Media - 13:35 / 12 September 2019

KGB officer has been appointed to the Presidential administration

According to the representative of the United National Movement, Dimitri Shashkini, KGB officer Dimitri Lezhava has been appointed in the Presidential Administration.

The Georgian Dream is deliberately continuing to destroy Georgian security and this process started seven years ago.

After our militant officers were arrested, the people who resisted Russian troops when they came to Georgia, Russian spies were then brought to the most protected sites. On the places, where tens of millions of dollars were spent. On the places where I, as the Minister of Defense, was entering after huge procedures. 

Then was appointed the president, who accused our military of bombing Tskhinvali, on the basis of which Russia demands our generals to be convicted. Furthermore, the former KGB general was appointed to the state security service and later, the former KGB officer was appointed to the Presidential administration. The former officer of KGB does not exist. No one thinks that much time has passed and things have changed. I would like to remind those whom it may concern, that since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia had taken away from Georgia the documentary archives, files about the KGB officers. You don't have to be an expert to understand how big a leverage Russia has against these people,” - Shashkin says.