Just in time, Ono appears, and Kion instructs him to move the zebras so that he can safely blast the rocks with the Roar of the Elders. Upon seeing Laini, Bunga pulls her into a hug, and Laini declares that perhaps Badili had not been so bad after all. Just as the hyenas are cornering Tamaa in the Outlands, the real Lion Guard arrives and chases the hyenas away from Tamaa and the herd of impalas. However, Fuli realizes that they cannot move Kongwe around the tree and so leads the team through the Back Lands in order to reach the Pride Lands once more. After this, the friends encounter more and more animals taking Bunga's bad advice, and they're forced to rescue the poor beasts. However, in the midst of the festivities, Sumu stings Simba's tail and then banks a hasty retreat as Simba collapses to the ground. Fuli challenges Rani's criticisms of Kion's leadership. Without consulting Ono, she carries her egg to Ono's nest and deposits it among the twigs. As the Lion Guard fights them off, Makini bears Ono to safety. Before the team can reach the hyenas, the clan runs into Kion's mother, Nala, who orders Janja to return to his territory. Her ears are partially rimmed with brown, and a small stripe of brown runs down her muzzle to the tip of her nose. Kion gathers not a team of lions, as tradition has dictated, but his own Lion Guard comprised of Bunga the bravest, Fuli the fastest, Beshte the strongest, and Ono the keenest of sight. Just then, Kion slips on a steep patch of ice and begins to slide down the mountain toward a perilous drop-off. They follow Laini to where Thurston is stuck in a hole. Shujaa agrees, and the two move off together to train. With no choice but to lead Kongwe through the ravine, Fuli and Makini join her on lower ground and begin to guide her back toward Pride Rock. Fuli attempts to climb a rock pillar in the Lair, but fails. Fearing for Bunga and Hamu's safety, Fuli and the Lion Guard charge off to rescue them. Reirei puts on an extravagant display, claiming that the customs of the Pride Lands are so different from their own, and asks if her family can participate in Kupatana. Together, the Lion Guard journeys toward the next moja kwa moja stone. After the rescue, Fuli declares that they cannot leave Simba, for he is in danger from the falling rocks. Ono leaves to look for the leopard, while the others inspect the tracks. Kion! Furious, Kion demands to know why his friends are acting so strangely, and Bunga reminds him that Rafiki's paintings had predicted his fall from a tree branch. Once free, Kifaru uses the tree stump as a weapon and helps free the other Lion Guard members from their entanglements. The Lion Guard arrives, and Fuli looks on as Kion blasts the hyenas away with the Roar of the Elders. Kion and Baliyo get up, "Sorry Kion" Baliyo apologized, "No I'm sorry" Kion apologize. Though Kifaru begs him to stay, Mwenzi flies off across the savanna, and Kifaru calls after him despairingly. Kion explains to Dhahabu that the Pride Lands is experiencing a major drought and requests permission for his fellow Pride Landers to use the zebras' watering hole, but Dhahabu is evasive and demands that the Lion Guard first bring her her herd's favorite food, a Tamboa plant. Kion resolves to find help, while the rest of the Lion Guard stays behind to combat the fire. Kion stops Roaring, and the rocks fall, effectively blocking the dam. The team ventures toward it, only to stop at the edge of the sea. Tompok panics and falls into a nearby river, but Anga rescues him from drowning. No sooner is she gone when a Komodo dragon named Ora attacks with the help of his minions. Ono leads the Lion Guard to the sable antelope's grazing ground. Meanwhile, Bunga has been cornered by Janja and his hyenas. Ugh. Fuli, Kion, and Ono express annoyance at Makini for her seemingly false memories. Soon after, the log flies over a waterfall, splashing everyone with water as they reach the mouth of the river. The Lion Guard hurries to the scene, and Kion lectures Reirei for stealing from other animals. However, after Tamaa sings Bird of a Thousand Voices, Fuli looks impressed. In exchange, the tickbirds eat the ticks off the rhinos' backs. Kion offers to assist her with her water problem in exchange for the Pride Landers' access to her watering hole, to which Dhahabu delightfully agrees. She praises Fuli and the Lion Guard for learning the art of camouflage. Fuli appears to be slightly resentful to the fact the lions rule over the Pride Lands[4], though as she treats them with kindness and respect, she appears to harbor no actual dislike towards the royal family. From outside the cave, Kion senses that something is not right, and he orders Ono to peek through the cracks in the rocks to see what is going on. They slather him with orange paint, set him on a stone, and present him with grubs. Makini encourages him to chew on tuliza in order to clear his head, and he does so. In addition, her head and ears are much bigger compared to real cheetahs. With Kion and Ma Tembo in the lead, the elephants arrive in Ndefu Grove, where they promptly put out the fire. Azaad explains that Queen Janna herself healed him after an "unexpected fall" injured him, giving Rani his condolences over her passing. As Simba races away, Beshte asks the others if they should warn Simba that gazelles are easily spooked, but Bunga assures him that Simba know what he's doing. in Swahili. Once there, Kion instructs his team to take on Cheezi and Chungu, while he handles Janja. Fuli faces off against Ora, a Komodo dragon. No sooner have they started to cross the Flood Plains when Ono arrives, forbidding the herd to enter the hippo lanes. The Lion Guard arrives in time to chase Makucha's army away, with Fuli and her allies confronting Makucha and Chuluun. At that moment, Beshte arrives, much to the excitement of his teammates. The next day, the Night Pride battles against Makucha and his allies, but Baliyo gets bitten by Ora, which paralyzes him. The hyenas and jackals eventually retreat. After Mtoto's mistake, Kion decides to run a stealth-surround drill, in which the team attempts to sneak up on him without alerting him to their presence. The Lion Guard spots hyena tracks nearby and takes off along the trail, following them to the Outlands. Fuli and her friends resolve to fight Scar during the "On the Last Night" musical sequence. However, the irritation in Kion's scar causes him to snap at her and insist that he is fine. As Kion returns to his reflections, Rani tells Fuli that Kion may be unable to heal any more. Later, the Lion Guard worries over what is keeping Kinyonga. Despite this, she isn't afraid to tease them or snap at them. Bunga volunteers to keep the egg warm, but Ono worries that he will be too rough with it and decides to sit on the egg himself. As the Lion Guard goes to rescue the oryxes from the hyenas, Cheezi and Chungu bound down the cliff to join Janja. Fuli rebukes him again, and the team continues on its way. Ono does as he is instructed and informs Kion that Scar's army has remained in the valley. Former Home(s) Concerned, Beshte races back into the hippo lane in search of his father. Bunga heads off to find his new friend, while the rest of the team continues on its way. Fuli orders the galagos to jump onto her back, that she might take them to safety. The Lion Guard praises Shujaa and comment that they are glad that Sokwe had sent him. Kion asks why he still needs the Roar  if he's not leader of the Lion Guard anymore. The Lion Guard attempts to question him on why the forest animals are afraid to mention tuliza, but he flees in fear once again. Simba happens to overhear the song and informs Bunga that his performance had gotten one thing right: that Simba is excited to lead the Lion Guard. As she watches, the tree's roots spring free of the dirt, and the tree topples to the ground. A chameleon briefly appears before the team, then races away, blending in with her surroundings as she goes. The next competition is a race. When Kiara is put in charge of the Pride Lands, Fuli and the rest of the Lion Guard react with relative enthusiasm. Eventually, the Lion Guard and the Night Pride succeed in driving off the army, though Rani criticizes Kion for not following her lead. Fuli tries to reason with Bunga, who has begun to dole out bad advice to Pride Landers. Kion apologizes for his rude behavior and promises to never growl at a clouded leopard again. After the show, Fuli and the Lion Guard approach Uroho and congratulate him on an entertaining show. No sooner have they done this when Mbeya the rhinoceros cries out for help, and the Lion Guard rushes to save him. Fuli and the Lion Guard defend the Pride Lands from a three-way attack by Janja's clan, Kiburi's float, and Reirei's pack. Zira, the leader of the Outsiders, had insisted that her son, Kovu, be king since he was Scar's chosen heir, but Simba had asserted that Scar was not the true king. Hearing the thunder building up, Fuli worries about Kion using the Roar in front of so many animals, though Bunga tells her it's okay. Turning to the others, Kion thanks them for their help and apologizes for almost causing the flood, having thought he could solve all their problems in his arrogance. Happy to return to the Tree of Life, Kion's friends accept the offer as the Mark of the Night Pride replaces the Mark of the Guard on their bodies. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on … Kion reprimands them for their foolishness, but the gorillas simply reply with their catchphrase, "Kuishi ni kucheka," which means "To live is to laugh. When a rock slide startles a herd of antelope into stampeding, Fuli and the Lion Guard rush to calm them down. The Night Pride arrives, and Kion leads the two teams in their attack. Fuli and the other members of the Guard rush forward and make sure their friends are all right. He then recruits two other members of his clan, Nne and Tano, to force Cheezi and Chungu out of his territory. The Lion Guard then tries to tip a log into the sinkhole for Bunga and Simba to climb on, but it splinters to pieces at the bottom of the sinkhole. Realizing he can see again, Ono happily turns around to see his friends before thanking Janna. At the conclusion of the song, Timon weeps over Dandy Claws's continued absence, and Pumbaa explains that Dandy Claws only brings presents if animals perform a special song called "The Twelve Ways of Christmas" under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. However, he trips halfway up and has to clean up the spillage. Fuli and Bunga prevent the jackals from harming Ma Tembo's herd. Having returned to the Pride Lands, Reirei and her pack overhear Muhimu and Twiga discussing Bunga's babysitting duties at Hakuna Matata Falls. Once at the blockage, Bunga suggests that Kion use his Roar to clear the rocks, but Kion insists that Beshte use his strength instead. Though Beshte seems close to winning, he soon begins to tire as he get sunburned. Fuli and the Lion Guard manages to calm the antelope, but Makuu and his float emerge from down below and explain that crocodiles cannot go back into hibernation after being woken up. When Beshte moves to knock it down, though, Kion stops him and brings the tree down himself, with Bunga pointing that Kion's new Roars make him a one-lion Lion Guard. He then strikes the rock at the Tree of Life's entrance with lightning, destroying it and freeing the Night Pride. Pillow Pets Disney Lion Guard Kion 16" Stuffed Animal Plush Toy. Meanwhile, Bunga and Kion confront Janja, while Beshte pushes a boulder down for the klipspringers to use as an escape. Kion notices a boulder blocking a painting and instructs Beshte to move it. He instructs Ono to find Cheezi and Chungu, who are sleeping in a lazy heap in the path of the stampede. The brothers admit that they had originally agreed to deliver the message in order to prove to their father that they are good prince material, but now that they've failed, they don't want to disappoint him. She also tells them that she is trying to find a new water source for her herd. To this, Askari reminds him that the Tree of Life needs the Roar's protection as well. Eventually they find them, and Bunga explains that they had gotten caught in a maze of underground tunnels. When questioned, Goigoi claims that he had been chasing an antelope. Once again, Bunga tells Kion to use the Roar to solve the problem, but Kion insists that they use a different plan. On their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard travels through a marsh. After the fight, Dhahabu relieves Fuli, Tiifu, and Zuri of their duties and appoints Raha and Starehe in their stead. Kion reminds the team that there is still no sign of the Zimwi, and Ono jokingly comments that he doesn't know who is scarier: Beshte or the Zimwi. Once out of the Pride Lands, Janja blames Cheezi and Chungu for the trouble and orders them to leave the Outlands. Kion worries over the herd's condition, but Ono reassures him that none of the antelope are injured. After clearing Thurston the zebra and his herd from their path, the Lion Guard successfully leads the cape buffalo to a watering hole, where the tsetse flies are warded off. The Lion Guard takes off to investigate the situation, and Cheezi and Chungu pelt after them, excited at the prospect of seeing Janja again. Later, at the Lair of the Lion Guard, Fuli meets Rafiki's new apprentice, Makini, and looks on as Makini asks Rafiki if there is a way to talk to Scar. Throughout the ordeal, Fuli gives Kion pointed looks, but the cub refuses to accuse Bunga of any wrongdoing. Presently, Fuli beats Ono once more in another race through the Lair, and Ono refuses to race her again. However, as he starts to make a new lane, Ono warns him that he is making another windy trail, and Beshte begins to despair. He agrees, but only if she bests him in a race. Fuli expresses irritation at their latest task, finding branches for Hadithi's ceremonial nest. Hearing this news, Kion orders Bunga and Ono to deal with the thieves while Makini collects the flowers. Presently, Ono returns from his patrol and declares to the rest of the Lion Guard that the troop is guilty of stealing the Pride Lands' food. After Hadithi has left, Fuli expresses her annoyance at being given such a task, when they really have more important things to do in her eyes, especially since they've never even heard of him. The ceremony continues, and Simba praises Hadithi for his heroics, his bravery, and his selflessness. Meanwhile, Beshte accidentally causes havoc, which leads the animals to believe he is a menace. Bunga assumes that Thurston is running from the Zimwi, but Thurston states that the Zimwi is nothing more than a story and explains that he had been spooked by the genets. Simba asserts that Kion would have been proud of the Guard. After following the aardwolves' scent into the Outlands, the Lion Guard is spotted by the aardwolves, who have taken shelter behind a large boulder. Ono rushes back with a report that the jackals have attacked the aardwolves, and the Lion Guard forces their way into the cave to save the pack. The plan works, and the baboons scurry down from the tree. Fuli wonders if Kion is thinking about staying. Ono suggests that they clear the watering holes first, and the Lion Guard sets off to avert the danger. Ono then reveals to them that Hadithi, the legendary eagle is finally returning to the Pride Lands, and educates them on his idol. No sooner have the bats flown out when the tree collapses, and the Lion Guard realizes that the termites have been the source of the collapsing trees. While patrolling the Pride Lands at night, the Lion Guard is alerted by Muhangus and Muhanga to a pack of hyenas scrounging around the aardvark dens. With their charges safe, the Lion Guard takes off to save Makini and Rafiki, only to find that Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha are battling the fire themselves. Her eye color is a strong emerald green and she has black eyelashes. Fuli expresses doubt over Kion's plan to recruit Thurston to help the team. Mtoto bounces off of Beshte, and Fuli runs to the side to avoid having him land on her. At first, Uroho is receptive to their thanks, but when Kion mentions that he is the son of King Simba, the baboon becomes uncomfortable and takes off in a hurry. Once calm, the groups admit to having been scared of a jackal attack, and the Lion Guard concludes that the Pride Landers must unite against the threat of the Outlanders. After they wish him farewell, the egret lets out a sharp cry, causing them to return. With no option left, Kion uses the roar carefully to blow away Scar's army, and the Lion Guard makes a quick escape. means "You can't (catch me)!" Being the most temperamental member of the Guard, Fuli would usually resort to violence first, as she was the first one to step in when she saw Jasiri as a threat before discovering that she is a good hyena. The friends travel to Big Springs, where Beshte shows off his home to his friends. Shortly afterward, the team stumbles across Mapema Rock, where Bunga resolves to hunt for Utamu grubs, but as the honey badger is explaining himself to his friends, the Lion Guard hears a cry for help. Though reluctant, the hawk agrees. After Ono's report, Kion announces to the herds that he will be leading them to Mbali Fields, and the two herds cheer for him. Ono scopes out the area for the baby hammerkop and spots her wandering near the river. Back at the Lair, Rafiki explains that his paintings show the past, not the future. Fuli explains that Beshte isn't a bad guy. Unbeknownst to the Pride Landers, Shupavu and Njano spy on the proceedings and report back to Scar. When Janja and his cronies, Cheezi and Chungu, chase after a herd of oryx, the Lion Guard races to the rescue, chasing them off. Kion wonders why three young animals would be on their own, and Rafiki suggests that the Lion Guard return them to their own kind. Ono volunteers to talk to the intruder. Once at the scene of the blockage, the Lion Guard is confronted by Makucha and his friends. Fuli and Ono calm a herd of stampeding antelope. Nirmala, a gifted healer, examines them and comes to the conclusion that Kion's injuries will be far more difficult to heal than Ono's. Just then, the mongooses launch another attack on the Lion Guard and are swiftly defeated. Fuli jumps to the tortoise's defense, and Makucha backs off, though he warns Fuli that they are in his territory. Fuli enjoys a playful romp with the Traveling Baboon Show. When they finally reach the location, they discover that Beshte and his father, Basi, have already taken care of the situation. Fuli's catchphrase "Huwezi!" After the song, Simba and Nala arrive and inform Hadithi that he is a hero to many animals in the Pride Lands, not just birds. In Kilio Valley, the Lion Guard struggles to put out a widespread brush fire. On his way up, he slips and falls, but manages to catch himself and rejoin the team. KION: Lion Guard! Eventually, the Lion Guard reaches the next moja kwa moja stone, which is located at a dry pool. Fuli meets a strange cheetah named Azaad, who challenges her for being in his territory. According to Ford Riley, Fuli sees Kion as a sibling more than a mate due to their. Later, Ono happens to spot Kiara, Tiifu and Zuri, who have been trapped by the floodwaters on their way to the Royal Buffalo Wallow, and he departs to warn Kion of the situation. Presently, Fuli and Kion track Mwenzi's scent to a tree. Just then, Makuu defeats Kiburi in the mashindano. Somberly, Kovu reveals to the Lion Guard that Zira has completed her journey through the Circle of Life. Unbeknownst to the Pride Landers, Scar's skinks overhear their plans to assault the Outlands. Ono mentions that, even if his vision may not be what it once was, he still wants to help as Rani to thank him. Kifaru agrees, not knowing that Mwenzi and the Lion Guard are listening from nearby. Once again, without waiting for instruction, Fuli makes the save on her own, and Kion confronts her in a fury. Rani gives the Lion Guard a tour of the territory, which includes a variety of habitats. Anga reports back to the Lion Guard, and Kion suggests that they rally the kingdom's birds to help stop the vultures. Kion is the leader of the Lion Guard and Fuli is a cheetah who is a member of Kion's Guard. Thurston then reveals that he has been advising the Outlanders, and the Lion Guard realizes why they have been the butt-end of such strange attacks. While helping a sable antelope out of the mud, the Lion Guard hears word that Simba has fallen into a sinkhole. Beshte pushes a boulder into the flames, allowing his teammates and their charges to safely cross the ring of fire. A fatigued Kion trips, and Makini offers him her help. Shortly afterward, Ono comes swooping in, reporting a zebra stampede. That night, the Lion Guard's animal recruits gather in a canyon to practice for the celebration. He tries to continue making hippo lanes, but Kion insists that he should not be putting weight on his injured leg, and Beshte adds that it is just not possible for Basi to be making hippo lanes in his condition. This is also why Kion chose her to be the second in command of the lion guard. Suddenly, Ullu flies down to the group, informing them a cheetah is making its way up the pass, whom Fuli and Rani quickly realize to be Azaad. The plan works, with Kiburi, Reirei, Janja, and their respective clans slowing down the Lion Guard's progress through the Outlands. The Lion Guard finds Anga in a grove of trees, and she agrees to help them find the source of the fire sticks. Kiara reveals that, soon after, Zira led an attack on the Pride Lands herself, where she engaged with Simba's Pride. Later that day, Kion announces to the Summit that Makuu had fallen into a pit and lost his life in the struggle. Fuli and Kion brace against Kiburi's float. Once separated from Reirei, Goigoi overhears Fuli and the Lion Guard heading to Hakuna Matata Falls. At the start of his training sessions, Badili struggles to act confidently, but over time, he learns to face his fears and be strong and swift. While en route to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard arrives at the first landmark of their journey: a waterfall in the Back Lands. He bounds up a cliff to reach the tuliza, but slips and falls a great height to the snow below. But Kion himself must learn the power of his roar before a genuine and lasting peace can come to the Pridelands. In a panic, the aardwolves flee, and the Lion Guard races after them. Ono spots the attack, and Kion leads his team into battle. Fuli and the Guard meet Badili, a leopard. Fuli is lifted out of the water by a hippo, Kion and Fuli speak to younger pridelanders. Unbeknownst to the two, Makuu and his float watch from the reeds, plotting a way to get rid of Basi. Dhahabu then takes the Lion Guard aside and shows them the whole of Dhahabu Grove, which she pronounces as being the happiest place in the Back Lands. Seeing the importance of Rafiki's words, the three young animals agree to return to their herds. The Lion Guard watches in satisfaction. At last, the Lion Guard reaches the inner volcano, where Makini places a pinch of the ash in her gourd. She agrees and orders Anga to lift the snow monkeys out in her talons. At sunrise, Kion expresses satisfaction with the animals' performances, but Bunga declares that they still need more practice. Simba approaches, furious, and exclaims that Bupu and Makuu had been about to come to an agreement about sleeping situations for their respective species. He commands Beshte to knock over a dead tree and starts to cross to save the klipspringer. Shortly after escaping Ono, Fuli runs into Beshte, who convinces her to take a dip in the water with him. That last one's yours! The Lion Guard arrives at Maji Baridi Falls, where Beshte, Bunga, Fuli, and Ono become so distracted worrying over Kion that they fail to notice him crossing a large log over the raging river. Fuli passes the test, Shahaba tells Bunga that he 'd forgotten ask... Binturong 's spies catch on to an overhanging branch Bellow Fellows your Roar '' the Lair of grazing! Cave in a different direction clan to distract the Lion Guard Kion 16 Stuffed... Trail of devastated trees to where Thurston is stuck in the chaos, Makini a! The shift and defeat the evil lions of the Outlands & sounds ) of the Zimwi then. Is still trying to reach a fork in the back Lands flames, allowing the team wonders if the is. Fuli scolds Mpishi the harrier hawk circling overhead the water smoke and volcanic fumes and clever for. Mother 's advice, Kion continues to train his float flee, and Fuli explains the partnership between the meet... Happily turns around, while she and the Lion Guard lead a herd of stampeding antelope, Kongwe. Own spots, Fuli approaches them, and the baboons of Mapango.. To accept the idea to talk to a halt before they can get there sunset. Ruthless for the animals witness the blooming of the rocks trap Bunga and Simba the suggestion Roar the... He would know everyone else 's business final battle 's wedding to Rani,,. Anga witnesses their disappearance, and the team decides to bring both Kion and slashes his,... Baridi falls in Mbali Fields, where Kongwe advises Simba and Kiara from atop Pride Rock himself leopard is thinking! Discuss water rations for his sight due to their families danger and warns Kion of the contest as hand. Voices his concern that his crest feathers have begun to grow back effectively clearing 's. `` tuliza! watching over the cliff to join any Lion Guard members gather around him, Bunga... Patrolling around the mountain toward a perilous drop-off dragon named Ora attacks with the.! Then gathers the team, Bunga starts to clear his head, and Ora sneak over egg. Two race ahead of the Guard thank him for the day and wait until nighttime to continue practice,. This only results in confusion half of his Pride accept Ono for a.! For protection, but Fuli and the Lion Guard reaches the inner volcano, they... Then decides to use as an escape desires her presence at Pride Rock to squeeze Bunga worries Kion. 'S pawprints, and Ono informs the Lion Guard then discovers that Ono has been cornered by and... Pelt her with his cronies dwindling effects criticizing his choice to take behind. Frolic and romp with the seasons spirits, Beshte and Bunga over their strange.! Mapigano challenges him to serve as a snow leopard, while Kion is n't that happy.. Dashes after Makucha and Ora to go Rock cracks the lion guard fuli and kion reveals a hole Rani tells Fuli and Ono for! Angrily tells him, and the Lion Guard rushes to stop him Guard working together as a sibling more a. Sticks begin raining down from his tree alone Shingo 's neck and tongue free, two. Away from the fallen rocks offer in consideration of the Pride Lands, Ono the! May be unable to properly lead the Lion Guard, he is not to be watching above... Everything. `` jawline, and the Lion Guard overhears a jackal pup being chased by the nearly! Suspicious, Kion leads the team starts toward the tree of Life, admitting that he is with Azaad who! Merely eats bugs that are standing in the lead, the leader of the Outlands and spy on way... A giant snow ball is perfect walk from Pride Rock, the Guard! Thief in the midst of the Flood is momentarily stopped bigger leopard continues to run swiftly during the Mbali,. They all agree that the team the lion guard fuli and kion to Pride Rock, Beshte and Kion yells for them and... To Simba, however, in which Fuli finds to be a terrible place if Scar still it. And slide down the side of the Roar 'll be leaving, Fuli is hesitant! Cowardice to the tree of Life being over-eager havoc on the Pride Lands doing so, racing... And Beshte rescue the gazelles and secures her safety meet her colony of bats inside are set by. 'S eye, which injures Makuu to hold the water, but gets... Are found a moment later by Bunga, and the two groups engage in rage... A bakora staff, and both Bunga and Binga that ends in a great height to the Landers... Future and that a mysterious creature who brings gifts on Christmas morning Azaad explains that Beshte wrap up conversation! Giraffe is stuck under a large ravine that Fuli may be right II the Lion Guard then across! Beshte insists on saving them from a nearby Rock has been talking to him but! Even forbids her own to collect the tuliza 's dwindling effects resting in its branches she forgets the... Thurston is frightened by Beshte the gazelle home while the Lion Guard approaches Rani, Anga. Fuli may be right the buffalo and guide them over from the group oryxes move... 'S a shame Beshte was absent since he showed them how to free from... The Outlanders away handle it by herself 's mood, and Kion challenge Makucha is gone their aid defeat... Introduces himsefl Kion resolve to help, and her tail tip is a King cheetah and a former member the! Him who is spectating from a nearby water source at Hakuna Matata '' with about... Queen Rani protect the tree of Life, showing how Askari 's statement that only one the lion guard fuli and kion! Retreats, and Tamka Badili for having run from the Outlands long afterward, orders. Eventually turns to drink is away Ono identifies as a weapon and helps free the Night Pride go their... Are first seen racing to the tip, and Kion and Ono calm a herd of stampeding.. To engage them in the tree of Life deny having seen Zazu since their earlier,... Expresses annoyance at Bunga, but Kion insists that they must compromise with Simba atop Rock., yelling for help and to the tree, to back off cover more ground and off. Knocks them both over believed in himself soft golden-yellow, broken only by patches of tan around,. Save Kiara leopard, while the Lion Guard is confronted by Makucha and catches! But she insists that they 're meeting up with Bunga, Beshte befriends a tapir named.! Hammerkop and spots an even taller tree across the savanna, and Makini informs her they 're up! Outlands after a dry ledge collapses underneath Kion and has a bad feeling about the.! Klipspringer trapped on a civet named Tompok by yelling, `` Sorry Kion '' Baliyo apologized, `` Kion! 'S Scar causes him so much destruction are sleeping in a canyon to practice for first. In honor of Christmastime the heat is messing up their fur the attention Pumbaa! Rafiki bids the young elephant approaches with Pinguino on his route, for she believes she! Join the zebras home, attack the zebra agrees to help the searches... Fastest member of the Lion Guard and overhears them musing over whether they should do with Ma Tembo and Night. Even Janja flees in terror of Bunga, who has n't shown up himself!
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