Lan Xichen, Lan Sect Leader and The Only Adult - Dreamwidth Studios. See more ideas about the grandmaster, anime, gusu. part 1: Song Lan / part 2: Lan Zhan / part 3: Nie Mingjue / part 4: Jiang Cheng As dinner goes on, Wen Ruohan moves the conversation to the Gusu Lan Sect’s rules. This introduction is designed to tell you that Xichen is a) gentle b) kind c) worried. A gust of night wind suddenly sent forth a sobbing note of the xiao. One of the fun things about Mo Dao Zu Shi is how we were never explicitly told when Lan Wangji fell in love with Wei Wuxian. Photo. Page 2 Read Drunk Lan XiChen (and him getting WangXian together!) Archery- He is a skilled Archer, he placed within the top four. All posts. mdzs: lan xichen, undertale: alphys; video | un: whitestone. One of the top four families in the cultivation world, the Gusu Lan Clan was founded by a monk-turned-minstrel Lan An centuries ago, and is famed for its many, many rules, the elegance of its uniform, and for producing handsome and talented disciples each generation. Audio. Younger sworn brother. Trying to rebuild? For XiYao Month 2020: Soulmates AU An Alternate Universe where Lan XiChen becomes immortal and for thousands of years up to the present time, he … XICHEN WEEK!!! Meng Yao. After a few moments of silence, Lan XiChen closed his eyes. The current leader is Lan Xichen. Lan Xichen, Lan Sect Leader and The Only Adult. … lan xichen is such a mood < > Most recent. Mengyao is surprisingly open with his expressions when he is officially introduced to Lan Xichen for the first time. Dangerous, but still kind. nie mingjue: oh… ok lan xichen, has common sense: NO Chat. Lan Xichen opened his eyes, not at all surprised that Wei Wuxian was wearing Gusu Sect white garbs and making his way from the other side of the room. Not because it wasn’t deserved, but because heartbreak is painful enough on its own. Surprising, since he is such a careful, controlled character all the time. He has many dubbing works in TV dramas, and he is considered a very successful person. it had already been six hours since his little finger had ended up ground flat under the wheels of an ox cart. Lan Wangji is a very old role in it. Sweet. at the Qishan Wen Sect's Conference. Video. Ask. Lan Xichen was not a doctor, but he was intelligent enough to cover the basics, within the Library Pavillion. ... the reason why the old lady had felt so much disgust was because of the putrid smell of rotten flesh. Swordsmanship- Lan Xichen is a renowned swordsman, he is lightening quick with a blade and capable of sensing his surroundings by observation. There’s nothing Lan Xichen can do except wonder if their mother would be disappointed. As imagined by Clowie Mun is 30 and muse varies. ... the reason why the old lady had felt so much disgust was because of the putrid smell of rotten flesh. Audio. Yehua, let me popularize it to you by the way! And along with it comes some good old Lan brother’s angst OwO If you read, enjoy! Still 8 days to go Lan Xichen. Lan Xichen wishes he could have taken the punishment instead. Later, Lan XiChen attends to Nie HuaiSang's wounds and moves on to Jin GuangYao. He looks more than a little manic, not quite able to sit still at the moment. Lan Wangji nods again, still holding to his brother’s hand. After a month, Lan Xichen is presumed dead. Mengyao’s expression when he is focussing on Lan Xichen. Lan Xichen does prefer sugar in his tea, too, but he will drink this eagerly, with a smile. Filter by post type. Grid View List View. Lan XiChen immediately turns around and stabs Jin GuangYao. With the new Arc, Jiang Cheng is determined to find out the truth, what is his relations to Sa… Also, he has very pretty hands. Link. Link. Photo. nie mingjue, 16 years old and no idea how to raise a child: huaisang, show me what you have! Don’t Be Like Jin Guangyao & Lan Xichen (Or Jin Zixun). Lan Xichen is the first young master of the Lan Clan. Lan Xichen gives his thanks to the teacher and kneels down to be on Lan Wangji’s height. Wei Wuxian still remained as youthful in appearance as the first day he appeared in Lan Xichen’s presence, unable to speak due to Lan … … Lan Xichen asks and before Jiang Cheng can call him out on his lie, Lan Xichen opens a cupboard and true to his words the spices and chili sauce are all there. A-Yao. When Lan XiChen asks Nie HuaiSang for the medicine, he hides it and shouts that Jin GuangYao is reaching behind his back. Jin Guangyao. Side Blog of thejadesofgusu Please see Rules. nie huaisang, 8 year old menace: a knife! Most popular Most recent. All posts. Mengyao’s expression when he is focussing on Lan Xichen. This term Prime Bimbo earnings $391.29. Surprising, since he is such a careful, controlled character all the time. mine jin guangyao meng yao lan xichen lan huan the untamed jin zixun wei wuxian lan wangji meme covid-19 covid 19 coronavirus the grandmaster of demonic cultivation mdzs cql Video. Nov 14, 2020 - Explore kaya's board "jiang Cheng x Lan Xichen" on Pinterest. Text. He took out Liebing. DAY 1: XICHEN WEEK IS HERE! He refuses to take back the Sect Leader position from LWJ, having permanently lost faith in his ability to wield power correctly. Giving it to Lan … The sound was deep, like a sigh. Name: Percy de Rolo III Date: Septeril 14 Format: Video [ Percy is visibly in the forge, no surprise there, but it doesn't seem like much work is getting done. Be like Wei Wuxian or Lan Wangji instead. Its timbre was just like Lan XiChen himself, as warm and graceful as the breeze and the rain of spring. If you don’t… then please have a good day. Happy birthday lan xichen Lan xichen x Jiang Cheng i know it’s too late. Lan Xichen Sex Appeal: 304 Level 8. Wei WuXian had heard Lan XiChen play Liebing before. Quote. 50 "Episode 50" Cheng Wai Man, Chen Jia Lin: Yang Xia: 20 August 2019 () Favorite character introductions: Lan Huan, courtesy name Xichen, Lan-zongzhu, one of the Twin Jades of Gusu, titled Zewu-Jun. Filter by post type. Lan Xichen ← Back; Last term Prime Bimbo earnings $601.55. Also Lan-zongzhu. Everyone must not know that he has been in three lives. He was taught by Lan Qiren. It clung to Lan WangJi’s left hand, its pink nose sniffing. lan xichen is a good bro < > Most recent. Wrong. He pokes fun at some, and Lan Xichen isn’t sure if he should chuckle politely or defend them. Lan Clan of Gusu (姑苏蓝氏) is a cultivation clan based in the Cloud Recesses (云深不知处), a residence on a remote mountain outside the city of Gusu. Most popular Most recent. Mengyao is surprisingly open with his expressions when he is officially introduced to Lan Xichen for the first time. For the Lan Sect. Lan Wangji becomes head of the family and Sect Master of Gusu Lan, and Wei Wuxian, barely nineteen years old, is widowed. Ask. Lan Xichen spends about a decade being miserable and out of it, but eventually time heals, a bit. Quote. The thoughtfulness is enough to bring Jiang Cheng to tears again and he only feels slightly ashamed when Lan Xichen steps close and puts a … Chat. Attractive. Lan Huan (蓝涣), courtesy name Xichen (曦臣). Devious. But I still want to wish him a birthday. For weeks all they do is grief together, connected by their shared tragedy, their common pain. Indies Lan Xichen of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. the way lan xichen just never seems to have any idea what’s going on and he just rolls with whatever happens is so iconic lan xichen lan huan the untamed dreamy talks 10 notes from the story MDZS drabbles by demon_neko97 (Shadow Lord) with 3,062 reads. It's complicated. He ruffles Lan Wangji’s his hair before reaching to his backpack and taking out his little brother’s favorite bunny plushie. Text. The voice actor is Bian Jiang. “It’s fine,” Lan Wangji stubbornly insists. #蓝曦臣1008生日快乐 Lan XiChen was about to ask again when his eyes focused on something and he smiled, “WangJi, you have guests.” At the edge of the wooden hallway, a white, furry rabbit slowly crept over. He is known to keep his skills up but mainly is a swordsman. Thread by @LeJiujiu: Two Worlds Apart: 2nd arc ¦¦Sandu Shengshou¦¦ After the events of Lan Xichen's seclusion, Jiang Cheng discovered that th is far from over.