from your home of three to four times the mature height of the tallest plant. Elderberry is often overlooked as a shrub for wildlife. The inner bark of this tree has a white slimy, glue like substance on it which is why it is called “slippery” elm. They feature incurved teeth along the margin. Non-native Norway maples and Japanese maples can cause or experience problems. They are yellow green in color and they can stay on the twig for 5 to 6 years easily. The wood of the black birch tree is quite hard, strong, coarse grained, and heavy. white cedar, hemlock, balsam fir, and the many kinds of spruce provide crucial winter They spread by suckers to form clumps. It then unveils a dark brownish red color. is a tree identification guide from the Arbor Day Foundation, featuring an easy-to-use, step-by-step process to identify nearly any tree in North America. Early blossoming shrubs such as crabapples, lilacs, serviceberry, and redbuds offer spring There are several types of pine trees and each is different from one another. They are dark brown in color and they contain a strong scent which is released when the leaf is crushed. difficult to transplant, hawthorns survive well on upland and lowland sites. Many trees that grow in wet areas will use large amounts of water. Plants that serve multiple purposes, such as providing both food for wildlife and The most popular types of Christmas trees available in Michigan include: Scotch Pine, White Pine, Blue Spruce, Black Hills Spuce, Balsam Fir, Concolor Fir, … These trees are often seen outside swamps and they tend to create their own swamps as well. The reason why it is called a white oak tree is because it is not common to find any tree species that has a white bark, light gray is common, but having a white trunk is exotic. This tree is the common tree for most bottomlands and it largely grows in many states of the United States. A black locust tree is a medium sized, deciduous tree that is found in North America, South Africa, Asia, and Europe. Trees are lit 24 hours from the Saturday Junipers and cedars provide good cover, nest sites, and food for songbirds. The leaves are found in clusters and they have leaflets that are stemmed. Sycamore trees are large, deciduous trees that are commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere. This tree is commonly found around the state and it can be found at an altitude of 2000 feet as well. dogwoods and crabapples. The wood of this tree is tough, strong, hard, heavy, coarse grained, hard to work with and light brown in color. shade in summer, protection from wind in winter, and offer texture to the words, if the tallest tree in the windbreak is 50 feet, plant the windbreak 150 to 200 Certain varieties, especially Japanese types tend to be more tender than European and American type varieties. The attractive foliage of this tree is what makes it the perfect ornamental tree, which is why it is used as a Christmas tree. production and cover are the two most important values that trees and shrubs have for It is most commonly used for interior design, shoe lasts, furniture, veneer, flooring, fuel wood (of the highest quality) and rollers. A scots pine (also known as a scotch pine) tree is a medium to large sized, coniferous evergreen tree commonly found in Europe and Asia. The wood of the honey locust tree is strong, coarse grained, hard, but it is not as durable as the black locust tree when it comes in contact with soil. Crabapples come in many varieties from nurseries and grow from 10 to 30 feet The wood of the American hornbeam tree is commonly used for mallets because of how hard and sturdy it is. Clay soil can be most challenging. mast (nuts) to squirrels and blue jays in winter and cool shade on hot summer days. The bark of this tree is light gray, and smooth. sharp contrast to rough-textured plants such as hawthorn and jack pine. The leaves of the American hornbeam are simple and they have subtle serrate along the entire margin. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s healthy! may not fit in with your landscape characteristics. The leaves are simple and they are 3 lobed. A black birch is a medium sized deciduous tree that is commonly found in east North America, commonly in the southern Maine west and southernmost Ontario region. Michigan produces more than 900 million pounds of apples per year, it is no wonder why apples are one of Michigan's largest and most valuable fruit crops. mountain-ash offer fall fruits to migrating birds, and oaks and hickories provide hard Because this tree has yellow green flowers, beautiful big leaves, and a rapid growth, it is quite often planted in parks. A bitternut hickory is a large sized, deciduous tree that largely grows around North America. Conifers are important sources of winter. More than 100 different species of trees grow in the state. Moreover, the fruits of this tree are important for wildlife. rearing young, secure winter cover, As it gets older, it begins to shred off and it reveals a beautiful dark chocolate brown color inner bark. Maple trees are considered as one of the most important forest tree group in North America. The leaves are quite simple and average-sized and they have a rich, dark green color. The bark of this tree is dark gray in color and has odd furrows all over it. An Arborvitae is a medium-sized forest tree that slowly grows. The bark of this tree is reddish brown or golden, but it soon turns into chalky white. An eastern hemlock tree is a large, long lived, shade loving, coniferous tree that is native to North America. Elm trees are native to Eurasia and North America. However, is not as durable as the wood of a white oak tree. An American larch is a small to medium sized, boreal deciduous and coniferous tree that is most commonly found in Canada. Tree species occurrence is fairly uniform across the region but there are some differences. Sometimes the leaves have hair on the flipside of the leaf or along the margin. A sugar maple tree is popularly known for its beautiful, bright foliage and the delicious, rich maple syrup it produces. The inner bark color is red. The upper branches of this elm tree make the tree look like a fan shaped crown. The leaves of the scarlet oak tree are simple and toothed. You This tree is spread all around North America but the wood is not as valuable as one would think which is why these trees are often sighted everywhere. All trees and shrubs can provide nesting cover for With these in mind you will create a beautiful landscape that will also benefit wildlife. The wood is not used commercially excessively. The leaves of these trees have unique shapes. A cucumber tree is a deciduous tree and one of the largest magnolia tree species. It is quite rough and dusty brown in color. The wood of this tree is used for posts, rough construction, and ties. Planning section. The leaves of the black cherry tree are quite simple with pointed tips. Alder. Michigan State University Extension recommends gardeners start by looking closely at the needles though the shrub may fit all of your landscape goals (color, texture, wildlife value), it They are evergreen tree that's attractive, prevent soil erosion and home to animals. Although, this tree has an attractive appeal to it, it does not have any value for timber. Planning how you’re going to plant any trees in Michigan is crucial to getting a great looking tree and also a healthy tree. It is a source of fuelwood as well for many farmers. Another example of location problems is seen with mulberry trees. they play an important role for pollinating insects. The following shrubs and shrub families should be highly considered as they are well It is commonly found in North America and East Asia. larger shadow than expected. An excellent wildlife shrub on moist It is a tree species that grows best in rich and moist soil locations. The wood is quite durable when it comes in contact with any kind of soil. A pitch pine tree is small to medium sized, coniferous tree that is commonly found in North America and Europe. The wood is most commonly used as construction lumber and it always stays in demand for pulp. Trees of Iran; Trees of Pakistan ; Australasia. are found primarily in the Midwest and Upper Midwest, the Southeast and north into New England and beyond. The bark of this tree is yellow brown and smooth when it is young. tall. characteristics of your property, which may include soil types and locations of your The wood of the white ash tree is quite strong, hard, coarse-grained, tough, and heavy. Plantings that provide food in summer help juvenile birds as well as early migrants to The first ever black locust tree was planted in eastern United States, but as time has gone on; this tree has been widely spread all around the globe. Understanding these conifers will give you a greater understanding of Michigan, its climate, its soils, its geology and its history. The American chestnut tree is a large sized, fast growing, deciduous tree that is commonly found in North America, hence its name. A mahogany tree is an evergreen, medium sized tree that is native to southern Florida, but it can also found in the Caribbean islands and southern Asia. It requires growing in moist hillsides or rich soiled bottomlands, but it can be grown in drier locations as well. Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia and because wildfires are common in the Australian region, these trees can survive the fire. This tree is considered as the most valuable cherry tree found in New York. It can be found in Canada, Pakistan, Australia, India, China, South and North America, Southern South America, and New Zealand. Related: Types of Mesquite Trees | Types of Redbud Trees | Types of Fig Trees. The bark of this tree is light green yellow in color and smooth. Not only will this provide us with clean water and jobs but also aesthetic beauty and clear air to breathe. Shrubs and trees must have persistent fruits in order to have winter value. IC 4212 (Rev. The wood is also used for framing. Similar to the pitch pine tree, this tree has needle like leaves as well but they possess a rich, deep green color. Becoming an Outdoors Woman; Archery Classes and Clinics; Fishing Classes and Clinics; Nature Programs in State Parks; Outdoor Skills Academy; Youth; Programs for Educators. Sometimes they can even be single compounded. As it gets older, the outer bark begins to flake off revealing a white and brown surface. Amur Maple. The bark of this tree is smooth and gray green when it is young. The white oak tree does well in moist soils as well as dry areas. Planting trees and shrubs offers a variety of benefits to your home. In other The leaflets do not have stems. The bark of the honey locust tree is smooth and brownish gray, but as it gets older, it becomes rough and blackish along the ridges. Although, this tree’s bark is compared to an aspen tree’s bark, it has been decided that this tree possesses a prettier looking bark. This is what gave it its name as “shagbark” hickory. Black elderberry is found on lowland sites, while red In botany, a tree would be defined as a perennial plant that has an elongated trunk or a stem with supporting leaves and branches. The wood of the. The most popular color? The bark of the cucumber tree is brown gray in color and it has long narrow furrows that disperse as they reach the top. Discover the different types of Cedar trees here. The wood of this tree is soft yet heavy, coarse grained and tough. The bark of the black walnut tree is dark, thick, furrowed and brown gray in color. Nannyberry is a tall shrub or small tree that is used as an ornamental for its The wood of this tree is weak, soft, and not durable. The leaves of this tree look the same. The leaves of this tree are simple and they are serrated all around its edge. Michigan is a heavily forested state and, therefore, you’ll never get tired of looking at the many beautiful trees it has to offer. Since there are many subcategories in this tree species, the distinguishing factor is commonly the fruits and flowers that grow on the tree. dogwood is so named as its bark is a bright to deep red when in full sun areas. The lumber obtained from it is quite hard for any interior finishes. For this reason do not plant it close to apple orchards. This short lived tree is used for pulpwood and fuel wood in New York. Let’s take a look at the types of maple trees in Michigan. There is no other tree that has such versatile wood. screech owls, wood ducks, and many songbirds including chickadees. There are two popular species of a tulip tree; one that is native to North America and the other is native to China, Vietnam, and India. Fall-fruiting shrubs There are a few other species of the beech tree that are spread in different nations around the world including South Asia. 7/31/2017) Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Resources Division MICHIGAN NATIVE TREES This information is provided as a courtesy by the MichiganDepartment of Natural Resources, Urban & Community It is planted in sandy soils and sometimes even in dry soils. information. The reason for this is that it is used for almost the same uses except for wood carving. shrub spreads by suckers and may be difficult to control near lawns and gardens. The leaves of the American elm tree are simple and they become dark green as they mature. Although, the tree rarely ever reaches a big size, when it does, the wood is used for lumber. If the genus is not linked, species are listed on the family page. The leaves of the American chestnut tree are small, oval, and light brown in color. This tree is the most widespread and most common tree found in east and central North America. Even Out of all the willow tree species, the black willow tree is the biggest and most widely spread species. 01 of 14. Oaks, hickories, maples, and other large deciduous trees planted on the south The wood of the American chestnut tree is popularly used by farmers because of how rapidly it grows. Depending on the species of the trees, some leaves might be oval, star, or heart-, Are also referred to as evergreens, which means they will be green all year round despite changing seasons. Pine trees are evergreen coniferous trees that are native to most countries in the Northern Hemisphere. This tree is usually grown on gravelly soils and dry grounds. One of them is the Casuarina pauper, Australian tree species and Quercus kelloggii, the Californian tree species, from western U.S. A chestnut oak tree is a medium sized, deciduous tree that is commonly found in eastern United States. This means, they are mostly planted at river bottoms, along streams, and in the damp low area of woods. As it gets older, it starts getting edges and furrows in it. The wood of this tree is harder than a white oak’s wood; it is strong, heavy, coarse-grained, and dark brown with red highlights. Sometimes, a black ash tree can be found in the middle of the hardwood tree when they are located in cold and moist forests. The balsam fir tree is commonly found in cold and deep swamps around the states. The leaves are simple and pointed. The leaves are twister and resemble needles. Here is some detailed information on birch trees. This tree species is commonly found in sandy soils, between mountains or on hillsides. Maple, ash, white pine, and white cedar are important sources of winter browse for deer and rabbits. Different areas of the world have different maple trees. Dogwoods are used intensively by wildlife. The bark of this tree is either light red-brown or ash gray. The wood of the bitternut hickory tree is often used for lumber and pulpwood. plantings. Washington Hawthorn is a common variety. As you move closer The wood is coarse-grained, hard, strong, and light brown in color. Goals and Considering Alternatives in the Habitat Since this tree grows quite rapidly, it is often used for its high quality lumber. fruits. Red and cedars, crabapples, hemlocks, dogwoods, and spruces. The bark of this tree is dark grey and soft. On the other hand, the scots pine tree –itself- is used as a Christmas tree. The wood of this tree is barely ever used. Discover the different types of Arborvitae trees here. An example of an oak leaf with smooth margins is white oak (Quercus alba), a tree of noble proportions hardy in USDA zones 3 through 9. cherries and oaks provide important food habitat for butterflies and caterpillars. The leaves of the cucumber tree have an entire margin. Stanley, the #1 plum, is medium quality but relatively hardy. pollen for bees. The American elm tree is considered as one of the most graceful, well known, and beautiful tree in New York. The Eastern white pine is the state tree of Maine and Michigan. Sometimes, this tree does not even grow bigger than a bush. Look for tall trees with needles and cone type fruit to find a pine tree. The wood of this tree is strong, light, and hard, coarse-grained and pale brownish red heartwood. Nut-producing trees such as oak, hickory, As time has progressed, the bark of the pignut hickory tree has changed as well. This oak tree species is found on rocky ridges, hillsides, and dry lands. The wood is strong, touch, heavy, hard, and dark brown in color. The leaves of this tree are simple, linear shaped they serrate around the margin; the leaves are green on top and light green on the bottom. Takashi .M/Flickr/CC 2.0. The leaves of this tree are like needles but they are quite flexible. 60 Different Types of Trees (Names, Photos and More), How to Get the Lakeside Collection Catalog (and Why You Should), 50 Scandinavian-Style Dining Room Ideas (Photos), Ladybugs (The Secret Ingredient to a Pest Free Garden), 11 Herbs to Grow in Water on Your Windowsill, The Dos, Maybes, and Don’ts of Composting, The Bladderwort Carnivorous Plant (How it Keeps Your Backyard Pond Clean), Cortijo Juan Salvador by Marion Regitko Architects. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about michigan trees photo? Types of Hickory Trees. sites, it will also grow on sandy soil, although more slowly. Follow the links to view species native to Michigan. Moreover, the leaves can stay on the twig for 3 to 4 years. Native Trees and Shrubs Deciduous trees Maples (Acer spp. The branches on a tree are essentially supported by the large trunk instilled under the ground. Moreover, this tree is considered as the favorite for the early settlers because it was their dooryard tree. Hickory trees (Carya spp.) The leaves range in size but they all have sharp points at the tip. I thought I had read the description well but apparently I did not or I would not have ordered this book. Gray dogwood and American The wood is used for levels, tools, handles, and it makes the best fuel wood. Butterflies, moths, and bees especially rely on these trees and shrubs at these times as The reason why it is called a tulip tree is that it has yellowish green flowers that cover the entire tree. The fields of central southern Europe were full of English elm trees before the Dutch Elm disease took over. Look at the soil where the tree will be planted and you can also test the soil to ensure it’s right for the type of tree your planting. Since these flowers have a beautiful appearance, these trees are commonly used for ornamental purposes. Discover the different types of Tulips here. Do you want to develop visual barriers The bark of this tree is reddish brown in color and it is quite rough even at a young age. The sugar maple tree is the state tree of New York. Trees enhance beauty, provide shade in the summer, create a wind barrier in the winter, reduce soil erosion and even improve air quality. The shadbush blossoms beautiful flowers during the spring time which are small and white. This tree is a dominant tree commonly found in different parts of North America, but it is not as valuable as the red oak tree (mentioned below). in fall. The wood of the sycamore tree is tough, hard, not strong, heavy, coarse grained, hard to work with and brown red in color. 03 of 14. The wood of this tree is very strong, heavy and hard, which is why it is often called ironwood. Read on to know why the birches are so much in demand in the commercial market today. We have included the various common names associated with each scientific name to help you find the right tree. It is considered as the most well known and the most valuable hickory tree. The wood of this tree is strong, light, hard, tough and light brown in color. Sometimes, these trees are planted in drier locations as well. Types of Trees There are approximately 65,000 to 70,000 different species of trees on our planet. The wood of the black oak tree is strong, hard, and heavy, but not as valuable as the red oak tree. This tree species is commonly found in North America, Asia, and Europe. For example, a pitch pine tree can grow well in low nutrient, acidic, and sandy soils. It is most commonly found in Minnesota, Florida, Maine, Texas, and Quebec. Under the ground, the trunk spreads its roots that give additional support to the tree while it absorbing all the nutrients and moisture from the soil. The leaves of the tree are quite big as well causing Indians to use it as plates. For example, Anyone taking to the woods can help by looking for signs of the insect while hunting, hiking or enjoying any outdoor activities. late-summer foods. sites in both sun and shade, it fruits best in sunny, moist areas to attract many songbird However, as it gets older, it becomes brown and grey with deep furrows. It is quite often mistaken as a yellow poplar. The leaves of the eastern cottonwood tree are simple, triangular shaped and fairly long. This site is for everyone who wishes to get to know these trees better. The wood of the black walnut tree is most commonly used for interior works, cabinet making, gunstocks, and high end furniture. To develop a The wood of this tree is hard, very heavy, strong, and coarse-grained with a deep brown color. The bark of this tree is very thin and it peels off quite easily. The northern red oak (Quercus rubra), growing in USDA zones 3 through 8, has teeth on the lobes and delivers red fall color. So trees are often sheared to make them suitable for Christmas trees, although some feel this makes the foliage over-dense. There are multiple types of pine trees, but as members of the same broad family, they tend to share similar characteristics. The tree species that are grown in other countries are known to be fast growing and they have valuable timber which is used for honey, essential oils, and pulpwood. Unlike Stanley, which was sour around the pit, these plums are sweet throughout. The wood of this tree is strong, hard, heavy, durable, east to work with, can be polished with finesse, and it possesses a rich brown color. The wood of this tree is tough, elastic, heavy, and coarse-grained. These lists are derived from U.S. Forest Service data. beech and white oak provide homes for squirrels, The scarlet oak tree adds a beautiful aesthetic because of its unique colored leaves; it is often used as an ornamental piece by many homeowners. the value of your home. The leaves are similar to the other maple tree leaves but, the sugar maple tree leaves are dark green in color. The best situations for a black walnut tree to grow would be well drained, rich soiled bottomlands. from each other and any other areas where they may cause problems. For a nominal fee your It is also common in the acid wood industry and it is used for furniture, crates, and baskets. Stanley, the #1 plum, is medium quality but relatively hardy. The bark of this tree is brown gray in color and tends to differ from the bark of an American elm tree. Another thing to remember with location is the height that the trees and shrubs will Discover the different types of Aspen trees here. The leaves, bark, and seeds are often used to treat disorders and diseases as well. A basswood tree is a medium sized deciduous tree that is commonly found in North America. The wood of the European larch tree is heavy, durable, strong, but flexible. The bitternut hickory tree does well in rich, moist soils. Trees and shrubs come in many heights. Our trees are available for wholesale and retail purchase. This tree is popularly known for its roots and barks as they are commonly used to make sassafras tea and they have been being used for the longest time. The wood of this tree is fragrant, soft, brittle, light, very durable when it gets contacted with soil and it is easy to work with. feet from your home. A bigtooth aspen tree is a medium-sized, short-lived, fast-growing deciduous tree. The leaves of this tree differ in sizes according to the specie of the mahogany tree. to planting exotic species. "feathering" or "staircase" effect, which is highly beneficial for A black walnut tree is a medium to large sized, deciduous tree that is commonly found in North America, Africa, and some places in Europe. The bark of the sycamore tree is dark brown at the bottom half of the trunk and has deep furrows. The black willow tree does not have much importance in terms of its timber production but it can be used for other things. side of your home can provide relieving shade in summer and allow the winter sun to It is valued and it is used for timber, furniture, lock hates and the constructions of jets. The bark of this tree is reddish gray and smooth. It thrives The red maple tree can be found in swamps, in woodlots, and on moist slopes. A black willow tree requires wet or moist soil along lakes and streams to grow to its fullest potential, but it can also be grown on sandy, fresh and gravely soils where it can soak up a good amount of sunlight. mountain-ash, nannyberry, and American highbush cranberry all have persistent winter Trees of Canada; Trees of the Caribbean Basin; Trees of North America; Asia. butternut, and black walnut are also key fall foods for both migratory and resident The acorns of this category mature two times in one year which is why they are referred to as biennial oaks. The bark of this tree is brown red in color and it has deep furrows on it when it is young. The wood of the eastern white pine tree is even textured, soft, light brown, and can be easily worked with. For example, dense pines and spruces provide roosting Unfortunately, trees are being cut down excessively nowadays, which is why more people should start planting trees. The bark of this tree is a dusty brown color and smooth, but as it gets older, the smooth bark peels off and reveals a reddish brown surface. furnish color and serve as attractive foundation plantings around the base of your home,
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