Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash. Teachers might also want to connect popular technology trends such as Instagram filtering to traditional techniques of color alteration or selfies to the long history of self-portraiture. What if they had to summarize the art through a haiku and recite it in front of the artwork itself? At the museum, with the goal of pushing them to go beyond the good/not good and like/dislike dichotomies, see if they can find artworks that match those descriptions. If you want to engage new communities and attract new museum visitors you need to look beyond your obvious allies. Offer accompanying music or a treasure hunt game throughout the visit. Science museums rarely tell the story of the trials and tribulations of the great inventors and researchers. When I visited the Independence Hall visitor center in Philadelphia, all the rest rooms were out of order or had no toilet paper – at any well-run retail store, that would never be tolerated. Most subjects that are of interest to people have not been touched with this kind of experiential education focus. Our great city is one of the most technologically advanced, best educated, and fastest growing American cities, but we have a shortage of science and technology museums and other “edutainment.” In cities around the world, strong, financially secure, popular museums which educate the public in fun and engaging ways will continue to play a key role in how we learn about and comprehend the world around us – past, present, and future.Please let me hear your ideas, thoughts, and comments below.Gary HooverIf  you would like to subscribe to the twice-monthly newsletter click here. I am a museum lover and in recent years have become a museum critic, as in “movie critic.”  I developed a concept for a “new era” museum in 2006 and 2007 but hit the recession of 2008 and could not raise the required funds. Consider museum websites: if you type into a Google search box the name of most any museum, you find the most common searches come up in … How can we make students excited to visit a museum? They had just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on some huge new exhibits but still the lines were longer at the two cheap outside exhibits. I get the sense that the people running the gift shop and selecting the merchandise are not in communication with those running the exhibit areas. Some of the best truly interactive exhibits I have seen did not have a computer in sight – they were entirely powered by Post-It notes and Bic pens! How many visitors per square foot do you draw? I used to be frustrated by students asking about lunch 15 minutes after entering a museum. The expectations of the public are higher than ever. Many museum leaders are not comfortable with budgets, spreadsheets, and financial analysis. Rachael Cristine Woody. People love easy, not hard! Positive Externalities of the Museum Market With positive externalities, the government can intervene through financial support. When curating their show, the students should consider how works are grouped together as well as the progression through an exhibit that a visitor should take. As an amazing, positive example, visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington – it is essentially a complete chronological story, a truly three-dimensional “movie” that you walk through sequentially instead of passively sitting in a seat and watching. At the end of my visit, I went to the large gift shop and asked for something related to the jellyfish. Starting a Museum National Building Museum, The Hive. The Guerilla Girls are a group of female activists who wear gorilla masks and, more importantly, by staging outrageous stunts, highlight the lack of women artists featured in major collections. Provide clear signage or video monitors that display the highlights of what you have to offer. When growing up, we learn and hear about older civilizations, periods in time, and significant figures throughout the history of the human race, but we rarely get to see the actual remnants used in these time periods without a visit to some sort of museum. 34 votes - 77%. As popular books and movies like The Da Vinci Code have made clear, the museum can be a place for intrigue and mystery. Do these pictures taken in museums look familiar? These often read something like “museum of art parking” or “museum of art hours.”  The most important information for any bricks-and-mortar retail or service business is, “Where are you, what times are you open, and how much do you charge?”  Yet most museums do not put this information on the home page, and sometimes it is buried two or three levels deep, below “planning your visit.”  Even those which put their hours on the home page place them well “below the fold” in small type, failing to reflect their critical importance. At the museum, with the goal of pushing them to go beyond the good/not good and like/dislike dichotomies, see if they can find artworks that match those descriptions. The museum ought to encourage visitors to move up the hierarchy and engage proactively. Ask your students to come up with a list of words that they use to describe friends, frenemies, and celebrities such as "mysterious," "funny," "loud," or "angry." Your collection may be highly focussed but your café, conference and outdoor spaces can play host to all sorts of community groups that don’t share your obvious interests. Ask your students to come up with a list of words that they use to describe friends, frenemies, and celebrities such as "mysterious," "funny," "loud," or "angry." Speaking freely can significantly improve sexual experiences. So, filling them with snacks on the bus or just before they begin looking at work might be a good idea. Like a great film, it has an intense emotional impact. Look at the PBS and other TV specials which many would have thought “that does not sound interesting.”  Not until you put it into the hands and cameras of Ken or Ric Burns! This form of artistic social practice allows people to talk about issues that are important to them, and with most socially engaged artworks, builds community in the process. The CFM cites the all gender restroom signs on display at the... 2. A s a historian of medieval cartography, I thought the last thing I would ever do was get involved with the local museum in my town, Scottsville, Virginia. But usually all I learn are the name of the work, the date it was done, and who gave it to the museum. Digital technology allows a dramatic increase in access to information, cultural education and interaction. Winning Exhibitions: Identifying What Works and Where You Can Improve Go With the Flow. Another approach that helps us get past the jargon is Visual Thinking Startegies (VTS). VTS encourages students to analyze work based solely on what they see before them. That would be The British Museum, located in London. At the other extreme, I have been rushed out of museums before closing time as they set up for private parties, despite paying over $20 for admission. What’s special about it? Since my studies, the National Museum of Crime and Punishment has also opened in Washington to rave reviews and solid attendance. May 1, 2019 Talia van Everdingen. Exhibiting the work was something of an afterthought. Go to town halls and get in touch with leaders of the community. Using Social Media to build an online community for the museum. As a form of institutional critique, pioneered by artist such as Hans Haacke and Fred Wilson, ask students to focus on issues of representation in a collection -- who is and is not represented and/or underrepresented, as well as what cultural groups, notions or styles they would include in a collection that might not currently be on display. Most of the following ideas are about how to better serve those public visitors. Most people only visit the key museums in their community every 2-3 years (except for Children’s museums which have a different rhythm). One of those functions is to share the museum collection with digital visitors. To deliver a superior CMS experience to the museum digital visitors, you need to know who your users are and their expectations. One of the key components to being successful when rolling out a new idea, says Newbery, is for the museum to be business-like in its planning: making sure it takes proper account of all the costs including staffing, and sets targets for the turnover and profit it expects so it can consider which ideas will give the best return on investment. Museums have relied on the support of private donors and patrons for centuries. I toured one of the nation’s top science museums. However, when I went to the museum lobby to wait for them -- a full five minutes before the meeting time, there they all were, apparently bored and fidgeting with their smart phones. Compare the home page of the for-profit International Spy Museum! I am now embarking on a new museum project and beginning to raise funds. August 05, 2020. This exercise also helps both teachers and students understand that talking about art does not require a specialized language. Edutopia® and Lucas Education Research™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of the George Lucas Educational Foundation in the U.S. and other countries. In this era of easy payments and ordering, there should be a way to select items as I walk through. The museum business has boomed. Nevertheless, the industry has not kept up with these trends in society. Apart from the superficial fun of such an activity, it also presents the opportunity to really look deeply at the work, and discover features and details that might otherwise be missed.
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