1. My hydration was the same, so I have little doubt the e-Gel played a big part in keeping me going that day." I'm pretty sure I passed him somewhere around mile 22." After learning what impact fuels have on your body for endurance sports, I decided to try it with our players. If your palate prefers savory to sweet, start with this simple sweet potato … Keith Castleton. You're e-Gel is awesome! Unfortunately the author has over-simplified the problem and in the process designed a product that most sports nutritionists would strongly recommend against using. About 1/16 of a tea spoon of Mortons lite salt. "I looked for a gel that had less sugar and more potassium/sodium than some of the other energy gels. He complained-wondered if it would make any difference. Use this healthy energy gel anytime you exercise for more than 60-70 minutes. | No Meat Athlete Man was I thrilled to have it with me on Tough Mudder! I was so pleased with the experience and the endurance that the e-Gel formula gave me. wow i looove the homemade energy gel idea!! Use the condiment bottle to fill the straw with the gel, not all the way to the top though. You guys (and girls) are awesome!" coconut water. : This is a quick, inexpensive alternative to commercial energy gels. My trainer recommended the e-Gel and I have had no problems on my long runs now. Power Bar Energy Gel Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Filtered Water, Fructose, PowerBar® Electrolyte Blend (Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Chloride), Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (to retard spoilage), Natural Flavor. Homemade energy gel. "I wasn't sure which energy gel to purchase, as there were a ton on the market. A seal a meal pouch. -Fruit … The commonest gelling agent used in the majority of gels, commonly known and easily available in the supermarket in a variety of forms. I had no other means on me, when a training partner handed me what turned out to be the best tasting, quickest reacting energy gel I had ever used. Each ounce contains 120 calories & … This yields about 2 energy gels for me—or, enough for 1 marathon—but this might be more or less for you. ... "I am an on-ice official in the AHL and I want to share my story about e-Gel ... My job as linesman requires me to sprint repeatedly and physically separate anyone who fights throughout the game. Honey is a great source of quick energy but one, it is very viscous, making it a bit hard to choke down when you are already having a rough time on the bike and two; a little work on your part will provide your homemade energy gel with a bit more nutritional value. read more customer stories. On one run I threw up and on another I bonked. We killed it and none of my 7 person team were exhausted thanks to the electrolytes and sodium in e-gel." You are then left feeling lethargic and even worse your body can no longer as efficiently convert your muscle glycogen into usable energy. you will notice that the primary ingredient is maltodextrin which is a COMPLEX carbohydrate derived from corn. In the market, you can buy energy gels, normally loaded with carbohydrates, which provide that peak of energy to the body. Some guy laughed at me at the start asking why I had so many energy gels. 3/4 cup of Organic Brown Rice Syrup 1/2 cup of Organic Agave Nectar 1/2 cup of Raw Honey 1 Organic Banana 1/2 tsp of Sea Salt (fine grain) Peel & puree banana in a food processor or blender with the agave. now cut it in half to make the pouches. In addition, sugar consumption has been shown to inhibit your body’s ability to burn fat as an energy source which is completely counter productive to athletic performance. Juice from 1 lemon or 1 lime. I only drank water on the run and took e-Gel, so I feel confident that this product made the difference. " You are trying to loosen up the oils in the zest and make it mix together better. chia seeds. I came across e-Gel and used them is the US 50K Championships in Caumsett Park, New York. When you make your own energy bars, you can control the amount of sugar you put in. Cycling Nutrition: Organic Homemade Energy Gel Here is an easy, 100% natural recipe to make your own energy gel for $0.39 per oz. After some research I went with e-gel because it didn't have caffeine and it was the best bang for my buck. What You’ll Need. Commercially Available Energy Gels. Interesting idea. ... "I used e-Gels exclusively and exactly as directed in training for the Lakefront Marathon. I'll have to look at the nutritional statistics. 6. With a small roster, our players are on the court for long periods of time and need to sustain high intensity for a solid 90 minutes. 6.1. There's a way you can use a drinking straw as a "pouch". Chocolate with cocoa powder, vanilla...just play around and see what you come up with. I put about a third of the batch per pouch so you end up with three ready to go pouches. If you look at all of the leading energy gels (e-Gel, GU, PowerBar Gel, Hammer Gel, etc.) I trained on and used e-Gel in a half half marathon and busted a 1:32.44! ... Big Bear City, CaliforniaSport: Triathlon. I administered to him my coveted e-Gel. Real Stories from Real Customers …, Want to read more? I absolutely love this product." Shake or stir well, and let sit for about 15 minutes. I shot another brand of energy gel and come to find out the gel had gone bad. Jul 9, 2015 - Healthy and energizing home made energy gels. "40 miles into a 56 mile ride in the desert with two big hills I started cramping, and had to stop several times. 9 years ago Add all ingredients to the pot and heat enough to make it less viscous but not too hot, don't boil it. Or get a reusable gel flask like this one http://www.hammernutrition.com/products/hammer-flask.hf.html We took one every hour or so on our adventure and I didn't once feel fatigued. yeah it shouldn't be too hard to do i was just a kinda lazy. http://www.hammernutrition.com/products/hammer-flask.hf.html. 2 tablespoons. Pour the gel into a condiment bottle. 3 T     Honey Homemade Energy Gel Recipe. no pith. The problem with simple sugars is that they elevate your blood sugar far to high and to rapidly. "I recently completed a half-iron distance triathlon with a brutal bike course. ... Burns, OregonSport: Cycling, Mountain Biking. I’ve just got the ingredients together to make some of the goop from this article.Some more complicated recipes available here as well. I packed my 6 Cherry Bomb e-Gels and I was off to a sub 4 hour marathon including a sub 7 minute mile at the finish line! Use a lighter to melt the end of the straw and seal it shut. One e-Gel 15 minutes before the race and one at miles 6, 12, 18, and 23 mile marks and then the last three miles were my fasted splits" ... Oklahoma City, OklahomaSport: Running, Triathlon. Blackstrap Molasses has up to 240kcal/100grams. Rather than face-planting on the trail because your blood sugar is dangerously low, try the following recipe for homemade energy gel. The next week I did the same ride with e-Gel and had no cramping despite it being over 100 degrees. no pith. Newest Recipes. In a short time period your blood sugar level will come crashing back down even lower than before you consumed the sugar. Homemade Energy Gels May 26, 2015 / Joanna Zeiger / Articles. One of the problems with honey-based energy gel is that it is 100% simple sugar. I thought it may have been coincidence, but when the cramps resurfaced at mile 7 only to resolve with another e-Gel I was sold. 1 T     Lemon juice ... "I learned about the value of gel products through training for marathons. If you end up adding to much salt, just double the rest of the ingredients. I know i personally can’t wait especially after trying one of your Glo Bars at the Healthy Living Summit!
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