Media - 17:04 / 10 September 2019

We live in the country where the murderer of the police officer was pardoned by the president 

Zaliko Udumashvili, one of the leaders of the United National Movement, demands the explanation from the President of Georgia regarding the pardoning order she signed for the murderer of the police officer. Mr Udumashvili would like to know whose assignment did Zurabishvilli get. 

"We would like to respond to the anti-state and outrageous decision made by the President of the country a few days ago. The case concerns the pardoning order of the murderer of 21-years-old policeman - Taresh Mukbanian, which was signed by Zurabishvili. 

It is clear that the president follows others' instructions, but we strongly demand to be named specific individuals who have recommended to sign a pardon. 

Today we live in a country where the young participants of Gavrilov night are threatened with 7-year imprisonment due to fist hitting on the police shield and  the person detained for murder of a policeman is released after 3 years.

This is an insult not only to the Mukbanian family, but to the police. How should ordinary citizens feel safe in this country if the police are not protected?! 

During her stay in France, Zurabishvili said she would make a statement about this case after returning to Tbilisi. We demand that the society be informed on Monday about the persons whose recommendation was signing a pardon. 

We do not get an ambiguous and absurd explanations that this is a discretionary right of the President of Georgia. We are waiting for the questions to be answered and we will definitely receive them, as the Georgian population will not get used to have a president who protects criminals." Udumashvili said.