Grainage/CSB Grainage/Private Grainage. of Assam. Surface sterilization of eggs with 2% formalin for 5 minutes. Water management plays a crucial role in long-term yield performance and soil health. Seed organization in India and abroad, seed areas, special features of seed areas and seed transaction. Shubha MR (2000) Pests of silkworm grainage and their management. Sericulture provides a wide range of job prospects in academic fields, research centers, agricultural enterprises, and of course, sericulture units. This department actively takes care and encourages farmers and reelers by offering subsidies to promote and increase the silk production towards […] Forcep-like device, made of two thin bamboo sticks, joined at one end by thread is used to pick worms (Fig. Management. Scientific inspection of individual mother moths for detection of pebrine during egg production. management 2 PGDS-2 Silkworm rearing and management 40 -- 100 -- 100 3 PGDS-3 Grainage/Reeling/ economics& value addition in sericulture 40 -- 100 -- 100 4 PGDS-4 Silkworm , host plant pest &disease management 40 -- 100 -- 100 5. 13. Jump to navigation Jump to search. 3.2) are used as ant wells which are kept filled with water except the central elevation on which legs of tray stands are placed. Content Guidelines 2. In each section of the hole, one coupling pair of moth is kept and covered by moth funnel. PG DIPLOMA IN SERICULTURE 100 Marks GENERAL SERICULTURE AND MORICULTURE: UNIT-I: Introduction to sericulture:- origin and history of sericulture, silk route; distribution of sericulture in world, components of sericulture (m ulberry, rearing, seeling, grainage and weaving) end products of each components & their economic importance. Surface sterilization of eggs with 2% formalin for 5 minutes. Department of Sericulture is scheduled under the ministry of Textiles, Handloom, Handicrafts and Khadhi, Governed by Government of Tamilnadu. Core T14- Sericulture Organization and Management 35 Core P14- Sericulture Organization and Management 36 4. Otherwise, in March, eggs are shifted at a temperature of .10- I5°C for 4-5 days before incubation. In India, the most common method of silkworm rearing is Shelf Rearing Method, where worms are reared (feeding, cocooning, etc.) ENS 201. Management Development Programme (MDP) and Skill Updating Programme (SUP) are proposed for the scientists/ officers/ technical staff and farmers of CSB and DOS with the objective of orienting and updating the concerned with the need based technologies developed by the research institute and also to impart practical training to farmers about the new sericulture technologies. This treatment awakens the embryo but arrests the development. The total revenue of PRASANNA SERICULTURE GRAINAGE PRIVATE LIMITED in FY18 is between 0 to 1 Cr.U17116AP1991PTC013034 is the CIN and is the registered mail ID of this company. They receive the seed cocoons from P2 centres. Recruitment notification has been released on 9th Jan 2020 on the official website and the candidates who fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria will be able to fill the online application form starting from 11th Jan to 31st Jan 2020. PI (Breeding Centres) – Here the parents of commer­cial layings are reared. In the year 1995 the UG Programme was shifted to the newly established Sericulture College at Chintamani. PG DIPLOMA IN SERICULTURE 100 Marks GENERAL SERICULTURE AND MORICULTURE: UNIT-I: Introduction to sericulture:- origin and history of sericulture, silk route; distribution of sericulture in world, components of sericulture (m ulberry, rearing, seeling, grainage and weaving) end products of … 1hr. The word Sericulture has been derived from a combination of Latin word Sericum meaning Silk and French word culture meaning Cultivation. EDP in Sericulture: Introduction, EDP in Mulberry Nursery, CRC’S, Grainage and Silk reeling and few success stories in sericulture. Designed & Developed byNational Informatics Centre (NIC), Nodal DepartmentSecretariat Administration Department,Govt. and management 40 -- 75 -- 75 2. 2. Contact Us. B.Sc. Noun []. SER 206. According to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), 30 states out of 36 in Nigeria were affected by that flood experience and it was concluded as the worst that has ever happened in the past 40 years, causing damages of an estimated value of N2.6 trillion Naira. Course: M.Sc. Presently 4,580 hectares of land is covered under silkworm food plantation in the State by involving around … S. No. Disinfection of grainage appliances with 2% formalin before and after every grainage operation. Trays etc., should be thoroughly washed & sun dried for 2-3 days before reusing. During transportation cocoons are kept in perforated containers with enough aeration. Enamel / Aluminum bowl or stone / concrete blocks (Fig. 9. degree in Silk Farming, you can go for the job profile of lab assistants, professor, and lecturer at notable colleges and universities. Sericulture, an agro-based cottage industry, deals with the production of silk. So in sericulture practice these are reared with very special cares. Spherical, oval and moderately con­stricted cocoons are preferred for their easy reelability. … Ltd., New Delhi, p. Ganga, G. and Sulochana Chetty, J. The containers are so designed to prevent jolting and crushing of cocoons. Meaning of business finance, capital needs, estimation of capital requirements and sources. It consists of 3 (three) distinct categories of activities: 6. The recommended time of harvesting is fifth day of spinning for tropical races and seventh or eighth day for temperate races. Core T14- Sericulture Organization and Management 31 Core P14- Sericulture Organization and Management 31 4. of India Berhampore-742101, West Bengal Ph No. Content Ownership Directorate of Sericulture, Govt. of Assam, North Eastern Region Textile Promotion Scheme(NERTPS), KARBI-ANGLONG DISTRICT AUTONOMOUS COUNCIL. Sericulture: Special Women Sericulture Projects in all districts Grainage set up for management of Disease Free Laying (DFLs) at Indranagar. Grainage definition: the duty paid on grain | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples SERICULTURE ASSISTANT 1) INTRODUCTION As long as human desire for silk garments continues, the demand for sericulture activity remains. 11. The book provides National and International status sericulture and its developments. grain +‎ -age. 3hrs. Healthy eggs are wash­ed in water, dried and packed. The eggs are kept still at lower temperature (2.5°C) for another 40-50 days where these can also be stored for any length of time. In this article we will discuss about the management of egg, larvae and cocoons of silkworm. c) To improve techniques for seed cocoon production in branch stations. Investment evaluation of sericulture based industries in terms of pay back period. It is calculated by the formula given below: Commercially approved denier varies from 1.7 to 2.8 g. Number of kilograms of cocoons required for 1 kg of reeled silk is called renditta. 18 By-products of mulberry and their utilization. Even in the present age of super computers and hi-tech life the silk industry is having increased demand. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Zoology. Here, a card or craft paper is divided into 20 cellules or squares in 4 rows, each with 5 compartments. Hatching and Brushing – Introduction, incubation of eggs, blue egg and black boxing, hatchin and hatching percentage, methods of brushing, Methods of leaf harvesting, … Multivoltine has poor reelability than bivoltine. Accepted 22 March, 2018 ABSTRACT Eri silkworm, Samia ricini (Donovan) is multivoltine and has several broods in a year. Short Tour * 0+1. It has a height of 2.5 m and has 10-12 cross-bars at a distance of 0-1.5 m to accommodate 10-12 tiers of rearing tray. Multivoltine has higher renditta than bivoltine races. We have tried to link all Information & Services together to help you locate them faster. If pebrine is detected in any mother moth, all eggs are discar­ded. Discipline Specific Elective Courses (Four)[ A1, B1, A2, B2] DSE A1 T - Soil Science OR - Rural Development 29-31 DSE A1 P - Soil Science OR Rural Development 29-31 DSE B1 T - Insect Biology and Classification 31-33 Mother moths are examined after oviposition for pebrine. Silkworms complete spinning in 2-4 days depending upon the race and climatic conditions provided. 0424-2339081 S. Jayaprakash, Regional Joint Director of Sericulture, Vidhya Nagar, Thindal Medu, Erode - 638 009. [email protected] . The sexes of either larvae or pupae are recognised and accordingly male and females are reared separately. For commercial purpose, the ratio should be in the range of 18-20% for bivoltine race. Year 12-13; Year 13-14; Year 14-15; Projects & Schemes. If you have an M.Sc. Details of the completed and ongoing projects can be obtained. The selection and storage of cocoons in sericulture. Sericulture department head quartered at Salem was formed as separate department in the year 1979. Sl. Privacy Policy3. | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to download National Conference on Agriculture for Kharif Campaign 2006 21st - Sericulture industry provides employment to 12 lakh persons. 16 Weed management in mulberry: Principles, methods and integrated management. Silk is the queen of textiles and the naturally produced animal fibre. Development of INM and IDPM schedules for management of Nutrition and pest and diseases in mulberry: CO5: The students will be involved in various aspects of silk product science: CO6: Placement will be conducted in Govt. Co. Pvt. In grainages parental seed cocoons received from PI centres are reared as well as preserved under optimum conditions. Prior to incubation, eggs should be disinfected by treating with 2% formalin. 3.3); Shoot rearing where silkworms are also reared in fixed platform kept indoor or outdoor and fed with mulberry branches or shoots (Fig. After acid treatment, eggs should be washed in water. DS 6 Project -- One Year 25 25 50 Total marks 400 12. The number of pure breed parents required for a grainage are too large and that cannot be obtained by a single multiplication step from the stock. Profit theoriesnormal profit and economic profit. SERICULTURE (MULBERRY) A FIFTEEN MONTH DIPLOMA COURSE Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. degree in Sericulture & Seribiotechnology [Credit Based Choice Based Continuous Evaluation Pattern System] Eligibility Criteria for Admission: (1) The candidates having B.Sc. Forest College and Research Institute Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Mettupalayam – 641 301. 10. 8. Harvesting or colle­ction of mature cocoons must be done after the pupal cuticle has hardened and before the adult emerges. degree in Silk Farming, you can go for the job profile of lab assistants, professor, and lecturer at notable colleges and universities. AMP 201. If you have an M.Sc. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. In this system, about 40 pairs of coupling moths are allowed to lay eggs on the rough surface of a flat card (Fig. 3.2). To avoid evaporation of moisture and keep humidity on the rearing tray, pad of paraffin-coated papers are kept on rearing bed of young silkworm. Eggs laid in autumn (August) are kept at 23-25°C for 20 days; then the temperature is gradually lowered (to 2.5°C) as for spring eggs till natural temperature is reached. Sericulture with its vast potential for employment generation can play a very vital role in alleviating rural poverty. Success of silkworm rearing largely depends on careful grainage operation. (ii) Raised temperature incubation where hibernating eggs are first kept at a temperature of 15°C, which is gradually increased by 0.5°C /day in the first week and then by 1 °C in the second week till the temperature is reached to 27°C where the eggs are kept till hatching. Proceeding of the regional seminar on “prospect and problems of sericulture as an Economic enterprise in North West India”, 11–12 November 2006, Dehradun, pp 184–187 Google Scholar. DS -3 Grainage/Reeling/ economics& value addition in sericulture 40 -- 75 -- 75 4. 84. A day before disinfection, the rooms and appliances are to be washed with 5% bleaching powder solution and the … Applied Microbiology** 1+1. 7. 349. This department actively takes care and encourages farmers and reelers by … In order to utilise available mulberry leaves, sometimes hiber­nating eggs are treated with diluted acid to break their diapause and to get more crops, Eggs are either kept in hot HC1 acid at 25°C for 20-24 hours after oviposition o   in dilute acid heated to 46°C for 5 minutes. Super Sericulture Grainage Pvt Ltd incorporated with MCA on 03 December 1993.The Super Sericulture Grainage Pvt Ltd is listed in the class of pvtltd company and classified as Non Govt Company.This company is registered at Registrar of Companies(ROC), Vijayawada with an Authorized Share Capital of Rs.1 LAC and its paid up capital is 0.. Super Sericulture Grainage … The book provides National and International status sericulture and its developments. It prevents ants from crawling up the stand and harming the worms. Mother moths after egg laying are also checked for the transovarial infection of pebrine spores. Spring eggs are stored at aestivation temperature (23-25°C) from June to August, then at room temperature till September or early October; then gradually lowered to 5°C in December for 50-60 days. Polythene sheets, dried banana leaves may also be used instead of paraffin-paper. Following their emergence, healthy adult male and female moths are allowed to mate and oviposit by different methods. Being an alive and also perishable commodity, cocoons should be marketed as early as possible after harvesting and before the moths emerge from them. Mechanical control: Collect the grubs and adults by sweeping or by using a vacuum cleaner, destroy by burning or dipping in soap water. (ii) Non- diapausing or non-hibernating eggs. Eggs prepared by any method are treated with 2% formalin solution for disinfection. Management of Silkworm Rearing, mounting & production of cocoon. So each laying of each race is reared sepa­rately in different trays. Standardised Website Framework of Govt. Capital management in trade and sericulture based industries. Hybrid varieties: - CSR & TI have evolved certain high yielding varieties and recommended to different regions suitable for different seasons. No. The disease-free eggs are collected in wet handbags with proper aeration in early morning or in late evening. Schemes for financial assistance. Hatching and Brushing – Introduction, incubation of eggs, blue egg and black boxing, hatching The transportation of eggs plays an important role in the development of embryo and successful crop harvest. This bamboo-made or wooden stand is used to support the rearing trays (Fig. A document repository where all types of the documents of the organization can be searched and located in the shortest possible time. These are mostly owned by Government and may also be licensed private owned. The seasonal differences in the environmental components considerably affect the genotypic expression in the form of phenotypic output of silkworm crop such as cocoon weight, shell weight, and cocoon shell ratio. 3.1). The first hybridisation of double crosses is done here and the hybrids produced are called Foundation hybrids. They fix the floor price of cocoons and also formulate guidelines for cocoon transactions. Disclaimer Copyright, Zoology Notes | Exclusive Notes on Zoology for Students, Top 2 Methods Adopted for Rearing of Bivoltine Moths, 6 FAQs on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The effects of sericulture byproducts and other organic manures on the grainage parameters of silkworm (B. mori) were investigated in a mulberry garden in Karnataka, India during 1997-98. Activities of grainage, silkworm egg production processes, etc. Core Scheme Under ODS; Special Schemes; Catalytic Development Programme. Inhalation of allergens may lead to lung diseases such as allergic rhinitis and asthma. DS -3 Grainage/Reeling/ economics& value addition in sericulture 40 -- 75 -- 75 4. Incubation of eggs is done to achieve uniform hatching on a desired day by keeping the eggs at an optimum temperature of 25°C and 75-80% RH (Relative Humidity). A tight-built cocoon has good reelability. After egg laying, mother moths are removed and placed in an exact chamber of mother moth box with similar compartments. (2010) Text Book. CO7: The students will be involved in various aspects … PGDS-5 Intensive practical Training and Visits to Units -- 3/Weeks-- 100 100 6.
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