Itou, Shizuka: Phonsekal, Laure. Digital comics in LINE Webtoon, updated every Sunday. In Fire Emblem, I had to match the timing but not the flaps [when the mouths of the characters move]. Here's All Characters Voice Actors of Kami no Tou: Tower of God Who's your best character ? This article is such a fantastic showcase of what these Tower of God voice actors have ready for the upcoming anime! The key art for the two characters were also released. Kira Buckland (Yuri Jahad): I was already doing a fair amount of voiceover work from home before the pandemic happened, but dubbing from home was an entirely new challenge because we have to match the video in real-time, and nobody was really set up for that from home. I certainly did! Every character is their own person, so finding the inner thought process in them as to why they’re feeling and saying a certain thing really informs me I think more than it does anything. After leaving his position as one of the Examiners, he is seen in a black tuxedo. TOWER OF GOD English Dub Voice Actors Talk Working From Home and More. JYB: To get into the headspace of your characters? Once I saw the first trailer though, I thought it was gonna be awesome. CH: At first glance Khun’s a scheming, cold but cool character so...pretty much the exact opposite of me. CH: At this point, I think most people know me as Dimitri from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. We had the privilege of doing a Q&A with some of the cast. Tower of God is a world-famous manhwa (Korean manga) series, and we got to speak with the Japanese voice actors bringing Bam and Rachel to life, Taichi Ichikawa and Saori Hayami. My agent has been reminding me it’s OK to take the time for yourself, and reminding me to put myself first. JYB: I must admit, there is one character I’ve played in the past that is the shadow persona hovering behind my performance. Because of my band I’ve collected pieces of music gear for over 15 yrs. His choice of clothing was that of most test examiners: a white lab coat with black trousers and gloves. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! CH:  I think two things. Keep watching and you’ll know when it gets there. He appears to be a fairly collected and easygoing person. I’ve been fortunate enough to now have my own dedicated home studio with a professional set up. The two characters were seen, but not heard, in the first episode. To help fans get familiar with SIU's manhwa adaptation, they sat down with the voice actors from the upcoming anime, namely Taichi Ichikawa and Saori Hayami! Because everything is generally so fast-paced, you rely a lot on instinct, which is a big part of why it’s so important to be a trained actor if you want to get into voiceover. Or were they completely alien to you? RELATED: Vagrant Queen’s Adriyan Rae Is Kicking Open the Door of Opportunity. #worldofwarcraft  #shadowlands  The biggest hurdle is the occasional lag in streaming picture to match lip movements. JYB: After my first session we were put on stay-at-home order. But some days I feel like being more like Yuri! As a teenager, he dreamed of becoming a voice actor in hopes of meeting an actress that he admired and wanted to co-star with. TV Show: Tower of God Photos of the Tower of God (Show) voice actors. It’s a massive undertaking for them and one I’m incredibly grateful for. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Doing voices and accents is fun, but that is all secondary to just acting. You’ve got this chemistry in person that being on a Skype call just doesn’t give you and it’s really hard. I just used Hela from “Thor: Ragnarok” for inspiration! And here’s the second one. Normally I’d go into the studio with the director and the engineer to record and there’s a certain dynamic to that which I think helps make the show better. Anime is very technical! This section details all of the Regulars currently known in Tower of God. Tower of God is coming to Crunchyroll as part of their Spring lineup under the Crunchyroll Originals banner. Jane Auman: How has working remotely changed the recording environment? A few weeks ago, Crunchyroll announced the cast of the series’ English dub. Our friends at Crunchyroll have been kind enough to hook us up with four or the English voice cast for the incredibly popular original series, Tower of God. Reach the top, and everything will be yours. That was Frank Welker voice acting and creating those iconic sounds, along with all kinds of creatures. An animated fantasy adventure like little else on television right now. CH: We really don’t get scripts beforehand so I didn’t know a whole lot about the show at the beginning. There are also specific body motions or positions I do with certain characters. JT: There’s a great scene with both Endorsi and Anaak later in the season - I won’t spoil it but their dynamic in this particular fight was a lot of fun. Is there anything about the character you play that you identify with personally? Johnny Yong Bosch (Twenty-fifth Bam): Because of my band I’ve collected pieces of music gear for over 15 yrs. However, when I saw the full cast, I knew it was going to be great! You just have to work with what you got! Aided (in a way) by the mysterious Ha-Yuri Jahad played by Kira Buckland (KB), Bam finds himself allying with the mysterious Khun Aguero Agnes, played by Chris Hackney (CH). Tower of God has been very well received, did you have any inkling of how popular it would be when you read the scripts? Home » TV & Streaming » Animation » TOWER OF GOD English Dub Voice Actors Talk Working From Home and More, Posted by Jane Y. Auman | Jun 9, 2020 | Animation, Interviews, Stuff We Like, TV & Streaming | 0. Read Tower of God, List1 Now! Read more information about the character Aguero Agnes Khun from Kami no Tou? After graduating from the Amusement Media Research Institute, he joined the talent agency 81 Produce.. We'd like to thank the actors for taking the time to chat with us - Tower of God is streaming weekly on Crunchyroll. JYB: There’s a moment at the end of the batch we just recorded but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Johnny Yong Bosh plays Bam, left, while Kira Buckland plays Ha-Yuri Jahad (right). Forced to record from home due to the current pandemic, we're extremely grateful they gave us some time to talk about the show. May is mental health awareness month and, because of everything, getting to know yourself more is so important. When I got the role of Endorsi, I didn’t know the whole voice acting cast. At the top of the tower … ❤️❤️, What's this? It was announced on April 6 that voice actors Daisuke Ono (Jotaro Kujo in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) and Kenjiro Tsuda (Overhaul in My Hero Academia) will be joining the tower climb as Phonsekal Laure and Lero-Ro, respectively. JYB: I really have no idea but I can tell you that for me the most interesting aspect of voice acting is experiencing the unique world each character lives in. KB: I like the way she (Yuri) is confident and speaks her mind. I highly recommend large diaphragm condenser microphones. TV Show: Tower of God Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Trent Mills is the English dub voice of Lero Ro in Tower of God, and Kenjiro Tsuda is the Japanese voice. The characters in Tower of God are all unique because of SIU's attempt to try and combine many different themes and styles. Like Khun for example, I tend to have my hand upturned for most of the performance like I’m making a point. As the show goes on, you see more of what’s really in his heart so I can definitely see more in common with him. Sorry. Ichikawa has already lent his talents to Bloom Into You as Seiji Maki while Hayami played Yotsugi Looking Streets Behind is back with a deep-dive in, This week’s #WCW goes to Draka from World of War, It's Giving Tuesday! CH: I think dubbing/ADR is THE most challenging acting in voiceover. You’re basically trying to use the analytical & reason side of your brain to worry about timing and lip flaps while simultaneously using your creative side. Both were also very original fictional worlds. First they revealed two new key visuals for the show. I can’t wait until we can safely return to the studio, but I’m glad we have a way to continue working in the meantime. Everything I do is weaved into a future project. JA: How does anime dub work compare to other media you’ve worked in?
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