Also going by the name “Fat Lavender,” this fast-growing shrub produces unusually large flower spikes of up to six inches in length, which are heavily scented. After the first year, when the plant has become acquainted with its setting, potted lavender tends to grow well and will need to be pruned to be kept at a manageable size. In most regions that experience a fair amount of rainfall, you may never need to water your plant. This cultivar has flowers in a deep purple and is the darkest color of lavender available. If you propagate lavender from seed or cutting, you can create your own small plant to house in a pot inside. Spray this mixture onto a towel or washcloth and start associating the scent of lavender with calm activities such as brushing, soothing or massaging. Prune it heavily once or twice a year, usually in early spring or fall (or both). Lavandula stoechas also called French Lavender, Spanish Lavender or Butterfly Lavender is recognizable by the conspicuous sterile bracts, on top of the short dense inflorescence, resembling extravagant ears. Apart from clearing blocked ears, freshly extracted lavender oil has many other benefits too, such as relieving pain, easing any type of nervous pain, treating respiratory complaints and improving blood circulation. Height 40cm Large dark purple bracts with purple flags and dark green aromatic foliage. This article provides information regarding the use of this oil for treating ear infections. An exquisite lavender with deliciously aromatic foliage, that will put on an enchanting display of large, midnight-blue flowers topped with broad purple 'ears', from early summer through to autumn. This cultivar also goes by the name of “Rosea.”, Heavily fragrant flowers, higher in camphor than English Lavender, This hardy shrub is native to the western Mediterranean, throughout Portugal, Spain, and some regions of France and Italy. 18-karat white gold square post. One benefit of this lavender is that both the flowers and foliage are very fragrant. You'll find some of Britain's most attractive countryside, a glorious coastline, and a rich, vibrant heritage. To grow more lavender from your existing plant, you can easily propagate from stem cuttings. Planting your lavender in the correct soil is the most important thing you can do to ensure your lavender thrives. Lavender oil can be used to ease the pain by warming a bottle of the oil in hot water for a couple of minutes, then massaging a few drops into the skin of the outer ear. Height 40cm The silver foliage is heavily aromatic and is used in potpourri and cooking. The hybrid lavender, Lavandin, is a good choice for climates that experience both high and low temperatures throughout the year, as it is tolerant of both cold and hot weather. Prune it back heavily after summer to encourage a bushier style. Pipings: Creme white. Blooms appear throughout summer in various colors ranging anywhere from creamy white to vibrant purple. Stop a runny nose. With an instantly recognizable scent and typically purple flowers, this traditional shrub has been used for centuries in many settings. For early blooming lavender that flowers heavily, you may find it difficult to select a softwood cutting in spring that is free from flowers or buds. This variety of lavender can be easily identified by the petals sprouting from the top of the flowering spikes. The name of this lavender variety comes from its toothed leaf margins. Food - Lavender flowers make a great addition to your kitchen, either dried or fresh, and can be used in baking, … Sold in 9cm pots, A great selection that has large purple-blue flowerheads topped by pink flags. Flowers from late spring to late summer if dead headed. 4 Lavender Oil. Lavender has … Long-lived and hardy border plants include cultivars of the English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia and L. × intermedia). Lavender enjoys full, direct sun, so be sure that you aren’t planting it in a position that will experience too much shade. 1. This variety of lavender sees color variations ranging from violet to a blue-toned purple, pale lavender, or dusky pink. This vibrant violet flowering lavender has won the prestigious Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. It is a perennial plant and will live for many years, when well taken care of. Blooms spring into summer. It’s a good plant to start with if you are new to propagating. Like most varieties of lavender, English Lavender prefers sandy soil that is low in nutrients and salt, and mostly void of organic matter. How to use lavender oil spray to calm dogs anxiety. Choose your variety of lavender carefully, based on the climate conditions of where you live. The aromatic silvery-green foliage is similar to the English variety. The violet to purple to pink flower-heads grow some distinct bracts that resemble rabbit ears. They are known as “ears” among some gardeners for obvious reasons, though they also bear a resemblance to pineapple fruit. This lavender is very fragrant, with the recognizable aroma being released into the air when your legs brush past it, or when you crush the flowers in your hand. 4:36. Perfectly matched with our ‘Lavender’ section. It can be transferred to a larger pot or directly into the ground in your garden after a few weeks. When you are happy that the plant has rooted, remove the plastic bag, and place the pot in a bright location. - Lavender is commonly used in soaps, lotions, and shampoos due to the pleasant scent. If you remove the individual flower heads as they finish flowering they will often flower from early May through to September, often into October. Sometimes it’s hard for us to calm down before bed. How to Overwinter Lavender Indoors & Outdoors. This popular hybrid is a cross between English Lavender and Portuguese Lavender. 2. They are instantly recognisable with ‘ears’ at the top of the flowers. The dark purple/pink bracts at the top of the flower heads. The bloated flower bracts of this cultivar are an easy giveaway to where this plant gets its name. Lavender Care Lavender is the absolute easiest thing in the world to grow.
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