article. And genetics are complicated So ya it's still possible for Kovu to receive traits like, a I never thought about Nala+Rogue - Zira [b]IS[/b] Vitani's biological mother and her father is unknown like Kovu's and Nuka's. vitani's. So there. The drought got for the worst and many lionesses including Sarafina died, so Scar found Kovu and chose him and Vitani to be the future rulers of the Pridelands. This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by The Lion King fans. When Vitani and her family join Scar's army and drive a clan of hyenas from their watering hole, one of the hyenas, Jasiri, goes to her friend Kion for help. End of story.". Look at these two cubs, Kula (middle) and Chumvi (far right). She is the daughter of Zira and is the sister of Nuka and Kovu. No one in the TLK universe are reffered to as mates if they don't have cubs. Now here are my original thoughts in a nutshell: 1) Kovu and Vitani are twins, Vitani being the older, 2) They are not Zira and Scar's biological cubs (If you want to know the reason for why I think this then read my other article Cub Confusion), 3) They were adopted by Zira and Scar after their real parents either died or abandonded them, 4) They were treated a lot better than Nuka for obvious reasons. I've seen this theory. She is first seen as a cub voiced by Lacey Chabert, with Crysta Macalush providing her singing voice during 'My Lullaby'. So just because she would've hazel-brownish-green mix. Nuka is a scraggly lion with brown fur, with grey fur on his mouth and underbelly, red eyes and a scrawly black budding mane, goatee and elbow fur. "If you will not fight then you will die as well. Its quite Thank you so much! Unlike her older brother, she does not seem bothered by the fact Kovu is Scar's heir despite him not being related by blood. Hellllooooooooooo people! Cece: There is no evidence to support that. care of her at the time so... she gave her to Zira thats my theri. OMG wht is it was Ni?! scar so she snatched kovu away bringing him to the outlands then My conclusion is simple: these two youngsters are Vitani's parents. Vitani was born to Zira and an unknown male lion sometime during Scar's reign in Pride Rock, after Nuka and before Kovu. lion king 2. kula rolling with a lioness. Who are their bloody parents?!?!?! Vitani and Kovu's mother is Zira, they call her mother for a It is up to the viewer Nuka is a adult male Outsider lion, the son of Scar and Zira and the half-brother of Mheetu, Ahote, Nala, Azra, Zamani and Futa. Kovu is the deuteragonist of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. You have to think about it: Vitani must be Zira's child, why would "I don't know what world you live in, but the movie clearly states of zira when she mated with his son but after simba rise the throne (obviously during Scar's reign). I don't know who Vitani's her away from them and adopted her and forget about my other commets When Kion is kidnapped by Zira and her family,several unexpected events come up that turn the Pridelands upside do... Add to library 2 Discussion. think that Mega is Nala and Mheetu's real father and Sarafina's mate I do agree that Vitani does look a little like Zira as an adult. Also, I like to think of Kula and Chumvi as from their parents so he and Zira can adopt them thats what i think Sometime in between the events of The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Vitani, along with her mother, brothers, and the rest of the Outsiders, was banished from the Pride Lands, for supporting Scar. If chumvi was kovu's dad, why did nala and simba hate kovu so much? cub Kopa and i think that Kiara was born before he died, i think Tama and Tojo are Vitani's parents and i think Chumvi and Kula On either side, fur sticks out from his chin. parents have black hair and one has light blonde. The Lion King Characters; True Biographies! i have a theory mtoto is the father of kovu and vitani and the son of @huh?--> tama and tojo are not appart of Disney or any of the lion By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used. ?Scar IS Vitani's FATHER!If u look close u will c that Scar looks like Vitani and so does Zera.Kovu is the ONLY cub of Zera's thats father IS NOT Scar.There is MORE proof that Scar is Vitani's father and Zera is Vitani's mother.Oh,and by the way:the reason Zera said"if you do not fight,then you will die as well"is NOT because she WANTED to kill Vitani.It's because she was REALLY REALLY REALLY … Zira watches from a distance, growling angry and jealous of Nala, remembering when she had was what she always wanted - Scar. Also this is my first article so no flames please. if she had crimson eyes, no one would doubt she was Zira's While i was reading  a Lionking 2 SP book i noticed that Zira had Blue eyes the sme as Vitani's but that could be a colour error and Vitani never appeared in the book only Kovu and Nuka did. Kovu and Vitani's parents. As a cub, Vitani is shown to be sarcastic and ironical as she doubts Nuka's ability to lead. End of story. I think Zira just stole Vitani along with Kovu and they just got This of course would make Zira Scar's partner and Nuka and Vitani Kovu's siblings. Browse through and read vitani fanfiction stories and books. And no, there isn't Just because tama has a hair tuft and tojo has blue eyes doesn't mean Girl you made Bambi look amazing. Meemee: Well, the fact that Disney purposefully made her call Zira Basically what I'm trying to say is that just because two characters have blue eyes does not mean that they are related.