Bred for centuries in Ireland as hunting, herding and guardian dogs, they have become immensely popular in the United States thanks to their jolly personalities and their hypoallergenic coats. (August 11, 2011). Hunting dogs are a bit like hunting rifles—they’re all good for something, but none are perfect for everything. World Book's Animals of the World. Generally weighing … "AKC Meet the Breeds: Golden Retriever." "Choosing a Good Hunting Dog." The Lab is a wonderful hunting dog with bundles of energy. The best dogs would be ones that are affectionate towards the whole family, and not as much oriented towards a one-person relationship! "Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds." 1. Coile, D. Caroline. Firefly Books, Ltd. 2010. I believe I speak for everyone here at OutdoorHub when I say we love dogs. These friendly dog breeds play and live happily with children, making them excellent potential family members. German Shepherd: The world's leading police, guard, and military dog -- and a loving family … Hey, my name is Anna, your resident dog lover and a proud owner of two lovable Terrier and Doberman.. Let me start off by saying that I got my two dogs mainly for companionship for me and my family.. The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular gun dogs. Most of the hunting breeds are also great to have around your family and kids and will prove to be worthy companions both in and out of the field. Instead, it was developed by American pioneers by crossing the best stock of hounds, terriers and other breeds to create a dog that was adept at guarding the family farm, running down raccoons and squirrels, and even baying wild boar. Kennel Club Books Interactive Series. Generally weighing between 30 and 60 pounds, mountain curs are not bred for apartment living. Some of the best hunting dog breeds are Labrador Retriever, bloodhound, American Foxhound, Golden Retriever, pointer, and beagle. Labs are popular and there are many, many breeders, so be careful in your selection. 2. But your new addition can do far more than just fetch your slippers and bark at the mailman. Another pick for hunting larger quarry is the Karelian Bear Dog. This enthusiastic, energetic, and loyal dog breed can withstand cold temperatures and easily swim through cold water. But, we’re going to take a crack at putting some definition to the hunting dogs discussion. 10 Best Hiking Dogs For Outdoor Adventure. Beagle: The ubiquitous beagle is known for its lovable personality, braying voice and its proclivity to roam. Some are best suited for upland bird hunting, while others are more at home down by the water. That said, however, not all dogs make the ideal family dogs. This enthusiastic, energetic, and loyal dog breed can withstand cold temperatures and easily swim through cold water. The following ten breeds are among the best bird-hunting dogs to join you in the field. By Brian Lynn. Tons of breeds fall into the “medium” category, which has a fairly broad range. Characteristics of hunting dog breeds. One of the biggest hound breeds, Labradors offer high energy especially on challenging activities. The 10 Best Bird-Hunting Dogs. The innate ability that these six types of dogs possess elevates them to their dominant position among some of the best tracking dogs in the world. They are among the best hunting dog breeds and famous for hunting red and grey foxes. The Gordon Setter is a great family dog and is bred to hunt game birds. The Savage A22 BNS-SR Brings “Real Rifle Feel” in a .22 LR Platform . Dander is the culprit when it comes to your allergies, not the fur (completely anyway). #8 Belgian Malinois: The Military Dog "The Encyclopedia of the Dog: The Definitive Visual Guide." In this guide, we will consider 20 of the top hunting dog breeds with pictures. 10 Best Dog Breeds for Outdoor Junkies. 2. Here’s a list of dogs that tend to make the best dogs for kids and families: Overall Top Pick: Mutts! They have a “cold-weather” skin coat which makes them adapt to the intense climate for a long period of time. Fogle, Bruce. Most importantly, if you`re overly concerned with dog-dirt or probably suffer from allergies, you need to adopt family dogs that don`t shed.
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