Best Crappie Jig Colors, And How To Choose, Best Electric Fillet Knife For Crappie Fishermen, Top 9 Criteria to Evaluate When Choosing a Surf Rod. If you like this article, check out my article about the Best Baits For Bluegill. Northern Pike Ice Fishing Tips | 5 Tips To Bring Home The Pike, Spring Crappie Fishing Techniques | Surefire Tips. This is particularly important if you’re spider rigging or slow trolling. I’ll also bring along a few 1/32 jig heads in case I happen to need them. Kyle Peterson shows us a cool springtime crappie technique where a "new school" cane pole is almost a must to get a bait in their face, and just as importantly, pull them from the dense cover. Obvious, right? lots of bright color crappie jigs. The top 3 colors for crappie are chartreuse, chartreuse and chartreuse. Recently I picked up some Jokers, Shadpoles, and Slabalicious Mr Crappie baits to try out this spring. No telling how many minnows I have set the hook on over the years. When autumn arrives, crappie snap out of their summer doldrums and gorge on baitfish in preparation for a long, cold winter.The fish migrate from their deep summer haunts to the dining areas of the shallow flats.. A little color sometimes helps you get more bites. ... creature baits. contact. I feel that minnows can move around better, and entice more bites when hooked this way. Pairing these light-colored jigs with tubes or plastic curly tails of the same colors help capture crappies during the spawn as well. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days. It is rare for white crappie and black crappie to inter-breed, but it does occur. “Minnows” typically fall into 2 groups – Golden Shiners (Black Minnows) and Fathead Minnows. Immediately following ice-out you'll find crappie in and around protected, shallow water. If you haven’t used it before, it’s killer on crappie. Thin wire hooks damage minnows less, and allow them to swim around freely. I plan to cover color selection in more detail in another article, but I’d like to make a few quick points about different colored crappie baits. Alive. Jig head choice is sometimes equally as important as the jig body you choose. These spring crappie fishing techniques will help you catch more crappie during this crucial time of the year for crappie fishing. This setup is one of my favorite baits for stained water crappie in particular. What Is Tenkara Fly Fishing? During the pre-spawn early spring, you will find crappies in the shallow weedy areas of the lake where they get the most oxygen. Newsletter ... Spring Crappie. At different times of the year and in certain locations, crappie will take insects of all sorts. Those guys spent a lot of time getting the specifications of that rig just perfect, so that’s what I’d try to replicate. And, you can use a paddle tail for effective casting and retrieving. . Fish near brush piles and wood structures that are closer to shore. The warming spring water temperatures triggers a feed-a-thon amongst fish. Jigs are better when the bite is hot. The 8 Best Live Bait Rigs for Crappie Fishing. There really isn’t a huge difference in the catch rate between solid body crappie jigs and hollow crappie tubes. This way, I’m not having to replace scent every time my jig is bumped by a fish. Change baits – A jig tipped with a minnow is often the preferred bait for crappies during the spring, but a wider variety of baits are needed for summer crappies. Summer’s higher temperatures sees crappie usually sitting a little deeper where jigs and plastics are a good way to reach them. They become elusive, and most anglers don’t both fishing for them until the fall. Often the fish will be up high on cover and I want it to stay up in the strike zone longer. Crappie fishing can be great fun and super table fare. After a few unseasonably warm and sunny days during this early spring period, the crappie might be found right up near the bank. Most crappie anglers use straight tail and tube-type baits for vertical fishing. These schooling baitfish will be excellent sources of crappie food. In all honesty, it doesn’t get better than this. The use of the kayak makes it easy to get into these challenging areas that you would have a harder time fishing from shore. For decades, walleye and striped bass enthusiasts deployed planer boards to fish multiple baits. To do so, simply follow the 3 rules below. Learn how to fish for crappies by casting the same go-to baits as the country’s top slab experts I presume these are just fine on lakes that don’t hold large crappie. Click on a star to rate it! I have not personally tried it, but it seems to have a great reputation. Firstly, the color of a bait, as seen on the shelf, isn’t necessarily how it appears when viewed under water. While these didn’t make my personal top 3 best crappie baits, they may perform well for you. Spring has sprung all over the country! If the water is clear crappies will make their nests in water that is 3 to 6 feet deep. There are lots of different methods and baits that catch crappie. If you have any questions or comments about crappie fishing feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor | Anchor’s Away! When you find where those elusive crappies are hiding, you have to almost hand feed them the bait. "When anglers hook into a mess of these fish in the shallows during late winter/early spring, they sometimes believe that they are in for an early spring spawn," says fisheries biologist Mike Colvin. Heck, they even suggest that you do so. 15 per pack quick view. 3-5 week turn around time once the order is received for baits not in stock. But certain lures are odds-on winners with long and proven track records to stake their claims. My suggestion about using a 2-hook minnow rig is to just buy one of the pre-packaged Capps and Coleman Double Minnow Rigs, and reproduce it for yourself. There is science as to why have so many crappie bait colors, like El... ectric Chicken that attracted this beauty. Two such times are winter, and the dead of summer. We’re going to make it easier. If you would like to know more spring crappie fishing techniques, tackle, lures, and tactics grab yourself a copy of The Crappie Fishing Handbook. The Best Crappie Lures, Jigs, and Bait. You just have to give it a try, to see if it’s what they want. Once you find where the crappies are at you can switch to a jig and slip bobber or a hook minnow and slip bobber, whatever your preferred method of crappie fishing might be. slabanator crappie jigs slabanator crappie jigs slabanator crappie jigs. The murkier the water is, the shallower the fish will be. For more information about how to catch crappie, visit This stimulates a natural instinct to attack the bait first — a survival mechanism. It really does depend on the body of water, conditions, and what presentation you need out of the jig. Most avid crappie fisherman carry a variety of colors on them at all times because they have to be willing to experiment when one color’s not working. This style of hooking also works for stationary fishing. The number of possible crappie jig colors can make your head spin. Here we’ve collected five of the best baits for crappie that any aspiring crappie angler should add to their gear. The famous crappie fishing duo, Capps and Coleman, revealed their use of wax worms in recent years. 16 Proven Spinners, Hardbaits, Jigs, and Soft-Plastic Lures for Crappie Fishing. You can use a little fatter bodied bait like a Mr. Crappie Slab Slanger or a Bobby Garland Slab Slay'R on a lighter head to slow your bait down and get a lot more bites. You really have to see it to appreciate it. And, because my personal preference is spider rigging, I’m often trying many different baits at once.