For the most part the gun is in very good condition considering its age. very nice quality. Therefore, you could fire them continuously as long as you kept the trigger engaged and were pumping the gun. Now 70-plus years old, the Ithaca 37 remains the sole surviving American-classic pump gun. Ithaca 37 Shotgun Trigger Assembly Triggerguard. Related Items: Ithaca Model 49 Hammer Ithaca 37 12 Gauge Mainspring Cup .75" Long Ithaca X5 Lightning 22 LR Ejector & Screws ..Used Ithaca Tumbler, Left, Outside Hammer Double Barrel Our Price: $22.50 . 34B King Ferry, NY 13081 315-364-7171 ® You may get more information on Ithaca Gun®and register your new firearm’s warranty at; ® 901 Rte. More than two million Model 37s have been produced over its 80-year history. ITHACA 37, XP HAMMER SPRING Pak of 1 : 7.49: 16242: ITHACA 37, XP HAMMER SPRING Pak of 2 : 10.99: 16243: ITHACA 37, XP HAMMER SPRING Pak of 10 : 29.99: MAGAZINE SPRINGS. SKU Description $39.95. Their first model was a 12-ga. hammer gun, and from this they evolved a series of single- and double-barrel shotguns. $60.00. Thanks for looking. This is a discussion on Model 37 Gold Trigger???? It was released in 1937, being largely influenced by the John M. Browning-designed Remington Model 17. The Ithaca Model 37 uses a single action bar, and the original guns could be fired continuously by keeping the trigger squeezed and working the pump action. For warfare, the Ithaca M37 is an excellent gun. No fitting required. It appears the trigger assembly may have a few problems. There were multiple version of the Ithaca 37. So I finally went to the range with it. THIS ITEM IN NO WAY. The new Model 37 With Ladies Stock includes the standard Model 37 4+1 shell capacity, gold-plated trigger with crisp 4-6 pounds of pull, lengthened forcing cones, bottom ejection, 3-inch chamber, Briley chokes, Pachmayr 752 Decelerator Recoil Pad and engraving options. Ithaca 37 Trigger Guard Assembly, 12 Gauge (gun parts) Ithaca 37 Trigger Guard Assembly 12 Gauge Very Good Condition No Safety Spring& Plunger Please ask any questions before bidding. $11.00. It’s in good condition all around with no major damage present — no deep cuts, gouges, or rust pitting. That depends on what you want to do with it. Ithaca Model 37 Combat Shotgun. $47.95. Add to cart. 34B King Ferry, NY 13081 315-364-7171 Remember 9-11-01 The Ithaca Gun Co. of Ithaca, N. Y., started manufacturing guns in a small wood building on the banks of Fall Creek in 1880. Ithaca Model 37 Front Sight Insert Raybar Red, Factory New Old Stock Ithaca 12 Gauge Dimpled Magazine Nut -Used Ithaca 37 Matte Blued Trigger,All Gauges -Used Ithaca 37 12 Gauge Left Shell Stop-Used Ithaca 37 12 Gauge Trigger Guard Assembly. Ithaca & SKB Shotguns 37 Parts List. Product #: 432670 Part Key: 33. One was the slab sided, bottom ejecting receiver. You will want to keep in mind that the original Model 37s did not have a trigger disconnect. Ithaca 37 Trigger Plate with 1.5" Tang fits 12 gauge after s/n 352,500. Trigger Pin, New Factory Original. The Ithaca Model 37 is a gun that falls in the middle of those two descriptions. The Browning BPS shares the design, and during Ithaca’s years of financial strife it was the sole bottom-ejecting shotgun. Free shipping . Later versions were changed to eliminate that mode of fire. The Ithaca was comfortable to shoot and handled well, though it wasn’t as fast as the old classic Model 37, since the ability to hold the trigger back and just “slam fire” was eliminated sometime in the 1970s. ADD 3% for credit c … What to know about the classic Ithaca Model 37 pump-action shotgun: The Ithaca Model 37 has had the longest production run of any pump-action shotgun. One of the Model 37's most distinctive features is how the barrel attaches. Trigger Pin Enlarge Image. Interestingly, Ithaca's loss of market share was hastened by competition from a copy of the shotgun. Gone are the Winchester 97 and 12 and Remington 31, all replaced with guns adapted to modern production techniques. Ithaca Lightning X15 Original Trigger Housing w Hammer Trigger etc $38.00 CAD Ithaca Model 37 12GA 2-3/4" Breech Block Assembly Complete $140.00 CAD Ithaca Model 37 12GA 2-3/4" Carrier $29.00 CAD Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight has stood the test of time, providing generations of sportsmen with a reliable firearm for all types of hunting. Long Tang Trigger Assembly | Ithaca Model 37. Direct Replacement, extra power magazine spring for the 7+1 shot capacity factory tubes improves feeding and reliability. In addition, the outline of the gun is clean. It features a single slide bar to work the action, the bar found on the left side of the gun, and a cross-bolt safety located at the rear of the trigger guard. The Ithaca 37 (or Model 37) is a pump-action shotgun made in large numbers for the civilian, military, and police markets. The Model 37 was based on a patented John Browning design. Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight Field Grade 26 inch Improved - 12 GA $545.00: 1 $545.00 ... Ithaca TAKEDOWN GUIDE MODEL 37 PUMP SHOTGUN (129) $8.00: 0 $8.00 4d 8h 33m 11847513. At that time, available stocks of older shotguns were depleted and new sources were needed. ... Colonel26 wrote:I guess that's the same reason I have an old Ithaca gun company ultra featherlight with King Ferry barrel and wood. Ithaca Model 37 Repeater Model 37/Standard Grade Ithaca Model 37S/Skeet Grade – 1937-1953 Ithaca Model 37T/Trap – 1937-1953 Ithaca Model 37T/Target – 1954-1961 Ithaca Model 37R/Solid Rib- 1940-1967 Ithaca Model 37 Military Marked (WWII) Ithaca Model 37RD/Deluxe Solid Rib 1954-1962