Muslim women can not marry non-Muslim men whether they be from the people of the Book or not. maybe only the groom, bride, 2 witness and a priest.. how bout that..? Like muhammad can marry a 9 yr old? We in relationship for three years. Bcoz we work and stay in Malaysia. We’re at 20’s. Let ur kids to learn about both religion so they can enjoy what ‘freedom of religion’ truly means. Please advise what i can do. A Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslim. 1. u said u got the muslim marriage certificate and register ur marriage in malaysia….is it also means u r officially a muslim in malaysia and need to change ur ic status to islam…change ur status and muslim name in all ur imporatant documents? What would be the situation if someone close by go disclose to the Malaysia authority that you have a fake-Nikahnama document? 1. Is there any problem for me if I re-register in msia ? If yes, does the marriage certificate carry any weight in Malaysia? Like Admin has said in one of the comment – It’s our payback! 1but then register our marriage as civil marriage? To go to Singapore and getting married in secular way is not an issue. Because the law doesnt apply to foreigners who are Muslims, meaning your Brit bf’s status as Muslim does not carry weight. 1. In Singapore, madrasahs are private schools which are overseen by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore). Anecdotal evidence suggests that the process of converting to Islam is not a lengthy one. 11. Best wishes. If you marry by Islamic Nikaah, you will have to convert to Islam. We do not believe this trick of fooling Malay government will work, at least in term of long run. My stepsister converted to marry a Jew, and since she was openly atheist, her conversion was insincere, it was only in order to marry. We are in a relationship for the past 4 years and would like to get marry in Malasyia without conversion. Can 2 Muslims marry at the ROM? Husband and Wife convert to Islam. we both respect each other religion and we not planning to have kids.pls is not fair to have religion to be the obstacle. Your children are independent from your new marriage and thus they could continue their own faith. Now im planning once I married in singapore and if I go india and convert at Arya Samaj which they do conversion in legal way and will provide the conversion cert, would malaysia will accept my conversion.? All I am a Malaysian Chinese girl and I am dating an Iranian Shia-Muslim boy. Could you tell us where you got the muslim marriage certificate from overseas? But where and how did you get the muslim cert to register in malaysia? Is she willing to go against her (Muslim) parents? We got married in Singapore under civil law (without any conversion) -really can do it in Singapore? besides Quran only! I am a Hindu boy planning to marry my muslim girlfriend. Did you used a Muslim name for your Nikaah? And he also don’t want to convert.since small I have been live as Indian. Thanks for the hope in your story Human-O. Could we also get married in Singapore and obtain the muslim overseas marriage license without me having to officially convert on IC? As much as we know that we are able to have a civil marriage in sg, he mentioned that he would still like to respect his mum and would want me to just sign the document and show his mum as a paperwork only. Hi may I know if a Malaysian Chinese Muslim girl want to get married a Malaysian Chinese guy without convert can it be? I am glad to say that. Hi,sorry for my broken english. I really need expert opinions. How do you define 'single' marital status? But my family is a strict taoist and my mum has just recently became a Chinese medium. Hi every one im glad to find this conversation about interfaith marriage. We wish you good luck, please come to guide others. Life as a mixed race family I dont mind to get it one in other countries as long as not in Msia. I had converted but did not tell my family about it." How to get the certificate of marriage? Because the syariah law is only applied to those who are born as a muslim in this country if I am not mistake. they will not ask anything , like proof ?? I’m a Bruneian, a country with syariah law. Reply at but it would be better if we could register our marriage in Malaysia. I am an Indian hindu working in Malaysia and my boyfriend is an Indian muslim, we want to marry and respect each other religion and no one wants to convert. How do u expect her family which is non Muslim to visit her grave in a Muslim cemetary looking at how the public would react? YES. Will your children have Arabic names and raised Muslims? This means that meeting that special someone and deciding to get married is not uncommon. Hello. Non-Muslim marriages are generally governed under the Women’s Charter (the “Charter”), as provided for under section 3(1) of the Charter. Alternatively, can you register your marriage again in your country? Welcome to Islam! Since we wanted to be together, we both took extra steps to make it happen…Raising one child Hindu & one Child Muslim is like raising the boundary among selves. I am a non muslim (christian) man and in the verge of breaking up a 9 years relationship with a muslim woman because my parents would disowned me once i convert into Islam. Please suggest. Reply at If she truly loves you, she will come around. © 2020 Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore. I am truly amazed & encouraged by the author if this case is real! If we get married in Singapore and do the necessary rituals, can we live in Msia without facing trouble. Reply at, Refer the Matrimonial law of Singapore Planning to marry in Singapore.. Can we done that immediately or need a Singapore PR? Do give me details how I can proceed with it! I’m sorry if I’m troubling you. Here is a list of celebrities who converted their partners to Islam. Short term yes, but not very long time, especially raising Christian-Muslim children in Malaysia. Please give our regards to your wife. Marriage Under Foreign Law As Provided For By The Charter . I have gone for the classes for conversion but am not ready to do so do to some family issues. good morning.i am a catholic man with two big kids and my friend who is a muslim girl with 3 big kids.i am interested to marry her.i acnt convert because i promise my mum and if will be confusing for my kids.i would love to marry her. Marriage in Islam and Muslim family The affection which Allah has created in the hearts of the two spouses is one of His great signs for the people of understanding. May be, you could visit back to Malaysia as a visitor. We are glad that you did not use your real name on this site. It could potentially spark some outrage beyond the Muslim community, given the young age of the boys who are seen wearing Pei Tong Primary School uniforms. Requirements for Application for Marriage in ROMM (Muslim Converts) NRIC (For Singaporean & Singapore PR) or passport for foreigners Click here to check for important documents that are required for your application : The presence of the Wali and his NRIC/passport if the bride is a born-Muslim or if she and her immediate family members (including her father/brother) are Muslim converts. Thank you, Reply at As for the legalities of it, we will be getting a non-Singapore civil marriage certificate to legalise the marriage and whatever national benefits that comes with it. Both dropped their Hindu names and assumed Muslim ones. I am a Malaysian Hindu girl. And would love to to extra miles to help and guide others if they feel like giving up the love because of religion issues! Can you settle in Singapore? I am Chinese from Malaysia with Singapore PR. Singapore may allow you to marry but Malaysia will not let you register your marriage to a Muslim and will be a big issue for you. Believe in yourself, parents (cause whom you are here), your own culture and traditions, faith with whom you can associated. To register a Muslim marriage in Singapore, you and your spouse-to-be must be: 18 years old and above. 1. Hi ameera, if your catholic bf refuse to accept islam, then you refuse him to marry. It may also contain trademarked logos, which are not affiliated with We got married in Singapore under civil law (without any convertion) -really can do it in Singapore? but im wondering how do we raise our children. Interesting! Only muslims can change their lands and religion. Marriage in Islam and Muslim family The affection which Allah has created in the hearts of the two spouses is one of His great signs for the people of understanding. respond to me. source: Lets ask Islam. She should have thought about it before getting in love. After she covert, will there be any issue in malaysia.. 179. After Nikaah, you have to register your marriage in Malaysia as two Muslims. Read laws here… 1 No. These are self styled preachers who are scared of their own religion so forcing people to convert. Is it possible for an Indian Muslim man and a hindu girl from Malaysia to get married in Singapore without converting? Conversion to Islam of one spouse in a non-Muslim marriage. We meant does he know you are a Christian? Pls let us know your thoughts. However, I do not want to convert because I understand that there are many strings attached to it. "Islam appealed to me because it’s a beautiful religion. I am a catholic who is interested in marrying a muslim girl. In-person solemnizations at home and at the Registry of Marriages will continue to be subject to a limit of 10 persons. (ii) A ground for divorce at the instance of the non-convert. Can I marry him in a Non-Islamic country (such as Singapore, or in Europe), without converting? I also don't want to believe that G-d sends people to hell because he is supposed to be good. My partner might need one since my father insisted my partner to convert although we have tried to explain that forcing someone to convert is not the way to go. Does the malaysia embassy required him to convert? Are we able to get married in Singapore,even though that we are not a resident of Singapore? Also read: Converting To Islam For Marriage - Hello friend It's Muslim Things, In the article that you read this time with the title Converting To Islam For Marriage, we have prepared this article well for you to read and take information in it. I prefer to marry him without askinmg him to convert to Muslim. You think they guy can anyhow choose multiple wives? Reply at (iii) A ground for divorce at the instance of the convert. Human-O has not been visiting this site but let us answer to our best knowledge. I cant name any other religion that does all that bullshit.. so shut it. Question: Respected scholars, as-salamu `alaykum. … and what would be Mother’s faith and name? Online conversion is currently available. Hi Shamimi, hospital interested and we sit to gether in copitium in KKH , she agree but when she knowing about my friend citizenship he is pakistani so she said sorry , i cant marriage with Pakistani men becuase my parents not allowed and she go back to work , my friend was so dishearted , he saying me why mostly singaporean hating with pakistanis , all pakistani are not terrirrist all pakistanis are not bad ………………… Please go to the Registry of Muslim Marriages: ( : 9. And would love to to extra miles to help and guide others if they feel like giving up the love because of religion issues! Are you ready to be a Muslim wife and give up your Christian faith? Yes, under Civil Marriage Law. I have a few questions, our marriage in Singapore will be regconized in msia? Then he became a muslim and got married and registered his marriage. This story was published in the "Galaxy Beat" by the Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore (Darul Arqam). Will our children have “Islam” stated in their documents? I am so glad to know and after years of being spiritually blind and shrouded by political agendas, I have decided to be true to self.. Reply at hi ,i want to know more bout Hi Malaysian Chinese Girl… may i know if you already have a solution? Islam, The Light of The Heart Recommended for you 7:55 From my dad not being able to accept me having a Malay bf to him going for CNY visiting with me for the last 2 CNY celebrations. It was the best decision of my life. Please do advice me as we both in malaysia. I am Christian singaporean and my boyfriend is Muslim Malaysian. With many other restrictions in place, in most cases, the non-Muslim needs to convert to Islam to register a marriage in Malaysia. If we want to get married in Singapore, do we need to become a permanent Singapore citizens first ? 25 Apr 2017. -Sorry this is not going to work out. That’s it. Same query is, am I must convert to Muslim if I register our marriage in Malaysia in future? You do NOT have to convert to Islam. is that possible for me to marry him without converting himself? ALLAH s.w.t is the most greatest and one and only god. Omg yes admin! Hi, I’m from Malaysia and am a Christian and me and girlfriend is already in a relationship about a year and planning to get married. Yes, you could marry in Singapore. Sethi passed a historic judgment on 5 May, 2000 which has almost given a death-blow to the phobia of the uniform civil code and has also sternly dealt with such persons who outwardly convert to Islam only for the purpose of … We paid money and got the muslim marriage certificate from overseas and registered our marriage in Malaysia. "Converting whole-heartedly to Islam is a personal thing for me and Sham understood that. OR visit India, marry her under Special marriage act , if you need help just email your id. But to him, that is the only way to do it. Don’t try to fool Malaysia government. if you don’t agree its fine..don’t insult and most importantly DO NOT …DO NOT come up with your own shariah laws in the name of helping ppl…Trust me…from the way you have’re not even a millimeter near to are like “oh so wonderful” helping others…and disgustingly insult a religion…Gd luck to all of you who are following his/her advice. Thank you! which do not label them as Hindu/Muslim. You have to give more details about what is your situation. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If Malaysia, only option you have is to convert to Islam, be 100% Muslim and 0% Hindu and die as a Muslim. Please share with me how I can buy this muslim marriage certificate so I can register our marriage in Malaysia? If the non-Muslim husband does convert, a new marriage is not needed. Effect of change of religion. Like Admin has said in one of the comment – It’s our payback! Hi Nur – I have replied to your post. Name of babe in future follow papa surname, religion in free tinker? Do we have to stay abroad to raise them? Converting of religion only for sake of marriage is not valid: Allahabad High Court . …, Reply at We thought of getting our marriage certificate overseas but we are not familiar of the procedure or do we know which country that allows inter-religious marriages. The "Shahada" is the 1st of the five pillars of Islam. Which country is he/she from? We cannot verify experiences of Human-O above. What if Kids born in Singapore with independence of religion as Malaysian Citizen? There are two registrars to register marriages in Singapore. Effect of conversion to Islam on marriage. My girlfriend is a Indonesian muslim.. To start the process, speak with the Imam at the local mosque. His new name is Behnam Paul Mnyang’anga. “, I am a catholic girl having a relationship with a muslim boy. We are currently living in Malaysia. John, Here this Pakistani is looking for a “fateful” girl, but which faith? It is said that there is no compulsion in Islam,[11] but here in all practical senses interfaith couples must know that there is compulsion to convert or give up the love after years into relationship. So did Bali. Very true. I really love her but in the meantime would not want to lose my family as well. If you go to temple, bring your kids along too or possibly your wife too..If she wants to to pray and wants to bring kids to mosque, let it be. Is there any possibility to married without convert. His family are very open-minded people. I am a native Malaysian non-Muslim, while my fiancé is a native Malaysian Muslim. What should I do? Let us know if you want to know more. One is Muslim and the other is non Muslim. Or maybe we could just moved somewhere like in USA. Give us more details and we can talk, thanks. Another thing, how to register the children birth certificate if it doesnt carry any weight in my home country. Reply at It brings about so much peace and calmness and it’s something that I love to seek solace in. – Our children name is common in both religion. In the pursuit to get justice for her daughters, the grieving father, on March 31, lodged a second complaint. However, how do you expect a father-mother following one faith and children different? 6. – Let them be, Our documents are real not fake and properly approved by authorities. We have sent a request to the Chinese girl, we hope she will come back. ” And whoever desires other than Islam as religion – never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.”. But I cannot guarantee u that ur wife will not be bothered by d religious dept ppl if u reg ur marriage here. Reply at I am well treated and respected, he respects my religion and I his. Please reply to my email [email protected] -HUmano, Did you used a Muslim name for your Nikaah? My question is if ever i had converted to islam as iam welling to, before our marriage, is my previous catholic marriage will be invalid, since i have change my names from converting into islam. For all these reasons, if you decide to get married by a secular civil wedding in Singapore and settle in a non-Muslim country, there will not be any legal issue. User account menu. Answer: Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. Do you have Hindu Gods/deities in your home? Show him Quran verse 2:221 that why you can’t marry him. Hi Sean, pls explain your situations, problems and details here, so that we can try our best to guide you. marriage cert? If you have a real desire to be a Muslim and believe that Islam is the true religion of God, then, all you need to do is say the "Shahada" (Declaration of Faith). Muslim Converts' Association Singapore. Reply at, It’s very simple , go to any one of the mosque near you and ask the imam of the mosque and tell them your need insha Allah they will surely help you, I am from Malaysia, my bf is a Muslim from UK. Such people can look at this aspect of Allah's creation and be reminded of the greatness of Allah's work and power and the magnificent mercy Allah has placed in His creation Currently living in Malaysia and lovingly Muslim guy in malaysia. We wish you good luck, please come to guide others.-Admin. r/singapore. She is muslim. 2. Reply at After reading Human-O’s perspective and assuming he’s a Malaysian, i am just wondering how he managed to get the marriage registered. Give us details and we can help. I feel lucky to see this post, as I planning to marry with my bf from Iraq (Muslim) in Singapore. please advise. Both want to stay in Malaysia, due to Malaysia law must convert to muslim. I can read admin and various others messages. Sometimes, the photo used for post may not be of the person who commented. Since we are both Malaysian Citizen,is that possible for us to follow the way u shared above? 1. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely…”, Islam means its comes from the root word salam(means peace) or the word s’lim(means submits a will to Almighty God) .. People who got married in Indian and now settled in Singapore, their marriages are valid as per Singapore laws. Cheating will not go a long way. Do you carry a Muslim name in your passport/legal documents or your Hindu original name? My fiance is a convert and we are planning to get married in Singapore, but was told that he needs to have an Islam convert certificate. I strongly agree with theres a will, theres a way. My mother do not want me to convert, she even cried that i kept going out with her. First you MUST convert if you wish to marry a Muslim and settle in Malaysia. Note this is just a hypothetical question to understand how your faith is important to you. ”, and In same surah Al-imran chapter 3 v 85 Is it possible to get a muslim conversion card elsewhere and use it in Singapore? Reply at “Since he is a Malaysian muslim and I am a Malaysian hindu,will there be a problem in terms of religion..” YES and NO. However, if you are thinking of making your Christian-Muslim marriage legal (like your kids have non-Muslim names and register them in school), it will be difficult. Kanishen, This is what we believe… That’s mandatory, but i don’t care that on a piece of paper. and if anyone knows an imam in Singapore who support interfaith marriage and might willing to lead the process of muslim wedding ?? Events. Along with the unlimited benefits of the worldly life and hereafter, there are some quick benefits that men and women converting to Islam for mixed muslim marriage can get. 1 Dec 1999-May 2000 The main reason preventing the marriage from happening is obvious. You might think that celebrities don’t care about that but in reality, they do. Jazakum Allahu khayran. Converting to Islam isn’t the most important factor in successfully integrating to a Muslim family. Tanzanian RnB singer Bernard Paul Mnyang’anga popularly known as Ben Pol has converted to Islam last week. The presence of the Wali and his NRIC/passport if the bride is a born-Muslim or if she and her immediate family members (including her father/brother) are Muslim converts. Tina, Answer to your questions are Muslim guy could kick the wife out of his life by simple talaak, talaak, talaak. Both of us planning to get marry without convert.. Under Islamic law, if a non-Muslim woman is married to a non-Muslim man, and she converts to Islam, the marriage is suspended until her husband converts to Islam. Thanks Admin for posting this blog on my behalf. And don’t marry him knowing he is fake convertin, ask him why he is forcing you to go against your religion, if he really loves you why he is making you stand against your religion? Is there any of the paper work process can be done without me convert? So if I want to convert to Muslim what Is the steps for that. They have made it clear that they don't want their daughter getting married to a non-Muslim unless I convert to Islam. It was not an easy road for us and we went through tough times and lot of stress. . We are a couple muslim guy + christian lady will have a civil wedding in Singapore. Can 2 foreigners marry in Singapore? Rather let them be free to learn the good things and make decision when they grow up without any influence or hidden agenda. Highlights. I/ve converted. Are you planning to settle in India or Malaysia? It is believed that the use of a limited number of such screenshots, articles and other information is for a purpose of identifying, illustrating, commenting and/or teaching for nonprofit educational purposes. It is not clear what are you asking. 2. can me and my bf register marriage without converting to muslim in singapore without notifying malaysia government ? Im a malay sgporean going to get married with a indian malaysian.. going to register in singapore. If you are in love with a Muslim from Malaysia and wishes to settle in Malaysia, it is going to be next to impossible. I am truly in love with her and want to marry her the right way, yet I cannot let my kids lose what is theirs for their future. Further, coming to Malaysia and staying this way for a short time will not be an issue. Will the authorities have an issue with our marriage in Malaysia? Thks alot for ur reply. “… whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. Looking towards a reply from you. Can i know how to get the marriage cert from overseas? Muslim guy could have multiple wives. Reply at I am a Malaysian Muslim guy planning to marry my Christian Malaysian girl in Singapore. Can 1 Muslim and 1 non-Muslim marry at the ROM? Are you considering to convert to Islam on its merits over many other religions, including great Buddhism? 2) What religious identity will go on for your children’s card? Please help me. We are thinking of marrying in a traditional way as I’m from x tribe so we could just obtain our marriage cert. Iam married catholic woman with my previous catholic husband we have separated but not legally, now i have a malaysian boyfriend for a year and we are planning to get married.