Finish drink off with brewed tea And Garnish with blood orange zest. 1.5 oz Spur Whiskey. (Actually, a tax on spirits as the very first tax ever levied in the United States.) Historically applejack was a Colonial-era winter spirit made by freeze distilling: leaving hard cider outside and removing the ice to concentrate the alcohol in a process called jacking. MICHIGAN APPLE WHISKEY 40% abv. OCD Whiskey is bottled in Bond. Distillery & Tasting Room 1825 N. Lake Ave Estes Park, CO 80517. The used barrels have provided a nice oak and caramel flavor. The company produces the vast majority of all Applejack and American Apple Brandy on the market, which have been enjoyed since colonial times and are equally prized by today’s mixology community. Ours is distilled from Honeycrisp apples from Moss Farm in Rollins, MT, and aged three years in oak barrels. Untitled Apple Brandy was distilled from cider and aged 3 years in ex-bourbon barrels. Recently, they released their first ever apple brandy under its own Untitled line, which was distilled on their old Kothe potstill and aged in ex-bourbon barrels for over three years. HAND-CRAFTED IS OUR HISTORY. Hellbender Corn Whiskey is made from locally sourced corn from Riverview Farms in Ranger, GA. Our Fire Brigade Cinnamon Whiskey is made with real crushed cinnamon sticks to give you an authentic cinnamon aftertaste. The nose and palate begin with corn, husk, hay, butter caramel popcorn, green apple and then a slight nuttiness on the finish. We invite you to sample our award-winning spirits, enjoy delicious Sugarlands Cocktails and take a behind the scenes tour of our still house. Windmill Rye Whiskey. To make homemade whiskey which is very similar to Scottish or Irish original drinks, you’ll have to travel a long way, but the result will be worth the effort. Inspired by Irish distilleries and merchants of old each hand-crafted expression is carefully sourced, managed, finished, blended or matured from different locations across Ireland. Spiced Apple. It is designed to be a full flavored whiskey with a big corn punch. Pour yourself … distilling spirits, distilling essential oils/hydrosols and making vinegar, are divided into three different websites. Still Crazy Spirits. Hours Monday-Thursday: 12-8pm Friday: 12-10pm Saturday: 11am-10pm Sunday: 11am-8pm We work with local organic farms growing our whiskey grains and brandy apples. Blended, fermented, distilled, and Solera barrel aged, our Apple Brandy is perfect for an Old Fashioned with a twist. 750ML Mash Bill: 98.9% Corn, 1% Malted Barley, .1% Ohio Apple Wide River Wheat. The drink was once known as Jersey Lightning. Stone Fence Apple Cider Whiskey. Undertones of baked apple, caramel and spice, with a distinctly whiskey … Let people make whiskey at home, and the government might … Follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Temporary Tasting Room Hours: Monday-Friday 3-6, Saturday-Sunday 1-4. Rumor has it this is the coziest drink available outside Scandinavia. Join Justin VanRiper and Blake Cortright as they embark on this adventure through Christian theology, with whiskey in hand, and dad jokes at the ready! The Distillery. The mash bill is 83% Corn and 17% Malted Barley. Apple Pie Cocktail 2T Sugar 1t Ground Cinnamon 2T Honey 3/4C Hot Apple Cider 1oz BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon 1oz HDC Vanilla Vodka Mix together cinnamon and sugar. Locate the nearest Traverse City Whiskey Co. retailer and feel the sense of immediate gratification. Barrel River Rose Gin. We forage for local gin botanicals. Applejack gets its name from the process and ingredients that are used in its production. We are located at Lock 1 of the Oswego Canal in downtown Phoenix, NY. We take pride in the fact our spirits are made with fruit from our family’s farm, as well as locally sourced ingredients. 4 oz Lapsang Souchong Tea. Sinister Distilling current products include Whiskey, Apple-Flavored Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Grappa Brandy and other spirits in the works. And dad jokes. Apple Cider Whiskey was aged in used Bourbon barrels for 8 weeks. We proudly ferment, distill, bottle and sell handcrafted spirits made in small batches from local ingredients. Aviary Limited Edition Barreled Cocktails. Handcrafted Apple Whiskey. Rye malt is available at homebrew shops as a specialty malt, and it has a very high diastatic enzyme count that’s similar to that of 6-row barley malt, so rye malt is very well suited to making whiskey mash in general and is worth experimenting with for other recipes as well as 100% rye whiskey. The word “jack” derives from the process of freeze distillation, which has historically been called “jacking.” Applejack was/is commonly distilled from apple cider. History. It was carved out of the buildings originally housing an apple canning and processing plant owned by the Hallberg family, one of the area’s preeminent families during “West County’s” apple production heyday. Apple brandy was first produced in colonial New Jersey in 1698 by William Laird, a Scottish immigrant who settled in Monmouth County. As with whiskey, Applejack was used as currency during America’s colonial period. GET YOUR WHISKEY CLOSE TO HOME. 9 is a eight year-old wheated bourbon blended and finished for 20 months in Limousin French oak Calvados casks. Hours Monday-Thursday: 12-8pm Friday: 12-10pm Saturday: 11am-10pm Sunday: 11am-8pm In a world chock full of mass production, we are involved in building our spirits from the ground up. Add Spur Whiskey and Blood Orange juice to cup. The three topic areas, i.e. BLACKENED is the award-winning, super-premium whiskey collaboration from late Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and Metallica. A Family of Products. Using premium grain from the Riverina in NSW, then malted locally in Sydney Australia , OCD Whiskey starts with the very best of local ingredients.The rich powerful flavours are a reflection of small batch mashes with long fermentation times that allow the flavour profiles to develop. Grain to glass, Farm Distillery. ... before drying it over cherry and apple wood. Tucked into the Great Smoky Mountains, there’s a barn house we call home. 0.25 oz Blood Orange Juice. We tend honeybee hives harvesting honey for our clear spirits. Virginia's Copper Fox Distillery is run by a man who learned distilling at the esteemed Bowmore in Scotland. Laird's great-grandson, Robert Laird, who served in the Continental Army, incorporated Laird's Distillery in 1780, after previously operating a tavern. Distilled spirits like whiskey are taxed at the highest rate of any alcohol, far more than either beer or wine. Laird & Company is synonymous with apple spirits and three centuries of family distilling tradition. ... Cleveland Whiskey… We partnered up with the Sycamore Professional Firefighter Union Local 3907 to raise money for the MDA with every bottle sold! ... Mississippi River Distilling Company 303 North Cody Road PO Box 801 LeClaire, IA 52753 Phone: 563.484.4342 [email protected] Captain's Flask Bourbon Whiskey from Saint Lawrence Spirits in Clayton won the Governor's Cup for best in show at the 2020 New York State Distilled Spirits Competition. We paired this flavor with a non-spiced boiled apple cider. Untitled Whiskey No. Two Stacks is a revival of the independent bonding, blending and bottling tradition of Irish Whiskey. A blend of hand-selected, well-aged bourbons & ryes, uniquely finished in black brandy casks and the earth shattering music of Metallica. Apple brandy (AKA Applejack or Calvados) was one of the first spirits distilled in the American Colonies. 68 Proof. Pickup between 2 and 7 p.m. W-F, Saturdays between 1 and 5 p.m. outside our cocktail lounge: 161 Vester Ave Ferndale, MI 48220 6 servings per bottle Cinnamon and apple infused whiskey… Tasting Room Open for cocktail service Monday to Sunday 12-8 • 111 E. Oak St Suite 1E Bozeman, MT 59715 • (406) 577-2288 Ingredients: Barley malt – 17.6 lbs (8 kg’s) Water – 8.45 gallons (32 litres) Yeast; Single malt whiskey of the highest quality can be made from barley. Then it’s sweetened with brown sugar, vanilla for depth, and spiced like a pie. Follow Sinister / Deluxe Lock 1 Distilling Company is a family owned and operated New York State, grain to glass, Farm Distillery. The apple and oak complement each other creating a memorable fall whiskey. Distillery & Tasting Room 1825 N. Lake Ave Estes Park, CO 80517. Order now. Brew Lapsang Souchong tea ( 1 teaspoon, 5oz water, steep 4-min) While tea steeps muddle ginger in cup. Swede Hill is located deep within the beautiful apple orchards of the Yakima Valley in Central Washington State. Murray’s Fools Distilling Company is a fully licensed farm distillery located in upstate New York, just a few feet from the storied Adirondack Park. Visit Us! The facts are, we use fresh apple cider (not concentrated), and fresh whiskey. With family history dating back three generations, an idea was birthed in 2011 between three friends that led to some award winning whiskey. Tuck into a piece of warm apple brandy pie from Little Red Fox, bites from District Chop Bar, and groove to some live tunes! ‎A podcast pairing discussions of theology and distilled spirits. 2 slice Ginger Root. Add hot apple cidder, BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon and HDC Vanilla Vodka and garnish with apple slice. Hatch Apple Brandy is our nod to an American classic, crafted from Honeycrisp and other cider varietals grown locally here in Door County, Wisconsin. Pour honey onto a plate and lightly dip glass into it and then rim with cinnamon sugar. Our distillery is in the heart of the Russian River Valley wine region. The team at Washington, D.C.’s One Eight Distilling has been dipping their toes into things other than whiskey as of late. We currently produce 'The Snowshoe' Vodka, 'La Pomme du Lac' Apple Brandy, 'WolfJaw' Single Malt Whiskey and 'Osprey' Aquavit.