Because of this she is marked Var-0. cat coat calculator (original ver.) LPL = La Perm Longhair We simply had to come up with some kind of a compromise in order to be able to register these cats at all. Tuxedo Cats Coloration with white paws, chest, and belly, with optional white on face. BAL = Balinese If you find any code in a database that does not correspond to this system, please notify the database maintainer! POS = Polish Sighthound** TOG = Toyger Below are several documents to help you in this general context. 7 = All cats with siamese colours, burmese colours, or tonkinese RUS = Russian Blue, but we also use this code for Russian type cats of other colours than blue** It … An example: "ABY n Var" is a shorthaired Aby, but it carries longhair, or it is suspected of carrying longhair, since there is Somali among the ancestors of the cat. For using this software, First of all please search the color of the Male Cats (Sire/Male/King) in the left side and then click on the color that you choose.. After that search the color of the Female Cats (Dam/Female/Queen) in the right side and then click it again.. 54 = Longie SIB = Siberian t = Amber, light amber for NFO, charcoal for BEN 2 = The same as group 1, but with white PUL = Puli** The inner rings show the hidden color genes carried by the dog. 2. Persian Cat Color Calculator Pelaqita Cats … DRX = Devon Rex Van (Red Mackeral Tabby Van) Mostly white, color mainly on head and tail. Cat eye colors why cats eyes changing colour and coat geics in cats persian cats colors a kaleidoscope of cat colors unravelling the secrets of cat breeding techniques. Colour And Pattern Charts. All these varieties with or Understanding the Basic Genetics of Cat Colors The registration number prefixes listed below are for males of that breed and color. The outer ring of the color buttons shows the visible coat color with the small upper right circle showing the nose color (black or liver). NBS = Nebelung, shorthaired variety** All silver tabby varieties, 32 = Mink (Tonkinese) colour restriction The outer ring of the color buttons shows the visible coat color with the small upper right circle showing the nose color (black or liver). By Eva | June 26, 2020. With so many Bengal cat variations, you may not know where to begin when searching for your dream cat. TIN = Tosa Inu** ALH = Asian Longhair Polydactyl Cats . 31 = Sepia (Burmese) colour restriction BML = Burmilla Please note, no silvers, smokes, shaded's or tabbies are within these charts. Let’s recap everything with this infographic illustrating all the Bengal cat colors and patterns: JBL = Japanese Bobtail Longhair This could be cats with a LH parent or a LH offspring, or it could be a cat who is carrying LH according to a gene test. d = Red MAG = Magyar Agar** Persian Cat Color Breeding Chart. Select Your Breeding Female. u = Sunshine** Color Genetics are a wide and interesting field. Once your dog has been tested and you know its genotype, use this table for breeding strategies and breeding stock selection. Note that Manx and Munchkin are treated as homozygous lethal and polydactyly is treated as having complete penetrance. Nose leather and paw pads: seal brown; flesh or coral pink mottling desirable, as applicable (see specific pattern). CEY = Ceylon 01 = -white, van (5/6 of the cat white) THA = Thai Color Chart by Richard Kauffman. From the Correct Drop Down Menu Below, Make Your Selection For the Color of the Female You Plan to Use for Your Mating. PER = Persian Offspring of Var-0 cats are marked Var-1 p = Fawn Cat Colors Colours Skin Colors Cat Meow Meaning Cat Facts Text Spotted Cat Mean Cat Cat Jokes Cat Info. LHE = Lionhead rabbits** j = Lilac tortie Hang it up in your shelter or veterinary clinic for quick reference, and to Black: Can sometimes contain underlying tabby markings, occurs as all-black and rusty tinge, or in colorpoint pattern, can be seen in Japanese Bobtail, Scottish Fold, Bombay, etc. Essentially, the fur isn’t as bold on these cats. 22 = Classic (blotched) tabby Redtabby, creamtabby, all kinds of 7 = All silver and smoke varieties 4 = The same as group 3, but with white Find Out NOW What Your Kitten Color Possibilities Are For Your Upcoming Litters! Quasue is marked Var-2. PBS = Pixie-Bob Shorthair The list of given codes covers breeds that are FIFe recognised, as well as breeds with preliminary FIFe recognition and also breeds recognised outside FIFe. Offspring of Var-1 cats are marked Var-2 XLH = Longhaired hybrid, APH = African Pygmy Hedgehogs** More about Fife's ems codes: Maine Coon - Ems koder. 21 = Unspecified tabby pattern carrying dilute & non-agouti genes. In some clubs LH and SH with the same type are bred together without any restrictions, while in other clubs they try to keep the SH breed/variety free of the LH gene. ABS = American Bobtail Shorthair 24 = Spotted tabby 56 = Hock (between half to hock and hock length)** For caramel cats it is sometimes not known to us if the caramel colour is based on blue, lilac, or fawn. TIF = Tiffany 02 = -white, harlequin (1/2 to 2/3 of the cat white) The color gene for red is the only color gene attached to the sex of the cat. If you come across codes like MCO 3, or DRX 5, it should be noted LYK = Lykoi GRX = German Rex 52 = Rumpy riser KBL = Kurilean Bobtail Longhair We go by the lowest number, so Charlie Brown is marked Var-2. 9 = White. of tortie tabbies (any pattern). 64 = Green eyed Offspring of Var-2 cats are marked Var-3. AZA = Azawakh** Therefore, a cat that appears to be white will breed the same as any of the other colors shown above, depending upon which color it “masks”. Random-bred cats have the widest range of eye colours while the eye colours in pedigree breeds have been restricted by selective breeding. Red smoke, cream smoke, all The following codes incorporate the breed, color and sex of a cat registered by CFA, and are used in the prefix section of a cat's registration number. URX = Ural Rex Shorthair After that we drop the Var mark. The dilute gene is one such gene. Many white cats are born with a spot of color on their heads, and that color will indicate the true color of the cat. Careful breeding programs and the introduction of new breeds from all over the world have brought about a multitude of coat colors and patterns that adorn modern-day cats. He would have been marked Var-1 because of this, but since Theseus also has LH offspring we do know that he carried the LH gene, and then he is marked Var-0 instead. TAZ = Kazakh Tazh** He would be Var-3 from his sire and Var-2 from his dam. In the case of a homozygous dominant, only dominant colored offspring would be produced, and homozygous agouti tabbies can only produce agouti tabby offspring. The first three letters 57 = Three quarter (a naturally short tail but longer than hock)**, 71 = Straight Untamed cats spawn in villages as long as there is at least one villager and four beds. 4 = The same as group 3, but with white More about Fife's ems codes: Maine Coon - Ems koder. BRX = Bohemian Rex KMA = Khao Manee** Earlier there were only four colour groups for Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, and Turkish Angoras. 33 = Pointed (Siamese) colour restriction (Himalayan) Yakshi Hi-Fi, SIA d, is SH and his parents are BAL b x SIA h. He is of course then carrying LH since his sire is LH (Balinese), so he is marked Var-0. MAN = Manx 73 = Fold, 80 = Naked** n = Black (seal in Himalayan-patterned cats, ruddy in Abyssinians and Somalis g = Blue tortie (since this article was published the breed numbering system has changed again !) SIA = Siamese Feature Colors Eye Color Typically cats have green, ... Get an at-a-glance version of this guide with our “Cat Coat Colors, Patterns, and Lengths” poster. TOS = Tonkinese Shorthair FER = Ferret** Guide to Cat Breeds Learn about the characteristics and behaviors of your cat's breed or, if you're planning on adopting, which breeds may be best suited for you and your family. Your Selections Will Take You To The Page For The Selected Color Of Female. There is a problem with shorthair (SH) cats who carry the longhair (LH) gene or who might carry the LH gene. Similar color charts have appeared in Wright & Walters (The Book of the Cat, 1980) and in Robinson's Genetics (1977 onwards) and I've updated those with recent developments and made them freely available. 05 = -white, less than mitted READ full story Meet the Selkirk Rex Cat, A Spontaneous Breed Then the Var-0 cat might be found further back than 8 generations. TUA = Turkish Angora All pointed LH cats with white in the Siamese/Oriental group get the breed code SYL; White (white all over) LH cats with siamese blue eye colour get the code BAL w 67; All non-pointed LH cats in the Siamese/Oriental group get the breed code OLH; For Variants we mark proven carriers Var-0. FOS = ** TOL = Tonkinese Longhair I've depicted this on a black cat, but any colour or pattern can have white markings. LUN = Norwegian Lundehund** 11 = Shaded Colour And Pattern Charts e = Cream If you find Var without a number, it is probably a Var mark that was added earlier, before the new routines were implemented. Eye color: blue. Points: seal brown variably mottled with red and/or cream. true color of the cat. advanced cat coat calculator The beefed up version of the calculator, with more genes and percentage chances! c = Lilac Color Charts Note: These charts all assume that dominant colored cats and agouti tabbies are heterozgous, i.e. BUR = Burmese BRL = British Longhair** b = Chocolate NMA = Neapolitan Mastiff** that these are not really EMS codes. DSP = Don Sphynx Therefore, a cat that appears to be white will breed the same as any of the other colors shown above, depending upon which color it “masks”. 66 = Mink (Tonkinese) eye colour We do however know that the cat is either a black gene cat or a tortoiseshell cat, so just saying that it is *m (any type of dilute modifier) would not give all the information we have. Bicolor (Black and White Bicolor) ~1/2 white, color on head and torso. The white spotting gene causes variable white markings. EUR = European Shorthair KOR = Korat m = Dilute modifier together with dilute colours (caramel = am, cm, gm, jm, pm, rm / apricot = em) But what to do when one or both parents are Variants? .. Note that the offspring of for instance a Var-1 cat and a Var-5 cat will be marked Var-2. Colour And Pattern Charts. BDB = Braque du Bourbonnais** 63 = Odd eyed The dilute gene is one such gene. f = Black tortie RAG = Ragdoll This means we have a problem here. ABY = Abyssinian
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