Earlier this year when pulling together the data for our 2019 Optimizing Legal Information Pricing book, we noticed a trend across our AmLaw 200 segment. Customers can work with their sales representatives on pricing for Westlaw subscriptions. ICE used this system, The Intercept reported earlier this year, for an operation that targeted for arrest the parents and other relatives of children who arrived at the border alone. Joining is simple and doesn’t need to cost a lot: You can become a sustaining member for as little as $3 or $5 a month. Are you ready to switch? “Lawyers are funding the companies that are building ICE’s surveillance system, which totally works against their clients.”. Student Awards expire on June 30, 2019. Some of these advantages and disadvantages are shared by both. You get complimentary access to Casetext from now until August 31, 2020 . WestLaw And Lexis Join The Price War, And Lose. Fastcase, 9.4%. The reps did a really good job of explaining how to potentially earn a free iPad from their service, but I have no idea which is best, either generally or for specific tasks. Access Westlaw Essentials content and features with additional cases, statutes, regulations and administrative content from your state and circuit courts as well as secondary sources from your state Improve your speed and ensure your accuracy with state legal forms and journals Add speed and accuracy to legal forms and drafting Expand your knowledge with analytical and secondary sources … by George Chasse | May 10, 2019 | Legal Research Providers, Lexis vs. Westlaw. CLEAR also helps ICE suck in some government data, including license plate information from Vigilant Solutions, a California-based division of telecommunications giant Motorola. There are, however, a number of online alternatives that are either free or less expensive than Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw. Your next Casetext bill won’t be until August 31, 2020. Yes, Westlaw has the Key Number Digest and KeyCite, while Lexis has Core Terms and Shepards. You will then have “graduate status” until December 31, 2019 (longer if you are working for a non-profit and apply for an Aspire extension). When it’s treated as an expedient tactic, its purpose is unraveled. Lexis Advance, 8.5%. Law firms find no easy answer in a comparison between Westlaw and LexisNexis. The 2018 launch of Thomson Reuters Westlaw Edge was “buzz worthy” enough to get its own question in the Hits and Misses survey. Lawyers, students, and scholars called on legal database providers to end their contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security, and private surveillance contractor Palantir, saying the arrangements put universities and immigration lawyers in the untenable position of feeding money and even information into systems that facilitate deportation. Basically, any decent researcher is going to find what they’re looking for whether using Natural Language or Terms & Connectors. Consider what the world of media would look like without The Intercept. The tension stems from multi-pronged business model of Thomson Reuters and RELX. Legal Research Paper Series Law Librarians and LexisNexis vs. Westlaw: LawSurvey Results and Librarians LexisNexis By Westlaw: vs. J. Paul Lomio and Erika V. Wayne Survey Results J. Paul Research Paper No. On the one hand, Westlaw and LexisNexis, their respective legal … The tension stems from multi-pronged business model of Thomson Reuters and RELX. RELX’s ICE contracts total $2.24 million, the letter asserts, including subscriptions to the public records database Accurint. 95% of Lexis subscribers to Lexis can get Lexis Advance for no additional cost. Diversity helps governments contemplate complex challenges. The Intercept is an independent nonprofit news outlet. See Lexis’ Grad Access page for more information. The areas covered include search strategy, connectors, subject indexing and the court libraries. 4. Westlaw consists of West-owned and third party databases, services and functions ("Features") which may change from time to time. Instead. César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández, associate law professor at the University of Denver, told The Intercept in an email that he signed the petition because “I teach students that Westlaw and Lexis are important tools in a lawyers’ toolkit. Both systems do not charge for searches or for accessing documents within your plan. by George Chasse | May 10, 2019 | Legal Research Providers, Lexis vs. Westlaw | 0 comments. Do you even need Analytics? LexisNexis has more total federal case law than Westlaw* LexisNexis has (overall) cases online faster than Westlaw over 79% of the time** Find must-have analytical content from names you know—court-tested names like Collier, Moore, Nimmer and Chisum; Get deeper jurisdictional content—Over 3,000 municipal codes covering all 50 states; And that’s only the beginning. 3. At the other end of the spectrum, at large firms of 500 or more lawyers, 31.4 percent report that Westlaw is the service they use most often, followed by Lexis at 22.1 percent. On Lexis, run a search and click the button in the upper left to set up an alert. A. BOLANOS** AND JON MAY*** INTRODUCTION In the last several years, numerous articles have been written discussing the merits of au-tomated legal research and the virtues of vari-ous competing commercial systems. Only … Lamdan, author of a recent paper on the subject, said that she is also concerned that search terms, queries, and other data about legal researchers’ use of LexisNexis or Westlaw could be made available to ICE or other government agencies. Bloomberg, FastCase and CaseText are also making a run, and most likely there will be others. So, what is the significant difference between these two? Westlaw is an online legal research platform with a multitude of different subscriptions you can buy (and, frankly, different services). He did not clarify how they could be sure ICE was not using their tools to deport people who did not pose a criminal threat. Who would hold party elites accountable to the values they proclaim to have? On the other hand, the companies have expanded their role as data brokers for government agencies. In this post I cover how to approach some of the challenges listed above. The kind of reporting we do is essential to democracy, but it is not easy, cheap, or profitable. LEXIS vs. WESTLAW: An Analysis of Automated Education By ROBERT J. MUNRO,* J. it is intended to give the … Mijente has noted that ICE contracts with Thomson Reuters specify that CLEAR must be compatible with Palantir systems. That’s all it takes to support the journalism you rely on. Aside from Artificial Intelligence, caselaw research has been stuck in neutral. The signatories, about 300 so far, said law firms and universities are put in an ethical bind when they routinely pay companies whose products the government relies on to target immigrants for detention and deportation. Maybe you would like to know where you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. 89% of respondents cited Westlaw. On Law360, sign up with your law school email address at the link below. Another Thomson Reuters subsidiary has provided ICE with real-time data on jail bookings to help the agency locate immigrants, sparking a letter of concern from watchdog group Privacy International. In addition to ending their work with DHS and ICE, the two companies are also asked in the letter to stop working with Palantir, the CIA-funded startup founded by Trump adviser Peter Thiel, which lists Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis as key partners. Jacinta Gonzales of Mijente, which has been pressuring tech companies to stop working with ICE, said that she’d been struck by the interdependence of Palantir, Thomson Reuters, and LexisNexis. CCH, 1.7%. They were joined by Latinx advocacy group Mijente as well as Immigrant Defense Project, which engages in litigation and legal activism. (In 2018, NBC reported that Steve Rubley, CEO of a Thomson Reuters subsidiary, was on the board of the ICE Foundation, which “supports the men and women of ICE.”). Start with how you would rate each provider based on the following: If you’re considering testing the waters with enticing options, are you prepared to navigate the differences and ongoing changes? User is licensed to use Data solely in the regular course of legal and general research and related work. Here are the phone numbers for the sales lines for LexisNexis and Westlaw: LexisNexis: 1-888-836-8116; Westlaw: 1-800-328-4880; How LexisNexis’ pricing compares to alternatives. 23 Revised Edition by July 2008 Lomio and Erika V. Wayne Robert Crown Law Library Crown Quadrangle Stanford, California 94305-8612 This includes ICE’s use of the CLEAR database, which, as McKenzie Funk recently reported for the New York Times Magazine, has come to play a crucial role in deportations and immigration enforcement by collating and providing to government clients “data from credit agencies, cellphone registries, social-media posts, property records, utility accounts, fishing licenses, internet chat rooms and bankruptcy filings, all fused and vetted by algorithm to form an ever-evolving, 360-degree view of U.S. residents’ lives.” Privately run databases like CLEAR are particularly attractive to government agencies like ICE because the agencies face legal restrictions on what information they can themselves collect and how long they can retain such data. Some firms use Lexis, some use Westlaw, and some use both. Graduating Students (Continued Access through 2019)Spring Grads, you have continued access to Lexis Advance (no usage restrictions or time limitations) using your LexisNexis credentials through December 31, 2019.Note: when you sign-on after July 5, you'll see the Graduate Homepage which contains a graduation gift from LexisNexis. Considering that 80%-90% of legal research is done in cases, statutes and citation checking, most would say it’s user preference. The … Lexis, 25.6%. An annual survey of law libraries conducted by American Lawyer Media is one indicator of how these research platforms are doing. To schedule a brief conversation, contact me here on my website. Fastcase does not offer proprietary secondary sources. When it comes to making a choice between them, the ultimate decision depends on variables like a … Even if the legal research companies stopped working with ICE, the agency could presumably still access their data through Palantir. However, in legal research, it appears the opposite is true. From the law school’s population of approximately 550 students, 180 responded to the survey in nearly equal numbers among first, second and third year students. Spring 2019 graduates will have regular access until July 5, 2019. From each springs the various strengths and weaknesses. 2. Westlaw, 17.1%. Washington, DC (March 13, 2017) – The U.S. legal publishing market may no longer be a duopoly, according to the most recent Clio users survey. Westlaw has more citation formats available for … Lex Machina was the product mentioned most often for cancellation– a total of seven times. 4.4K views Aside from Artificial Intelligence, caselaw research has been stuck in neutral. There is a charge for retrieving a document outside of your plan in both systems. Bloomberg Law and PLC, 0%. This article is not a recommendation for a particular system. WESTLAW EDGE. On Lexis News and Legal News, click Advanced Search above the search box, then search within the Headline and Lead Sections field. Now, let’s introduce Analytics into the picture. LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters (WestlawNext) and Bloomberg BNA publish treatises and form books. I teach them that these databases are resources for advocating on behalf of their clients.”, And so, he added, “It is my moral obligation to inform them that the companies that operate these databases facilitate and profit from the suffering that their future clients—people whom my students genuinely care about helping—experience.”. If your Lexis/Westlaw contract, for example, runs through August 31, 2019, here is how your free access would work: You pre-pay for an annual Casetext subscription now and send us some proof of the end date at [email protected] A total of twelve readers cited LexisAdvance or other Lexis content as being considered for cancellation. Westlawvs lexis 1. LEXIS and WESTLAW. How many covert wars, miscarriages of justice, and dystopian technologies would remain hidden if our reporters weren’t on the beat? Do the bells and whistles really matter? LexisNexis Tops the Scrutiny List Lexis products are receiving the most budget scrutiny followed closely by Bloomberg and Westlaw. The latest version, released mid-2017, shows a variety of tools in use. For example, a firm may purchase an Ohio only package, and material from other states is outside the firm's plan. Westlaw and LexisNexis include a case summary and headnotes with court decisions. Another option is to switch to one of the new legal research providers like Casetext. This guide provides an overview to different types of free materials, under the section Free Sources of Legal Materials, and also summarizes the features and costs of less expensive databases within the section of Low-Cost Legal Databases. According to user preferences, Westlaw has occupied the market than Lexisnexis. (THELAWNET | Now you know. Students graduating in May 2019 have full access to Lexis Advance through their current, law school-provided Lexis IDs through December 31, 2019. The number of signatories to the petition has been updated. Both Westlaw and Lexis have taken off to see who can better enhance caselaw research with Westlaw Edge and Lexis Context. Researchers Against Surveillance and Law Students Against ICE made their requests in a letter and petition asking Thomson Reuters, which owns the legal search tool Westlaw, and RELX, owner of LexisNexis, to end the deals, which they estimated were worth tens of millions of dollars. Has caselaw research become commoditized? On the one hand, Westlaw and LexisNexis, their respective legal products, provide virtually every law firm and law school in the country with access to court filings, case law, opinions, academic work, and other resources essential for legal research. ROSS AI Plus Wexis Outperforms Either Westlaw or LexisNexis Alone, Study Finds By Robert Ambrogi on January 17, 2017 ROSS Intelligence , the artificial intelligence legal research platform, outperforms Westlaw and LexisNexis in finding relevant authorities, in user satisfaction and confidence, and in research efficiency, and is virtually certain to deliver a positive return on investment. Price Wars in Legal Research Mean Deals for Small Firms; I Compare Costs | LawSites. BNA, 0.9%. Yes, Westlaw has the Key Number Digest and KeyCite, while Lexis has Core Terms and Shepards. Update, Nov. 14, 2019, 4 p.m. Most of these studies were written without the value of actual comparative experience of the … The survey asked users what tool they use for legal research, and users reported that Westlaw, Fastcase, and Lexis were their tools of choice, in that order. The question, “What subscription tool(s) does your department use when conducting research to support attorneys in the practice of law?”, included the following responses: 1. Get Email Alerts for New Content. ID extension is automatic and no registration is required. ET:  “Lawyers are funding the companies that are building ICE’s surveillance system, which totally works against their clients,” said Sarah Lamdan, a professor and librarian at CUNY School of Law and a member of Researchers Against Surveillance. Above the Law posted this month, law firms as well as other businesses are coping with the difficult economic environment and are looking into cutting their costs without having to fire associates. (We won’t even include Bloomberg, the third leading legal database provider, in the mix.) “They’re paying collectively millions of dollars to Thomson Reuters and Lexis every year, and then those companies are putting it into R&D, where they are creating products for ICE and law enforcement.”, Spokespeople for LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters, asked about their work with ICE, both emphasized helping law enforcement with “public safety.” Services provided to ICE “by Thomson Reuters are explicitly in support of its work on active criminal investigations and priority cases involving threats to national security or public safety,” said company rep Jeffrey McCoy, echoing previous statements on the matter. Bloomberg’s BLAW by 68%. Who is Winning: Westlaw or Lexis? “It’s not only the people creating the software to process the information but also the data brokers who are providing the information from the beginning,” she said. A side-by-side comparison of Westlaw vs LexisNexis can provide some guidance on features and overall capabilities. Yes, Westlaw has the Key Number Digest and KeyCite, while Lexis has Core Terms and Shepards. Essentially, it’s a proprietary database of case law, statutes, treatises, and other secondary sources from legal technology heavyweight, Thomson Reuters. A detainee at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Tacoma, Wash., on Sept. 10, 2019. on about your day, ask yourself: How likely is it that the story you just read would have been produced by a different news outlet if The Intercept hadn’t done it? Lexis was mentioned by 84%. The law school’s library survey from May 2008 showed that law students had a clear preference. In most businesses, the economies of scale make the larger company more competitive. Access to certain Features may be restricted. Further preference for Westlaw over Lexis can be observed at the Stanford Law School. Loislaw vs. Westlaw vs. Lexis. Expensive, phone rep hard to understand, billing nightmare, switched to westlaw they are so much better! Loislaw and Casemaker, 3.4% each. Data from our legal research products is not used for that.” Thomson Reuters also denied sharing information across platforms, saying, “Customer data, queries or other inputs submitted via the use of one of our products, are never sold or added into any of our product databases.”. Biden’s “Cabinet of Firsts” Betrays a Cynical Approach to Diversity, Reality Winner Endures Holiday Hardships as Advocates Turn to Biden for Reprieve. Fastcase, Westlaw, LexisNexis in a Virtual Tie for First in Clio Legal Research Survey. Cora Currier[email protected]​[email protected] HeinOnline, used for legal history and … Westlaw / Lexis Advance Pricing What the firm pays: Firms pay a flat rate for whatever piece of Westlaw/Lexis Advance they purchase. Readers were asked to rank the value of Westlaw Edge features and to indicate whether their organizations had purchased Westlaw Edge… and if they hadn’t, to explain why. WestlawNext, 15.4%. So, who is really winning? Has caselaw research become commoditized? So, what is the significant difference between these two? The duopoly is not alone. Palantir runs the Investigative Case Management, a system that allows ICE agents to access a plethora of interagency intelligence platforms, some of them also created by Palantir, and to handle immigration cases against individuals. Even countries that hosted vaccine trials — like Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, and Turkey — will not receive adequate supplies. Other services, 12%. Casetext includes two unique organizational features that are different from what you find on either Westlaw or LexisAdvance: holdings and black letter law. WestlawNext classifies the headnotes in the key number system, while Lexis Advance uses the Lexis Topics system. I can give you specifics on what to expect for your circumstances. Each system was developed from a different algorithm. Asked if information from legal research tools could be used in products marketed to law enforcement, a spokesperson for LexisNexis, Jennifer Richman, said, “We don’t do that. This was more cases than comparison searches on Westlaw (17 cases) and Lexis Advance (4 cases) yielded, but I did notice that there was more overlap between cases across databases after narrowing the search.
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