The cost of living in Romania is still very low compared to other countries, but you’re starting to get less and less for that amount…. We currently live in the U.S., but, more and more, we are talking about retiring in Romania. In 2020, the national minimum wage in Romania remained fixed at 466.2 € per month, that is 5,594 euros per year, taking into account 12 payments per year.. This payroll calculator (for full-time employment) does not apply to employees from the construction field. "When we talk about wages, we usually refer to their gross value. If i go to Romania for work permit visa. I want a peaceful life with decent bank balance. My motto is not only earning and saving much. The minimum salary in Romania increases from the beginning of 2019. While it is in the European Union, it has one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, making it an amazing choice for people who wish to retire here, as well as digital nomads or those who get their income from outside the country. Hope all is well with you and yours, ~Teil (2019), Judging from the huge minimum salary offered to construction workers, you’d say that there are many walls about to be built :)). But as I said, as long as there’s growth, things are good, right? Average compensation per employee grew by 10% in 2016 All the best. They would bring money and jobs and probably much higher standards of health care for all Romanians with them. But, even though there are super wealthy people here, there are also a lot of people here struggling just to survive as well. There are various positions that you can hold in a beer company, so salaries vary. Is it OK to accept this. In other words, you have the potential to earn more in the larger cities, but the cost of living there is also higher. Wage growth, however, has been pickingup since - the second half of 2015n the context of a , i tightening labour market and repeated public wage and minimum wage increases. We’re spending under 1,500 Euros per month as a family of three living in the provinces in a smaller city, but larger ones might need more money. The National Minimum Wage (NMW) of a country is the minimum amount (lowest salary) per hour, per day, or per month that employers may legally pay to workers. Source: European Commission . Thus, the minimum salary might go up from 435 euros at present to 455 euros, next year. I had to update that article after I originally published it, as things have changed quite a bit since then. Think about large corporations and IT and you have a clear picture! Our salary tax calculators are useful to both employees and employers, helping in understanding how the salary taxation works in Romania. ;-) I’d jump into the oil extraction or heavy industry field–ha, ha! The minimum wage in Romania went up almost four times in the last 10 years, from RON 540 (EUR 115) in 2008 to RON 2,080 (EUR 442) in 2019, much faster than the average gross salary. Salaries in Romania range from 2,270 RON per month (minimum salary) to 40,100 RON per month (maximum average salary, actual maximum is higher). Plus, another interesting revelation here. Pursuant to the Government Decision approved at the Government meeting of 7 December, starting with the 1st of January 2019, the minimum wage guaranteed at national level without any increments or other additions, is proposed to be of 2,080 Lei/ month for a normal full working schedule of 167,333 average hours a month, representing 12.43 … Minimum Wage in Romania. This goes hand in hand with the overall economic boom of the past few years. If we look at the minimum salary in Romanian new lei, which is the official currency in Romania, we can see that, this year, it was 2,230 Romanian new lei and accordingly, the national minimum wage has been raised 150 Romanian new lei per month from the previous year, 7.21%. Conclusion: The take home minimum wage in Romania depends on your studies, experience and field of work. “In the interests of fiscal stability and allowing employers to prepare their budgets for next year, it is crucial that […] I wrote a bit more about living in a Romanian village here: Do you agree? A temporary employee is a person working for an employer ‒ temporary employment agency and made available to a user for the duration necessary to perform certain, precise and temporary tasks. This has happened in Costa Rica and Panama, why not in Romania? Hi Calin, That is interesting, and the top wages(like IT) are actually a little higher than I thought, which I’m sure don’t seem that high to the people in those positions! Also, groceries and clothing is almost same price as in, say, Holland or Germany, I have the impression. I’m not trying to say it’s as difficult in the U.S. for it’s low income citizens, as it is in Romania or elsewhere. i have no experience in construction work. There are three categories of the minimum salary in Romania. How is the education system? I’m looking at more stable stats when deciding the average wage – creating the average of the past 12 months and not looking just at the past month. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The closest data we have for 2020 is the December 2019 one which is 702 Euros. Reply to: Teil B Jorgensen The ‘Silicon Valley’ of Romania is Cluj from IT perspective, I remember I saw some TV news stating that, the potential is high and the it jobs are growing. All Rights Reserved. I pray daily that I get another chance to visit Romania again. EUR 430), while the minimum gross salary for employees who have graduated from university studies and who have at least one (1) year of work experience in the field of their studies will be set at RON 2,350 (approx. The bureaucracy and employment systems are old and outdated and even though things are changing here, many industries are left behind. How is the investment in property? I wish I paid more attention in school, but I don’t have the brain power to write code, etc. Again, only on paper and through research online and with a few expats, Romania beats the competition, with Bulgaria also worthy of consideration. Hello. It’s not easy keeping all these numbers (and articles) updated, but I’m doing my best. Say, entry level, first year teaching professor, if that helps. The minimum salary in Romania; The average wage in Romania; The average wage in Romania / sector; What is the minimum wage/salary in Romania. These numbers below might not be very accurate, as it is difficult to find actual data for each category. Back to actual values, the average take-home salary in Romania in 2020 is around 3,000 RON per month (625 Euros). But you know why? The minimum gross salary in Romania in 2013 was 800 RON (about 180 EUR) per month. I’m actually doing research on higher education in Romania. For example, in January 2017 the gross minimum wage was just 1,250 RON, then it was increased to 1,450 RON before getting to 1,900 RON in 2018 and then getting to today’s values. Have in mind that even for Romania, 500 Euros is a relatively low salary, especially if you have to pay rent for it. Salary requirements will be as follows effective January 1, 2020: This is very telling, and not always just financially motivated. EUR 430), while the minimum gross salary for employees who have graduated from university studies and who have at least one (1) year of work experience in the field of their studies will be set at RON 2,350 (approx. Just make sure that it’s the take home salary – if not, what you actually get will be much lower and probably not enough. It’s not a guarantee – some are earning less – but it is possible for sure. Sales Representative salaries in Romania range from 2,590 RON per month (minimum salary) to 8,960 RON per month (maximum salary). In case it helps, I wrote a guide for ex-pats/repats moving to Bucharest, with links to find say, apartment prices by area, cheapest gym membership (by far, this is, outstanding site, does for fitness what uber does for travel), social groups such as Expats in Bucharest, various meetups etc. The current minimum salary is RON 1900 (around EUR 408) and from January 1st, 2019, it will be RON 2080 (approximately EUR 447). Above 20,000k in Romanian currency per month ? It may even be a bit higher yet not very much. These three salaries do complicate things a little bit in my opinion, but the change has been made already. My wife is Romanian and I’m American. 13.12.2018. Calin, as you noted in a previous article, Budapest may be an amazing city, but is a big city, with big city issues, and higher costs. That’s why I think Romania (and other less costly options), may provide a lifeline for those expats whose finances may not support their hopefully, many long years of retirement anywhere else. Hey Calin, Too bad I’m not 40 years younger! A temporary employment ag… We are 3 years experienced workers (from EPZA Cavite Philippines) and our salary is 2600 RON, with free accommodation provided by the Company itself .. The only thing is to figuring out what to do I love Romania so so much it is feel like my original home ? You bring up an interesting point, and it brings to mind something many outside the U.S. may never suspect. We also have other affiliate partners that work in a similar way, but you, as a buyer, will not spend more by making purchases through our links. Good job other than that. The minimum salary in Romania might be raised if calculated based on the inflation rate and the consumer price index, Liberal PM Ludovic Orban has announced. As a visitor from the UK many things like food are cheaper, but other things are stupidly expensive. I have answered your message yesterday, but it seems it has magically vanished Let me try again. Please give me your opinion. Can i apply for visit visa (schengen or sarbia, Croatia). ), very few countries in the world, can compare with Romania’s overall appeal to expats, if you can get deal with four seasons (& cold winters), and the bureaucracy of establishing residency. In the table that follows we show you the progression of the National Minimum Wage Romania. Compared to 2015, starting May 1st, 2016 the guaranteed minimum gross salary in Romania increased by about 19%, so the net monthly salary of an employee who has no dependents is now at RON 917. Minimum Wages in Romania averaged 172.07 EUR/Month from 1999 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 466.23 EUR/Month in the first quarter of 2020 and a record low of 24.53 EUR/Month in the second quarter of 2000. I found this www by Chance when searching for information concerning wages in Romania. ;-)) Any great wall needed in Romania? This means that the overall income of the population – if it was possible to get the numbers – would be well under the average wage. Which when I came to Romania and saw the culture and the country has an amazing vibration!!! BUT if this the take-home salary (NET salary), if you have accommodation paid for and the food paid for as well, it will definitely be more than enough. This is up to you to decide, but what I can say is that it would be a very good salary by Romanian standards. Some of the unpleasant reasons could be: bureaucracy- would lose your patience if you need something from the public representatives, the changing weather, TV shows were you see how rich the politicians are from their ‘ways’, few people from other countries call people ‘gypsy’ unjustly. I suspect it’s a universal problem, but too often as wages go up, so does the cost of living, and it seems like you’re not really gaining much. Also the growth is not spectacular whatsoever in the case of the minimum wage. I’ve noticed that not only a few posters here on your blog, but several on other expat forums, where one partner of a couple, is Romanian, and they either currently live in the U.S. or were, and have now decided to go back to Romania to live after years of a successful life here in the U.S.A. While it is correct that the average salary might be a bit higher or lower, it’s still as close to reality as possible in my opinion. Anyway. Romania is extremely attractive for people looking for a cheap country to live in. If you have housing and/or some of the food paid for, things will be better. As of 2020, the gross minimum wage peaked at 2,230 Romanian lei. Me, I’d be satisfied (back in the day) working for a successful IT company where I’d be some support role–like an office manager (being obsessive–compulsive helps;-)). I am sitting here in my father’s assisted living retirement home in California which is costing him $6000 a month, I kid you not. I have been wondering about the changes in the salary but it was hard to find any statistics. If you don’t want to, then I would have to say that for a foreigner moving here, the average wage would not be enough to live a decent life. I would guess that the salary for that type of job would be really good, too. ~Teil (USA). I don’t know which way to take? Every day I’m thinking about to come back to Romania ?? In 2020. Exactly – I always say this. Therefore, if the average benefit is $1,300 a month, and there are a husband & wife, each getting that or more, and their mortgages & cars are paid off, then they may be ok. Or I thought I stay in Australia and work here to save money and buy a beautiful house in Bucharest? For example, in January 2017 the gross minimum wage was just 1,250 RON, then it was increased to 1,450 RON before getting to 1,900 RON in 2018 and then getting to today’s values. I remember reading an article a while ago about Noble prize winners who would not be allowed to become University teachers in Romania because they would not meet the silly criteria teachers must meet (not that any Noble prize winner wanted to start teaching in Romania…). Beautiful countryside, friendly people, low crime, and one of the lowest costs of living are hard to beat. Shampoo, for example, is about 3x the UK price. Minimum Salary in Bucharest, Romania. Graph 2: Unit labour cost decomposition. Nikie, you should have no problem getting the kids with you – it’s actually a lot easier until they turn 18 You will do that under the family reunification visa., The announcement follows talks between the government and the country’s largest trade unions. Effective January 6, 2018, the minimum monthly salary for foreign workers in Romania has increased to RON 4,162, up 33 percent from last year. The average … I have actually been going there since the year 2000. The following list provides information relating to the minimum wages (gross) of countries in … A concern that I have is this: I like living in a more rural area, in the countryside. . Now, what I find funny is that we work in it and earn -average- together and we save each month more than the average in few eu countries .. and we eat what we like, go out and we afford a car. I felt like I lost part of myself and I get so homesick in Australia!!! Even without food paid for, the amount could be enough for you to live here, although you won’t afford many luxuries, most likely. Bucharest is a bit more expensive than other cities, but I would still say that such a wage for a callcenter job is very good. Oil extraction: 4,829 RON (1,070 Euros per month)3. Nice article! As in, hospital nurse? If a person earns, on average, 3,000 Euros per month, most likely prices in that country are higher than they are in one where the average person earns 500 Euros per month. EUR 430), while the minimum gross salary for employees who … Hi Calin, thanks for your interesting and helpful blog posts. Compared to 2019, this salary has increased by around 15 Euros (or 88 RON) – following a major increase throughout 2019 as well. I am happy to hear that you enjoy Romania so much. You can see NMW in other countries in National Minimum Wage 2020 and see all the information about this country in Romania economy. Average Salary in Romania - Job and Sector Comparison. What Is the Minimum and Average Salary in Romania in 2020? It’s basically places close to the city where younger people are buying land, building or rebuilding houses and live there. Usually, waiters get something around the minimum wage and get to keep the tips they earn. 5,784 The employment by temporary employment agency is an activity performed by a temporary employee who, at the direction of the temporary employment agency, carries out an activity for the benefit of a user. Best Regards, JC. Hopefully this helps a bit at least in terms of planning your next moves. Finally, we have a much larger salary for those working in construction: 2362 RON (around 495 Euros) – also unchanged from 2019 and also about 5 Euros per month lower – if you look at how many Euros it would buy. I am curious about your thoughts, thanks. Thanks for giving us a good picture of life in Romania. Romania is bleeding workers who move to Western European countries, searching for better paying jobs. When I moved to Australia I promise myself once I get my citizenship I will travel to Romania and finally I did the trip to Romania about 3 months ago and once I come back from Romania to Australia! Keep up the good work. Why? Would you be able to give me a rough idea of how much a university professor makes in Romania? Cluj seems like it would be most active for the better IT jobs, but maybe some in Bucharest as well. Do you think I can find a job that comes with good salary? In my opinion, this paints a better and clearer picture of the country as a whole: by knowing the minimum and average salary in a country, you won’t just know where your level of income would place you if you were to live here, but you also what to expect from the jobs market itself. I am currently studying diploma of aviation in n commercial pilot ?‍✈️ to fly helicopters! Regards. Young people speak EN and they are quite friendly, most of the time after you start knowing them they are loyal and you keep them for life. He is only mildly happy with the service he is getting. Finding schools that teach in English is not difficult, but the prices are high by Romanian standards, going all the way up to 20,000 Euros per year per child. But, let’s say you’re on your own, and only draw $1,000 a month, and still have to cover rent. An interesting thing to note about the average salary in Romania is that it kept growing – slowly but steadily – over the past few years. Regarding the other question – no, you can’t visit other countries with a Romanian visa. I’ve never been to Chisinau, but from what I’ve heard, Molodova is even poorer than Romania as they didn’t have the EU to pour funds into them for the past several years. Another thing to consider when thinking about average wages is that the numbers are usually bigger in larger cities (Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Constanta, Timisoara etc) and get closer to the minimum in the smaller cities. help preserve Romania's cost competitiveness. 1. It has grown nicely in the past 14 years , Excellent post, with 2020 figures. after go to threre i want change my profession. Insurance and private pensions: 4,309 RON (900 Euros per month)5. We’re talking about the net salary / take-home salary, so this is actually what an employee brings home after taxes and all contributions (like health insurance and pension contribution) is paid. Salaries vary drastically among different job positons. Romania would be the ideal country to build up a retirement home industry. The minimum salary in Romania rose ten times its nominal value in less than 20 years. Last year, S.S. recipients got no increase, and some got as little as $4 a month more for 2017. I have been offered an english teaching job with free accomodation and a monthly wage of $1000 Euro. Good article i enjoyed it very much. Southeast Asia and Central/South America are warmer, but maybe too hot for some, plus have higher crime, and arguably aren’t as beautiful. When will we be able to take our kids in Romania? There are plenty of jobs in IT and not only on programming, I encourage you to visit and if you like it make it for long term. If you are not happy living in a country that has the beat salary I would feel not good at all!!! After a bit of research, I found that the salary for an entry level teacher would be somewhere around 4.670 lei (a bit over 1,000 Euros), going up to around 6,000 lei for those with 6 years of teaching behind them. Yes, that’s really low! Ideally, I’d love to see Romanian wages go up, so more young people would stay in the country, but selfishly I would also like cost of living to remain low for us expats who plan to settle there. How’s the weather? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I am applying for a position at my same employer at Bucharest, Romania. Would love to hear your opinion about this please ?????? Unfortunately, I have no idea about jobs as pilots here in the country – that is surely very specific. but the problem is I don’t have much money to start a decent living! So I personally believe it will take some time before cost of living increases, especially if the newly elected government keeps their promise and slash taxes even more. The growth rate of the gross minimum wage variated over the years. IT seems to be the highest paying career all over. Now, things are a bit more complicated because the government has introduced THREE types of minimum salaries, depending on the experience level and studies each individual has, but also the field of work. Job: Net Monthly Income constant 2005 US$ (1) Notes : Gross Monthly Average Income (2) Compulsory Deductions (3) Weekly Hours (4) Airline Pilot average salary: PPP $ 2,228: $ 1,144: Men employees, 2005. In Romanai the cheapest Sandro is 7700 €, which is less than 7000 BP, current price for the same in UK. The minimum monthly salary for highly-skilled workers has increased to RON 16,648. My favorite part about it is that you can get anywhere you want by car within 5-6 hours, depends where you start. On the other hand, things did not get as bad as some critics thought they would and most of the people are actually enjoying an increased quality of life. If you want to live in more rural areas, the quality of live and the education level of people will start to go down. If we look at the ranking of the national minimum wage that we publish, Romania is in 33 nd place, so it is among the countries with the lowest minimum salary of the 98 of the list. Thank you for your kind words. Thanks for the salary update! Until the end of 2018, things were pretty simple regarding the minimum wage in the country. But what about those looking to move to Romania and work here? I want to know the salary range for waiter. Shohel, I discussed this in a previous comment. I am sorry I can’t be more helpful though… . Yes, I think that a person with that much experience would be able to earn a salary like the one you wrote above. How does it compare with Bucharest? Right now, these voices seem to have been right: prices are rising in Romania, inflation is also pretty high, the exchange rates for EUROS and USD are reaching new highs each day and things don’t look that good. Now I’m looking for a solution to study here in Australia so I can earn good money in Romania and live like a Queen! ❤️?? Subscribe to our free email alert service, ‹ Republic of Macedonia National Minimum Wage - NMW, Industrial Production increases up to 1% in October of 2020 in Estonia. The median salary is 6,080 RON per month, which means that half (50%) of people working as Sales Representative(s) are earning less than 6,080 RON while the other half are earning more than 6,080 RON. The minimum salary imposed by the Romanian authorities for any job is, before taxes, on 1st of January 2019, 2080 RON (approx 462$ or 433€) and after taxes (net salary) 1263RON (approx 280$ or 263€). Sheesh! From all my research, (on paper and from afar unfortunately! Therefore, the minimum salary structure in Romania is this: 1. The base salary stars at around 520 Euros (take home), but there are many factors that can increase it, from studies to how long the person has worked in the field, and other bonuses (nigh shifts and so on). 2. As you can see I am very positive person hehe…. Romania’s government will increase the country’s gross monthly minimum wage by 150 lei to 2050 lei (440 euros) from January 1, 2019. If you’re interested in the gross salary, that is 2,230 RON (so this is before tax) for the first category, 2,350 for the second and 3,000 RON for constructions.