© Hardscape.com 2020. There are certainly a variety of outdoor patio tiles that are available on the market today that will most assuredly work out nicely for your home patio. _____ Q. Our outdoor porcelain pavers are available in various interpretations of stone and wood and in multiple sizes, including planks and large modular shapes, to create exquisite outdoor spaces that mirror the latest up-to-date style trends. However, porcelain in tile form has many qualities that make it ideal for use outside. With its eclectic decorating style and its ability to embody all the tactile essence of ceramics, it enhances all types of finishes. If you’re having cold feet about using porcelain, here’s another factor to think about. They are frost-resistant, skid-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean. ft.). The porcelain paver doubles in thickness (20 mm) to adapt to any type of outdoor use: gardens, public parks, pool exteriors, patios, terraces and driveways. The Rise-It Paver Pedestal System offers the easiest installation ever. They are frost-resistant, skid-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Browse our extensive commercial paver selection. High definition glazed ink jet pavers offer all of the features of natural stone pavers, with the added benefits of porcelain. They are frost-resistant, skid-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean. The collection combines the warmth of natural wood with the elegance of glossy wood, incorporating all the extraordinary technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware: timeless and fearless. $6.49 sq. x 16 in. The result is a very affordable, practical and beautiful alternative to natural products. Sound concrete patios and driveways can be completely transformed by overlaying them with Belgard porcelain pavers — and at significantly less cost than demolishing and removing the concrete. Regardless of the climate, your patio, pool, or outdoor kitchen will … Combined with incredibly high breakage loads (up to 2,000 pounds), porcelain pavers are the perfect solution for gardens, terraces and high traffic outdoor areas. Top Brands. The easy, versatile and resistant design for exterior tiles. All Rights Reserved. A variety of modular shapes offer ultimate design flexibility. Porcelain may seem like the last material you would use for an outdoor patio or walkway. Noon is a contemporary expression of the simple life. Backyard transformations, how-to videos, design techniques and more. As beautiful as they are functional, retaining wall systems take your style to new levels of interest and refinement. Explore More on Homedepot.com. Each available color was fashioned to closely mimic the specific natural qualities of a different quarried stone. Functional and aesthetic accessories increase the longevity and performance of your Belgard product. Offering endless design options as well as colors, textures and styles, porcelain tiles are a great option for your outdoor patio that will be constantly exposed to the many outdoor elements. RCP Block & Brick carries popular styles such as Mexican Lincoln and Super Saltillo clay tiles. Designing with Porcelain Pavers. When making an outdoor living investment, it’s important to know the facts. Our porcelain paver lines coordinate with interior tiles and indoor/outdoor porcelain wall veneers to create a cohesive design. Porcelain … Porcelain Pavers are a 1 time Investment. For poolscapes and other areas with extreme sun exposure, we recommended installing lighter color porcelain pavers. They are hard-wearing, anti-slip, weather resistant and capable of withstanding heavy loads without compromising aesthetics. ... Daltile Keystones Unglazed Biscuit 2 in. Introducing The Extremely Robust Outdoor Paver Designed For Driveways-Our Newest 3cm So we have taken it one step further in offering a porcelain paver in a 3cm (1 and ¼”) to... Read more >> Gault partners with Landmark and Elegance to provide our customers with a large variety of porcelain pavers. Porcelain Production Doesn't run the risk of government intervention or scarcity of natural Resources, and it costs zero to maintain. Outdoor Tiles. Outdoor porcelain pavers are perfect for people who are searching for a beautiful look that doesn’t require too much maintenance. Kronos USA manufactures quality porcelain pavers.
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