Transformer disconnected and removed from the amp. London Guitar Repairs is the place for repairs, setups and modifications to your guitar & stringed instruments including re-strings, setups, re-frets, refinishing, neck resets, vintage restoration, relic-ing, blasting, cracked tops, broken or loose acoustic guitar braces, pickup installation, custom electronics, bone nuts and saddles, binding and major reconstruction. Improved its appearance by using a craft knife to trim away a straight strip of Lexan including the chips. Clockwise turns on the screw reduces tension on the leaf spring, the chromed bar string anchor tilts forwards and the notes flatten. All the drive and volume controls including the Return level crackled when rotated and if the amp was switched to the Blue channel, with Drive selected, the Drive control turned up and the Drive Volume and Master Volume turned up, it went into internal feedback. At London Guitars we feel that our customers deserve a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Although the Mustang sold in much greater numbers than the Coronado Fender no longer supports spare parts for either of these guitars. We are open Monday -Saturday 8am-9pm. Rather than a misspelling of repeat). The bridge has six adjustable barrel saddles. For some bizarre reason all the controls are wired in reverse, so that maximum is anti-clockwise. A further two holes serve as ‘knife edge’ bearing points for the two tremolo pivots which are two short hex rods with a turned waist serving as a V pivot. I also work on related stringed instruments – banjos, mandolins, ukeleles, bouzoukis, basses and others. Whether your guitar needs basic service work or has been thrown out of an 11th story window by your girlfriend (or boyfriend), there’s a good chance Dave can make it sing again. My B5 has only one circlip on the outer end and its lateral movement is limited at the other end by the arm bracket that is attached to the string shaft with a grub screw running into a mating hole in the shaft. Prices. Brass nut fitted in place of the original too small and loose plastic nut. ... London Workshop. London Guitar Repair runs our own high quality guitar repair shop in London. The letter code does not refer to neck shape, only width. The glue Fender used to fix the body binding on some of the Coronado bodies left a stain, or chemical burn, around the edge of the body. Guitar Repairs London for YOU! Has a loose output jack, pickup switch and bridge tone control. The ecologically friendly way to boost your guitar’s output. The Rhythm position drops the volume a little and the other two switches are for pickup selection (up is on). Case is falling apart. The original arms apparently have a groove in them near the end of that leg and there is a 10-32 grub screw, threaded in to the end of the string anchor, that should be tightened to push on a pin encased in graphite loaded rubber that engages in the groove. Delivered with a black, Epiphone branded, hard case. Oddly unbalanced output from the bridge pickup with the high E pole raised above the others. diam) and a drilled through string shaft (0.374 inch diam, Epiphone is 0.388, Bigsby is 0.373). London’s best Guitar repairs, Guitar setups – prices. Zener regulated, from power amp 40V through R105 100ohm – red wire, Pin 4 – -15V (?) Flexible opening hours. Sometimes you will see them with one pickup pointing up and one down! The team at Gryphon can assess your guitar and liaise with us on the appropriate care. The old panel has the switches riveted to a brass sub-panel that is held in place by the pot nuts, which means that the new components cannot easily be transferred to the old panel to preserve the old look and the engraving. Guitar Repairs, Advice, Maintenance & Guitar Setups London. Mains fuse blown as well as several internal fuses. The strings are old, worn and filthy. This small rubber plug and pin from the original tremolo fell out and fell apart when I screwed the grub screw all the way in. Front panel Drive / Clean push-push switch was jammed because of rust around the hole for the push button in the front panel. These were cut down to 14mm long and a compression slot cut through one side. Telephone or Text: (226) 503-9317 Long (Set) Saddle - from £70 . The neck and headstock are painted black with the Epiphone brand inlaid in mother of pearl at the top of the headstock. The bridge height adjustment wrench can be used to make fine adjustments to the bridge tilt on its pivots by inserting it into one of the height grub screws and using it as a lever. The strings are described as 34 inch strings, which is the distance from the trapeze tail piece to ¾ of an inch past the nut, just below the tuners. The Hofner HCT-500 1-SB Contemporary Violin Bass Sunburst may be had for £499 inc VAT. Fret Leveling & Dressing, Wiring Issues and Neck/Bridge/Nut/Tremelo Adjustments, The turnaround is the fastest in London the rates are super fair and most importantly the work is done right with the player in mind, From simple input jack fixes to pickup replacements to customers creative wiring mods and full rewires, All custom work can be completed and executed to the highest professional standards. The controls and pre-amp PCB with the three valves are at the top of the panel. Problems – Entire guitar is very grubby, the bridge tone knob is loose and the intonation screw is missing from the bottom E saddle (a 4-40 5/8 apparently – available in packs of 12 from Strings Direct). A further two holes on the other end of the baseplate support a steel pin. Continuity testing shows all the secondary windings are shorted together. 14.2 V AC with all valves plugged in. I removed the circlip on the arm bracket end and limited the side-to-side slack by fitting some washers on the shaft between the vibrato frame and the arm bracket. The electronics seem to function OK with no crackling (wrong – neither volume control actually provides any control over volume). 1 x Valencia 1 x Martin Colette 1 x unbranded Unfortunately I know nothing about guitars. In 2013 Fender released a Coronado re-issue (no trem) at around £592 street, now discontinued. Missing the original left handed tremolo arm. 0.186 inch diameter, I assume Alnico 5, unbevelled magnets, set flat on the bottom with a smooth 7.25inch radius stagger on top. The pickups are all the same polarity with the South pole uppermost, (no Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity – RWRP – here). The tuner pegs have fixed white plastic buttons. For simplicity I have placed the bridge with the two pivot pucks up against the back edge of the bridge pickup as a stable reference point. Other paint schemes in the Coronado line feature more conventional sunbursts or solid colours. We will stand behind every repair we do, 100%. Effects loop send, series return, parallel return and foot switch on back panel. They are rated at either 500mA (Maplin 10pk GL56L £3.19) or 2A (Maplin 10pk GL62S £3.19). The two point pivot tremolo system has a heavy chrome string anchor bar and is loose trapeze mounted to a hook plate screwed to the guitars end block. As the trem arm is moved down, with the strings wrapped under the curved bottom of the string anchor, you might expect the strings to tighten and go sharp as the anchor rotates slightly anticlockwise. So all these fuses are slow blow 20mm glass fuses rated at 250V. These feed 14V AC power to the bridge rectifier that feeds a 12 V DC regulator that powers the valve heaters with the two heaters in each dual triode wired in series. Dropped the bridge height from the high setting as received to adjust the action and adjusted the depth of the two threaded bridge posts that are screwed in to inserts in the top of the guitar. ALWAYS PROVIDING OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE.MOTIVATED BY THE DESIRE TO SATISFY THE NEEDS OF EACH UNIQUE PLAYER.MODERN AND VINTAGE GUITARS SERVICED WITH SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP SPECIALISING IN THE REPAIR AND RESTORATION OF ALL ELECTRIC,ACOUSTIC GUITARS & AMPLIFIERS IN LONDON. This means the guitar now has the standard Fender string spacing at the nut, along with the narrow string spacing at the bridge. With luck the only fault was in the transformer and the fuses protected all the electronics from permanent harm. The narrower string spacing reduces the likelihood of the strings falling off the edge of the fretboard. Vintage style 6/64″ (2.4 mm) 5/64″ (2 mm), 1.5mm Hex Key for the bridge saddle heights and for the arm tension, £ 4.50 for teflon insulated silver plated wire and tie wraps, £ 3.92 Set of 3 black Strat knobs with white legends, £ 2.10 1 x Orange Drop 0.022uF capacitor for tone control, £ 2.00 Silver mirror finish tremolo cavity cover, £ 30.00 D’Andrea blue swirl pearl pick guard, £ 0.72 6 x M3 by 35mm black hex button screws for the pickups @ 12p each. Similarly, isopropyl alcohol followed by a spot of light oil freed up all the controls. McCartney has also used Rotosound RS88LD Tru Bass flat wound black nylon strings 0.065, 0.075, 0.100, 0.115 £36.99 from Strings Direct. A captive 2 core mains lead (replaced with a grounded 3 core) and two captive screened cables for a footswitch and the signal out, exit the left edge of the transport plate and are stored in a recess in the left end of the case. Particularly under the bridge pucks and the trapeze tremolo pads where the paint has stuck to the rubber pads. Allparts USA does carry a right-handed Mustang arm – BP-0274-005 Tremolo Arm for Vintage Mustang®. Date – 21/01/16. The construction actually appears to be of laminated 4 ply with the maple backed by mahogany veneer. The strings are completely dead and don’t appear to be a set that would correctly fit this bass. The control panel Lexan decal was a little oversize and had chipped and split where it protruded. Charlie Watkins was annoyed with Selmer because they had simply copied his earlier two head echo and this D.T.S. Rather than going to waste, these tales are recycled and raveled anew with the life stories of Haim and David. DENMARK STREET GUITARS RARE AND VINTAGE GUITARS AND AMPS. These are fitted closely together (the spacing along with the large buttons make this guitar hard to tune) and five of these tuners have a small bevel on the locating screw lug that allows it to tuck in under the next tuner. We are Europe's leading specialists in new, used, vintage and rare guitars, basses, amplifiers & FX. and DC regulator to valve heaters, F2 – T2A L250V …. There is a £25 minimum charge for guitar repairs. 211 Lambert Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA Mounted on the left of the plate is a two roller, cast aluminium tension arm, incorporating a permanent magnet for erase. Tremolo cavity fitted with a silver mirror cover plate. Two Epiphone P90 pickups with chrome plated dog-ear covers (the base plates of the P90s have their two end tabs soldered to the inside of the dog ears on the covers), Epiphone ABR-1 style Tone-O-Matic bridge (nickel plated). When connected to mains power the secondary windings started smoking, so there is obviously a short in one of the secondaries. The London Guitar Academy is London’s only dedicated Rock Pop and Blues guitar school specialising in one to one guitar tuition in either electric or acoustic guitar. To sum up, in addition to the mains fuse, one fuse in each pair for every supply rail in the amp – the supply for the valve heaters in the pre-amp, the high voltage supply for the valve sections of the pre-amp and the supply for the power amplifier, is blown. Many of my workshop visitors are London based although many also come from far afield. Removed the 3/32 inch hex wrench stuck to the back of the bridge pickup. Guitar Repairs London. Standard Fender necks are 43mm at the nut to 55mm at the last fret. The sprung back is then hooked over the pin at one end and pushed down until it clips around the outside of the worm. We know each other's shops well, having visited each other and worked together on sales and service for Lowden customers. Text Me. The volume and tone have small round ivory plastic ‘teacup’ knobs with gold anodised central concave metal inserts (the Hofner Potiknob H909/15 replacements £9.43 each). Middle playback head, bottom grille, indicator lamp and output cable replaced. Our friends at Gryphon know guitars and are fully authorised to service and repair Lowden Guitars. A Red LED for the red channel a Blue LED for the blue channel, an Orange LED for blue drive and a Green LED for blue clean. I make and repair guitars and other stringed instruments. Hardware – Epiphone Kluson style 18:1 tuners (stamped with the Epiphone epsilon brand) with integral nickel plate oval metal buttons. A 2006 Epiphone Custom Shop, Limited Edition, Casino thin-line, electric guitar. The control route is stamped with 12=1SG Y. The output jack is mounted on the side of the body. It really does not look as though this bridge has been properly fitted to this bass. Or maybe just for smashing up while on stage?

Collection only within one week of purchase … Histories unravel as the body of the instrument takes shape from an 18th Century piano and a discarded painting of South Africa. Elites Acoustic Strings • Acoustic Collection • Exclusive Acoustics • Babicz Guitars • Brian May Acoustic Guitars • NS Design Instruments. Changes in weather such as temperature, central heating and humidity  as well as wear and tear on frets, nuts, saddles and strings can affect stringed instruments greatly. Grey forbon top and bottom plates. Mirror insert missing from the middle of one of the knobs. Below is an examples of the detailed repair logs we issue with our repairs. These parts are designed to fit a genuine Bigsby and neither are a direct retro fit in the Epiphone licensed version of the Bigsby. We are also the top recommended company for repairs and re-frets on session great Hugh Burns guitars. Controls are Gibson style two volumes, two tones (all wired in reverse – see Diagnosis) and a three way pickup selector switch. Replace all the electronics with new CTS pots, Orange Drop tone cap, Oak switch etc. We’ve gained an excellent reputation for our work! keys, we stock the world’s leading brands such as Fender, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Guild, Takamine, Maton, National Resophonic, Nord and many more. With the strings removed the neck had a tiny amount of forward bow. Repairs  for Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor, Guild, Gretsch, and many more. Heads cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. On the Epiphone the two circlips are too close to the roller bearings and they mechanically interfere with the bearing housings. This example is a three channel, 2 by 12 combo amp with channel volumes and Master volume control. The Liverpool Guitar Repair Centre is your one stop shop for guitar repairs. Guitar Repairs London I undertake all kinds of guitar repair, service and modification. No work will be done on the instrument without details of the job and cost being agreed with you in advance.
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