This 10 day Patagonia itinerary shows you all the highlights of Patagonia Chile and Patagonia Argentina. If you only have a short layover in Buenos Aires I would recommend going to Don Julio to eat steak since Argentina is famous for steak and wine. In El Calafate Argentina, you can take a boat to get close to the Perito Moreno Glacier to go to the observation deck to see the glacier up close. There are plenty of activities you can do in Patagonia without hiking. Similarly if you have 2 weeks or longer in Patagonia, then consider doing the W trek in Torres del Paine as well as the hikes in El Chalten. Travel. What is a good website for Patagonia Weather Forecast? Puerto Natales is one of the biggest towns near Torres del Paine and it has a lot of restaurants, hotels, hostels, rental car services and super markets there. Travel Dec 18 - Dec 27. North America Travel. UV Index 4 of 10… We did a total of 2 day hikes in Torres del Paine in Chile and 2 days hikes and 1 glacier trekking in Argentina during our 10 days in Patagonia. Or plan a ski holiday on the powdery slopes near San Carlos de Bariloche, in Argentina’s Lake District. Don Julio has really good steak (we got T bones) as well as lamb sausage and blood sausage. The perk of staying at this hotel is that it’s actually on the way to the Cerro Torre trail head. The bus tickets tend to run out if you decide to purchase in person (that’s what happened to us). Best things to do in Ushuaia, El Calafate, San Carlos de Bariloche, and El Bolson are: Tierra del Fuego National Park, Cerro Otto, Circuito Chico, and Catedral Alta Patagonis. This 10 day Patagonia itinerary shows you all the highlights of Patagonia Chile and Patagonia Argentina. Created by a user from South Africa. The trail head is the same trail head as Fitz Roy but you will see signs pointing to Chorrillo del Salto. Created on Inspirock. In this post, I explained the advantages of staying in Puerto Natales but overall if you are looking for cheaper accommodation and more food options you should consider Puerto Natales. 10 days in Patagonia Itinerary. They also take credit card which was a major plus. This 10 Day Patagonia itinerary involves a lot of hiking as well as rest days and sightseeing, so choose your activities for yourself as you see fit. I'm heading to Argentina on Tuesday and I want advice on trekking in Patagonia. The bus leaves at 7:30am from Puerto Natales and arrives around 2:15pm in El Calafate and the other bus leaves from Puerto Natales at 2:30pm and arrives in El Calafate around 8:30pm. Embark on a highlights tour, visiting the most famous places in Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks. There are many restaurants in El Calafate, some are traditional Argentinian food whereas others are pizzas and pastas and pubs. One note on Route 40, which is the route that the bus travels from El Calfate to El Chalten. On Route 40, you can see both peaks but once you start hiking, you can only hike towards one peak at a time (and the other one wouldn’t be visible). Arrive in the capital of Buenos Aires before jetting off to the southern lakeside retreat of San Carlos de Bariloche to enjoy the best ski conditions in the nation. Also bring a trash bag so you can take your garbage back to town. There is no ATM in Torres del Paine or El Chalten, so plan accordingly. 10 days in Patagonia. The itinerary will cover Los Glaciares National Park and Torres del Paine National Park, providing an in-depth experience of across both southern Argentina and Chile. Also, it may not be a good idea to fly a drone in Patagonia since it’s very windy and the wind speed is between 20mph to 80mph depending on the season and the day. The cost of the Catamaran (one way) is 40 USD. Due to time constraint and the desire to see both sides of Patagonia, we didn’t get to do the entire W trek, which takes 5 days and involves camping. Apr 22, 2018 - Traveling to Patagonia? You can pretty much walk on the main road (where cars go). Explore beautiful Buenos Aires on this private tour before heading to Patagonia for Pertio Moreno glacier and the world-famous Tierra del Fuego National Park. Many backpackers just walked to their hotel/hostel near by. The region of Patagonia is over a million square kilometers, but you can see quite a bit of it in even just 10 days. Starting in Buenos Aires, you'll head to El Calafate for ice trekking on an advancing glacier. The hiking trail to Mirador Las Torres starts at Hotel Las Torres. We used Bus Sur and there are 2 daily buses on Bus Sur. When we started trip-planning and decided to include both Chile and Argentina, almost everyone who had been there told us it was impossible to go for such a short period of time. I don't have set dates but will be around Thanksgiving. I highly recommend bringing both zoom lens as well as a wide angle lens to Patagonia. La Lenga serves traditional Chilean food with a modern twist.
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