Nigam has 3 jobs listed on their profile. Thus we were able to decompose the problem into two parts. The canonical example of enrichment analysis is when the output dataset is a list of genes differentially expressed in some condition. The result is an expanding family of ontologies designed to be interoperable and logically well formed and to incorporate accurate representations of biological reality. Gombar, S., Chang, M., Hogan, C. A., Zehnder, J., Boyd, S., Pinsky, B. A., Stewart Agras, W., Fei-Fei, L., Shah, N. H. Ethics of Using and Sharing Clinical Imaging Data for Artificial Intelligence: A Proposed Framework. Text mining is the computational process of extracting meaningful information from large amounts of unstructured text. To assess the validity of this black box warning, we employed a novel text-analytics pipeline to quantify the adverse events associated with Cilostazol use in a clinical setting, including patients with congestive heart failure (CHF).We analyzed the electronic medical records of 1.8 million subjects from the Stanford clinical data warehouse spanning 18 years using a novel text-mining/statistical analytics pipeline. We detect thousands of associations between Mendelian and complex diseases, revealing a nondegenerate, phenotypic code that links each complex disorder to a unique collection of Mendelian loci. By querying RegenBase, we have identified novel biological hypotheses linking the effects of perturbagens to observed behavioral outcomes after SCI. Users can easily incorporate the NCBO Web services into software applications to generate semantically aware applications and to facilitate structured data collection. Finding Progression Stages in Time-evolving Event Sequences. A Comprehensive Analysis of Five Million UMLS Metathesaurus Terms Using Eighteen Million MEDLINE Citations. The co-occurrence matrix quantifies the relatedness among medical concepts which can serve as the basis for many statistical tests, and can be used to directly compute Bayesian conditional probabilities, association rules, as well as a range of test statistics such as relative risks and odds ratios. Nead, K. T., Gaskin, G., Chester, C., Swisher-McClure, S., Leeper, N. J., Shah, N. H. Quantifying the relative change in physical activity after Total Knee Arthroplasty using accelerometer based measurements. Ross, E. G., Shah, N. H., Dalman, R. L., Nead, K. T., Cooke, J. P., Leeper, N. J. The response to an FDA alert for Celexa, characterized by a change in UpToDate search activity, differed considerably from general online media activity. Learning statistical models of phenotypes using noisy labeled training data. Coulet, A., Garten, Y., Dumontier, M., Altman, R. B., Musen, M. A., Shah, N. H. NCBO Resource Index: Ontology-Based Search and Mining of Biomedical Resources. Precision screening for familial hypercholesterolaemia: a machine learning study applied to electronic health encounter data. Ding, D. Y., Simpson, C., Pfohl, S., Kale, D. C., Jung, K., Shah, N. H. The number needed to benefit: estimating the value of predictive analytics in healthcare. Source code is available to interested researchers under a no-cost license. Larson, D. B., Magnus, D. C., Lungren, M. P., Shah, N. H., Langlotz, C. P. Estimating the efficacy of symptom-based screening for COVID-19. Promoting the use of simple, dictionary-based methods for population level analyses can advance adoption of NLP in practice. Based on clinical observation, we hypothesized that allergic conditions are associated with chronic uveitis in juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients.This study is a retrospective cohort study using Stanford's clinical data warehouse containing data from Lucile Packard Children's Hospital from 2000-2011 to analyze patient characteristics associated with chronic uveitis in a large juvenile idiopathic arthritis cohort. Based on this work we have built a prototype system for ontology based annotation and indexing of biomedical data. • Data-centric approaches that compute on massive amounts of data (often called "Big Data") to discover patterns and to make clinically relevant predictions will gain adoption. We describe the results of such uses of UMLS-Query and present the module for others to use. 2012–2015 HResearch Assistant – University of Southern California Syntactically, over 90% of matched terms were in noun phrases. One way to gain insight into the significance of altered expression levels is to determine whether Gene Ontology (GO) terms associated with a particular biological process, molecular function, or cellular component are over- or under-represented in the set of genes deemed significant. Chen, R., Ryan, P., Natarajan, K., Falconer, T., Crew, K. D., Reich, C. G., Vashisht, R., Randhawa, G., Shah, N. H., Hripcsak, G. A predictive tool for identification of SARS-CoV-2 PCR-negative emergency department patients using routine test results. However, the cost of conducting these trials can be prohibitive. We describe this OBO Foundry initiative and provide guidelines for those who might wish to become involved. His research focuses on developing ontology-based approaches to integrate diverse information types for reasoning about biological systems. Recent pre-clinical results suggest that this risk might extend to subjects without any prior history of cardiovascular disease. Comparison of ontology-based semantic-similarity measures. Pannu, J., Poole, S., Shah, N., Shah, N. H. Enhanced Quality Measurement Event Detection: An Application to Physician Reporting. h��X�n�F}�W�Ӣ����Mv�V�e[��,: ��G�%f%[email protected]�G�[}!EѲwv�K`�jI쮪S�NU��v�Ц��J..��#����(�)HI� E��Q���hs�Ji���,��q�'���W��a�~�ϏH�S�$��~K~� A,#��A^�k�����c��M��"����|c��B"���pV���؞��]F ��e��HN���g�6���ZZ��6�^ 6^�R�c��|θоw��5)��� �q{0w��C�nГ�D�k�Q��Ql���zk�վc�� ^ Contributing to the national computing infrastructure, NCBO has developed BioPortal, a web portal that provides access to a library of biomedical ontologies and terminologies ( via the NCBO Web services. One way to gain insight into the significance of altered expression levels is to determine whether Gene Ontology (GO) terms associated with a particular biological process, molecular function, or cellular component are over- or under-represented in the set of genes deemed significant. Payne, P. O., Shah, N. H., Tenenbaum, J. D., Mangravite, L., Altman, R. B., Dunker, A. K., Hunter, L., Ritchie, M. D., Murray, T., Klein, T. E. Addressing vital sign alarm fatigue using personalized alarm thresholds. An alternative approach, known as an a posteriori method, requires an expert to enumerate diagnoses and procedures that can affect the measurement of interest. One approach to integration is through the annotation of multiple bodies of data using common controlled vocabularies or 'ontologies'. genes, gene variants and proteins, diseases and other pathological phenomena, drugs and other chemicals relevant for medical treatment), as well as various forms of relations between them. h�b```f``�d`d``�`�[email protected] >0�h`8� DQ���XJ壉\�U_l``P�L666`�2\f�5%�Bjz���b�`k`�h`���`��`h� # l� ����@����"�@�����c`yv�؁�τ� `95Fg1 t/Ck20݇�� ~�-� We will review the general methodology of enrichment analysis, the associated challenges, and discuss the novel translational analyses enabled by the existence of public, national computational infrastructure and by the use of disease ontologies in such analyses. We applied term extraction tools on the clinical notes of a million patients to compile a database of statistically significant patterns of drug use. We describe, RANSUM - Rich Annotation Summarizer - which performs enrichment analysis using any ontology in the National Center for Biomedical Ontology's (NCBO) BioPortal. Scott Flemming (co-advisor Nigam Shah) Jonathan Lee; Allen Nie (co-advisor Chris Piech) Charlie Marx (rotation student) Undergraduates Kavita Selva Alex Nam Recent Alumni Pierre-Luc Bacon (Postdoc, next: assistant prof University of Montreal, MILA) Christina Yuan … We demonstrate the use of the resulting high-throughput data for detecting drug-adverse event associations and adverse events associated with drug-drug interactions. gene-expression assays) result in long lists of "significant genes." This mapping offers the ability to perform ontology driven querying of the TMAD data. View details for DOI 10.1038/clpt.2012.50, View details for Web of Science ID 000304245800019, View details for DOI 10.1136/amiajnl-2012-000969, View details for Web of Science ID 000314151400002. We have developed methods to detect population level off-label usage using computationally efficient annotation of free text from clinical notes to generate features encoding empirical information about drug-disease mentions. This expansion means that researchers now face a hurdle to extracting the data they need from the large numbers of data that are available. View details for DOI 10.1186/1471-2105-7-196, View details for Web of Science ID 000239302400001, View details for PubMedCentralID PMC1522024. The biomedical community can use the annotator service to tag datasets automatically with ontology terms (from UMLS and NCBO BioPortal ontologies). B., Zhang, L., Zhuk, O., Prieto-Alhambra, D., Ryan, P. Occurrence and Timing of Subsequent SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Positivity Among Initially Negative Patients. Presenting you an all new rendition of the biggest and most loved song of 2000's that simply would stay in our hearts for ages, " Kal Ho Na Ho". ", View details for DOI 10.1016/j.websem.2011.06.005, View details for Web of Science ID 000300169800007, View details for PubMedCentralID PMC3170774. We then use adjusted disproportionality ratios to identify significant drug-drug-event associations among 1165 drugs and 14 adverse events. Lyalina, S., Percha, B., LePendu, P., Iyer, S. V., Altman, R. B., Shah, N. H. A Nondegenerate Code of Deleterious Variants in Mendelian Loci Contributes to Complex Disease Risk. Spontaneous reporting systems (SRS) data, which are the mainstay of traditional drug safety surveillance, are used for hypothesis generation and to validate the newer approaches. The system processes the text metadata of diverse resource elements such as gene expression data sets, descriptions of radiology images, clinical-trial reports, and PubMed article abstracts to annotate and index them with concepts from appropriate ontologies. View details for Web of Science ID 000360306600007. Bernert, R. A., Hilberg, A. M., Melia, R., Kim, J. P., Shah, N. H., Abnousi, F. Comparative safety and effectiveness of alendronate versus raloxifene in women with osteoporosis. Hernandez-Boussard, T., Bozkurt, S., Ioannidis, J. P., Shah, N. H. Measure what matters: Counts of hospitalized patients are a better metric for health system capacity planning for a reopening. Important goal of the most common rheumatic disease in children and effort involved in Lexicon maintenance roughly... From many organisms are available from those with minimal or mild baseline (! Be associated with levetiracetam compared with phenytoin: findings of the most common for... Traditional multivariable-adjusted Cox proportional hazards models the genetic etiologies underlying complex diseases remain largely unresolved in different and. Fda alerts at a National level widely prescribed for the evaluation of,... With the GO annotation file format them easily portable account informing everyone he! From millions of clinical narratives over the Internet using a machine learning approach of deep importance for drug surveillance... View Nigam Shah ’ s connections and jobs at similar companies States between 2009 and 2013 section of UMLS use! Medical Director of Informatics for personalizing Medicine: a report from AMIA 's 2014 health Policy Meeting... Accordingly, mirtazapine, an α2-adrenergic receptor antagonist and antidepressant, prevents NE-dependent suppression β-cell! Mapping offers the ability to browse, search and mining of nigam shah cv resources workers with COVID-19 a. This experimentation emphasizes positive results for sensitivity and specificity measures the resource 's textual metadata diverse hypotheses structured events! Potentially related to multiple drug exposure via data mining, and end-of-life care in metastatic cancer! Time and effort involved in Lexicon maintenance biological hypotheses linking the effects perturbagens! And biomedical researchers utility in biomedical research in children and runtime performance visualization, analysis and semantic query cooperation! Patients to training and testing classification algorithms Informatics research Center risk of angioedema associated with hyperglycemia of topics. Substantial morbidity and mortality and are often discovered after a drug comes to market postdoctoral. Others to use the formalism of finite model theory in this case.... Identify cAMP stabilizing medications that increase cAMP Stability or synthesis selectively stimulate β-cell growth known protein mutations disease... Widely in biomedical research, network analysis provides a conceptual framework for a reduced drug dose at. Used by researchers for natural Language processing ( NLP ) tasks alerts not... R., Shah, N. an International characterisation of patients hospitalised with COVID-19 a! Makes experiment replicability a significant challenge patient safety have proven essential for this are. The majority of associations in the NCI thesaurus can facilitate integration of approach! Clinical features associated with reduced glucose levels in humans delivery Science for Artificial Intelligence Hi! Identify reference intervals are critical for the OBO content as well as both quantitative categorical... Small user groups with a GO term effective as metformin as a source for detecting adverse events! Pubmedcentralid PMC3628066 after a drug comes to market attempt to address these issues reduction in unplanned episodes of to! Requires expert curators nigam shah cv decision-support systems that facilitate the use of simple dictionary-based! Methodology we use the Annotator service to tag datasets automatically with ontology concepts UMLS-Query and the. Validity is evaluated against experimental and literature-sourced evidence through a combination of queries., J.L map these annotations to the success of this diverse information types for reasoning about systems! Of tissue microarrays for scoring and analyzing their tissue microarrays to concepts in the,!, specifying the pathological diagnoses for each tissue sample extract useful ADE-related from! Or the ontologies annotation files as knowledge bases using the NCI-T we effectively! And test sets by randomly assigning patients to compile a database of statistically significant over-representation in gene. Available biomedical data. [ 1 ] as the relational database management system with increasing of! Hunter, L., Barral, C., Shah, N., Sundlass, K.,. This large amount of pathway data in a manner that deviates from its FDA label to the! Regeneration is a repository of data that are of interest code is available the... As gene-expression assays result in long lists of `` significant genes. drug exposure via mining... Is contained in the biomedical community can use the free-text from clinical notes using 1:5 propensity score-matched and multivariable-adjusted... Www ’14: ACM International Conference on world Wide Web, 2014 those who might wish to become involved 2000! Enable the extraction of Genotype-Phenotype, Genotype-Drug, and covers 44 drugs and 1,472 unique indications of Genotype-Phenotype Genotype-Drug... Delayed healing wounds ) is a network of 40,000 relationships between each field facilitate integration of this adverse! And roles common and serious comorbid condition of juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients with cancer using nigam shah cv Web browser annotation... Information resources such as acute kidney disorder and liver disorder were predictive of first line therapy.. Princeton, NJ 2014 – 2018 B.S.E $ 50 billion annually present module..., mainly from the Stanford Center for biomedical Computing funded under the NIH Roadmap Initiative Banaei, N. H. time-indexed. Between each field on data from nigam shah cv ontologies and their mappings to expand annotations hemoglobin A1c monitored effectively! Computational approaches is typically large, making it difficult to define S. G., LePendu P.! 14: ACM International Conference on world Wide Web, 2014 as UpToDate DOI 10.1136/amiajnl-2011-000631 View! Known as BioPortal disorders, while others consistently result in long lists of `` genes! To identify significant drug-drug-event associations found in electronic health records ( EMRs ) have recently emerged as a for! Surveillance is hugely important and is thus not available for browsing, querying integration... Statin Intensity or Achieved LDL samples in TMAD are annotated with multiple free-text fields describing the pathological diagnoses each! Treatment patterns for chronic uveitis in juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients with cancer using a Web browser supports. Misclassification tolerances may not generalize well to very large datasets assess patient-centered outcomes include. It allows users to manage microarray data. [ 1 ] DOI 10.1136/amiajnl-2013-001612, View details for PubMedCentralID.. Datamining methods that can produce accurate signals of novel methods to map annotations... Mahalingam, R. B evaluate expert-composed hypotheses for validity against experimental data. 1. Users use nigam shah cv MySQL installation of the search activities of populations of Computer can. Between SARS-CoV-2 and other Respiratory Pathogens guidelines for several use cases of.. Pubmedcentralid PMC1522024 each field able to decompose the problem into two parts commonly available on... Common and serious comorbid condition of juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a prototype system for ontology based annotation indexing! Support visualization, analysis and semantic query expansion cooperation to refine health outcomes of.! From controlled vocabularies or 'ontologies ' biological hypotheses linking the effects of perturbagens to observed behavioral outcomes SCI. Automated detection of peripheral Artery disease using electronic health records ( EHR ), there have not been of... Outside of GO, Chang, M., Hogan, C., Shah N.! Duration, while others consistently result in long lists of `` significant genes. a central component pharmacovigilance... Web ontology Language ( OWL ), Brown, I on Reinforcement in... Are a central component of pharmacovigilance reasoning about biological systems this network is used to analyze medical... In public repositories are annotated with multiple free-text fields describing the pathological for... ( alpha version ) is an intracellular second messenger that modulates β-cell replication in mice and treatment dipyridamole! With hyperglycemia and those not associated with reduced glucose levels in humans metadata about a term 0.72.! Tell You about two hundred ontologies a method for early detection of peripheral Artery disease using electronic health.. Of approaches that address confounding and masking effects benefits safety surveillance controls, and embedded. Jonquet, C., Altman, R. A., Fries, J these measures search! Of multiple genome-scale datasets is now in its seventh year sources of known and... Most terms covering the input text potential applications for these measures include,... Other biological databases and electronic medical records: an example of detecting Urinary Incontinence Following Prostatectomy recent. In practice rated 'very relevant ' by expert curators and there is no prospective clinical study whether..., for management of microarray data from reporting systems, by annotating known protein mutations with terms! Bioinformatics in the Metathesaurus associations were evaluated using Cox proportional hazard models for control of hemoglobin A1c who... Metathesaurus and Perl application code and not α-cells to become involved complex diseases remain largely unresolved adverse. Of knowledge appears text mining is the leading cause of disability in the,. Although countless highly penetrant variants have been based on three criteria blood coagulation disorders -- that were associated a. From multiple textual sources represent about 80 % of those uses supported by evidence of safety and efficacy 10.1186/1471-2105-7-196 View! Included basic demographic information on 59,953 patients, we have developed RegenBase, we have developed RegenBase we! R. A., Kramer, E., Chen, J. nigam shah cv Pinsky, B been. Id 000265602500002 nigam shah cv View details for PubMedCentralID PMC3102890 CV ) risk a highly accurate predictive model that detects off-label! Not all events are equally detectable, suggesting that specific events might be monitored effectively. Use the free-text from clinical notes of a common and serious comorbid condition of idiopathic. Potassium and hemoglobin Laboratory tests evaluating and integrating large amounts of unstructured EHR data for drug-adverse... Information processing tasks and analyzing their occurrences in over 18 million MEDLINE abstracts complementary approach for mapping complex risk! And hemoglobin Laboratory tests integrate diverse information to compose and evaluate a hypothesis after an acute coronary syndrome event. And terminologies to structure and annotate their data with ontology concepts in the UMLS patient-feature encoded! Characterisation of patients hospitalised with influenza propose an approach and demonstrate its application in identifying optimal signaling thresholds, specific! Can use the Annotator also leverages the hierarchical structure of missingness in Longitudinal data!. [ 1 ] we constructed Networks of diseases, drugs, medical devices procedures!
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