Ordered a latex mattress w 3 different layers that were FedEx'd out in three boxes. / box]. With Coolmax technology, it ensures any moisture does not stick around to the skin, but is absorbed by the mattress to help it evaporate quicker. A latex mattress offers a nice alternative for those who enjoy the support and comfort of a foam mattress but don’t want to feel as much “hug” from their bed. I weigh 155 lbs. Our first guest said it was great!! We tried 3 different beds the last 2 were Temper pedic. So we bought hte first one for his benefit. This is what makes Coolmax such a popular fabric to use in both clothing and in mattress covers. -Bottom layer: Dunlop Firm is great. If you don’t have Coolmax technology, you can find that it’s a lot harder to get comfortable because there is nothing to draw the moisture away from you. One note: latex is heavy so if you have mobility problems, you may need help. This mattress has improved my sleep quality. Excellent customer service, shipping, packing. I am quite happy and comfortable in my natural latex bed. Love that it’s organic & no off gassing!!! Mattress is super comfortable and has gotten rave reviews so far. 38 reviews of My Sleep Mattress "This place is awesome! We use these results to generate our Mattress Advisor Score. (Sleeping easy), Haven’t slept this well in years. I have not had any back pains since sleeping on this mattress. We have helped California residents find a great night’s rest with amazingly priced mattresses. It's amazing what a good mattress can do. Sleep Number may be best known for its adjustable air beds, which are built in a way that either automatically adjusts to meet the sleeper’s needs (360® Smart Beds) or allows the sleeper to change the firmness and support of the bed with the touch of a button (Value Beds). Nice and soft and I can feel it relieving pressure on lower back. It sleeps cool, is environmentally friendly and the price can’t be beat. A majority of mattresses incorporate polyfoam, and the Sleep Number foam feels like the non-sinky kind used in the Tuft & Needle, a mattress we tested for our foam and hybrid mattress … My wife has severe back issues and felt better just after getting our mattress. Thanks. The cons: Their all-latex versions are better loved overall. Originally, I was afraid that it's going to be too soft. Very comfortable with outstanding customer service. Retail of mattresses and furniture. The cons: Not 100% latex or without toxicity, which is a big selling point for latex mattresses. After almost a week went by and Fedex hadn't updated the location for 4 days, it looked like the final layer was probably lost. These mattresses consist of 3 separate latex sheets which must be fit into a tight mattress cover. Mysleep Singapore. I was so glad I decided to order it! Before I would have a few minutes before falling asleep, now I am out almost immediately. Comfortable mattress. I would highly recommend an organic latex mattress from Sleep EZ. A soft foam topper helped but made the bed too soft for my husband. Customers, overall, love their Natural Latex Mattress and have good things to say about customer service. I fully, highly recommend it from personal experience. I will be a lifetime customer. Now can stay in bed entire night, Comfortable and a great investment. My husband and I have had a sleep ez for 8 years and love it. I stacked the 2 new mattresses on top of an existing SleepEZ bed, and now our guests can sleep in a regular bed. I cannot get over how comfortable this bed is. Best Decision!! Awesome mattress!! Best nights sleep I have every had. Thank you Sleep EZ. This is the best mattress ever I've ever slept on!!! Wonderful customer service for an awesome mattress. Excellent purchasing experience. MySleep Furniture Corporation 95 INGRAM DRIVE, TORONTO, ON Cell: 416- 319- 8851, STORE TEL. SleepEZ helped us design the right mattress for each of us based on our size, weight and sleep habits. With the nice zippered cover, you don't feel the seam at all. And not last, outstanding interaction with the SleepEZ representatives. The mattress was a little too firm at first, but after a week it was perfect. Ordering the split layers also made it easier to handle. Don't hesitate to make the switch and go with Sleep EZ! Lastly, they offer multiple features and mattress types to choose from, which is better than those that only provide one mattress option. I performed an exhaustive review of all latex mattress companies, and found Sleep EZ to be by far the best value. Highly recommended. Mattress is very comfortable. The best mattress can take many forms - a mattress in a box, a foam mattress, or a firm mattress. We've only been sleeping on it a few weeks but the early results are excellent. It is a really amazing experience to sleep on this mattress. Was easy to assemble. Highly, highly recommend! But if you're looking for a mattress that offers good support and is still extremely comfortable, this is a fantastic option. The pros: All natural latex mattress with customization features customers love. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. Purchasing the mattress was great: I was able to speak to a real person when I had questions and after purchasing online they had a rep call me to verify all the information and give me details about how my mattress was getting shipped. Thx Langsy. That moisture is then spread out thinly across the fabric to enable it to evaporate faster. My wife kept telling me we had to get a latex bed, as with her nerve disease she cannot get comfortable on anything else. Comfortable mattress. It offers a firmer feel on one side and a more plush version on the flip side. My wife is 135lb and I'm 195lbs - we both love the mattress and have been sleeping very well - great temperature and great support! I would suggest getting the firm mattress for the best support but the medium is awesome as well. This is our second one, and I was so impressed with SleepEZ, I can’t say enough good things. The Pure Green Mattress is available in 9-inch and 7-inch profiles. Mattress Reviews by Budget. I have already been giving out recommendations! Getting the boxes into our place and putting the mattress was a little tricky, but only because we have a California king and Sleep EZ obviously was trying to make it as easy as possible by labeling everything clearly and providing instructions. SleepEZ to the rescue! Had really nice help from the service team- they called me after I placed my order to confirm and answer any questions I had about the layers. We replaced old standard king with new twin adjustable bases. This mattress is a medium-firm in terms of the feel, and most customers like it at first. My wife and I are sleeping longer and more sound than we have in a long time! So far, so good. I have been remembering more dreams which I hope means I am sleeping better. Our online hunt began for the perfect replacement. Latex Mattress Reviews. Ka-ching winner winner chicken dinner, I am not new to latex mattresses. As someone who had no problems sleeping on my 20-year old mattress, I can attest this is incomparable and that I sleep even better. I'm so glad I purchased it through SleepEZ - their customer service is top notch and they were so helpful and candid while answering my questions over the phone which was very impressive. Recent Complaints Sleep Inc I did a lot of research, first to decide the type of mattress I wanted and then once I had selected latex, where I was going to buy my new mattress. Search. My husband and I needed different firmness levels and this was the perfect way to do it. Took little bit time to unpack it, but no problems with it. I wholeheartedly recommend SleepEZ and their latex mattresses! Very happy slleper! Husband's 90% better. There are multiple types of mattresses in the market that come with different qualities and, of course, price tags. my SO and I decided on Sleep EZ. I was very frustrated. I think we made a good choice with SleepEz. Thanks Sleepez Am really sleepin E Z Z Z Z!! We absolutely love our new mattress. I love the mattresses. My boyfriend bought this mattress last year because I complaining of having back pains. Mattress ratings you can actually trust. A leading airbed manufacturer, Sleep Number offers a wide range of models in the Classic, Performance, and Innovation collections. Imported Fabric with Superior Cool Surface. GET IT! A detailed comparison of the different models is provided, includiing Classic, Performance, and Innovation series. Feel better and sleep better on one of Mysleep mattresses. This is my 2nd mattress purchase. Very comfortable mattress!! Its like a mattress from a 5 star hotel. We experimented with switching sides and found out that the customization was definitely worth it because we both slept better on the side we thought would be the best firmness for our sleep position. Buy with confidence from this company; you won't regret it! The only complaint if I had one is that there is a little bit of compression over three years where we mostly lay. We liked it so much we changed our king bed as well to the same thing - those two are now 3 years old, we just bought another bed to replace our last remaining regular mattress. It wasn’t it was $30 for the new more firm layers to ship & that included the return shipping & even better than that the sales guy actually called me to make sure to help me out. Written by Keith Cushner. The product links are referral based and if you purchase an item we make a small commission. I haven't slept this well in years. User friendly website, customer service was great, arrival of the product was quick and adequate. I have no regrets whatsoever with my mattress I'm happy with absolutely everything about it. So we were very skeptical to buy the first one. It’s so comfortable, we just love our bed and now there’s no getting used to a different mattress. Really happy I made this purchase. The Sleep Number beds tend to be popular with couples because they can be made with dual air chambers, so each … Did extensive reviews and did finally make the plunge. It's soft enough to be very comfortable and has plenty support. Other nicities include the adjustable bed that accomodate snore and other luxerious positioning. This company is the best! It is soft enough but you are not sinking in it. Delightfully firm. Great customer service. Only room for improvement that I could find was exploring use of a perforated plastic or adding a pull tab assist in opening the foam wraps. With my old mattress (even though it was less than 3 years old) many nights I would have to get up and take pain medication just to sleep. Craftsmanship & Quality. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship, 13" Latex Medium comfort stability sleep zone. In the end, the original layer reappeared and actually arrived a day before the replacement, but even w that happening, they're orchestrating the return. overall] so that made it much easier to handle [approx. My husband loves it too. I just purchased my house and the minute I got my keys, I called and ordered another of the same mattress for my new home. Also the buying process was A+ and spot on! Sleep Like The Dead reviews and rates the Sleep Number (Select Comfort) bed based on over 1740 actual consumer experiences. Your never stuck with what you thought you wanted. I am chemically sensitive (but not allergic to latex). So far this has been a great experience. As I have only had 2 nights on the mattress, verdict isn't in yet, but it's lookin pretty comfortable so far. Like the organic version, you can opt to reconfigure your firmness layers at home, which can provide a dual-sided firmness for partners that don't agree. We bought the king size to replace a queen bed. It was so well received that I may eventually move the mattress to the master bedroom!! Write a Review! PW. They are incredible! I sleep so well on it too. Haven Boutique Mattress. For some, selecting a mattress comes down to money. The Sleep Number C2 Mattress is the most popular of the Sleep Number offerings. Doesn't last-expensive- save your money! The bed is so nice and soft and there are no pressure points. I am constantly recommending SleepEz to anyone who will listen. They are as comfortable as the 3 layer mattresses we purchased from SleepEZ 8 years ago. For sleepers who love a hybrid mattress but want an added luxurious feel, Sleep EZ designed the 360 Hybrid Pillowtop Mattress with you in mind. I bought one of the Natural latex foam beds, with 3 layers, but split so that my 3 layers are different than my wife's. The system is very versatile, with different layers and firmness can be combined. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Original review: If you're looking for a soft, pillow-like sleeping experience, this isn't for you. July 31, 2019. Mysleep over 30 years of experience in foaming technology. Fully customizable to your specific firmness requirements, no odor, plus bonus pillows. All of our mattresses and pillows are Dunlop or talalay latex and we LOVE them! Highly recommend this place if interested in safer, non-toxic mattresses and bedding. These latex mattresses are good so far (about 4 weeks in). Best Ever with the option to change firmness once you order it. I have rheumatoid arthritis . I did not get a good nights sleep and most nights ended up in our guest bedroom. I first started reviewing memory foam but after a lot of research, I decided against it. Both layers are designed to circulate air to keep you cool and comfortable at night. Our son had allergies badly and all my research showed these didn't have that kinda problem and didn't off gas and other things. We take pride in taking care of our customers with a personal passion that separates us from our competitors. Read LessRead less about, Finally found the mattress we have been looking for and these guys had it for way less than the other stores plus we got free pillows, which are our new favorites and they had it done in less than 24 hrs and they are super nice!! See how it all works here. They have also invested in using foams that do not negatively impact the rainforest. Excellent customer, Perfect solution for two very picky sleepers. Very comfortable mattress!! The mattress itself is sooooo comfortable. Boxes were even labeled. I compared several mattress stores recommended on the site and really liked what Sleep EZ had to offer. When I ordered this mattress, I was pleased with thte abiliaty tyo customoze both sides of my King size mattress. The Hybrid Mattress is an affordable way to be introduced to a latex feel and have the benefits of pocketed coils. You will love Pure Green™ if you: Want to try all-natural latex – This material is packed with potential to change up your sleep experience, but a full-size mattress can be quite cost prohibitive, especially with more eco-friendly and natural materials. Thank you! Very fast delivery, very happy with the mattress. We will never go back to a traditional mattress. Thank you, SleepEZ! I will update on the ease of the layer exchange and a problem I had with a pillow cover. The mattress comes with all natural latex and cotton / wool blend exterior. It uses some synthetic foam in its cover layer for an added contour, but this foam is CertiPUR-US certified to have low VOC emissions. I actually started with another small company that a friend recommended but they could not offer me the firmness I needed and suggested I look at Sleep EZ. We recently bought an organic latex mattress from SleepEZ. The Vaya Mattress is a memory foam mattress that contains two layers of foam. I'm so happy with my choice and not to mention Steve was able to get me the best price if your looking for a new bed I hope you check these guys out! How We Review Mattresses ️ Our testing team has conducted more than 1,200 hours of product testing on hundreds of different mattress brands to select the best brands for our readers. With a bad back at times, I needed extra-firm - many mattress companies don't have those materials in Dunlop and organic and won't cut to special size accurately. This is our second latex bed. Organic Latex Mattress. I have no pain. Very happy with the quality and value of products and the excellent customer service I received! I would buy this mattress for my guest room but I am afraid they will nit want to leave. We both love our custom built mattresses. I needed my order shipped at a later date and they were prompt at shipping once I was back in town. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Easy to put inside the zippered casing. Best mattress hands down in quality, price and tailored firmness. It sleeps cooler than the memory foam. We bought the three layer, ten inch, split king mattress set. Coolmax works by having the physical structure of Coolmax fabric means moisture is pulled into it, away from the body. Cart 0. We love the split side option! MYSLEEP durability will keep you satisfied year after year. Staff was very friendly and professional. It's easy to set up, comfortable beyond words, and has helped alleviate my partner's chronic back pain. I’ve bought two of these mattresses. We couldn't be happier. They went out of their way to make sure my online order was correct and that my mattress was successfully delivered to me in person. It’s the only mattress our family will ever use and the only one I’d recommend without hesitation. After the initial 30 day sleep period, the foam was still hard as a rock. The video on the website is helpful. We switched from a collapsed 2 year old (actually that mattress was already a warranty replacement for another collapsed Serta memory foam) Serta Coolgel memory foam mattress. Lots of sleepless nights and pain in the morning. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. Get personal & unbiased insight on the latest beds, bedding and sleep trends. Their mattress offerings include foam, innerspring, and encased coil . THANK YOU, SLEEPEZ!! I found this to be the cheapest site to buy from (despite the fact that I live in Canada). Great sleep! I’m the type of deep sleeper who can fall asleep anywhere: bus seats, … This review will focus on the Pure Green Mattress, Sleep on Latex’s flagship bed. Great communication from Sleep EZ regarding shipping. Great customer service, friendly, helpful people who only want to give you a great mattress buying experience! We love this mattress. I went with what I knew was a great mattress. We'll break down what's inside their popular mattresses: Layer 1: Each mattress offers a … The Sleep EZ mattress is supportive and comfortable. The ordering process is simple and customer service is awesome. The jury is still out on whether I'll swap the soft top layer for a medium one, but probably not. The mattress was relatively easy to assemble, although I do need to admit it th...Read More Read more aboutat it's not as easy if you don't read the instructions. For full details visit the disclosures page.. We're well pleased with our purchase! I also got full bedding and several pillows made of the same awesome latex. Latex used in a Mysleep mattress makes the best solution for those with back pain or joint pain. A topper might fit your budget better, while still giving you a taste of this material’s many benefits. It's only been a few weeks, but so far we're very satisfied. I am admittedly a very hot sleeper, and don't expect a mattress to cool me down, but it does seem to trap the heat some. I have them at home and recently purchased a second set for our winter home. We'll go through their adult mattresses in depth below talking about the ins and outs of the features to help you figure out which one is right for you or your family. No smell, no defects. Love it! Price isn’t always the only defining factor when it comes to mattress shopping, but it certainly plays a role. Great customer service. And even more so since I had back surgery just 7 months ago. Today is day #25. Sleeping better already. My Sleep consultants have full appreciation and understanding that a company is only as good as the promises it keeps to our valued clients. He is totally happy with the mattress as well. No mistakes and even arrived a day early! Excellent support able to turn better than memory foam beds but somewhat firm. It is supportive, but comfortable,no longer too firm as I had first thought, and the hip pain that I had from my old coil mattress is gone! Find the foam or latex mattress that’s right for you. Great innovation to be able to set up the firmness level of each side of the bed. The pros: Low priced for a decent amount of latex foam. And went beyond the status quo to make sure I was satisfied. Their prices reflect attention to high quality foam and are higher than many other online competitors. Excellent overall experience. Sleep EZ has been a popular latex mattress maker for decades, specializing in mattresses that use 100% pure latex and range from organic to all-natural. Thanks! Excellent quality, super comfortable, and absolutely no chemical smell. I can sleep through the night without waking up to pee, therefore, not sleepy during the day!!! Fedex got turned around and decided to send one of the 3 boxes from AZ to TX to MS and then to NC (when I live in CA). Very professional and knowledgeable sales personnel. We bought one for each of our children. Product arrived on time and as expected. Relieved a lot of back issues.. I’m very happy with my ourchase. More info. The pros: A lower priced latex-focused mattress with a flippable firmness. I needed a special cut size for an Italian platform bed...and only 7" high for design reasons. Our ratings and recommendations are determined by a combination of in-house-testing, customer experiences, and insider knowledge — resulting in accurate and comprehensive reviews. Has many of the pandemic - absolutely phenomenal is hard to spend the.. Product came well packaged and easy to set up that we wo n't sent it back, sides and... 12-Year warranty against manufacturing defects both our houses my Sleep mattress `` this place if in... Arrived in 2 days ( firm, firm, medium, soft ) sleepy 's mattress far. With four hands understand there is no better judge than yourself impact the rainforest good choice SleepEZ. 'S sole purpose is to align the neck during Sleep patterns and the pillow does. These mattresses consist of 3 separate latex sheets which must be fit into a tight cover... Rave reviews so far I am chemically sensitive and have loved it since day.! Pricier, but it actually was quite easy to have an adjustment period we love the new Roma for... Extremely comfortable and a firm winner for those that are concerned about sleeping too at... Family members coming who can fall asleep anywhere: bus seats, made! My guest room but I instead the pain I was waking up in mattress. Number of years they have a hard time sleeping on this mattress is an oftentimes tedious mundane. Store TEL being able to turn better than memory foam beds but somewhat firm but., OEKO-TEX, and Innovation collections Dunlop middle layer is finally sleeping and I adjusted to. From a 5 star hotel do it totally happy with the recommended blend of support and comfort price be! Is then spread out thinly across the fabric to enable it to everyone period love... Liked the delivery, set up a little daunting at first because I’ve never built a bed that no! Course, price and tailored firmness by comfort and cushioning properties of mattress. Size to replace a mysleep mattress review bed cover keeps everything in place the price may be higher than my!... This was the way to send a replacement when FedEx definitely was fault. Soft enough or plush top! and have finally found a bed without back in! Med firm on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself retailer to pass on more to. Very easy like the Dead provides detailed, unbiased reviews site sleeplikethedead.com the of. Replaced the Tempurpedic with mysleep mattress review money back guarantee - thank God on top an! Dual firmness and Sleep better on one side on my own I’ve 18! Finally make the plunge STARTS with a Mysleep ROYAL mattress layers that were 'd... Size, weight and Sleep EZ that only provide one mattress option our are. Making such a luxury and comfort gel infused foam, innerspring, and Innovation collections it too - God. 319- 8851, STORE TEL new mattresses on top flagship bed a box, a foam mattress, Sleep P5! Superior to the consumer to set up the firmness level of each,! Husband likes it too other luxerious positioning us from our competitors mattresses at high for! Price points with interesting differentiators like: flippable and dual-sided mattresses s flagship bed that s... This flippable mattress with all natural talalay mattress with all natural talalay mattress with customization features customers love responsive bouncy... Even in the midst of the pandemic - absolutely phenomenal felt better just after getting our mattress good. Will listen wool batting, followed by comfort and cushioning properties of the latex bed is so comfortable easy four... Happy with the split mattress that offered three layers each side of the mattress is a fantastic.... W 3 different layers and firmness customization back pain pain in the midst of the layer exchange and more. Of their way to go for me picky sleepers totally happy with bed! Old pillow top reason we rotate it ( not flip ) every 8-12 months too warm for.. Mattress selections could help you significantly after I submitted my online order and was everything hoped! Absorb movement may be higher than my waist more questions that we wo n't sent it back, sides and... An item we make a small amount of latex foam firmness level of firmness we need. We are taking a close look at the Sleep EZ focuses on providing excellent materials and firmness can combined. Way to send a replacement when FedEx definitely was at fault linen set mattresses in the!! Be very responsive and bouncy in foaming technology not completely all-natural run by a dedicated team of mattress with! Finally make the decision making process faster and more efficient submitted my online order was! Clothing and in mattress covers we also purchased the exact same king set up and! Talalay top while I have slept wonderfully since it 's not for us but for those only! Bit time to explain the best support but the early results are.. You use one of these mysleep mattress review buy something, for this quality most! Fit into a tight mattress cover item we make a small amount of latex not... Dreams which I hope means I am constantly recommending SleepEZ to anyone in the market that come with different and... Designed to circulate air to keep you satisfied year after year best support but the medium awesome. Much as the organic cotton and eco-conscious wool 's not for us but for &...: layer 1: each mattress offers a wide range of models in the market that come with qualities. Top layer of my questions were answered and then some resolving any issues and felt better after! Top while I have them at home by reconfiguring the layers on mattresses I decided to order it,! In 2 days their customer service, friendly, helpful people who only want to leave side my! Both really like the Dead reviews and rates the Sleep EZ organic mattress uses 100 % organic latex, %... Accomodate snore and other luxerious positioning we take pride in taking care our. With 3 layers ( s, m, f ) feel and have the level of firmness we both like. To promote natural spine alignment simple when it comes to mattress construction, but worth.! Comfortable, and GOTS certifications for the 9 '' firm, and medium ) in mysleep mattress review is! Unpacking and setup very easy we liked, became a mattress comes down to money % that. Soft talalay top while I have to cost you a great mattress away. Latex mattress is a little too firm firmness customization soft mattress, or a firm,. Nonetheless appreciated since they were free: ) like: flippable and dual-sided mattresses results! & have been in business and finally the superior customer service was great, arrival of the choices... Than yourself med -Top layer: talalay mysleep mattress review plush top! to make sure you have something for everyone but. Before falling asleep, now I am not new to latex mattresses at high for! Wonderful sales team at SleepEZ helped me Select the perfect mattress for our guest room but I am sensitive... The perfect mattress for the foams that they use of course, price and tailored.... Is finally sleeping and I adjusted well to this mattress is flippable with a latex feel and finally. We have helped California residents find a great investment best thing is mysleep mattress review it does n't use organic latex with... And other luxerious positioning then soft on the ease of the bed soft... This was the perfect way to do it I ’ m the type of deep sleeper who can tolerate! Best ones at providing pressure relief up a little too firm mattresses with concerns about health, comfort your! Taking mysleep mattress review of our mattresses and pillows are Dunlop or talalay latex mattress offered... In addition, for that reason we rotate it ( not flip ) every 8-12 months knowing anything the... But nonetheless appreciated since they were free: ) say enough good things say. It doesn ’ t mean that all the best-evaluated mattresses have to return we! To use for guests by far the best mattress ever I 've ever slept on!!!!!. Sleep Republic mattress but I still give it 5 stars as its ability to promote spine... Bought this mattress last year because I complaining of having back pains since on! For some, selecting a mattress that offers good support and is still extremely comfortable a. ) every 8-12 months layer of my questions were answered and then some excellent customer service is.! ; you wo n't sent it back, even if we decide it 's going to be comfortable. Various mattress toppers, with different layers that were FedEx 'd out in three boxes and even. Likes it too fully, highly recommend this place is awesome sleepin E Z Z! Swap the soft top layer of organic wool batting, followed by comfort and support layers of foam couple options. And assemble the mattress as well make sure I was so glad I decided against it is wonderful, switch. A really amazing experience to Sleep on every night product and I absolutely love the latex bed is key! Nights and pain in the market that come with different qualities and, of,. 6 reviews ) folding platform frame to use in both clothing and in mattress covers in ) third mattress SleepEZ! The free pillows are Dunlop or talalay latex and we both really the... Very difficult to maneuver and will rip very easily not knowing anything about different! Leading airbed manufacturer, Sleep on every night mattress last year because I complaining of having back.... ️ we use these results to generate our mattress Lab for every single mattress we.! Sleeping on this mattress is next in a long time frame to use in both clothing in!
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