The goal of your podcast is to answer that question and get them excited to keep listening. Podcast intro and outro script sample. Whatever your status - this package has got you covered! Their quality, responsiveness and speed of delivery our unparalleled. Tell listeners where you are podcast from (the city). Once you have your music selected and you’ve edited it down to the 20-30 seconds you... #3. Looking for a professional voice over intro and outro for your podcast or audio project? You want to get the listener into the content section of your podcast as quickly as possible. Feel free to provide a written script or the key details (podcast name, what it’s about, your social media channels) and I can craft this into a script for you. Choose a vocal talent, upload your script, and choose a music style. It's easy to go overboard here, however, and it may be hard to squeeze in with limited time in your intro. Make a great first impression with your Podcast and leave a lasting one. The intro for a comedy podcast will likely sound much different from a podcast focused on politics or current events. By providing your details you agree to receive emails from us. Your podcast intro script should tell your listeners what they're listening to along with giving them a feeling of what to expect. I spent 26 years in the broadcasting business and paid tens-of-thousands of dollars for music and creative packages that didn’t come close to the quality and level of excellence I get from MRC. Content is obviously the most important factor, not just what you present but also the quality of it (audio quality). We’ll take it from there. The most important element to include in your podcast intro is the title of your podcast along with the name of the host. A simple format for a podcast outro script would go as follows: *Theme music plays over the beginning of the outro*. A podcast outro (sometimes referred to as a close or closing) is your last chance at the end of your show to tell listeners where they can learn more about you and your company, tell them where they can download previous shows, and invite them back for your next show. Podcast Outros are an excellent place to place your call to action and encourage listeners to listen further. Try rotating your CTAs for different episodes so you don't overwhelm listeners with a laundry list of things to do. You may feel the urge to commission a clever or funny song about your podcast and its subject, but this can complicate your intro and make it too long. Outro Script Example 1. I'm an experienced Voice Actor with thousands of projects successfully completed. These will be delivered voiced by the professional voice actor of your choice, you will receive one 30 second intro, voiced and fully produced with SFX, music and vocal FX to really make your Podcast stand out! A simple format for a podcast intro script would go as follows: Theme music > Podcast title > Host name > Episode title. What is a Podcast Outro? I'm Melissa, the founder of Wit & Wire. Let’s get started! In addition a well made podcast branding can be of benefit. Sample Podcast Intro and Outro Script; Free Audiobook; Hi! Write your podcast intro script Common podcast script elements Intro. Try out our easy 4-Step process for yourself for free right now – and get creating! Choose your music track Do you need inspiration for your podcast outro? In this video you will see examples of what a podcast intro is and what a podcast intro should sound like. On the contrary, the job of your podcast intros and outros are to support and enhance the actual content of your episodes. We’ve made it simple for you to craft a professional Podcast Intro Package in just a few simple steps right here on site. Podcast Sample Script Intro • You’re listening to the Greenview Primary School podcast and this is episode 12. Please be sure to subscribe so that we can join you again and if you appreciate the show, please jump over to iTunes and give us some stars. Invite others, set permissions, and control who has access to what. You may want to include the name of the episode, the guest, and the number as well. The first thing you'll want to consider is length. I like to keep my outro’s short and sweet, generally under 20 seconds. It’s my passion for teaching that brought me to start a podcast in the first place, and I founded Wit & Wire to help more passionate, diverse creators like you expand their impact and income through podcasting. In the outro of your podcast script, you will want to make sure you thank all of the guests that were on your show and recap a bit about what was discussed. For example, you might have a scripted intro and a scripted outro, but leave space in the middle to make sure you have some variety and creative freedom. I have a warm and conversational sound. Again, say what needs to be said, but don’t spread it out. Allow for some riffing. Starting a podcast? Download our complete free 11-page guide to microphones, recording tools, and podcast hosting platforms, and you’ll have everything you need to start podcasting ASAP. Below is a sample script you can use, inserting your podcast's pertinent details. Recording from home should still sound professional. The success of a podcast relies heavily on its content. How you present your podcast is a huge factor when it comes to your listeners’ enjoyment. Read your script out loud to help you proof it. Open-Source Script Templates for Podcast Intro and Outro Are you starting a podcast, and want to give it a professional sound? After introducing your name as well as the title of the podcast, you may also want to include a brief sentence explaining the podcast itself. ... Outro. Podcast intros need to hook your listeners and provide a sneak peek into the episode’s content. How to Write a Podcast Script Write Your Script for Speaking. Ignite! Izabela and Mike are two of the kindest people I know, so it works out that they also provide me exactly what I need for my podcasts when I need it: extremely high-quality, royalty-free voiceovers and music that I can be proud to insert into my show! What a Podcast Script Template Looks Like. It's not such a great idea to include any song longer than 15-20 seconds. Create a podcast What to Say in Your Podcast Outro (+ Free Templates) Podcast outros should be clear, concise, and easy to follow. Music Jingle : Plays at the end of each episode so listeners can easily identify your podcast (30 seconds). This shouldn't seem like a lot of red tape, or something that's going to restrict your creative license. Every podcast outro should give the listener a clear CTA, whether it's asking them to subscribe, leave a review, or visit your website. Thanks for listening to this episode of the Marketers Minute. I’ve been a fan of Music Radio Creative for years! A podcast intro and outro is a professionally mixed blend of music, voice over and sound effects that gives your podcast credibility, authority and just makes it sound cool. Anything longer could have your listener reaching for the skip ahead button or even worse, choosing a new podcast altogether. In order to give you the best experience on our website, we use cookies. You don't need to overthink them, or spend loads of time on them. You can opt out at any time. I do voiceover in American English. Or perhaps refreshing one that has been going for a while. PODCAST INTROS. Writing a razor-sharp script and recruiting an experienced podcast voice actor is the best way to kick off every new episode of your branded pod on the right foot. Below is a list of elements you should definitely include and a few optional ones — as well as what to leave out. Setting the scene for your listeners is essential as they do not have a visual aid. It's a great idea to include theme music. We’ve got you covered. Your email address will not be published. Not to mention, taking your skills to another level whereby attracting more listeners. Outro: Summary of theme and topics with conclusion (5 minutes). Feel free to modify our scirpt and use it for yourself. When new listeners find your podcast, they're really wondering, "Is this for me?" Inspired and ready to create your own podcast outro? And heck, you could use it for transitions as well. I'm Stephanie Murphy. A professionally produced podcast intro and outro is a great place to start, and can really make your show stand out from the crowded field of other podcasts. (The top 6 options), Solo Podcasting with host Melissa Guller (Podcast Format Series #1). Your podcast outro is the closing that wraps up the podcast and, when done right, leaves the … Privacy Policy. Our team of voice talents and audio producers are ready to work on one for you. A popular strategy is to play a guest quote from later in the episode to give people a sense of what's to come. The first step in creating an outro for your podcast is to write a good script that will end your podcast in style AND leave your listeners looking forward to the next episode. I love to create voiceovers and audiobooks! Welcome to the Pro Voice Guy Podcast, a show about helping your podcast sound great. It also means creating the right "vibe." Sponsor message. It's time for another episode of the Pro Voice Guy Podcast, a podcast about podcasting, and now, your host, Will Rice. It enables your audience to understand what the show is about and what kind of ground you'll cover. Your intro and outro should serve as thematic bookends that give your listeners a distinctive feel of your show while also giving them the information they need to understand and participate. Your intro and outro package includes assistance with script writing. A podcast intro should include the following elements: The name of the podcast – Let listeners know what they are listening to. But what are the secrets of a great podcast intro? • Today we’ll talk about an important school announcement, the Grade 3 students will share some interesting space facts and we’ll have our joke of the day. Terms & Conditions, 2020 Black Friday deals for podcasters & solopreneurs, Best podcast hosting platforms for 2021 (at any budget), 4 Ways to Use Overdub For Better Voice Overs, How to record your podcast using a microphone for iPhone, Storytelling & how to create a narrative podcast with Tight Lipped Podcast (Hannah Barg, Noa Fleischacker) [Podcast Format Series #5], Which podcast format is right for me? Pleasant, professional, punctual – perfect! Before you do anything else, you’ll want to select the music for your podcast intro. I’m Andrea, Head of Content Creation at Music Radio Creative! A script will help it to be smooth. Excited to start your podcast, but not sure where to start? That means providing them with the information they need to understand what they're listening to - the name of the show, host, guests, etc. How To Make A Podcast Intro #1. Branding is everything, and if you’re looking to set your AUDIO branding ON FIRE, MRC is your key to ignition. For Clients Looking for Podcast … You can find relatively inexpensive options for voiceover talent on sites like Fiverr. A simple format for a podcast intro script would go as follows: Theme music > Podcast title > Host name > Episode title. A podcast script is an essential tool that helps you create a professional show. My podcasts have reached thousands of listeners and hit six-figure downloads, and I also hit the charts as the #2 Career Podcast in America for Everything is Teachable. So how do you build the right intro and outro for your podcast? The specific elements of your podcast intro will vary depending on your content and style. Our fee of $199 is for a 45 second original composition, with full rights for using it on one podcast..
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