One of the simplest but more interesting ideas I’ve come across: making a travel memory box for each destination you visit. tickets, receipts, souvenirs, postcards, and other detritus . 6. There’s at least one organization that is so determined to have fun with their customers that they strive to hire interesting, outgoing people and insist on fun inside their workplace. Plus, it is fun – albeit in a geeky way. Watch our make and do videos. A few will make it onto the coffee cups themselves. The Third Rule on the Zappos Family Core is: Create Fun and a Little Weirdness. Want to make a PowerPoint presentation that is fun, interesting, engaging, and, well, not boring?! And second, I need some rapport with them – so it helps a lot if I know who they are (and vice versa). Annual mandatory training is common in many organizations, but does not always scream excitement to employees. First, the students need to be in the room. Keeping the attention of your group is one of your biggest challenges as a tour guide, tour leader or tour director. It’s that dreaded time of the year employees hope to get the checkmark for and revisit 12 months later. Be more playful On any given tour the leader is doing the majority of the speaking, and so it is especially important to think of creative ways to get your audience to participate. The visitor’s experience starts with a “pre-visit” including social media, online museum information and online communities all building to a paid museum visit. museum. 10 Ways to Make Learning Fun for Students. He gave me a puzzled look and said “Haaa!” Most people don’t set any goal for their presentations. Still, many institutions close their doors at early hours that make … Learn, play and create using materials found at home and in nature. 2. There's something special about spending a night at a museum. Today we talk about how to make tours more interactive. Fun at home activities for children and families everywhere. Getting Your Lesson Plans Done More Quickly. Fix 3) Add More Evening Hours. Just fill small boxes – if possible wooden ones for a better end-effect – with anything interesting you could bring from each destination., tiny campfire and Tea vs Coffee are run by the same folks as Museum … Right away, I asked if one of his goals for the presentation is to be fun. Research has shown that using technology in the classroom can increase student learning and engagement. Don’t be like most people, stand out and start setting goals. Technology is a great way to make learning fun. 37 Best Virtual Team Building Activities (Ranked) The following is a short list of the best virtual team building activities for remote teams and employees. 7 Ways To Make Your Mandatory Training More Exciting! Your students will find it more interesting to learn when you present the material to them in a variety of creative ways. Instructions for all activities below. This breaks up the lecture and instils energy by making students more active. 5 Simple Ways to Improve a Boring Lesson. While using overhead projectors and tabletop computers can still facilitate student interest, they just may become a … Make it part of the culture. Include interactivity as part of your goal. Methods for Presenting Subject Matter. How to increase museum visitation: Pre – Visit – The museum visit starts before a visitor walks into the museum. But all of this rests on two increasingly rare conditions. “People feel more connected to the museum when they see their coworkers’art on Section I 8 To ensure visitors feel welcome and well-served, the Cleveland Museum of Art requires its employees to attend customer-service training, and rewards good perform-ance with raises.
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