I’ve seen near aces with putters off the tee, have made a birdie myself by doing so (“nice two-putt!”) and it’s always entertaining to watch everyone give it a good smack and watch it roll down the runway to the green. (July 7, 2020: This post has been updated to include information on the fifth 18-hole course on Bandon property, the Sheep Ranch, with details and information that will help in planning a trip with a new course to play!). 5. The restaurant is fairly small and was filled by about 60 dudes and one table of women. From what I have heard and read (and seen on the live Bandon Cam), February is a solid month to go to Bandon Dunes. }. Playing in rain is not bad when you are dry but it sucks otherwise. You are almost in a golfing daze for a few days, walking from pro shop to pro shop, first tee to first tee knowing that everything of importance to your day is already set. Sprinkle in a dinner at The Pacific Grill and Trails End (at Pacific Dunes and Bandon Trails clubhouses, respectively). If you’re the alpha golf group guy (the one in charge), make the calls and get the reservations set, that way you’ll never have to stress again. Our solution was ShipSticks. If you need transportation to/from any of the airports, I suggest using Aviation Transportation. The easy and obvious answer is anytime in the summer, but I’ve been in September, October, and November and had great days and mediocre weather days each time. It makes the Bandon Dunes experience a LOT better, plus, you’re playing 36 holes a lot so not having to worry about the bag makes those walks a lot better. The rooms are exactly as they should be, no fluff or excess needed. DO NOT pass on playing it. Get ready for your upcoming Bandon Dunes adventure with all five course yardage books! I get asked about dates a lot. The Bandon Dunes staff took care of the rest and 3 days later they showed up on my doorstep. PACIFIC DUNES GOLF COURSEDesigned by Tom Doak and opened in 2001, Pacific Dunes is remarkably different in character and shot making requirements than our other courses. 1.5 hours later we came back with ear to ear grins. #4 Old Macdonald: Clearly the least impressive of the courses. When I think of my favorite holes at the resort, I gravitate towards Trails more than I realize (I really do think the par-5 9th is the hole I’d pick if I was given one last hole to play on this Earth). But, again, not wrong answer. From my own perspective, on the morning of our final round I showed up at Bandon Trails to meet my Caddie, Todd, who had caddied for me the last two rounds. Forecaddies cost $120 for the group (that includes gratuity). The Bandon Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center office is open daily. If you can afford it, take a damn caddie. The next afternoon we ended up finishing our round and stopped into the Grill for a quick drink. The rooms at the Inn are fairly simple but nice. Since opening its debut course and hotel in 1999, Bandon Dunes has emerged as one of the most coveted golf destinations in the United States. Again, weather just never ruins Bandon. welcome to the weekend golfers world of stupid lost balls. Guide to planning a Bandon Dunes Golf Trip. After our final round we just threw our wet clothes and clubs in the box and left them at the front desk. The beds are comfortable and the showers do their jobs and you’ll spend less time in your rooms at Bandon than any other place you visit. Enjoy! HINT: this course is nearly impossible to play without a caddie. Add caddies that care, a short course for when you arrive late, a huge putting green, outside seating area, tons of sitting areas, restaurants that serve good food at reasonable prices and a staff that understands you have saved for this trip for a long time (and spent countless hours convincing your wife you just have to go). Examples you ask. I lean over to my buddy and tell him how special I am. I thanked him for lugging me around the prior day in the rain. Great story on Bandon, thanks! The brainchild of Mike Keiser, it's continually grown in the 20-plus years and is now home to five 18-hole courses as well as a 13-hole short course, putting course and multiple lodging options. I am told it is a great course for match play but the reality is there is limited time and the other 3 courses are just much better. display: none !important; The winds tend to pick up in the afternoon so it’s best to play the windier of the courses (Old Mac & Sheep) and the tougher of the courses (Pacific) when winds are down. You get your bags, your clubs and boom, you’re off. It’s one of the best halfway houses on the planet, so much so that on sunny days when the course isn’t packed, I’ve sat on one of those benches with a buddy and had a couple of beers and just let a group or two go ahead of me. Dustin Johnson and RBC: Breaking Down a “Golf” Commercial, Bandon Dunes: A Guide to Enjoying the Best Place on the Planet. It is about a 4 minute walk from the Inn or you can take the shuttle which runs throughout the resort on a regular basis.  =  Well, that is probably fairly universal in terms of opinion. That’s my point, Bandon was designed for hardcore golfers who want to save a few bucks so they just let it slide when you wheel in 8 handles of brown liquor into your room. For us, it felt more like golf we are used to in terms of layout. When all of the ideas had been spitballed and voted on and fretted over, the result would be a plan for a world class golf course with amazing views and a resort that offered everything we want and none of the stuff we don’t. BANDON TRAILS GOLF COURSEWhen Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw began working in the sand to uncover our third course, they faced the challenge of following Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes. Georgia Golf Courses . Schedule a late-afternoon round at Bandon Dunes. Captain Obvious says bring your rain gear (and not the cheap stuff). ... As our friends at Streamsong Golf Resort ramp up to the 2016 U.S. Women's Amateur Four-Ball Championship, we reflect back on last year's highlights. View key info about Course Database including Course description, Tee yardages, par and handicaps, scorecard, contact info, Course Tours, directions and more. You’ll want to spend most of your time at McKee’s which is what my friends and I do, but the menus elsewhere are so different it’s worth venturing out. Pacific Dunes Golf. Remember, we come from the east coast so this is a big deal for us and we don’t get to see this type of scenery very often. }, You never have to worry about driving anywhere or making phone calls. I have played my fair share of awesome golf courses but until you tee off with the raging Pacific Ocean to your side you will not understand the magnificence of Bandon Dunes. ; Click a photo to see full screen. We had one amazing day of sunshine, two of cold and medium rain and two in cold and hard rain. As with other memories, the multiple layers of clothing — referred to as “stupid gear” by one of the starters — fades with time and you just remember the camaraderie associated with surviving the elements. Feel free to contact us for more information. Fortunately we were convinced to get a forecaddie at Old Mac. The best rotations for golf courses should go like this; morning rounds on Old Macdonald and Pacific Dunes, afternoon rounds on Bandon Trails and Bandon Dunes. greens and fairways is less important than the vibe you get. 06.22.17 Bandon Dunes Solstice 2017 On behalf of all the staff, thank you for coming out to play in the 7th Annual Bandon Dunes Summer Solstice. Sheep Ranch is much like Old Mac in terms of when best to play; the earlier the better. X. Your replay round is half the cost of the first round, and if you can manage a third round, that will be free of charge. Personally, I like Trails the least and Old Mac the best (I think Old Mac is the most fun to play, while Pacific is the best course in my opinion). First off I think that the actual design of each course, i.e. No matter when you go to Bandon Dunes you run the risk of wind and rain. Even better, no one cares. Top notch, top notch. Six distinctly different courses have been conceived in harmony with the natural environment. After one round Steve relayed a story from the day. For any golfer that is not aware, Bandon Dunes is a world-class golf resort on the southern coast of Oregon, containing four championship courses, two par-3 tracks and an 18-hole putting green that boasts some of the biggest roars you will hear from the guests anywhere on property. Our first dinner was at Pacific Grill which is one of the fancier venues. Not to be outdone, after we parted ways in Portland I got this text from Steve. Shipping the clubs back is even easier. The most fun experience at Bandon Dunes? It is home … Given that most people will play only one round of golf per day, you are gonna have time to kill. Just a really cool moment that sums up how visiting Bandon Dunes is unlike any other golf trip you will ever have.”. Courtesy of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort For most golfers, Bandon Dunes isn’t a weekend golf destination that they can drive to on a whim. Here, a Bandon caddie gives you the scoop on all things Bandon Dunes. As an idyllic place to stay and play golf it has only two peers—the Monterrey Peninsula and the town of St. Andrews.” Golf Odyssey: “It is here, on this remote stretch of the wildly stunning Oregon coast, where the finest golf courses in the whole world quietly await you.” But while Bandon Dunes’ impact on the area has been substantial to say the least, rest assured, this town is more than just golf for those who come to … The two ocean courses are Pacific Dunes and Bandon Dunes. The Bandon Dunes | Pacific Coast Golf Guide is a(n) Charity golf tournament. function() { You better have the main course or you’re wasting time and money. Updates & Practices. We got to Bandon at about 2:30 which gave us just enough time to play the short course (13 holes). Arizona Golf Courses . Made $6 for 4 hours of work in the driving rain. #1/2 Bandon Dunes/Pacific Dunes. The bathroom is large and has super hot water for reviving your core temperature. My advice, keep score if you like but don’t go out there looking for record rounds. If there is any negativity from golfers that visit Bandon, it’s usually about those two golf courses, which is shortsighted and flat out wrong. The par-3 10th is the start of a back-nine at Pacific Dunes that showcases four par-3s, three par-5s and plays to a par of 35. With Bandon Dunes getting busier and busier by the year, the restaurants can be packed by 7 PM, so having those reservations, especially for a big group, is massively helpful. If we pushed it we could have gotten there in time to play a full round but we decide to take our time. In my opinion, there are two options to getting to Bandon Dunes that doesn’t involve a private airplane; flying to Eugene or taking the knuckleball flight directly to North Bend. The difference is the huge evergreen trees and monstrous feel. There are a number of options that are pretty well described on the Bandon website. Across the street from Tony’s is the Arcade (known locally as the caddie bar), which is open until 2 AM and has pool tables, darts, and some great shirts/sweatshirts to toss in with all the stuff you buy from the resort. Bandon Dunes is true to the spirit of Scotland’s ancient links. Obviously, sun and no wind was the best day but I can tell you with a straight face that not a single dude came off the 18th green without a smile and a story on any day. When you play in a solid rain for 4 hours you’d better be prepared. “Holy fuck that was insane” “Dude, that was the craziest golf I have ever played”. It’s been a place that has weaved in and out of my life for years, dating back to my first visit as part of a media trip years ago. Most of the time it was just our group, making it super relaxing. My goal here is simple: give you tips for your upcoming trip or convince you that it is a golf trip you must plan. Playing the par-4 16th hole as the sun sets is one … Please reload CAPTCHA. Thankfully her txt’d back “go with the Omelette- but start with coffee first” #lifecaddie”. Rippling fairways remain just as they were found and natural bunkers line the landscape as they have for centuries. Says the prices are still down and the conditions are usually fantastic. For example, the carpets are a tight weave that is meant to withstand golf shoes and bags without getting torn up. ; Drag the green or yellow markers to measure yardage. Due to additional statewide requirements mandated by Governor Kate Brown: All guests, ages 5 and up, must wear masks while inside any building on property, and outdoors when 6 feet of physical distancing is not possible.Exceptions include when occupying your private room. I don’t care how you do it or how many holes you have to play in a day, but going to Bandon Dunes and skipping a golf course is like going to a five-star restaurant and only have apps and ‘zerts (shoutout Tom Haverford). I’ll take your advice on a caddy and hope my experience is as memorable as yours. if ( notice ) Forget about lines and reads, being able to keep your hands in your pocket is pure joy. Somehow the Pacific Ocean is an entirely different beast than the Atlantic Ocean, and with towering cliffs it provides one of the most stunning views in all of golf. Over the past year, the world-class design team of Coore & Crenshaw has been working tirelessly to bring the Par-71, 6,785 yard 18-hole layout to life. Designer: David McLay Kidd in 1999 Cost: $75.00 - $220.00 ($55/bag for a caddy) Click for current rates Phone Number: (888) 345-6008 Course Website: Official Website - Visit Bandon Dunes's official website by clicking on the link provided. Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club. I am a 9 handicap and shoot low 80’s most rounds. Get a margarita at the little halfway house, carry your bag, bring a Bluetooth speaker and remember, the only rule at the Preserve is everyone has to hit putter off the tee of the final hole, the 13th. Need Help? Three Guys Golf Blog was founded by Adam, Matt and Wade but also has regular contributing writers as well.
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