PHYS 273 (3) Four-Year Plans. NOTE: Students may apply for admission to the Professional Teacher Education Programs only once. Many other General Education courses will be completed throughout your academic career. All students must complete two Distributive Studies courses that are approved for I-Series courses. Since 2005 alone, Maryland has won 19 national championships, including NCAA titles in women’s basketball, men’s soccer, men's lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, and field hockey. Four Year Plans All CMNS undergraduates are expected to create a semester by semester course plan towards graduation. MATH 246 (3) MATH 241 (4) Download complete degree requirements and/or a 4-year plan. ANSC101/103 4 BSCI160/161 (NL or NS) 4 MATH113 (MA) 3 CHEM 131/132 (NL) 4 PLSC101 (NL) or PLSC100 (NL) 4 ENGL101 (AW) 3 ENGL101 … Additionally, students are responsible for completing the College of Arts and Humanities’ Requirements. Please see the Teacher Education Certification Programs for more information about each teacher preparation program. The policy establishes a structured framework and criteria to guide all students to completion of an undergraduate degree within a reasonable period of time. Alumni Job Listings; Directions; Professionals & Employers; Media. PHYS 260 (3) Some majors require more than 120 credits. depending on the amount of liberal arts study included in a particular degree program. For current students graduating in the Spring 2022 semester or before: Effective Fall 2019 for students graduating in the Spring 2023 semester or after: University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742, Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education, Human Development and Quantitative Methodology, Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership, Early Childhood 4-Year Plan & Program Requirements (Gen Ed), Elementary 4-Year Plan & Program Requirements (Gen Ed), Middle School Math and Science 4-Year Plan & Program Requirements (New Gen Ed), Middle School Math and Science Education Benchmarks, Secondary Social Studies/Geography Education, Secondary Social Studies/Government Education, Secondary Social Studies/History Education, Elementary/Middle Special Education 4-year Plan and General Ed Requirements, Undergraduate Studies Student Services Office, Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education, Secondary Science/Computer Science Education, Secondary Science/Agricultural Science & Technology Education, Cumulative UMD GPA of 2.75 or higher; 3.0 GPA is recommended for best consideration, Completion of lower-level Fundamental English requirement with a “C-” or better, Completion of lower-level Fundamental Math requirement with a “C-” or better, Satisfactory completion of EDHD 220 (Early Childhood) with a “B” (3.0) or better. Agricultural Science and Technology: Agricultural & Extension Education Specialization + Secondary Science Double Major 4-Year Academic Plan (0101E) GenEd Year 1 Fall Spring Credit Grade Credit Grade Benchmark Requirements must be completed by 2 semesters. Transfer Students . ENGL 390 (3) ... General Education 4-Year Plan: Fall 2018 - Present* General Education 4-Year Plan: Prior to Fall 2018 Core 4-Year Plan** CORE Curriculum Sheet; Civil Engineering . All University of Maryland students are required to complete a minimum of 120 credits and earn a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. Four Year Plans for Academic Majors in Architecture. A word to the wise: THESE ARE SAMPLE PLANS ONLY! General Education 4-Year Plans. Astronomy. Research Programs & Apply. In addition to the university's general education requirements and the specific requirements for each program, the College of Education requires that all teacher education majors complete a Foundations of Education course and, depending upon the teacher education major, six to twelve semester hours of reading course requirements.