which forced the air to flow  from bottom to top of the tower. Although passive draft systems may have either a counter or crossflow transport design, hyperbolic towers are always passive draft. An drift eliminator is installed inside the tower to prevent loss of water droplets along with the forced air. Dry Cooling Towers: In this type of cooling tower, the working fluid is channelled through tubes which collects the ambient heat and then this heat is exchanged with atmosphere using air as a medium. This type of tower reduce both operating & energy consumption cost due to its natural draft given by height & stack dimension. 2. Though it is widely used in different engineering sector and other refrigeration plant. As the flow of water and air cross each others, these types of cooling tower are called as cross flow cooling tower. In each system, a large compressor unit located outside drives the process; an indoor coil filled with refrigerant cools air that is then distributed throughout the house via ducts. As shown in Fig. Hyperboloid shape aids in accelerating the upward convective air flow, which improves cooling efficiency. Love to share my opinions & most up to date information to my blog that helps you to find the right product for your household. Cooling towers are mainly divide in two categories. A nominal cooling tower ton is defined as cooling 3 gpm of water from 95°F to 85°F at a 78°F entering air wet-bulb temperature. Some are hanging pipes in tower, some are blocked by block after gluing and some are loose round roll by ring and ring. A cooling tower is an open direct contact type heat exchanger where hot water from system or condenser gets cooled by direct contact with fresh air. Mechanical type cooling tower working much similar as natural type cooling tower. An drift eliminator is installed inside the tower to prevent loss of water droplets along with the forced air. 2. The counter flow type cooling tower mechanism is displayed below. The height of the cooling tower in thermal power plant is about 9 feet or above from the ground level. The warm and moist air is denser as compared to the cool air and therefore, it rises through the tower. Blow down loss 2. Forced draft cooling tower. Here is a brief outline of how a wet cooling tower works, and why it's such an important piece of industrial equipment: Wet cooling towers use water to cool machinery that heats up (hence the "wet" part of the name) and these towers use the natural process of evaporation to cool machinery. Liang Chi cooling tower Sdn Bhd Liang Chi Cooling Tower is a leading global manufacturer of cooling towers since 1962, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. in this article, I addresses both the important question what is cooling tower & how many types of cooling tower? Hope you like this tutorial on cooling where we had tried to cover all the aspect about cooling tower along with cooling tower calculation. Hot water that comes from the plant and is to be cooled pumped using pump to the top of the cooling tower which is considered as inlet of cooling tower or hot water inlet. Different types of cooling towers are designed for different types of purposes.Each individual type of cooling tower is made for a different application or industrial process. Since these are smaller they only come in tonnages up to around 1,500 per cell. The fan induces hot moist air out the discharge. usually, large utility power stations uses these types of towers. 2. Fresh air is induced  at bottom of the tower and which then flows in the upward direction where heat transfer takes place between warm water coming from top and and cool air coming from lower side. 9.4, the turbine exhaust flows directly into the tubes of ACC. In this type of cooling tower air flows in opposite direction to the water flow. In a counter flow design, the air flow is directly opposite to the water flow. The hot water reject heat after contact with air and in that process fraction of water gets evaporated. The cooling component of this new electricity station is a natural draft cooling tower 200 m high, the tallest cooling tower and the largest shell structure in the world. The selection of a types of cooling system is basically depends on the quantity & quality of the water source which is available. 1. Cooling water is pumped from the reservoir to the plant where it is used in reactor’s jacket, in heat exchangers, in jacket of furnace. Unit operation and Unit Process | Difference between unit operation and unit process, Safety Abbreviation List | Important Acronyms For Safety, Hazchem Code Full form | Hazchem Code Chart & Details With Examples. Dry Cooling Towers: In this type of cooling tower, the working fluid is channelled through tubes which collects the ambient heat and then this heat … Mechanical draft towers are available in the following airflow arrangements: An Induced draft cooling tower is a mechanical draft tower with a fan at the discharge to pull air through it. Cooling towers should be located as near as possible to the refrigeration systems they serve, but should never be located below them so as to allow the condenser water to drain out of the system through the tower basin when the system is shut down.
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