2773. to the text tradition and the iconography by Hugo Buchthai. Faksimile und Kommentar. Keine … Guido de Columnis - Der Trojanische Krieg. - Eines von 998 numerierten Exemplaren. 2100 Korneuburg. Guido de Columnis (1210-1290) war ein sizilianischer Dichter aus Messina. He is a geoarchaeologist who has written a number of books and articles on ancient civilisation. For example, a handsome procession of noble ladies and elegant noblemen, who ride out amidst a verdant green landscape, along with a court jester who rides together with an ape on a horse. Jahrhundert verfasste Guido de Columnis seine Troja-Erzählung, deren Popularität an der Vielzahl ihrer Übersetzungen abzulesen ist. Its 187 miniatures crafted by Giustino da Forlì portray the most important scenes of the Trojan War against a background of the Gothic architecture of Venice. et iudex, urbis Messanae nativus, Italice scribens. Dvě vydání tohoto díla patří mezi české inkunábule, přičemž první bylo dokonce považováno za nejstarÅ¡í český prvotisk vůbec. Amidst that tale of gods and men battling with one another, this is a scene of love and tranquility – the wedding of Paris and Helen, who was promised to Paris by the goddess Aphrodite. Gorgeous courtly scenes illustrate the tale of the downfall of Troy and the events associated with it. Share. He immortalized himself in gold text on fol. This story about the destruction of Troy stands in the long tradition that has built itself around the mythological tale of the downfall of the ancient city. von Faksimile-Reprint, Venedig um 1370. Published June 13, 2010. 1210-ca. At the end of the 13th century, he wrote his most famous work, the Historia destructionis Troiae. With an introd. Guido de Columnis wrote his version of the Trojan story as early as the 13th century and its popularity is attested to by the number of translations which exist. 1272/1287. ; Griffin, Nathaniel Edward | download | B–OK. An unusual detail! Die vorliegende Handschrift mit ihren bezaubernden Miniaturen entstand im Regensburg des 15. BIBL.GEN: EncFrid I.802-9 [C. Calenda]; DBI XXXVIII.33-5 [M. Beretta Spampinato]; EDant 2 III.323-4 [M. Marti]; LMA IV.1775; Repertorium V.281-2; Malato I.265-337 [F. Brugnolo La scuola poetica siciliana: 295-6 et passim]; Adolfo Gaspary La scuola poetica siciliana Livorno 1882, p. 17; Ernesto Monaci Di Guido … Manuscript Summary: This 14th century parchment manuscript preserves the "Historia destructionis Troiae" by Guido de Columnis for posterity. Historia destructionis Troiae. 1r as martinus opifex. A splendid codex from Regensburg: golden miniatures depicting the Trojan War in a unique German translation, The story of Troy as told by Guido de Columnis in the 13th century is presented here in a unique German translation, The Regensburg-based illuminator and scribe “Martinus Opifex* created it at the behest of an unknown noblemen, His wife sold the book treasure to Regensburg’s city council for 15 kilograms of silver. (2) The miniatures of the German translation of the work by Guido de Columnis offer a glimpse into the lifeworld of the 15th century. 1272/1287), autore duecentesco della «Historia destructionis Troiae». Home / Guido de Columnis: Historia destructionis Troiae (Kronika trojánská) Románové zpracování dobytí Tróje, které bylo ve středověku velmi oblíbeno a dočkalo se řady překladů. Universitätsverlag, Heidelberg, 1-644. Keller, Wolfram (2008): Selves and Nations: The Troy Story from Sicily to England in the Middle Ages. a splendid doorway, surrounds some of the depictions. By continuing to use the website, you consent to the use of cookies (see also your Legal Notice and Privacy Policy). Die vorliegende Handschrift mit ihren bezaubernden Miniaturen entstand im Regensburg des 15. Guido de Columnis fl. [Aegidius, Romanus; Nathaniel Edward Griffin]
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