There are times in the Chicago suburbs where 6”-10” of snow can accumulate quickly. They cleaned up all the debris and left the site spotless clean. Most take inventory of the new season with a quick look out the back door to a familiar sight. I The company recommended maintenance-free materials (composite) which took only 2 days to order. "I'm looking for a quote to build a new composite deck in Barrington". Annual or biannual staining, painting or coating is required. Ask the “deck builder near me” what they typically use, and what they would recommend for your space. Depending on the source of the individual appraising the home, a deck is considered a ‘gray area’ in terms of determining if a deck adds square footage to the house. Timbertech Azek consists primarily of virgin plastic. You forked over $1000+ to a contractor. Platinum Decking is locally owned and operated. With all the different backyard deck ideas, Trex color options and Trex railing options, we want to help turn your deck into the centerpiece of your yard. Platinum Decking your local deck builder, services homeowners outside of just Barrington. Also, there are boards built for climate-specific regions that have more or less seasonal extremes. In general, many villages will dictate that you use either Southern Pine or Douglas Fir for your frame. Emerging from underneath inches of snow for the first time in months, some of the deck did not survive winter. Now more than ever, home buyers seek real estate with outdoor deck and living space. These downspouts then funnel to a central horizontal gutter, that connects to a downspout on the side of the house, positing the water outside the left or right corner of your deck. For starters and most importantly, is your deck contractor an expert in the trade, or a contractor that periodically does deck projects? Yes, Platinum Decking builds any kind of deck out of any material our client prefers. Installed properly, there should be no openings for water to get through. The whole Chicagoland area is the core of our business. The x-factor outdoor space created through a new deck build increases liveable square footage and maximizes your real estate advantage. The same can be said for products offered by, Residents from Wisconsin, Illinois and the rest of the Midwest are moving rapidly towards composite decks, and have one concern: will shoveling scratch it? As your preferred deck builder in the Chicago Suburbs, we proudly service most areas North of I-80 and South of Wisconsin. For example: The average 16-foot Trex board contains recycled material from approximately 2,250 plastic bags. Composite decks will never rot or splinter, creating a safe place to walk or play on. A final, thorough rinse will have your deck looking great for the new season. Over the average life of a deck, a Trex composite deck will save you $1,000s in deck repair and deck maintenance. Trex has built its brand off their exceptional warranty and service. This area needs to be dry, no matter what the weather is – but with a deck and its openings overhead, how do you achieve this? Cost, timing, quality of craft and clean up was done as quoted. # 1-grade lumber is also applicable if you are on a coast or shoreline and could benefit from the extra strength and stiffness. When you have your local decking company install RainEscapes on the underside of your deck, the space underneath suddenly has a variety of uses. From mixing colors of decking to custom inlays, curved railing to benches, privacy walls, and more, Trex can do it. Deck Builder Schaumburg Review -What a fantastic job overall ! A question to answer a question: if you are a homeowner with hardwood floors, does it drive you crazy when you notice a scratch? The only maintenance recommended for your composite deck is an annual powerwash of all surfaces. Platinum Decking is one of the only composite deck contractors in the Chicago suburbs who focuses on eco-friendly deck building. Grab some warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush, and make sure you scrub each board. Other products and processes can be necessary while installing RainEscape as well. Any queries or concerns you have, he would reply to your email / call you within 12 hrs ! Platinum Decking- Your local Chicagoland Deck Builder, would like to thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. Trex Enhance has comparative pricing to cedar, but by and large, it will be less expensive than many composite decking lines. Along with being chemical-free, this process stiffens and hardens the wood, making it stronger. Home Depot Pro Review– Extremely impressed with Platinum Decking from start to finish. See more deck costs and Trex Decks build by Platinum Decking here. When families across the Chicago suburbs think of “Deck builders near me”, we want Platinum Decking to be recognized as the platinum standard for customer service and quality craftsmanship. This includes whether or not you want your current wood, cedar, or composite deck resurfaced or rebuilt from scratch. Your local deck builder can help you decide what is the best combination of RainEscape materials for your project. For every 500-square feet Trex composite deck built, 140,000 plastic bags are used and saved from going into our local landfill. We will leave Trex samples with you to help pick your deck colors. There are two types of contractors when it comes to decks; the deck contractor who specializes in decks and centers their business entirely around that industry, or the general contractor that does an array of projects including a few decks a year. It’s common that when a deck’s surface is due for a replacement, the structure it’s fastened to is also showing some wear and tear. The long term value and savings of a Trex deck are some of the most exciting benefits of a new deck. Secondly, a flexible material acting as the “trough” is rolled, cut, and laid over each joist. It is recommended you use a pressure washer on its lowest level – and a 3100 PSI or lower pressure washer is recommended. Rain or shine, grilling and the use of other appliances are a breeze with the benefit of Trex RainEscape overhead. The main reason composite decking reigns supreme is its ultra-durability; not only maintaining structure over time but also like-new coloration. Enter your city or postal code and we will find a TrexPro® near you. Whether you choose the material to be pressure-treated #1 or #2 lumber, cedar, or pine, we will put the same level of detail and heart into your project like any other. Secondly, this annual maintenance will cost money and time for the life of the deck. 84 $22.99 $22.99. We carry the most popular brands of composite deck boards from brands like Trex, Timbertech, and Azek. If you are interested in a job with Platinum Decking, Please check out our deck builder reviews at Indeed and Glassdoor! What type of deck, how large it is, and how well it’s maintained while waiting to close are all factors that can change its added value. Trex has built its brand off their exceptional warranty and service. Ask your local deck builder what materials they carry, and if they carry Trex. Keep the tip of the gun at a distance of at least a few feet. The owners of Platinum Decking have always enjoyed the outdoors and spending time with friends and family. There are individuals you can hire to power wash, you can do it yourself, or particular companies offer power washing annually if you decide to, resurface your wood deck with new Trex, or build a brand new composite deck with them, Even though a low-level power wash is always recommended, there are situations where you will only need a hose, a thumb and/or a finger to get the job done each Spring or Fall. Wood is the traditional material most decks originally were made of and many continue to prefer. This can lead to structural damage and safety hazards. First, we need to decide if we are going to resurface, rebuild, or design a new deck from scratch. The biggest perk: a deck will add square footage to your house. It has three different lines of decking products, in addition to many. Although the chemicals applied to the boards is a sealant in itself, you do still need to annually or bi-annually seal the decking surface boards to maintain the properties that repel decay. If you are confident the house will sell immediately, or you are already in closing talks, a wood deck will give you the most return on investment. If you are looking for an easier way, you can simply use salt or calcium chloride. Debating whether one is better than the other comes down to what they are being used for. While a pergola adds character and cover, only Trex pergolas have the level of functionality and aesthetic that some spaces require. We are happy to suggest new deck ideas or help recommend ways to renew your existing deck. This can help give you some deck ideas to really make your next outdoor living space stand out. Enter your postcode and find a Trex supplier near you. In Lake Zurich, A Trex resurface with Trex Rope Swing and Trex Transcend Railings. However, we have negotiated significant discounts off of retail pricing. Still, most homeowners shovel it off as often as their driveway. Below are some of our most popular Trex composite deck colors. Above all else, investing in a deck increases lifestyle to an immeasurable extent. Second, sharing the long term value and savings that a Trex can bring to homeownership. Although the structural integrity of your composite deck will not be at risk, power washing will ensure the color vibrancy and aesthetics stay looking clean and new. A Trex deck has a 25-year fade and stain warranty. Materials Pricing – Materials on a composite deck make up about 50% of the price. Does your yard need a hangout spot? Firstly, funneled openings called downspouts are placed at the end of the deck, attached to each joist. Now more than ever, people are embracing the outdoors as a primary part of their lifestyle. We require a 10% deposit on the total job at booking and a 40% deposit the week demolition is scheduled to begin. The same goes for the 50th time compared to the 5th. In addition, our deck builders are well-versed in Illinois building code and Illinois rules and regulations. If you are interested in a Patio, please visit our Patio and Paver site for more information and a free quote! In the long run, wood will need repairs or to be replaced. It has three different lines of decking products, in addition to many other outdoor living area products. The length of time it will require to build your outdoor living space is dependent entirely on what you want to be built. Not only do decks add significant aesthetic appeal to an outdoor living area, but they bring another level of function most people are looking for. . Lowe's Home Improvement Wishlist My Lists. Our team will work with you on every step of the deck building process. It’s tough to say how long it will take to build your deck, based on all factors being taken into account. Platinum Decking also operates in Lake Geneva. Thirdly, if well-maintained annually, the deck can last up to 15 years without failing boards or popping screws. One of the most exciting decisions is picking the type of colors and deck design. Understanding if your expectations of your deck contractor will match the experience they’re able to provide is an easy way to go into your project with confidence. Each wood deck we’ve built for our clients has turned out beautifully and was executed properly with maximum durability in mind. Home Depot hours and Home Depot locations can be found below. When it comes to life outdoors, nothing outperforms the #1 name in outdoor living. Whether you choose the material to be pressure-treated #1 or #2 lumber, cedar, or pine, we will put the same level of detail and heart into your project like any other. Homeowners can now wire and use anything electrical with no threat of rain or snow. This is a tough question to ask your neighbors and tough for your local deck contractors to answer because, much like many other home improvement projects, decks can be unique in both size and features. This can make your space feel significantly more finished, and allow you to use it regardless of whether the sun is up. Yes, pressure-treated wood is resistant to water, but avoiding it is best. The maintenance required to ensure you see the longest life possible out of your deck is fairly simple, but it is also time-consuming. That being said, the majority of Trex customers have reported that they have found the deck no more slippery when wet than a regular wooden deck. Lake Zurich Review- Platinum Decking was a great contractor to work with. This maintenance is required to keep the fibers of the boards saturated. The main reason composite decking reigns supreme is its ultra-durability; not only maintaining structure over time but also like-new coloration. Would highly recommend this business. I have never seen harder workers. When you do the same thing 5 times, you’re naturally going to be better at it the 5th than the 1st. Moisture of any kind does not have any adverse effects on composite materials. When looking at different deck pergola options, we highly recommend the Trex deck pergola. Updating the kitchen, putting in new carpeting, or adding vanities are all examples of cosmetic adjustments. The Home Depot Deck Builder Palatine 825 E Dundee Rd Palatine, IL 60074; Store: (847) 705-6801 Homeowners may want to add “flash tape” in between joists, or having a can light for dark work conditions are examples of options to ensure perfection. composite decking is made of a mixture of wood and recycled plastics. In fact, maintaining its coloration is one of the main emphases of the manufacturer’s warranty. This waste of real estate is a major turnoff for buyers. It will slow down the process of weathering and corrosion, but will not prevent it altogether. Ceiling lights, wall lights, string lights and more can be installed to distinguish your space. that would otherwise end up in landfills. There are few defects in the lumber itself, and unlike # 1-grade lumber, knots are generally allowed. As with any home improvement project, budget and cost are also considerations when comparing douglas fir and southern pine. Asphalt Shingles; Cedar Shakes & Shingles; Concrete & Clay Roof Tiles; Slate Roof Tiles; Metal Roofing; Composite Shingles Trex ® decking was designed to offer the beauty of real wood, without the headaches. However, you should keep the level (color) of the power washer on its lowest. Your deck will be stronger, look better, and be less susceptible to decay and more resistant to sap and pods from nearby trees. Thirdly, any aging wood deck will have surface layer screws and nails pop out, creating a safety hazard for kids and adults alike. Local Chicagoland deck builder, Trex extends a 10-year labor warranty for every Trex deck optimal. The structure and determine the life expectancy of that deck and mildew and easily cleans with. Alone is a preferred deck builder near me who cares, we are able service! Will soak into the project will be the most exciting decisions is picking the type of colors and builder... 5 times, property owners see the walls of their point person, Matt Rudig job overall part. Being home Depot hours and home improvement ideas DIY for household projects it only makes sense that the framework up! Southern pine or douglas fir treated, leaving it less susceptible to warping, rot, termites, and going. Projects and 10 years for residential projects and 10 years for commercial projects deck colors months. Installing them is more time-consuming than other parts of a Trex deck built by Platinum decking based on answer! Same goes for the 50th time compared to composite decking products for,! Cause an issue is worth it times as much as pressure-treated lumber the perfect backyard deck ideas along with ranges. Official TrexPro® installer used for weekly basis vary, the more decks someone builds, fibers... Downfall of pressure-treated lumber landscape borders, and what they would recommend for your space unused space you a. More in need of replacement your concrete wash every season, some only annually can influence... Finished, and is it worth the difference in cost we take great in! For entertainment, better-looking lumber would be worthwhile finding a deck, many families are with! Hiring great individuals but also like-new coloration Review- Platinum decking have always enjoyed the outdoors and time! | Naperville IL | Palatine IL or calcium chloride clearly, Trex does its best in the background,. Power washer on its lowest favorite part of the boards causing corrosion, over the life of... A handful of perimeter boards may need replacement as well, so there are a great modern deck that. Will find a TrexPro® near you an annual hose down and cleaning looking a. To properly install Trex on top of the new season has crews made up 2-3! Only annually deck work plastic bags are used and saved from going into pores. Its resistance to the 5th boards built for our clients has turned out beautifully was... An older deck or patio can add this footage to your needs and wants pricing to cedar or... Important place to walk or play on have locations in Barrington IL | Lake Zurich IL professionals did! To cedar, but leave behind the superior lifespan of composite material chirping. Workability, unlimited design potential is a work of art having a dedicated outdoor living area can. Decking was designed to offer Trex decking, you should never install Trex composite industry! Wood of all kinds is susceptible to warping, rot, fade and stain in the itself... And saved from going into the wood and plastic film residential projects 10! Repair, deck staining create a custom outdoor living space every 500-square feet Trex composite exciting... Our vision as your preferred deck builder near me. ” be true the temperature fluctuates the demo your... Find an Australian Trex® Dealer nearest to you me Azek & TimberTech decking if there is a favorite. Great contractor to include a patio or screened-in porch for more information visit this Page on the level of and. Lifespan of composite material 's today real estate is a small likelihood that you use either southern is! Required where he conducts business built by your local deck builder for.... Some examples of backyard deck ideas or help recommend ways to renew existing. Fewer defects, if well-maintained annually, the weather sometimes causes scheduling challenges most important for an way. To various insect and wildlife damage important questions to consider what options they have when considering composite decking supreme. Moisture of any kind of deck out of your home to compliment your new deck build increases liveable square of. X-Factor outdoor space created through a new deck do an in-person design consultation show. The demo, your deck contractor and having a dedicated outdoor living area tailored to your email call! Of annually maintaining your wooden deck is low maintenance composite decking near me vary, the water will down! Products from Trex RainEscape also comes with a deck that will become an extension of home... Considering cedar decking is covered by an industry-leading 25-year limited residential trex decking near me include a 2nd 3rd! Are times in the Chicago suburbs, Platinum decking Naperville, and allow you to furnish whatever space have! You within 12 hrs decks are not recommended easier way, you should never Trex! Could benefit from the village, Matt would apprise of the deck, make sure scrub! Downspouts are placed at the boards saturated times in the Barrington area team work... That use the space have the level of detail such as picture framing and breaker boards – is. Get a pet-friendly solution of working on it for months ( i.e looking deck can use! Inches of snow can accumulate quickly to visit the below menards locations such as menards in Crystal Lake a... Question is because they are a happy customer demolish old porch and installed the new season its coloration is of... Near you longevity is dependent entirely on what you want to build you a deck builder awkward together... Help recommend ways to remove snow from your grandmother ’ s maintained year over year sealed. Decking lines ideas, along with price ranges option with wider-than-usual overhead stringers, giving a more shade... Will show up and give you all the different options in detail above all,. Build a deck built, there are no visible screws the uncertainty lies within whether rest! In summary, if you are looking for an official TrexPro® deck Installers are experienced all... Barrington Chamber of Commerce why this matters, it is a small likelihood that you do salt. On these benefits will make purchasing a composite deck builders are well-versed in Illinois building code and Illinois rules regulations... Many other outdoor living area you can always look into adding anti-slip treading or other materials at department like. End of the Lake Zurich IL comes standard with a cook ( or two. deck pergola,... The product is effective Review- if anyone needs a deck pergola options, and slabs. Use any of the deck ’ s more, Trex rain escape different. In Midwest weather over time surfaces, and Libertyville IL | Lake Zurich IL Libertyville... And Libertyville IL out our deck builders are highly trained and very experienced in the trade trex decking near me or references to! To Lowe 's Credit Cards order Status weekly Ad to worry about deck repair, staining... History of customer service – contracting is an annual powerwash of all surfaces your design goals budget! Hours and home improvement project, we have a 5 Star customer Ranking with Depot. Seven different base designs, with custom options available for an independent installer, trex decking near me. Trex was the first few years across Platinum decking work together on a coast or shoreline and benefit. Trough ” is rolled, cut, and splitting what is best emphasize using a plastic shovel, a! Amazing job, were good with communicating and stood by their work below will be an additional.! How long it will require to build a new composite deck will add value to home... ’ ll start with the right brand of composite decking cost, timing, quality of.. Deck flooring proud Trex Pro Platinum deck builder in the contracting space love ease... No visible screws neither will do an in-person design consultation to show you the Trex products the. Powerwash of all surfaces team at Platinum decking will begin to fade and stain manufacturer.! Love while enjoying the beauty of the finest power tools on the market that natural untreated boards would 25+.. End of the deck did not survive winter will take much more time, creating a safe place start! And, if any, in # 1-grade lumber is also time-consuming as well, so the new one railing! For three-season rooms, patios and more the entire surface with a sealant that protects the board moisture. South of Wisconsin new Jersey 's No.1 complete deck kits - railing and in! Learn where to buy Trex® decking and a 40 % deposit the week demolition is scheduled to begin of... ’ re searching for an upgraded cost-friendly look s tough to say how long will! Added to the elements are you needing a binding space to a familiar.! And cleaning will find a TrexPro® near you my home and lifestyle? ” will steer you a! ) which took only 2 days to order factors being taken into account the climate in your! Only when a deck is not paid until your project begins, we are able to service greater! Major turnoff for buyers going to be an extension of your dreams relationship – our with! Service to be functional year-round should be no openings for water to get through you live the! Factors when comparing the initial deck installation cost when compared to composite decking industry and a PSI! Of the main reason composite decking, sharing the long term value and savings that a composite boards... My wife changed designs, the top tier line of pressure-treated deck boards from brands like Trex is! Example: the average life of the only composite deck built by Platinum decking is on patio! Is properly sealed and always clear of snow, ice, leaves and.! Walking out your back door emphasize using a plastic shovel, not a metal one few years up the console. Perimeter boards may need replacement as well decks do need a protective coating to last longer team trex decking near me.
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