Get +5/+5/+5 attribute bonuses each level (or +5/+5/+1 if you wish to increase Luck), and make sure to obtain those bonuses in the attributes that are most beneficial to your character. A quick guide on how and why to level efficiently in Oblivion. One of the most important Attributes to level up is Endurance, as it will be your main source of health. Spend enough time at each level to get the best available equipment for that level. However I don't want to to get insta-killed by all the enemies so yeah. It's now 100% preparation and execution of good leveling techniques! TL : DR There are no more shortcuts! 4 - sleep leveling (default), where you are notified when you need to sleep to levelup. Either pick an experience based leveling system (like Oblivion XP), or a skill usage leveling system (like Realistic Leveling). It really isn't fun. Read the article on Efficient Leveling for specific instructions on how to do this. - posted in Oblivion Discussion: I'm trying to figure out how I should balance efficient leveling with actually playing and enjoying the game. Oblivion's leveling process is a fairly complex process to fully understand (a good starting point is UESP's Leveling page), but essentially it happens because of two aspects of Oblivion's design: The potency of all monsters is tied to your character's level. Then 8.0 came … Yeah I don't really care about the whole getting the maximum level thing, I just want to pick the most relevant 7 skills and play through normally without trying to max out stats. Say you level up Blade 10 times, Blade is associated with Strength so when you level up you get a bonus to your Strength stat. Some have trouble with Irestone Inlet (it's not an easy quest at that level … 2 - silent leveling, where levelups happen without any fanfare dialog box. Page 1 of 2 - Enjoyable Efficient Leveling? Attributes . This is a list of probably the most efficient path, but that doesn't mean adding stuff you enjoy to it will make you not hit 20. Oblivion leveling works the same as Morrowind, in which you need to level up on of your main skills 10 times. (lets say it's a minor skill) Then go level Blade 10 levels (this will be your major skill) so you can actually level up which gives you a +5 str bonus at the same time. This was mainly directed at people looking for a quick way to get their Allied race character up to speed. This is a much better way to have fun than the bureaucratic slog that is 'Efficient Leveling' If you'd thinking about using 'Efficient Leveling' on your first play-through of Oblivion, don't. 3 - verbose leveling (default), where levelups have the normal dialog box. In this video, we are doing something different and playing Oblivion for a change. I've read all the material at about The Leveling Problem, efficient leveling, under-leveling, and optimal character creation. Also stat gains are based on what skills were increased. Some people hate Necro1, so do the Detphs quests instead and that's fine. Oblivion has a difficulty slider -- the slider can be set to 'Fun', for whatever value is fun for you. Here are some tips on choosing the right attributes and skills to efficiently level. 1 - vanilla leveling, only advance attributes, so level advancement will be handled by vanilla. This is the basis of efficient leveling. This mod changes how the player character levels, removing the need for efficient leveling and making character development more diverse. The original thread is shown HERE. OPENING DISCUSSION: As many of you know, I maintained a guide after 7.3.5 to help people level up alts in preparation for BfA. Getting weaker as you level up is known as the "Leveling Problem".
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