A cut-up plastic trash can will work. Question:   Opossums eat the fruit off my trees. Opossums prefer to … Opossums have impressive memories—at least when it comes to food. If possible, keep swimming pools and hot tubs covered at night. Possums are highly nocturnal and are rarely seen by humans. I think there is a dead opossum in my yard. Sinkers or a weighted object will help hold the opposite end of lightweight mesh netting under water. I saw an opossum on the road. Rules and requirements vary by state. Common ringtail possums are most active during the first half of the night. Place feed in troughs above the ground. The average adult is about the size of a large house cat. Some people have suggested placing mothballs around, mothballs are toxic and if left outside will seep into the soil and into the ground water system, polluting the environment. THEY are protected from cruelty. Possums are small to medium-sized marsupials with clawed, grasping hands and feet with five digits, a long, prehensile tail with a naked underside, and a slightly elongate muzzle. Not adhering to the law could be construed as animal abuse, which is a felony in all 50 states now. They are highly adaptable and can settle down in all kinds of the environmental conditions. Since opossums found in the day are likely to be frightened, they … I found an orphaned or injured opossum. Styrofoam kick boards or rafts can also be placed in the pool. If not possible then confine to the garage or a run. Such reasons make it possible for the possum to be a host for rabies. For more information or to see an actual photo of an opossum “playing ‘possum” read the “Opossum Defense Mechanisms” section. They prefer staying in places with either little or no light. Place several “opossum pool ladders” around the pool, at least 1 every 3 feet. What do I do? For more information read the “Found an Orphaned or Injured Opossum?” section. As the winter progresses, the northern population one that is found in northern regions suffer frostbite. During this process there may be means of killing the opossum that are inhumane, but legal, during the hunt including firearms, bowhunting, traps, hunting dogs and even drowning. Please do not immediately place the opossum in a plastic bag or garbage can. Answer:  No problem! Keep going up the Chain of Command. I heard horses could get EPM from opossums. The opossum may be able to climb on one and float until found. Then there are even sicker people who do find a healthy opossum and film themselves inflicting pain, cruelty, maiming and death, thinking there will be no consequences. They prefer those areas which can protect them from all kinds of harsh conditions. Are Opossums Good Pets? OSUS will be happy to assist you. If unable to climb out then the opossums will drown. Though they will temporarily occupy abandoned burrows, they do not dig or put much effort into building their own. Keep in mind there are sick people out there that will find a dead opossum and create a video with it, intimating they caused the opossum’s death and post it on Facebook just to upset people. Also, male opossums will make the same “clicking” sound primarily during mating season. Question: Can I get Murine Typhus from an opossum? Though possums are generally not associated with this disease, there is a possibility they may develop it. If it is a deceased female then check the pouch for any live young. Possums have really hardy immune systems and are resistant to rabies. Knowing that possums are nocturnal marsupials, it may come as a surprise for some to see them out and about during the daytime. Take the dog outside on a leash to do his “business”. The opossum is a mammal belonging to the family of marsupials located in North America. Opossums eat the fruit off my trees. Possums are nocturnal little creatures that enjoy the cover of darkness. They will appear dead. It is often difficult for an opossum to find food in extremely cold, snowy areas. They climb the trees only to feed on fruits or shrubs. Humane Wildlife Control.org If not possible to keep the dog indoors, then confine the dog to the garage or a run from dusk to dawn. They weigh 4 to 12 pounds. Opossum Society of the United States, Have questions? Question:   Can I get a disease from an opossum? However, this is just a bluffing behavior that opossums use as a defense mechanism. Why? Answer: The damage is not likely to be caused by opossums. Opossum can be pronounced with its first syllable either voiced or silent. A cat may attack and kill young rat-sized opossums. They are also partially immune to the venom of many snakes, such as pit vipers, rattlesnakes, and cottonmouths. Is this normal? However, since they have pretty poor eyesight, opossums just don’t find food at day. However, they will be pretty keen to climb up to the trees yet again. Possums, on the other hand, are marsupials of Australian origin. A few species however do emerge during daylight hours but most do not possibly to avoid potential predators. Opossums are very opportunistic animals and will often move into a hole created by another animal. In California, the city of Los Angeles even created an Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACTF). Other possibilities include a blind opossum or a sick or injured opossum. Then liberally spray the area where the dead animal lay with insecticide. Answer: Murine Typhus is carried by the cat flea (C. Felis), so named because worldwide the flea host of choice is the cat. Their favorite areas include the attics, sheds and the garages. Opossums are voracious eaters that will try anything they … They prefer to live near water. They spend most of their time alone. Do not leave food outside. The Common Possum, or Virginia Possum, is the only marsupial mammal found in the United States and Canada. I sent an email and an attachment but it was not answered. This will not work. They will spend much of the day resting in burrows and dens. Unless a person can articulate fear for their life or property from an opossum (really?) This release was unsuccessful and a second release 20 years later at the same Southland location was required for them to establish. The possums were given that name because of the close semblance to the opossums of North America. You have entered an incorrect email address! Make sure you have the financial means, space, time and dedication before making the commitment to enter the wildlife rehabilitation profession. They are probably not fighting. Most emails are answered within 24 hours. Question:   What sounds do opossums make? Possum Poop, Do Possums Carry Rabies? If opossums are nocturnal then why do I see one in the day? True? If you suspect the opossum is not healthy then contact a local wildlife rehabilitator. Although they do not hibernate, they are often less active during the winter. Researchers found that possums are better at remembering which runway led to a tasty treat than rats, cats, dogs, and pigs. Sometimes it takes a brave, bold, persistent individual to stand up and educate the law enforcement agencies about the laws governing your area. The infective form of the parasite is passed in the feces. Rabies. Please see our Opossum Paws page for pictures and more information. I think opossums are digging holes in my roof or yard. In most cases, people will get scared once they see such an animal out in the open during the day and they may assume that that opossum is sick or rabid. If food is available, they will eat. Don’t leave out any food source or fallen fruit from trees. As nocturnal animals, they favor dark, secure areas. Opossums, sometimes called possum, benefits your garden by ridding it of small insects and pests. I have been raising an opossum since it was a baby. Answer:  If safe to do so, pull over and move the body to the side of the road. If your children play in this type of an area then there is greater danger of being bitten by a poisonous spider or snake. There is an opossum in my yard. Please take a little time to enjoy our site. Be persistent if you have to. Although they generally fancy living an arboreal lifestyle they do get to the ground to have some change. Possums are nocturnal animals. Understanding possums. If you are going to trap an opossum yourself, you’ll need to find out the laws concerning trapping an animal in your city. The opossum, Didelphis marsupials, is the only marsupial found in the United States (the young are born prematurely and brought to term in the mother’s marsupium, or pouch, in which she nurtures them until they are weaned.) That is to say that sometimes animals shift their feeding behavior from night to day or from day to night only to get rid of their predators. True? Adult cats and opossums seem to tolerate each other. MOST possums are strictly nocturnal in that they become most active at night. The following referrals can remove healthy opossums from dwellings. It should be noted that the majority of opossums are probably not shedding the infective parasite and that of the horses exposed to the parasite, very few will develop EPM. Answer:  It is more likely that a dog will injure or kill an opossum. They spend nights searching for food. If your complaint is about animal cruelty posted on Facebook, first copy and capture all pictures and conversation about the incident. This is usually food. – Rabies and Opossums, Do Possums Live in Groups? Sometimes they do prefer to sleep in trees. Possums are known to travel few meters on the ground. This may have something to do with the opossum’s low body temperature (94-97º F) making it difficult for the virus to survive in an opossum’s body. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What do I do? Occasionally answered emails are returned to us undeliverable. Activity: Opossums are nocturnal - active mainly after dark. TELL THEM YOU WILL BE COMING IN AFTER THE REPORT HAS BEEN PROCESSED (a week or so) TO GET A COPY OF THE REPORT (you will have to pay a fee). Question:   I see an opossum sharing a food dish with my cat. Your patience is appreciated. Search the following frequently asked questions to determine if your question has already been answered. Question:  I saw an opossum on the road. Attach these items to the top of the pool by tying to a pool ladder, tree or other firmly anchored item or clamp to the side of the pool. THEY DO NOT TAKE CARE OF ORPHANED AND INJURED OPOSSUMS. Close an empty trap at dawn to prevent the accidental trapping of a diurnal animal. This way the dog will not be able to injure or kill the opossums. The cat flea rarely exchanges hosts, so it stays on the animal until the host’s death. The opossum and a parasite called Sarcocystis neurona have been implicated although current research suggests other hosts and other parasites may be involved in disease transmission. they are not allowed to inflict harm on an opossum. Also, an opossum’s daytime hiding area may be disturbed, often by the presence of a dog or children throwing a ball into a bush. You need to know what manner and what season an opossum can be lawfully taken for food or fur. These nocturnal creatures also consume plant matter. People often mistake the open-mouth hissing and drooling behavior of opossums as a sign of rabies.
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