Play around with the different types of materials to get a general timeframe for your goal, timber to ship repair material is the fastest method. Make life clothes Please click here to view list of selected branches. Warning: there is evidence that GMs collude with exploiters. Idk probably not (I think it was a net loss still). Let’s say that your workers gathered 5,000 copper — which means you got 5k copper essentially for free (ignoring beer costs). Just because steel is only 800 XP, doesn’t mean it’s the worst Processing XP. For T1 metal, the chance to proc starts at Artisan 1. Processing can easily make an afk 2-3m silver per hour with very low requirements. mahaba ang procedure ng application sa BDO. You will immediately get a batch of ten, which will yield the same as if you were doing single batches with no stone. Two stones are great, and you should get while the others can be enhanced at bought at your leisure. The energy stone for chopping and the lava stone for heating are the ones you should focus on now. Reset Recipe Expand All Collapse All Use All Rare Procs Save All Rare Procs. Processing is not a complicated Life Skill, but there are a few hoops to jump through before you can achieve the higher tiers and levels of processing. Processing is only good because of extra procs. It is used to make Vell’s Heart. in my sister's case, ***** laude sha that's why she landed a position. If you add Seafood Cron Meal, you will have a 95% success rate, and if you add the Life Spirit Stone, you will reach 100%. Introduction Processing is an easy life skill to get into and every player will process materials at some point. Identify and preserve your collection with WorthPoint. When processing a specific item, it takes between six to nine seconds for one batch to complete. - Added the Processing recipes section (Producation->Processing). ... +17% processing success rate, +90LT weight limit, and a +16% gathering item drop rate. 13% more than the average base salary, which is $24. A solid node network takes months of work to set up — it’s not something everyone has access to. BDO Holding B.V. also acts under the (trade) name: BDO Accountants & Adviseurs. The proc rate for secondary items keeps going as your level increases and i believe it stops at Master 2 at 5% but i don't remember exactly. This cap is reached at Artisan 2, SOURCE: BDO Profitability Tool. 0. In BDO, alchemy stones are ... Alchemy Stone Proc Rate. BDO USA, LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership, is the U.S. member of BDO International Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, and forms part of the international BDO network of independent member firms. 06-03-2016: - Added the Popular skill builds list (Tools->Popular skill builds). (2 per minute) So your proc per swing ratio is 1 proc per 2.5 swings. Black Desert Online customizable processing calculator and recipe information. (if you leveled trade with junk crates). 0. Processing is one of the main tradeskills in Black Desert Online and one with the highest AFK-earning capacity, providing absurd silver/activity results. It’s really good, it’s just not for me. It was a quality game with Williams pulling it back from 6-3 down to 6-6 but Durrant streaked ahead to win 8-6. i think if they see u r an investor they won. A Warning Against Following the CrowdYou’re a bit misled if you think you can get the absolute best money by following a guide that everyone else is also following. 3. Processing became a beast with mass processing introduced. 4. x. It’s extremely important to realize what’s actually happening when you process. I think every Life Skill has a depth to it that allows you to creatively explore new methods and possibilities. Our goal here is not to profit, but to level as fast as possible. Thanks Eminent!