Shortly thereafter, a civil war broke out. Potentially even more powerful than the Godkiller Armor Mark II, another of Stark's armor that was capable (And was even designed to) to take down a celestial. However, as pointed out by Ares, that story was a ruse to keep Diana from discovering that she was in fact Godkiller and that the sword was just a normal sword, having no special abilities to vanquish deities. Supes can easily dodge the shot and then dismantle it and theres not much Tony can do . 0. the Godkiller Armor. Iron Man (Endosym Armor) vs Deathstroke (Godkiller) Created by MrJaeger07. and Phoenix Buster can easily take Superman. Powerlisting. Celestial Armour. True Stories? Every Super Power has a score (SPS) that is used to calculate the Class. @drdeadpool: . “Will Tony Stark create the Godkiller Armor in ‘Avengers 4’?” First: What is the Godkiller armor? Here is my personal theory as to what Tony will do next! This is a port of Wonder Woman's outfit and Godkiller sword to Fallout 4. 0. The ray will be fired continuously until the attack key is released or the player runs out of mana. The suit allows Tony to handle dark celestial physically and able to lift one of those off guards. Similar to the Celestials, the Aspirants are created by the First Firmament, the first entity representing the Marvel universe. Power. The Godkiller is destroyed in a battle against Phobos who wields Grasscutter. Gallery . 4 years ago. Register Start a Wiki. Games Movies TV Video. The Aspirants were also a match of the Celestials, as was the creation known as the Godkiller Armor. Speed. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Powers and Abilities. Everyone is talking about Tony Stark's next move in the Suits Department. Gorgon, a deadly mutant warrior who wields the blade Godkiller – known to live up to its name. It fires an atomic ray that has a very long range, pierces infinitely, and briefly inflicts Granite Surge on hit. 0. Strength. Tony came upon the suit, and came close to using it, while he was traveling through the far reaches of space. He has the thorbuster, which is designed to take down a rogue thor He has the Hulkbuster, specialized to take down a rogue Hulk. Durability. It is a direct evolution of the Mark L, and as such, it functions with the same nanite technology, granting great versatility and efficiency. Almighty Powers Constructs Enhancements Magical Powers Manipulations Meta Powers Physiologies Psionics Science Powers … Wikis. Infinite strength Nigh-Invulnerability Regeneration (High tier) Nigh-Omniscience Creation Humanoid Creation Technology Creation Alien Creation Universe creation (Over time) Flight Teleportation Cosmic Awareness Here is a picture of what the celestials looked like. Godkiller sword (based on 1h sword) The outfit is meant for CBBE females has bodyslide files included. Combat. It's not like the Godkiller armor has anything to it's name beyond power output, and you can't really prove Riri's statement isn't hyperobole and the godkiller armor wouldn't get torn apart by thor. @noone1996: Why don’t you think the Godkiller and eScape armors are powerful? Both sides fought a fierce battle. References. Recorder 451 had added a secret component to Tony Stark's programming: Tony would be the only accessible pilot of the Godkiller, with. Over the years fans have seen Tony sport dozens, hundreds of different suits of armor - all with different power levels. 10 wins (100%) Iron Man (Endosym Armor) Tony Stark: power stats. Not for so long, but the suit allowed him to hold his own against the Dark Celestials. Thorbuster only worked because the crystal that powered it siphoned off power from Thor himself, against a non-asgardian it is much, much weaker. Of Tony's armor's Bleeding Edge is by far the most powerful, Black and Gold (Model 42) has a handful of feats currently and seems to be a revamped Modular armor. The Godkiller is a female Super-Skrull who was bred specifically to destroy Thor. Add new page. The Godbuster was also called the Godkiller armor in later issues. Even Thor (even after getting magical power up) couldn't do shit. Does plot armor count? Notes. The Aspirants had built the Godkiller Armor, a weapon of such power that made them be able to turn the battle in their favor. Powers. 1 History 2 Capabilities 3 References 4 External links Diana originally acquired the God Killer from a special tower on Themyscira, which contained the "many gifts" that the Gods gave the Amazons, believing it would be the only thing that would slay Ares the God of War. Readers won't be able to stop themselves from wondering about the possibilities if this suit makes its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To follow through on a Fallen God's final request should he ever meet his demise, the Greek forge deity Hephaestus offered the lethal assassin Deathstroke a contract in the assassination of an old foe of Oly The God Killer is a sword created by Hephaestus that can, as the name implies, kill Gods. This helped explain the perceived close ties between Stark and Iron Man to both the outside world and even those who fought alongside Iron Man. Now before you mention Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark couldn't pilot the armor, well he created his own version of the very same armor called Godkiller Armor MK II which is supposed to replicate the orginal Godkiller Armor powers, and he was able to pilot it put up a good fight before he lost. The level determines the final score, of the Super Power, being used in the calculation. It possesses raw strength to destroy planet effortlessly. The God Killer1 was a magically-empowered Amazonian sword wielded by Wonder Woman in battle during World War I. The Godkiller Armour was built for the sole purpose of killing celestials by the billions. Originally, the Godkiller suit was designed by the Aspirants as the ultimate weapon against the Celestials, and it was able to kill beings of their immense power level. However, after their foes were scattered, the Aspirants stripped the Godkiller Armor for parts to build new space fleets. Vast cosmic powers: Being part Celestial, the armor is essentially able to do whatever a Celestial can. Menu. Stark: an inventive genius, industrialist, and multi-billionaire, went to Vietnam to oversee a field test for one of his transistorized weapons, that his company-Stark Industries made. If we were to scale Godkiller Iron Man to the Celestials, shouldn't he be 2-C as well? He is also given the sword Godkiller by Kraken. The level is set when connecting that Super Power to a character. Super Power Score and Level. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Iron Man, or Tony Stark, is the main hero of a comic by the same name. The weapon was created by the Aspirants during a conflict known as the Celestial War. The tiara can be worn separately. Stark: an inventive genius, industrialist, and multi-billionaire, went to Vietnam to oversee a field test for one of his transistorized weapons, that his company Stark Industries made. Had the Godkiller armor (or a variant of it) been used, that would've served to make Iron Man a bit more visually distinct in the movie. Contents. First introduced in Iron Man #12 (2013), the Godkiller armor is one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe. Since creating that first suit, Iron Man has gone through numerous events significant to his life.Originally, to cover for Tony Stark’s escapades as Iron Man, he convinced the world that Iron Man was his bodyguard. The armor itself was composed of a shifting nano kinetic metallic composition which could be shed and re-adorned to his person on command via voice activated computer A.I, with a built-in cloaking feature giving him total invisibility. The Iron Man Armor Mark LXXXV was the most advanced armor Tony Stark ever created. Camping. I think Riri’s statement at the very least shows that Dan Slott intended for the armor to have extreme levels of power, even if it’s not a direct feat. 0. Iron Man, or Tony Stark, is the main hero of a comic by the same name. Category:Armor-Based Powers | Superpower Wiki | Fandom. There are no images or gallery to display. Skip to content. Sign Up Login. This shows how strong this Godkiller suit is, but because it is not made by Iron Man and has not been successfully used, this war A logically does not belong to Iron Man. However, the suit was stripped to provide key elements for the Aspirants' fleets, and they immediately entered a civil war, which gave the Celestials time to recover and crush their opponents. This is difficult to say, because there are a lot of different universes in which Iron Man exists. Total eight nuclear reactors power the Godkiller Armor Mark 2. SHDb; uStats; Intelligence. The most powerful of these weapons is known as the Godkiller Armor, and it looks spectacular. 0. While there he accidentally stepped on a bobby trap, and a piece of shrapnel became lodged in his chest. There are no current notes available on this topic. Who will win in a fight between Iron Man (Endosym Armor) and Deathstroke (Godkiller)? Each Super Power also has 3 levels (SPL). Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. *ba dum tsss* Jokes aside, its true. AMAZING ARMOR, BLAZING POWER. The Godkiller was an ancient artifact that Hippolyta falsely claimed has the ability to kill the Gods and was given to the Amazons. Iron Man literally has any armor that you can think of. The outfits include: Wonder Woman's Armor, compete with harness, bracers, gloves, and tiara. The armor's cape transforms into a pair of wings for flight, the substance of which comprises of the same supposed nanoparticle mesh of the suit. When the Dark Celestials invaded Earth, Tony deployed Godkiller Armor MK II. 14,867 Pages. Unprepared Adults Lead Scary Camping Adventure Issue with Pheonix Buster is it basically can't move. The God Killer is a Hardmode magic gun that can be bought from the Tracker after completing the "Destroy All Monsters" contract. The Godbuster might be the coolest and strongest yet. Hephaestus arms the assassin with a superpowered sword that will allow him to defeat immortals and what an extraordinary set of powers the God Killer has. Gorgon (Tomi Shishido) (1,943 words) exact match in snippet view article the rock fragments of his body. The Godkiller Armor.