Water and ice maker works. First, I read the appliance manual, which said to change out the in-fridge water filter. Thanks again!! Again, thanks! Help! The repair is on a Whirlpool but the symptoms are very similar. Get performance ratings and pricing on the GE Profile PSS28KSHSS refrigerator. You could maybe replace the door but that can be very expensive. My 5/16 tube in my freezer door cracked inside the bottom of my door. Cant afford $99 for someone to come diagnose it plus pay for parts and labor to fix it. The latest was that when I’d get water from the door dispenser, it made this horrible sound (coming from the back of the refrigerator), which I described as a jackhammer-like sound, and if any water came out at all, it was as if I were very quickly pushing and releasing the dispenerser button. Follow that line until you find where it connects to the plumbing. My only suggestion is that maybe using crimp connectors, sealed with a wrap of electrical tape, would be better than using wire-nuts in the moist environment. After the local City water main ruptured and water was turned off to my house for 12+ hours (then turned back on by the city water dept.) The ice stopped working a while back, when we had the pressure tank fixed we started getting ice again, but it would not stop when it was full. trying to unplug the freezer door electrical plug at bottom of door so I can remove the door, need to move to another room. Andy, thanks for getting back to me. My wife loves crushed ice. I don’t think the flush will get it all out. Otherwise, you can leave the freezer door for a spell to warm it up and see what happens. If this fan doesn't come on when the door of the refrigerator is left on for around three minutes, the motor needs to be replaced. I leave my light bulb in the dispenser lit all the time and water stays working. We tried putting the old filter back in, but it doesn’t work now either. If you cannot get a finger under the bezel, try a plastic spatula, plastic putty knife, auto body trim tools, or believe it or not a guitar pick. Somewhere along that line, between the fridge and the main water pipe, could be an inline filter. I have a GE side by side refridg that the water was always freezing up and I would take the hair dryer for about an hour to thaw out the lines. The light still works and ice is still being made and I can tell that it is not ‘trying’ to access water (I’m used to that sound from the many times it freezes). Plus, you can get a side-by-side refrigerator to match the color of your range and other kitchen appliances. If the back of the freezer compartment is covered in more than a very think layer of frost, the evaporator coils are likely frozen, which will cause improper cooling in the unit. Questions: how do I clean this area properly? No effect. What a mess. Need help. If you have not experienced the same issues with the ice not stopping when the paddle is released it is for sure the water inlet solenoid. By the way, we used fuel line tubing from a model airplane–worked great! But still check out our video! I have taken out the middle bin, and see the water line, and it goes into a snakelike plastic unit – which has broken off and dropped a bit, I don’t know what that is? That connection is often made with what is called a saddle valve. First there was no water, we changed the filter, and we got water from both the water and ice dispensers, with the ice dispenser just totally flowing water, but only when ice or water is called for. Thanks Paul!! I don’t know what caused it. Please send the request via email to [email protected] and include what publication. Or you can run the “force it on” test as shown here; https://youtu.be/3UoinsX-2p8. no lights come on and no buttons work. Let me know if any of that doesn’t make sense. When I read about the falling shelves, add me to the list. What can I do? I was about to order a circuit board when I came across this. Mine is doing the same thing…. Profile/GE Side-by-Side Refrigerators with Electronic Touch Controls. Plug in your model number and you will see what parts are available. Next. I have a GE side by side with the water/ice dispenser … my concern is that the “trigger” to dispense is getting progressively more difficulty to activate … I am concerned that at some point it will break. no luck yet. Essentially its a column of air in a pipe that compresses and expands with changes in the water. I’d start here. Problem still remains. Thank you internet commenters! As the ice melted inside the water tube I fed the flexible tube up the spout to keep the hot water as close to the ice as possible. Also, there is ice in the tray, but not ejected! Not worried if the water/ice wont dispense, but worried the refrig and freezer wont turn on to stay cold. how can I keep the hose from moving ? Or check out the related posts where we list some possibilities for your issue. I will look for a replacement bulb next. I removed the bulb and now water will dispense but it comes out in spurts, not a steady flow. My 2005 GE side by side had a bad evaporator motor. of the freezer door to replace the part.?????? Sears Parts Direct has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects to help you fix your side-by-side refrigerator! The problem we are having is that the unit starts knocking periodically. Used the hair dryer method to thaw the water line until this past year when the internal plastic plastic parts started warping. I guess I should have added the point that the problem is not just a simple issue with an ounce or two running out after releasing the paddle, it can be up to 64 ounces of water running after release. Now I had turned the freezer control one level warmer so perhaps that worked or helped also. Removed coupler at bottom and water does not come out so assume frozen is not the issue. No water. Thanks!!! Water tank leak. Phil. I’m guessing you mean this thing; http://www.appliancepartspros.com/ge-trim-recs-bk-wr38x10314-ap3206652.html. The most likely cause of your water not dispensing is the water inlet valve (WR57X10032). the inside of the fridge opening started leaking. I have a Kenmore side by side that we got for free. I trimmed them back, soldered them together, and everything is working fine now. Water stopped, then ice, got new filter again My GE side by side fridge is not up to par on the fridge side. It has been doing this since I first purchased this house in 2012. You should be able to get it at the home center, hardware store and auto parts store or online here http://astore.amazon.com/handyguys-20/detail/B000LJBPFY. In this GE refrigerator repair guide, I will walk you through the steps in repairing 2002 or newer GE side-by-side refrigerators that are not cooling. Looks really bad. That black square thing that surrounds it how do I get it off with out destroying it. The video may provide a solution. If dirty coils arent the problem, check and reset the temperature in the food compartment. After reading it, we turned the light on for about 3 hours and ours thawed, too. http://www.appliancepartspros.com/ge-water-inlet-valve-wr57x10032-ap3192626.html, Can’t reset the water filter reminder light. I really messed up! When flushing the first time I had Bluegreen color stuff in water when testing it in a glass the first time. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to post this video. My GE refrigerator had the exact same problem that you show in your video. It could be a kink in the water line. Dating back to its history as an "ice box," the refrigerator has always been a low-maintenance appliance. Could have definitely been clogged or pinched. A knocking noise in the middle of the is driving us nuts. In addition, when you install a PRV you’ll also need to install an expansion tank near your water heater. hi there I put the line back in but need to pull it out every so often to clear the water line. I will check about power outages over that time period. Thank you, Both water and ice stopped working, I believe after I changed the filter, but not certain about that. Need a best guess solution. So much for “high end” GE Profile appliances! I have not seen this as often. Our wood floor was ruined before we realized what the problem was. Get performance ratings and pricing on the GE GSS25GSHSS refrigerator. Also, the displays in the fridge are out as well. You can test this theory. I had the same problem with the flapper not closing and ice forming. With the solenoid pointed in to the cup, have a friend press the dispenser switch on the front of the fridge as if they were going to fill a glass of water. Shelves too small in freezer causing them to crash to bottom of freezer. Perhaps there is a buildup of ice on the mechanism. Fixed 10/2011.. 3. I am going to try to replace the board on the frig to see if that will get my water working again. Hi Matt, Check the back of your freezer to be sure that the hole is not blocked or frozen. Did you ever get an answer? A: Hi - Thanks for viewing GE Model PSS28KSHSS! No one tests refrigerators like we do. Thanks to those who posted suggestions on fixing these problems. It refuses to change from warning stage even tho a new filter has been installed. We’ve done a great deal of GE Profile side by side refrigerator reviews to help you in finding your perfect fridge. I so sympathize with any problems with this appliance. No one tests refrigerators like we do. I cant say exactly how to install it but usually its somewhat obvious when looking at the new part. The water is slower but does dispense into a glass. I think it got too hot and must have damaged something because now the ice doesnt come out and the actual dispenser where you place your glass was kind of jammed. Chat (offline) Sears Parts Direct. It also smells like something is burning when pressing the dispenser button. Ice maker has been working and dispensing OK. I’m an appliance guy and have created a tool that can thaw a frozen dispenser line in about 30 seconds. When we left the condo for several months, either the water dispenser let loose and water was sent all over the floor or the freezer defrosted and sent water over the floor, resulting in mold. The freezer and icemaker are generally located on one side and the cold air is circulated into the opposite side to keep your food cold. If I take my finger off the button or stop pressing against the back plate it keeps running another four ounces. After cutting out the connector and rewiring, everything works! Search Input. Is the control board going bad? You can try to clean that valve by just turning it on and off a few times. Ge Profile Refrigerator Troubleshooting Water Leak. Sears Parts Direct has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects to help you fix your side-by-side refrigerator! My ge profile side by side makes ice well and the water is working. You guys are great! Great tip – a faulty flapper would let warm air in causing melting leading to ice buildup. The water tube can still be frozen where it goes from the coupler that you disconnected to the water dispenser. You have either a sticking dispenser switch (located behind the dispenser, and isn’t clicky clicky anymore to use the technical term) or you have a bad water valve at the rear of the fridge that is no longer snapping shut after the glass is removed. Once summer has come, no need for the extra heat. Have a GE Refrigerator question? Am wondering whether there is some type of flow restrictor or check valve in this supply line. as yours and my users would truly benefit from a lot When you have GE refrigerator problems, our troubleshooting guide helps you figure out what's wrong and tells you how fix it. I was planning to empty the freezer, but think I will try the hair dryer trick first. of the information you provide here. I seriously want to punch the guy in the face who designed this frig. and the refrigerator shakes as the auger turns. I do not see ice in the bottom of the freezer. Just run a new line of the correct size. We went to change our water filter, which we’ve done before with no problems, and immediately the water dispenser stopped working. This is after I replaced the main control board (rear of frig) for an shorted component on said board(major burn marks). All. Some time ago my husband fixed our side by side GE fridge with no problems thanks to a video of yours. What could this be?? Haven’t figured anyway around this except I make sure the flapper always us closed. To start troubleshooting your refrigerator: 1) … It may be an easy fix. Its somewhere in the mechanism that controls the amount of water going to the ice maker. I have a new problem that seems to yet be addressed. Did you check the wiring like the video suggested above? A few weeks later it only worked for a few hours at a time. When tracing back the supply line, looking for a filter. I do not hear humming. I find it inferior. Recent Posts. Perhaps this is your issue? (I.e. This has always worked………until now. I have a GE Model GSH25JSRF SS. EXACT same problem. As long as the wires are sealed no harm is done. The reason why the original connector fails is because of its location in front of the drip pan. We have more than a quart of water flowing after releasing the paddle. Such as easy and FREE fix. It’s also a good idea to use some dielectric grease on the connection to prevent future problems. How can we avoid this ice formation? Yup, we agree that a dielectric paste or grease would be a good idea. If you water pressure is too high, causing failure of the valves, etc. I have taken the filter off twice to try a “re-do” to no avail…. I have the same issue but it is mostly in the summer. Thanks. Not sure how to do this. The only problem I have with the refrigerator is the water pressure isn't very good, but it could be a problem on the house end and not the fridge's fault. the auger is working and the ice maker is working? My thinking is the seal between the freezer and dispenser failed or the seal allowing water flow failed, leading to the leak. That did not help. Thank you! Varies from mild to fluctuating loud noise from the back upper section. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. That’s why the plumbing system needs to be drained periodically so that the air chambers can be replenished with air. No one tests refrigerators like we do. Ft. Counter-Depth Side-By-Side Refrigerator CZS22MP2NS1. However, when they fail they can stick in the open position and not spring shut as they should. Thank you for this post. My GE side-by-side fridge is not dispensing water. It was to far in to fix. NEW BULB DID NOT WORK. This morning, however, I pour ice and then water into a large glass, and the ice was melted before I finished filling the glass… the water dispensing was that hot. My side by side refrigerator doors are not aligned. Unplug the fridge until everything thaws out. Just to add to my original posts, the “clicky-clicky” you mention sounds fine. The fact this is one of the cheapest GE side by side refrigeratorsdoes not mean it lacks any of the essential features. It has a link for a control board but when you click on the link it states that there is no part available. My model number is GSH22JFTCC purchased July 2007. Locking button was OK and all my panel lights were working. Open and close the refrigerator door; whether it's a side-by-side or freezer-on-top model, the blast of air when you do this sometimes makes the freezer door pop open. If the water does begin flowing, then your clog is in the section of tube in your freezer door. Basically, it would spit some water at me for about 10 seconds, then stop completely (but the noise continued). I am disgusted with GE for this poor design and I would never buy another GE fridge. my recommendation is do not buy this brand. Since Electrolux bought GE appliances, I don’t know if this policy is still in effect. Are you sure you are doing it correctly? Any ideas. Thought this might be the isssue(corrosion like posted above) but it was not. By intakhab Freeze Repair 0 Comments. If there is rust around the wires that’s probably the problem. My GE refrigerator after 9 or so years stopped dispensing water. You should be able to drain a cup of water down the hole. tried GE’s suggestion of removing filter and putting plug in. During this process, we took of the freezer door not knowing if something had broken and now the freezer door when you open does not always trigger the freezer light to come on. Its likely a thin plastic tube or possibly copper or stainless steel. Just my two cents! This is intermittent but getting worse. I am assuming from what I have read on your site that the device on the back of the fridge is the water dispensing valve. I have a gr profile side by side and my ice maker dosent make ice and my water dispenser does not produce water only get a little spit. Is this mold in the refrigerator? Its a cheap thing to do (and easy if you can solder) and will likely increase flow. You might want to put a glob of dielectric paste where the wire enters each crimp connector to keep the water vapor out. The fridge and freezer are cooling just fine but my digital readout shows 72/89. GE Profile 6 Piece Kitchen Appliance Package with 36" Side by Side Refrigerator, 30" Gas Range, 30" Range Hood, 24" Built I Dishwasher, 24" Wine Cooler and 30" Built In Microwave in Stainless Steel More Buying Choices $7,956.00 (5 new offers) Often this is due to a bad gasket letting warm moist air into the freezer. It costs about $25.00 at Amazon. This is probably not an “authorized” test from GE, but I’ve done it on several of the GSH25SGPASS and similar units without issue. Equipped with a 28.4cubic foot capacity, GE side by side refrigerator serves as a great option for medium-sized to large families. Selected. Any other ideas of why cleaning frig would cause water to stop working? In less than a minute the dispenser was working. Is it rusted or green in color? However, the fridge and freezer are still cooling fine. By the next time or two, right there where the water comes into the mould we are frozen tight again and I have to remove that ice in that delivery tube. This video seems to be very helpful. My water/ice dispenser had very different problems than those described above. I get ice cubes with green stuff in them. Neat – Seems like this might be handy for some people. Please let me know if this ok with you. This style of GE Profile refrigerator is even a bit more confusing as you can purchase a built in model (always counter depth) or a freestanding model (either regular or counter depth). If it’s “open” it’s shot. It has some water in it, but certainly is not full. Was on another forum and someone said they removed the light on the dispenser and the problem was fixed. The paddle clicks whenever you push the lever and then clicks immediately upon release. Hmmm, melting ice from somewhere or perhaps the water cooler storage. A few days ago the water dispenser started dripping. Another technique is to empty everything from the unit, perhaps into an ice chest, and unplug it for a day. THANKS. There was even some water built up in the rubber housing of the wires…so it obviously corroded it. Thanks to your video I was able to figure out that it was due to the corroded connection at the bottom of the fridge (freezer side). I have tried over and over to pour hot water and vinegar down it but it just pools. I get water now, as the repair people who fixed my “flapper” put in a heater in my door dispenser and I make ice! The wires get cold and when that warm moist air blows (from the evaporator pan), the water vapor condenses on the wires. GE Profile Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews GE Refrigerators For Every Kitchen. Refrigerator Is Freezing Everything | What To Check | How To Fix? GE just like the one in the video where you cut the plug out and straight wired it. With time, you may need to troubleshoot your refrigerator's ice maker or even reset it. We had the same problem, but we realized our real issue was the flapper on the dispenser was not closing properly. I have seen the supplies connected to hot water pipes, to heating system pipes, seen them wrapped around hot water pipes and even run through heating/cooling ducts. These seem to help stabilize the temperature, and keep the door area from getting too cold. First time this happened we turned our freezer down to 2 and then after a few days it worked again. Thank you!!! I would turn off the icemaker (there is a switch on it) first to confirm that is what is making the noise. When it does this, no water will dispense. GE 25.1-cu ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice Maker (Fingerprint-Resistant Black Slate) Item #1323703. First identify what exactly is not working. John. Fixed that, and we have not had water through the door for years now…he found the hose was cut in the back, so dry it broke in two long ago. If there is I can’t locate it. There is an odor in my refrigerator. At any rate, you can replace the spring and flapper for very little and it’s easy and described in this video; https://youtu.be/0xxyiDDDfwM. THANK YOU!!!! Does anyone have any experience similar. The only thing I can even find about this is the cloudy cubes is too little ice is used so need the GE replacement part WR49X10103 which is curve instead of flat. Get performance ratings and pricing on the GE GSS25GSHSS refrigerator. It’s been years! GE SIDE BY SIDE REFRIGERATOR PROBLEMS COOLING|GE SIDE BY SIDE REFRIGERATOR PROBLEMS. Bought a new icemaker, still doesn’t work. Thanks Let us help you find the best GE side-by-side fridge for your needs at Best Buy. Have had a chronic problem of a frozen water line to the dispenser.