This is why we carry bushcraft knives that are of the highest quality, enabling you to choose the best bushcraft knife to fit your needs. And see your own written work on our popular blog? All in all it’s a lovely survival knife and suits me perfectly.”, Mike - Operations Manager Favourite Knife: Gerber DMF. Fallkniven F1 Bushcraft Knife. The main reason why we added this product to our list is because of the quality of its blade, which is impressive! The first product on this list is the Buck Knives Selkirk Fixed Blade Survival Knife.The Buck Knives company has been on the market for almost 110 years and they have been providing quality bushcraft knives for its clients. The Purpose Of Bushcraft Knives. The blade is just a hair over 5 inches long making it one of the longer bushcraft blades out there. Some typical tasks that you can reasonably expect to achieve with a bush craft knife could be ; carving and shaping wood, cutting cordage, cutting and processing plant stalks, cutting meat, skinning and gutting animals and fish, foraging, hunting and more. Ted also works part time for our sister company dealing with wholesale supply. However, … Check out our article "How To Choose The Perfect Bushcraft Knife". The knife is particularly good for battening (even though you shouldn’t really use a knife for this) and it comes complete with a great leather sheath. My personal favourite is the Mora Heavy Duty as it has the added strength but essentially the same design as the original Mora Companion 840 or 860MG. The Woodlore has now been replaced by the "Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife". He only makes an average of 2-3 knives per week. The curly birch handle is a nice feature. In fact, there are more bushcraft knives and cutting tools available today than there have been at any other time. Sign up to our mailing list for occasional product launch and special offer announcements. There is a lot of belief that every knife should be Full-Tang (relating to the width as well as length of the steel in the handle), but this is not so. This one is a friend for life. This is namely because each of us have our own opinion on what is, or is not important in a cutting tool, and for others it may even be down to the “feel” of the knife in the hand. I like the Ka-Bar BK2 yes it's heavy but takes the punishment it's given and easy to sharpen in the field. At first I was a little sceptical as it is a huge jump in price from the standard line-up of Mora bushcraft knives, but this model really is quite different and the first thing you notice is the weight of it – a nice chunky and hefty feel. “I prefer the more modern looking outdoor knives, from brands such as Gerber, Buck and Fallkniven. The blade thickness is.125” (3.2mm). Obviously we are biased but our own TBS range always ranks the highest. The blade is large by most standards and is over 8 inches long, meaning the functionality borders on that of a machete. Andy also manages the packing room and ensures that the systems are running effectively and smoothly – so it is he that you can thank for your orders arriving in such a speedy manner. “I’m asked this question more times than I care to think about, and to be honest my answer will vary each time because it depends what I’ve been using or testing (unless I dislike what I’m testing obviously), so my answer here will be the latest bushcraft knife that I’ve been field-testing, and that is the Mora Garberg. For a closer look on how to choose a bush craft knife, please see our blog post here -. The Best Bushcraft Knife Spyderco Bushcraft G-10. So in the spirit of fun and learning, here are my recommendations for 12 knives you should own. We already talked a little bit about it in the topic about how to choose a survival knife. These French made knives have been around for over 120 years. We’d love to hear from you! The Woodlore knife was made by Alan Wood and designed by Ray Mears with Alan – the Ray Mears Bushcraft knife was based on the Woodlore design but made by Stephen Wade Cox. In fact, there is no reason why you shouldn't bring a bushcraft knife with you when on holiday or when spending a day in the woods. If you’re looking for a low cost but high performance knife that is a little more in keeping with the bushcraft theme i.e. Spyderco is a company that is known for its pocket knives as well having great eye for... Helle Temagami Carbon Knife. Thanks to Pip you fine folks know about us! Each knife we own has something to teach us. Mora Bushcraft Forest Knife Mora Knives Sold Out £38.99. First up on our list of the best bushcraft knives is the Bushcraft Survival Knife of Morakniv. Gerber Gator Bush Machete. Made my own handles too so better in the wet. The Morakniv Companion is a very solid light-to-medium-duty bushcraft knife that weighs in at 4.8oz (135g). 11) The Ray Mears Woodlore - Generally thought of as the pinnacle of bush craft knives, the Woodlore was designed by Ray Mears and British knife maker Stephen Wade Cox. You will find that it attracts a lot of attention from other bushcrafters, so if you like a chat around the campfire this is another good reason to purchase this once in a lifetime premium cutting tool.”. Gerber Truss Multi-Tool. The most important aspect is choosing a knife that is full-tang. My favourite bushcraft knife is the Hultafors Craftsman. The Bushcraft Knife is made from 01 high carbon tool steel and is definitely a tool for life. The handles of this knife are solid black G10 with a red G10 underlay. I’d had my eyes on these low-cost bushcraft sheath knives since they first arrived at the warehouse and it wasn’t long before the urge to make the purchase set in. The Damascus steel blade looks quite simply stunning and it’s every bit as good to use as it is to drool over. Mk II TBS Timberwolf Camp Knife … Ultimately, the best bushcraft knife that’s right for you will depend on the likely tasks, conditions and environment you intend on using it in. You can read more about my personal top ten here”, Emma – Admin Assistant Favourite Knife: Opinel round Tip. We are all different. It probably won’t last for long! The Schrade Frontier Fixed Blade Knife may be the best looking bushcraft knife on the market today with its 1095 high carbon drop point blade with finger choil and drop dead gorgeous textured TPE handle. They are available is many different sizes with a choice of premium stainless or carbon steel. I also use it for fishing, and unlike most staff that work here I only own a couple of knives and this is my multi-purpose tool, so if it’s cutting up fishing baits or pointing a stick or even chopping a block of wood it is the Gerber Moment that I use, and it’s never let me down”, Ted – Picking, Packing and Paracord Cutter extraordinaireFavourite Knife: Budget Bushcraft Sheath Knife.
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