... MICU Scutsheet- Tailored for the ICU environment, with emphasis on daily labs, ABGs, Vent settings. Sign note. For each admission, the on-call resident / student should write an admission note with details of the history, reason for admission to the ICU, intraoperative course, intraoperative complications, admission physical examination and results of admission blood work and chest x-ray, assessment and plan. A death note template is a document given by a medical practitioner certifying the death state of a person. 2. Overnight admissions are the responsibility of the night float senior resident ... who will then staff the patient with the ICU fellow on call/overnight attending. Mental status ie. Daily Skilled Note Highlights: EXAMPLE. ICU Progress Note: SOAP format 12 . Due to the complexity of your patients in the ICU, you will have an incredible amount of data on each patient, and it can be challenging to organize and present all that information in a way that is easy to follow for everyone on Rounds. He/she will do admissions and consults in the ICU and is expected to take an active role in the treatment and management of patients. ICU issues. A+Ox3. The residents, using the computer terminal, continuously entered discussed orders into the CPOE system during rounds. PGY2/3: The resident is the focal point of the ICU team. Senior resident writes addendums to H+Ps only (could be omitted occasionally if it was a simple patient and/or you were pressed for time, but some attendings insisted on it). Intern’s Rough Guide to the MICU. 3. If I ever addended an interns progress note, it's because it was deficient on some important point, and that happened exceedingly rarely. The resident is expected to teach and supervise junior residents and students. Besides the “Attending ICU note” which was completed at rounds, notes were completed by each clinician before leaving the unit at the end of his or her shift. The document can also be given by a registrar, and it helps to show the date and time at which the deceased came into total eternal rest. note with updates on the daily plan based on discussion during morning rounds. 4. Research and expertise in this field are expanding rapidly, however, and an affordable handheld ultrasound that can easily be carried in a white coat is likely not many years away. It also reviews the cause of death. Active reading around current ICU topics is required. Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't be afraid to read about things on your own. Residents and interns are exposed to a large spectrum of clinical Hemodynamic numbers 15 ... Senior residents are responsible for admissions to the MICU as determined by the fellow. II. Resident requires daily skilled nursing level of care R/T Dx of : list primary Dx’s. Pleasant and cooperative. Medicine Resident Team Sheet - Lets the resident keep track of the daily census of the team, with checkboxes for To Dos on all the patients. 5. 1. Use the Admission or ICU Inpatient templates for all admission notes and daily progress notes. ICU Formulas 13-14 . For internists not inclined towards cardiology or critical care, an ultrasound might be merely a diagnostic test to be ordered. 22. If you show up, are ready to get to work, and have a good attitude you should do fine. ICU can be intimidating but you should (hopefully) have good upper level residents to help you through it. Great for call nights. Rotation in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) is designed to provide state of the art care to seriously or critically ill patients in an environment that emphasizes learning, teaching and independence. Mood ie. - Transfer Notes or Discharge Summaries can count as the daily note only if they have the required note elements (ID/CC, ROS, Exam etc.) New orders.